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Harmar Library
EHB, unlit
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Harmar Library

Crooketon [6,67]

the Antell Building Kirby Auto Repair Barnicott Walk School
Stevenson Crescent School Harmar Library Jefferson Square
Mores Lane Police Dept Methodius General Hospital the Bees Building

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.



The Harmar Library was recently constructed before the quarantine, and didn't open its doors until after the outbreak. Because of this, the library is the only library in Malton to have a entire section devoted to Zombese Literature and where visitors can peruse translated editons of such notable undead works as 'Vile Bodies' or 'Dead Souls' which are often erroniously attributed to human authors. The Communist Party of Malton began in this Library and operated as a HQ for their operations in the area before they moved to Williamsville.

The Library once contained the largest collection of Communist and left-wing literature in Malton.

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Barricade Policy

VSB. Entry Point for Methodius hospital.

Current Status

Someone has Extremely heavily barricaded this building!!

Very Heavily Barricaded.

Lit with 3 survivors inside-Feb 16th 2009

Past News

October 27th, 2007: Very Heavily Barricaded.

October 31st, 2007: With the freezing fog settling around Harmar, a zed tried a spot of trick or treating in the library today. No sweeties were forthcoming.

September 4th, 2007: The Harmar Library defenses collapsed under the assault and as of yet the building remains ruined.

==29th August, 2007: There are 15 zeds outside the library, most likely from two zombie groups.

==18th August, 2007: Three zeds are outside who are trampling on the flower beds and generally looking untidy amongst the normally well tended library gardens.

==16th August, 2007: 'Cades are back up to EHB, but power still has yet to be restored.

==6th August, 2007: There's one zed inside, unknown number outside, but the cades are up to heavily.

==5th August, 2007: Two zeds are still milling about outside the library.

==3rd August, 2007: Two zombies were lurking outside the library today, but they were swiftly killed. Well, that is until their thirst for knowledge, or really just any brains they can get, will inevitably raise them once more to bang at the doors like drunks ejected from a nightclub.

==31st July, 2007: A near evacuation happened when a zombie managed to enter the library. Presumably looking for some light reading along with a snack. Thankfully a potential disaster was averted when the zombie was dispatched, removed and the barricades restored.

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