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This page lists all of the entries from the Dictionary's Z section. Other letters can be accessed from the above navigation template, or from the complete listings included in the full dictionary. This is simply a dictionary listing - for a grammatical overview of Zamgrh please see the lexicon. To find a specific word, use your browser's find function, generally by pressing Ctrl-F.

Note that some zombies disregard use of "!" as a vowel, but words that use it are listed for the general purpose.


Z (verb)

  1. To see.

Z-bagz (noun)

  1. Eyes.


Z!gzag (verb)

  1. To zigzag.

Z!gma (noun)

  1. Sigma. A letter of the Greek alphabet.

Z!nam!n (noun)

  1. Cinnamon.

Z!namabarn (noun)

  1. Cinema.
  2. Movie Theater.

Z!ng (verb)

  1. To sing.
  2. To remark.

Z!ng!ng (noun)

  1. Singing.
  2. Music.

Z!ngz (noun)

  1. Things.

Z!rh!ng (noun)

  1. Ceiling.



Za- (prefix)

  1. Possessive prefix.


Za!b!n (adverb)

  1. Saving.
  2. Except.


Zaa (preposition)

  1. To. (directional) Mah Barhah brangz zah zambahz zaa zah bazaar.

Zaagarh (noun)

  1. Seeker.

Zaan (adverb)

  1. Soon.

Zaarh (noun)

  1. Soul. (na ganna bang-bang mah Zaarh - 'My soul can't be destroyed')


Zagzaz (noun)

  1. Success.

Zagzazbah (adjective)

  1. Successful.


Zah (article)

  1. The. (Hammarh zah barragazh!)
  2. That.

Zah (noun)

  1. South.

Zahah (interjection)

  1. Uh-huh.

Zahmarrah (noun)

  1. Tomorrow.

Zahmhaarh (adverb)

  1. Somewhere.

Zahnz (verb)

  1. To dance.

Zahnzbarn (noun)

  1. Club. (dance-building)

Zahnz!n (adjective)

  1. Dancing.

Zahrh (noun)

  1. Tour.

Zahrhbarn (noun)

  1. Hotel. (tour-building)
  2. Motel.

Zahz (verb)

  1. To say. (Zambah zahz nah.)

Zahzgaarh (adverb)

  1. There.


Zam (pronoun)

  1. Them. (Grab zam, anh brang zam haarh!)
  2. They.
  3. It.

Zam (noun)

  1. Zombie.

Zamarrah (noun)

  1. Tomorrow.

ZaMarzan (noun)

  1. Maltonite.

Zambarg! (noun)

  1. Government of zombies.

Zambah-bazhann (adjective)

  1. Racist. (zombie-bashing)

Zambrara (noun)

  1. Hat. (sombrero)

Zamgamz (adverb)

  1. Sometimes.


  1. kiZombie. (may refer to Death Rattle linguistics in general)


  1. Samhain.

Zamm (adjective)

  1. Some.

Zamrhm (noun)

  1. Poetry.


Zan (noun)

  1. Sun.
  2. Son.

Zanraaz (noun)

  1. Sunrise.
  2. Dawn.

Zanzat (noun)

  1. Sunset.

Zanzhan (noun)

  1. Sunshine.

Zang (noun)

  1. Song.

Zangz (interjection)

  1. Thanks.

Zangrh!ah (noun)

  1. Sangria.


Zarang (verb)

  1. To sort. Zarang Zambrara -- Sorting Hat.

Zarbraz (verb)

  1. To surprise.
  2. To parachute.

Zargar (noun)

  1. Zerger.

Zarman (noun)

  1. Sermon.

Zarzarah (noun)

  1. Philosopher.
  2. Sorcerer.


Zazzab (interjection)

  1. What's up?

Zazzahz (noun)

  1. Sisters.

Zazzazh (noun)

  1. Sausage.
  2. Male reproductive organ.
  3. Intestines.


Zbaan (noun)

  1. Spoon.

Zbah (noun)

  1. Spy.

Zbam (noun)

  1. Spam.

Zbazhah (adjective)

  1. Special.

Zbazhaha (adverb)

  1. Especially.


Zg!n (noun)

  1. Skin.
  2. Fleece.

Zg!zz (noun)

  1. Skills.

Zgaarah (adjective)

  1. Scary.

Zgaarh (noun)

  1. Place.

Zgabzah (noun)

  1. Sculpture.
  2. Decoration.
  3. Monument.

Zgabzahbarn (noun)

  1. Museum. (Sculpture-Building)

Zgrh!bh (noun)

  1. Script.

Zgrh!h (noun)

  1. Squid.

Zgraarh (noun)

  1. Scroll.

Zgrabga (verb)

  1. To write.


Zh!m Baam (noun)

  1. Bourbon. (Jim Beam)

Zh!n (noun)

  1. Shin.

Zh!na (noun)

  1. Dish.
  2. Ceramics.
  3. China.

Zh!zh-gabab (noun)

  1. Shish-kebab.

Zhaag (noun)

  1. Shade. (am hangan Zhaag - 'The Shade looms')

Zhaag (verb)

  1. To shake.

Zhaar (verb)

  1. To share.

Zhaarzh (noun)

  1. Church. (Group, not building.)

Zhaarzhman (noun)

  1. Clergyman.
  2. Saint.

Zhaaz (verb)

  1. To show.

Zhabbang (noun)

  1. Shopping.

Zhabbang (verb)

  1. Assault on a mall.

Zhabz (noun)

  1. Ship.

Zhag (noun)

  1. Hair.

Zhag (verb)

  1. To have sex.

Zhaman (noun)

  1. Shaman.

Zhaman!zm (noun)

  1. Shamanism.

Zhamb (verb)

  1. To jump.

Zhan (verb)

  1. To shine.

Zhangha! (verb)

  1. To shanghai.
  2. To press gang.
  3. To kidnap.

Zhangha!!ng (noun)

  1. Shanghaiing.
  2. Kidnapping.
  3. Usurping.

Zhanna (adjective)

  1. Shiny.
  2. Bright.

Zhanra (adverb)

  1. Gently.

Zhanz (noun)

  1. Chance. (Hhan mah Zhanz haz manna bang-bangz - 'when Chance bludgeons me greatly')

Zharam (noun)

  1. Serum.

Zharazahra (noun)

  1. Territory.

Zhazna-gab (adverb)

  1. Really. (from Russian chestno, 'honestly' and gab-- 'to speak honestly')


Zmag (verb)

  1. To smoke. (Mah zambah am ganna zmag zamm mararana. - I am going to smoke some marijuana.)

Zmagma (noun)

  1. Smegma.

Zmargazbarg (noun)

  1. Smorgasbord.

Zmarm (noun)

  1. Smarm.

Zmazh (verb)

  1. To smash.


Znaagah (adjective)

  1. Sneaky.

Znag (noun)

  1. Snow. (from Russian sneg)
  2. Snag.

Znah (noun)

  1. Snow.

znRNA (noun)

  1. Small nuclear ribonucleic acid.


Zzzz (verb)

  1. To sleep.
  2. To sway.

Zzzzargh (noun)

  1. Nightmare.

Zzzzhhhh (verb)

  1. Quiet. Used in the imperative, like "Shhhh!!!!"

Zzzz-gab (noun)

  1. Dream.