Harden Park

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Harden Park

Pegton [88, 51]

Willia Alley a factory a carpark
McDonald Drive Fire Station Harden Park a warehouse
Errington Way wasteland Parkhouse Towers

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Harden Park


Beware: zombie cows can and will bite.

A bucolic park, Harden Park offers stunning views of Parkhouse Towers to the southeast, and rather less appealing views of the glue factory to the north.


Chartered as royal hunting land by King Norbert I, the 'forgotten king' of the 9th century, Harden Park once stretched far beyond its present borders, and was home to indigenous species such as the triple-tusked boar, the shaggy-nosed bison, the Malton wildcat and the Pegtonian sheep-pig (Porcinus timidus pegtoniensis). All of these colourful beasts were promptly hunted to extinction by the royal hunting parties, who banqueted at the original mediaeval hunting lodge situated at what is now Parkhouse Towers.

After Norbert's death, apparently caused by a surfeit of filbert-stuffed roast sheep-pig, the park lost its significance and became overgrown and wild.

The industrialisation of Pegton resulted in it being severely reduced in size. Only this rump of greenery remains, and the only legacy of the once diverse fauna is the herd of feral and probably infectious cattle roaming the pastureland.

The park was Eliza Newstead's favourite spot for a stroll.

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