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It's a Hard Knock Life for us!
Abbreviation: HKL
Group Numbers: ~20
Leadership: Life Council
Goals: Restoring Dangerous Suburbs
Recruitment Policy: Zombies: Brain Rot
Survivors: Lack of Rot
Contact: Forums

Hard Knock Life is the largest life cultist group in Urban Dead, dedicated to repairing ransacked or otherwise ruined buildings. We operate in strike teams and move wherever the trouble is.

Why life cultists?

Good question.

A life cultist, by definition, is a zombie that attacks other zombies to aid the survivor cause.

Many people frown on zombie killing (referring to the act of a zombie killing another zombie, ZKing) due to the victim zombie only being penalized 1 action point to stand up. It is without question that zombies are the most efficient killing machines, and HKL plans on using this to their advantage. ZKing can provide an effecient method of clearing buildings of zombies, and, once a building is cleared, the life cultists clear out and the living members repair and barricade the building.

Having the majority of members rotting means that we can move into zombie-infested suburbs and only have to worry about keeping a minority of members alive.

"Zambahz! Looking for a red door, but it's already been painted black? Can't find a harman brain? Well, have we got a deal for you! Have you considered cannibalism?" - Alan C

How does one strike as a life cultist?

  • Step One- Get on IRC

It's crucial for any strike to be successful. Here, information is gathered and commands are given. It is an essential tool for coordination!

  • Step Two- Move to the target

A target will, for the most part, be posted in the IRC channel's topic, or some other form of group meeting-place, such as a forum. Move to the target and tell your strike leader you are there, along with the APs (Action Points) you have. This is so the strike team leader can utilize your APs and direct you on how to use them in the most efficient way possible.

  • Step Three- Zombies

Most of the time we will start off with zombies killing other hostile zombies inside a ruined building. The ZKer (Zombie Killer) will tell his APs to the strike team leader, who gives the ZKer a profile link, found by DNA scanning the zombie, for them to attack. The ZKer will attack the target hostile zombie until they are down to 1, 2, or 3 HP (Health Points), and proceed to move out for the next phase.

  • Step Four- Breathers

After our Zombie Squad have lowered the targets down to 1, 2, or 3 HP, the human squads of the group will roll in, and proceed to headshot the hostile with either an axe or a knife. We fully support the combat revive. If there are any hostiles left inside, they will be removed via the combat revive. After the last zombie is removed, one of our Life Council will repair the building, which in turn is barricaded by our Support Squad.

On rare occasions where we find an overwhelming zombie presence in a Necrotech we wish to take back, a rot revive strike will commence. This is possible through the teamwork of all 4 squads.


Recent HKL News

Place most recent news at the top. Please sign your reports. News older then a month can be found in the archive.

December 26th Past half of a year we've been doing things like helping the The Dribbling Beavers and THEM with their zombie troubles, and helping anywhere in the eastern suburbs. We are now heading back to Dunell Hills to battle against The Dead. --Ryanon 06:35, 26 December 2009 (UTC)

April 29th We've seen the foothold the Dunell Hills Police Department, Crimson Clan, and The Big Prick have gained in Dunell Hills against The Dead and have joined them on their endeavor to kick some ass and take some names. —Speels Hard Knock Life SpeelsLogo.png 02:24, 29 April 2009 (BST)

April 9th Looks like we found our old pals from The Dead stationed outside the Haslock Building and some distressed looking THEMbers defending it. Time for a change. —Speels Hard Knock Life SpeelsLogo.png 05:23, 9 April 2009 (BST)

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.95 MHz


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TinyURL: TinyURL.com/HardKL

Tokelau address: HKLWiki.tk

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