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HM Government
Abbreviation: HMG
Group Numbers: 10
Leadership: Dave Cameron
Goals: To fix the deficit by taxing anyone who's not one of our mates.
Recruitment Policy: Via the talk page.
Contact: Our Forum

About HM Government

We are Her Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Our mission is simple, to fix the economy by taxing everyone more and eliminating all non essential benefits. We consider brainz to be non essential and therefor will tax them rather heavily.

Actually About HM Government

We are a group of longtime UrbanDead players who got bored and went away for a while. Now we're back we decided it would be HILARIOUS to combine levelling up new zombie characters with cutting edge political satire. This group is the result.

Campaign Strategy

Politics is a dirty business and we fight a hard campaign. Should you be stupid enough to combat revive a member of the government you can expect us to work to undermine you anyway we can. Our favourite tactics are dismantling your barricades to let the tax collectors in, telling our zombie chums just how many hamburgurz are in a given safehouse, pursuing our environmental policy by eliminating polluting generators or even sometimes holding political rallies in malls. Survivors have been known to kill themselves just to avoid Prime Minister's Questions! If there is a radio transmitter we will take the opportunity to have a party political broadcast telling EVERYONE which labcoater is responsible for their current political predicament. The only real way to stop us would be a PK but that would lead to you appearing on the Rogues Gallery.

Ah, causing infighting amongst the opposing factions, and using their own tools against them too! Is anything sweeter? The best you can really hope for is that we march back outside in order to give one of the junior ministers a free meal. We really have no issue with you giving us a minimum of 35 easy XP points at a cost of 10AP for you and only 2 for us!

Joining Us

So you want to join us, spiffing! All you need to do is get yourself elected at the next general election and you're in! Seriously though, all of our characters are named after real members of the UK government. To join us please just create a new zombie named after a current member of the cabinet. There is a full list here.[[1]] Obviously it would be a bit daft if we had clones of government ministers running around Malton so please check the list of current members below to see who's taken already. Once you have your lovely new zombie politician give us a shout and we'll tell you where we're hanging out.

Current Members

  • Dave Cameron - Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury.
  • Nicholas Clegg - Deputy Prime Minister and Lord President of the Council.
  • George Osborne - Chancellor of the Exchequer.
  • Jeremy Hunt - Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport.
  • Liam Fox - Defence Secretary.
  • Larry - The No10 Cat.
  • Lord Howell - Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Ken Clarke - Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice.
  • The Lord Strathclyde - Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Leader of the House of Lords.
  • Vince Cable - Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.
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