Hamblin Park

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Hamblin Park

Reganbank [11, 57]

Schandua Auto Repair a cemetery the Egan Museum
the Schandua Museum Hamblin Park Connor Walk
Maidment Drive the Bles Building Essexe Lane Fire Station

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Hamblin Park


Hamblin Park is a small, shady park just off of Connor Walk. It is situated between the Schandua Museum and the Egan museum, and is considered a part of the Schandua Museum Campus.


Hamblin Park was established in 1956 as part of Reganbank's revitalization program, along with five of Reganbank's six museums. Originally just a well-manicured lawn with a few trees, Hamblin Park was eventually developed into a major recreational park, with tennis courts, a baseball diamond, a playground, and a fenced-in dog park. During the 1970s and 1980s, Hamblin was considered unsafe for pedestrians after dusk, as its high topiary and lack of adequate lighting made it easy for muggers and lowlifes to hide in the shadows; however, by 2005, Hamblin Park had been cleaned up, rigged with ample lighting, and equipped with emergency phones.

Early in the Malton Crisis, Hamblin Park was used as an ad-hoc disposal site for undead which were believed to have been terminated; however, the practice was ended when dozens of supposedly inactivated corpses rose en masse and annihilated the attending sanitation team.

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