Hanney Auto Repair

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Hanney Auto Repair
Last Update January 2022
Zashiya (talk) 05:32, 27 April 2023 (UTC)
Hanney Auto Repair

Buttonville [47,98]

Perriott Grove Lyne Cinema Rhymes Crescent
Rouse Road Hanney Auto Repair Garlick Square Fire Station
the Lethebe Building a factory a warehouse

Basic Info:

  • Auto Repair shops have no internal descriptions.
  • Auto Repairs can be barricaded normally.


Named after the founder, Archibald Hanney Jr., the Hanney Auto Repair shop was a well known, honest and well managed shop. It had been operated for generations, and was left unscathed in the Great Fire. It had a steady income, and was relatively low priced, due to it's motto, "Always Low Prices, Always High Expectations".

The only disagreeable thing about the place was its proximity to Garlick Square Fire Station, which smelt very strongly of Garlick, due to an insane Fire Wardens' belief in Goth kids from the local Junkyard to be Vampires. Hanney often argued with the Warden over the topic, but was too nice a man and to respectful of Firemen to do that much, so instead, he sprayed down his place with air freshener and more agreeable scents every morning before opening.

Inside the Auto Shop.

Current Status

1/14/2011: Hanney Auto Repair has been officially accepted as another Buttonville Bastard operated point. EHB and powered. --DrLulwut 21:30, 14 January 2011 (UTC)