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Humanity's saviors (HS)
Abbreviation HS
Group Numbers Looking for leadership
Leadership Humanity’s champion
Goals HS will do all in it power to increase the ratio of good AP users (defined as AP users that increase the number of humans) to bad AP users (defined as an AP usesr that increase the number of zombies). This will be achieved by the most effective use of AP (measured by human AP to do compared to zombie AP to undo).
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Contact Our forum
radio 27.98 MHz


A Survivor Group with the goal of increasing the number of honorable humans and the amount of territory belonging to humanity while decreasing the number of zombies and the number of suburbs under their control.

An Offensive Group: one of a few groups who attack zombie controlled suburbs instead of defending one suburb. An offensive group allows people to control the suburbs instead of reacting to what the zombies do.

A Humanity doctrine supporter. humanity doctrine is a strategy written by HS which is a collection of some of the best strategies in the game. It is basted around the assumption that AP is the measure of all things in game. And so takes advantage of AP mismatches.

A Highly Organized Group. HS is a very organized and close-knit group of survivors with a lot of emphasis on communication. Not only is this the best set up but it is necessary for a mobile group.

A Model Group. HS is a group modeling excellent AP management and strategy. It was created by the Philosophe Knights in order to show other human groups better survivor strategy and organization.



HS is a group of survivors who value knowledge and are working under the same banner as the philosophe knights. The connection between the two groups is actually very weak, neither have any power over the other. HS has mathematically calculated some of the best strategies in the game. However HS is not really one fighting force but a set of combat cell and working towards the same goal. HS intends to lead a campaign against the zombie with strength that has never been seen before, so that when it is over the entire city will be zombie free.

Connection with the Philosophe Knights

The connection between HS and the Philosophe Knights is fairly weak. The Philosophe knights created HS to be their survivor counter part. The groups are in communication but neither group has command over the other. HS does not let their connection with the Philosophe knights effect their polices. The relationship between HS and the PK is best described as a strong allegiance. Possible the only effects the PK has on HS are its structure and expectations. PKer groups are the closest and most organized groups in the game because organization is key to their success. Additionally PKing is one of the hardiest jobs in the game and so the PKers that make it are usually very knowable smart players. This close structure and high quality is what HS expects form its members.

Summary of Strategy

Humans are prevented from attacking by their love of resources buildings. Humans’ reloading for a long period of time and then attacking for a long period of time can easily fix this. This not only allows humans to attack but it lets them take the best advantage of barricades by dividing evenly throughout a suburb because they no long need to defend reassures buildings.

The second part of the strategy is the use of humans best weapon revives (~20 AP to kill with a revive (60 flak jacket includes finding a syringe in a powered NT) and ~ 51 AP to kill with gun (60 flak jacket includes finding ammo in a powered mall) ). a revive is between 1.5 and 2.5 times as good as guns. Gun the most used weapon are actually worst then zombie claws, fire axes and even zombie bite.

Summary of Organization

The Sword of Humanity Humanity’s Saviors is organized somewhat differently than other groups. This is due to the fact it is an offensive group. It is set up for maximum flexibility and best reaction time. Which is why it has a simple and direct chain of command.

Humanity’s Saviors is primarily held together by the guidelines of the strategy. However it is broken down in to a set of combat cells each lead by a single cell leader who has absolute power over his cell. These cells generally have a second who acts when the cell leader fails to. HS is lead by humanity’s champion who is in charge of organization, master strategies and policy’s, and has a second. It is the job of all group members to advise their leaders.

The High court The High Court is made up of five judges who are charged with judging their fellow humans. Their job is to guide human towards better strategies and *polices by examining the AP use of human groups. Their second task is to settle disagreements between human groups. To put power behind their words the high court will have a group of enforcers to command.

Summary of Policies

All of HSs policies are built around our goal: “HS will do all in it power to increase the ratio of good AP users (defined as AP users that increase the number of humans) to bad AP user (defined as an AP user that increases the number of zombies). This will be achieved by the most effective use of AP (measured by human AP to do compared to zombie AP to undo).” They are made to make dong the right thing easy. Our polices outline how best to barricade, get revived, broadcast, and deal with criminals, among other things. It is important to note that these polices are only a suggestion of what you should do, and so failing to follow them will not be punished.

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Humanity's Saviors
An introduction to HS

A history of HS operation and outline of their plans.

The offensive strategy used by humanity's saviors

The organizational system used by HS.

Policies supported by HS

All discussion should be kept on the discussion page of the main page or on the HS forum .

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