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t3h h4rdk0r3 14m3rz
Hxc lamers.gif
Abbreviation: 14m3rz
Group Numbers: 7 or so, and hopefully rising
Leadership: Anarchic
Goals: Zombie destruction.
Recruitment Policy: Mainly by association with t3h 14m3rz, but we'll befriend anyone who assists the cause. If you're not against us, then you're with us.
Contact: t3h 14m3rz

"We are the lamest of the hardkore, and the most hardkore of the lame!!!"

- hkg, founder of t3h h4rdk0r3 14m3rz

The h4rdk0r3 14m3rz are a human group, well-versed in zombie movies and SETI, who are dedicated to the ultimate ascendency of their survivor brothers over the zombie hoarde. Although relatively newly formed, they are a powerful, cohesive group with specialist knowledge in areas as diverse as military strategy, IT, graphic design, sound engineering, mathematics and horticulture. With this plethora of powers, they are a force to be reckoned with.


21 March 2007: Keith Mars reports: Hildebrand mall is holding strong. I have witnessed several break-ins, all of them dealt with promptly. Numerous GKers have been in and around the place doing their thing, but smashed gens have been promptly replaced as well. Don't want to speak too soon, but Hildebrand seems to be putting up a much better fight than Giddings. It may be another day or so before all zed arrives, but hopefully we can get some more humans in there in that time as well, fighting the good fight.

19 March 2007: Keith Mars reports: Mall_Tour_'07 is now at Hildebrand mall in the suburb of Roftwood. Giddings held for a while, but apparently people forget that cading a place keeps the zombies out. I'm hanging out currently in the SW corner of the Mall, come say hello!

28 February 2007: Keith Mars reports: Recently visited the old HQ, it had survivors, power and the floors appeared to have been freshly vacuumed. A nice homecoming. Have headed down to neighbouring Pitneybank, and have been getting some good deals on old stock. Alas Giddings Mall seems to be under attack from some PK'ers, Lud Lum [1] and others. Mall_Tour_'07 is possibly headed this way, and I say we help help fight the Tour. Any takers?

25 September 2006: Keith Mars reports: Visiting Santlerville and finding it full of action. If anyone is looking for some zombies to kill you could do worse then head on up. Check http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Santlerville and look in Recent News. I'm currently residing in Dowdney Mall NE corner. Looks like it will be some fun times ahead!

21 September 2006: Keith Mars reports: Visited Fort Creedy as was finding things a bit quiet where I was. Seems to be a small zombie presence if anyone is interested. Back in Giddings Mall SW corner at moment for some major restocking. Getting in early for my Christmas shopping.

17 September 2006: Alz reports: Made a sortie outside Mitchem, 4 zombies at the SE block. Killed three of them and maimed another, using the mega-XP to progress up two levels. I'm only missing Tagging now as a survivor skill, and am not in a rush to get zombie skills.

5 September 2006: Alz reports: Just did a 49AP trip around SE Spracklingbank. The suburb seems pretty safe now, as I only ran into (and killed) two zombies, and even then they weren't together. There is a pile of dead bodies outside Chippett Grove, however. I'm going to need to rearm before our lame adventure. I'll be of more use to us, though, having just bought First Aid.

1 September 2006: Alz reports: When I last looked there were four zombies outside Chippett Grove, three outside Dewell and 18 in the nearby cemetery, awaiting revivification. I killed one of the ones outside Chippett and maimed another, but didn't have the AP to finish him as I had to get back to shelter. I'm asleep in the MacMillan again for now, and it seems that it and Giddings have remained EHB for this whole latest zombie wave. I'm now qualified to broadcast, so let's all make sure our radios are tuned to the same frequency.

28 August 2006: Keith Mars: Big day today, killed my first zombie down at Halberry Boulevard P.D, purchased pistol training, and followed 20 seconds later by my second zombie kill. I had help as both of them were down on HP though. One could get used to this.

25 August 2006: Pilgrim: Got away from Alner ASAP and moved over into Ketchelbank and into the Zoo. The place is crawling with Zeds. Even the survivors holed up in the buildings have predominantly Zed skill sets. The Zoo itself has an open door policy, which means it's unsafe for Survivors to linger outdoors and it seems the Zeds have occupied most of the enclosures. I'm resting near by before i plot my next move.

22 August 2006: Alz reports: Logged in with 50AP and a few empty guns so decided to go down to Giddings for some looting. Imagine my surprise when I found Dewell wide open to the street with three zombies inside! I killed them and dumped their bodies with the help of another bloke, then barricaded the building back up to VSB before falling asleep back at the warehouse. I bought Knife Combat with the experience, so have had a couple of productive days!

19 August 2006: ApoX reports: Tynte mall has been reconnoitered and found to be a nice little mall. Fewer survivors than Giddings and less annoying CDF bashing. Plenty of Zeds around too, though not in significant numbers. I get the impression that a lot of the regs are out with the Big Bash. Turns out Roo7, of Club Coghlan fame, is a corner commander with the local militia. Anyways, moving on towards Ridleybank tomorrow, I'll report from the next mall. Post Script: Cancel last, I'm going to head up to Ketchelbank and visit the Malton City Zoo.

18 August 2006: Dr Pyser reports his first zombie kill. The group members are beginning to branch out of their respective skill trees, making them a deadly unit. Spracklingbank and Pitneybank are pretty much zombie-free at present after the departure of the Big Bash, so we're starting to spread out further to find game to kill and friends to heal.

15 August 2006: Alz reports: The warehouse seems safe enough lately, which is good, and it's always nice to see fellow lamerz there when I log in. I've done some scouting recently and found no zombies which is frustrating because I have five fully loaded pistols, a couple of rounds in some others, three fully loaded shotguns and two with single rounds in them. I don't know what Ash is doing. I'll have to introduce him to this page so he can get a feel for what we're doing. I'm stuck on 48XP at the moment having bought Shopping with my last rampage, but unless some zombies show up soon it's going to be tough to advance.

13 August 2006: ApoX reports: Ash's graffiti has been dealt with and the transmitter set up. It's tuned to 26.25 because that the radio i use, but we can change it later if ye want. Also, i put a round into stevusi for good measure.

13 August 2006: ApoX introduces Warehouse 86, 37. Know it, love it, protect it. Stevus reports there's already a generator there, i'll bring a radio transmitter soon and Pyser will be incharge or interior decoration. I suggest a bright purple feature wall with mounted zombie heads.

09 August 2006: Alziraphale levels up twice in two days to hit level nine with Hand-to-Hand Combat and Axe Proficiency. Ashley gets revived but for now remains 'dead' in the car park until I speak to him next and get him into our safe house.

04 August 2006: Ashley returns to Urban Dead as 'Captain Simian', he's in Rolt Heights at the moment but might make his way down to Spracklingbank to join us. Come on, Ash! In other news, Dr Pyser acheived a new personal record by earning 100xp in a day and levelling up with construction.

03 August 2006: Alz reports: Stepped from my EHB warehouse home into the Cudworth Lane FD to find the doors wide open and two zombies inside. Got a few shots off for 32XP before they started attacking me and I stepped back into the warehouse uninfected to buy Construction and fall asleep. So now if we pick a building here and make it our home, there are at least two of us (me and j4m3z) who can see to the barricades. Spracklingbank seems safer at the moment, and everything around the Dewell is EHB (except Cudworth Lane FD, obviously, so there's your entrance.

02 August 2006: ApoX reports: I concur with Alz. J4m3z and I are holed up in Paynerton and i fear we'd be too far out of the way for convenient revives from the meds (Dr P and Stevusi). I think we need to find a location with a NT building, A hospital and A PD or two in the close vicinity and set up major operations. Also, should we consider multi-skilling, aka the grunts get med skillz and the meds get gunz? or should we stay specialised?

30 July 2006: Alz reports: Well, I died, as predicted, but the good doctor has revivified me so now I'm lying "dead" outside the Wardropper Arms in Spracklingbank until I have the AP to stand up and get the hell out of here!

30 July 2006: Dr Pyser levels up, with first aid training. If any crusading survivors see me and are in need of 10HP or so, give me a buzz, I'll be happy to help out. South Spracklingbank is all kinds of FUBAR at the moment. On my latest wonder through there I passed some 30 or so zeds roaming the streets, and yesterday there was about the same number directly east in Paynterton.

29 July 2006: Alz reports: I left Chippett Grove PD to kill a zombie, and kill one I did. Bought Shotgun Training with the XP that gave me, but found all the buildings too heavily barricaded to get back inside and am now asleep outside the Maggs Cinema at the top of Pitneybank. I think I'm going to die, and I don't like my chances of a revive in the current climate...

27 July 2006: Alz reports: I killed two zombies on my way out of Spracklingbank and into Paynterton. Spracklingbank isn't safe anymore, but we've got to do something about that. Perhaps we can pick a building on the edge and try to make it our base? We need the Dewell Building to be safe, but I'm sure it's soon to be attacked by a zombie horde. Looking at the map section of the wiki, it seems the zombies are currently 'winning' Urban Dead...

26 July 2006: j4m3z committed unspeakable acts to a pair of zeds this morning thus achieving level 3 status. His ascention towards true Zombie Killer status should come in handy in future coordinated 14m3r zombie extermination raids.

26 July 2006: Ash's new character is called Beware Wolf, so keep an eye out and if you see him tell him Alz hangs out at Chippett Grove PD as a good scout base.

22 July 2006: A big 14m3 goodbye to wolfmother, lying dead on the mean streets of Malton! With him in death is Mr Kermode, Ash's second character who also died. Ash isn't big on the patience...

19 July 2006: A big 14m3 welcome to wolfmother, newly arrived on the mean streets of Malton!

16 July 2006: Well, the group is gradually finding its way within Malton. It's hard, out there on the sreets. All members have died and been revived at least once now, and members are spending a lot of time scurrying around Spracklingbank and neighbouring suburbs, tending to each others wounds. XP is being gained, levelling up is occuring, and once the group gets a bit less vulnerable it has its sights set on helping defend Spracklingbank. By the group's observation, this suburb doesn't appear to be as safe as it might once have been. Although still only small mobs of zeds (~10 or so each) have been spotted roaming the streets, there appears to be an increasing zombie presence in the suburb. T3h 14m3rz advise caution.

11 July 2006: The 14m3rz have now all met one another within Malton. Dr Pyser helped fix j4m3z up, Alziraphale was the last to reach the rendezvous point, and yet another 14m3r - Zeromusta - arrivd in Malton, but is making himself relatively scarce. For the moment the general order of business appears to be the acquisition of XP and further skills for each player.

7 July 2006: Another 14m3r, j4m3z, entered Malton - welcome to the game! Dr Pyser was killed in a zombie raid in Pitneybank while en route to the meeting point, but made his way to the Walrond Square revive point, where he was brought back to life by Bink Crosby. A big thankyou to this good samaritan!

6 July 2006: DeMorcef and Stevusi met up, and talked within the game!

5 July 2006: 4 14m3rz (Dr Pyser , Stevusi, DeMorcef and Alziraphale) entered Malton separately into distant suburbs. The team plans to rendezvous in Spracklingbank and plan further operations from there.

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