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Harrah Rotter (Harrah Bahbra!nz in Zamgrh) is a popular series of novels by J. K. Growling. It features a zombie named Harrah who grows up in a family of Mrh! Cows, never knowing that he's a brain-rotted zombie. But on his eleventh birthday he goes to a special boarding school for zombies called Hagrarz. At Hagrarz Harrah learns to eat human brains and to ride a broomstick representing his house, Grab an Barg, in a game called G!bb!zh. Along with his best friends Harma-anna and Ran, Harrah seeks to find and defeat the evil Babba Barbamarz, a Zombie Hunter who headshot Harrah's parents just after he was born.

Below is a transcript of the Quartly Study Group's reading:

The Philosopher's Stone

  • Sirkus said "Harrah nah grab ah hah az ah Rotter, ah zambah grh manna zgarz. Zah Mrh-gaaz nah gab ah Harrah arahn haz mama ahn haz baba." (7 seconds ago)
  • You say "zaHarrah gazzan gabz, Harrah nah am harman! Harrah am zambah, gabz gazzan. Zaaz rah, gabz Harrah. An mah zambah ganna barg zaharmanz bra!nz."
  • A zombie said "Rh rh rngrh!" (4 minutes ago)
  • Sirkus said "Should we read another chapter, or stop here for today?" (3 minutes ago)
  • Sirkus said "All right, I guess we can do another..." (3 minutes ago)
  • Sirkus said "Gabba Namba Harrah grabz ah Zgrabbarh ah za Hagrarz Bra!nbarn ah" (23 seconds ago)
  • You say "Rah nah am zaHarrah b!rznah. Harrah haz ranbagz. Barra zamama zaz!za hazban grabz ranbagz an harmz ranbagz. Harrah nah ghan baaggrab ranbagz! Harrah haz manna manna manna ranbagz. Harrah baaggrabz ranbagz. Ranbagz gabz, Harrah am zambah! BARHAH!"
  • Sirkus said "crap, messed that one up. BZ, we need to synchronize here." (5 minutes ago)
  • You say "Ranbagz gabz, Harrah ganna ran ahn Hagrarz Bra!nbarn, baggaz Harrah am zambah. Harrah ganna bra!nbarnang an grab harmanz bra!nz, barg harmanz bra!nz, ganna g!b Babba Barbamarz. An Harrah ganna brar G!bb!zh. Ganna grab Garban Zn!zh."
  • Sirkus said "I was going to suggest the opposite, but allright--I've got some AP left. Let's see, where did you leave off..." (1 hour and 5 minutes ago)
  • ZinnyStardust said "busy day, so here's my update from this morning to two minutes ago: http://iwrecords.urbandead.info/07-27-07_2000hrs_PUBLIC/IN_55-78_QSG_03b_325-002-8b9.html" (exactly 1 hour ago)
  • Sirkus said "Gabba Namba... Zaz. Harrah gaz ahn zah zra!n ah Rabram Nahn ahn Zhraa-Haarz, za zambah zra!n. An zah zra!n, Harrah maaz azhar zambaz Ran ahn Harmanah, ahn azzgrahn zambah Gragah Mahah. Zah barg zahgrah bra!nz ahn zah zra!n." (53 minutes ago)
  • Sirkus said "*closes book* Okay, I'm done for today. Whoever wants to take it up next, pick up the storyline at the Sorting Hat, I guess." (52 minutes ago)
  • Sirkus said "Sorry, the Zarang Hazz." (51 minutes ago)
  • You say "Harrah an Harma-anna an Ran, ranz ahn Hagrarz. Ahn Hagrarz am Zambrara. Bagh, bagh zambrara namz Zarang Zambrara. Zarang Zambrara grabz Harrah! Zambrara gabz, Harrah am ahn Grab an Barg Haz. Harma-anna an Ran am agzah ahn Grab an Barg."
  • You say " Harrah am habba, baggaz Grab an Barg am barrah, barrah naaz haz. Harra agzah am habbah baggaz Harrah amarh Harma-anna."
  • Jefferson32 said "Ouchies. Stopped by the NT to get aneedle or two and got nicked. Obviously, I'm going to need to be medicated. I'll handle this." (3 minutes ago)
  • Jefferson32 said "Sorry for interrupting *noticing polite glare* Do continue, please." (1 minute ago)
  • You say "zaHarrah nabrazzaz, namz Graga Mahah, am ahn haz Z!zaran. Manna manna zambahz ahn zazzaran am bah zambahz. Nah amarhz grabban an bangan an bargan harmanz bra!nz! zaZ!zaran Haz zambahz habganna brar Zgrabbarh, nah marh."
  • You say "Agzah hazaz ahn Hagrarz am Hab an Bab, an Rab an Grarh."
  • You say "Harrah haz braambar. Barra Harrah na am ma!gz. Harrah brarz G!bb!zh grh braambarh. Harrah ganna am Zaagarh. Ganna grab Garban Zn!zh."
  • You say "Harrah haz manna grazzaz ahn Hagrarz Bra!nbarn: Ranzag grazz grh Bra!nman Magannagah; Bazaar Zmazh grazz grh Bra!nman G!rrahr; ahn Zmarr Harmanz grazz grh Bra!nman Znaab."
  • You say "Bra!nman Gambagahr az baba ah Hagrarz, bag haz nah grazzaz."
  • You say "Bra!nman Znaab az baba ah Z!zaran Haz, an az nah naaz za Harrah. Harrah grabgrab g!a Znaab az ah bah zambah."
  • You say "Ahn G!bb!zh, Harrah az ahn za braambarh, ahn brambarh mabban ahn bzzan. Harrah ahmaz gah zmazh. Harma-anna ahn Ran grab Bra!nman Znaab gabban Abragababra, ahn grabgrab Znaab habganna harm Harrah."
  • You say "Harrah grabz Garban Zn!zh annahah ahn anna za G!bb!zh gahm."
  • You say "Zamahr ahn Hagrarz az Gambagahr’z zarh!ngh. Harrah grabgrab g!a Znaab az ganna brang zarh!ngh ahn rabhabh Barbamarz."
  • You say "Bag g!a az za zarh!ngh? Harrah nah grab, ahn Gambagahr nah gab."

The Cloak of Invisibility

Rah nah am BARHAHmaz. Harrah am habbah, baggaz haz brazzan. Brazzan am na-ahnna zaHarrah baba. Brazzan am ragz! Barah barah naaz ragz. Ragz ghan maag zambah na-Z. Hhan Harrah haz Na-Z Ragz, zambahz an harmanz nah ghan Z Harrah! Harrah, hazzan Na-Z Ragz, ranz ahn baagbarn. Ranz ahn nahran gambarman an grabz baagz ragargan Nagaraz Brahma. Nagaraz Brahma maagz Zarzarahz Gam. Zarzarahz Gam maagz Abzarb zaAmharmanz. Hhahan zambah abzarbz Abzarb zaAmharmanz, nah ganna rabhabh zambah! Zambah am ganna am zambah abargamz! Harrah bra!ngabz, Bra!nman Znaab habganna grab Zarzaraz Gam am ganna maag Barmamarz naharman.

The Man With Two Faces

  • "Hrm. Gabba nambah Zhan ahn Zma. Harrah haz Nah-Z Ragz, gaz grh Ran anh Harmah-anna ahn zah barn g!az haz zah Zarzaraz Gam, ahn na-mab Bra!nman Znaab."
  • "Az manna barragazh ahn-na-ahn zam ahn zah Gam. Barragazh namba Ana ahz ah bahg anamah namz Hrahhah, mrh haz zrhaa bra!nbagz. Zam na-mab Hrahhah grh z!ng!ng, maag Hrahhah zzzzzz."
  • "Barragazh namba zma ahz ah bahg Barhahmaz Zraah g!az grab zam ahn hagz zam. Zam zmazh zah Zraah grh Abragababra."
  • "Azzah barragazh haz ah gaam mrh bagh bazzaz, ah haz ah Zabarman Haz-Abbanahz, ahn ah Bra!n-graaghan grh bahharz. Ran ahn Harmah-anna az harm. Harrah gaz ahn rrhnrrh, anrah ana."
  • "Harrah arrabz ah zah barn zah haz zah Zarzarahz Gam. Harrah z zah Z-Mah-Zambah zaHabganna. Grabban ahn zah Z-mah-zambah az, nah Bra!nman Znaab, barra Bra!nman G!rrahrh!"
  • "Bra!nman G!rrahrh haz Babba Barbamarz, za bangbangman, ahn haz bra!nbag. Barbamarg grabz na-ahnna zah bagh ah G!rrahrz bra!nbag. Barbamarg habganna za Zarzarahz Gam ah grab za Abzarb zaAmharmanz, gahn Raabab ahn bangbang abarh zambahz!"
  • "Zah Zarzarahz Gam az ahn zah Z-Mah-Zambah zaHabganna. G!rrahrh grabz ahn zah Z-mah-zambah barra naghan haz."
  • "Babba Barbamarz zah ahn maag Harrah grab ahn zah Z-Mah-Zambah. Harrah grabz ahn za Z-Mah-Zambah ahn grabz zah Gam ahn haz ragzbag. Harrah zah ahn G!rrahrh zah g!hra nah grabz zah Gam. Barbarmarz nah ambrang Harrah."
  • "G!rrahrh grabz Harrah! Barra G!rrahrh ahz harm. Za amarh ah Harrahz mama harmz Barbamarg mrh Barbamarg grabz Harrah!"
  • "G!rrahrh ahz namrh. Barbamarg gah na-ahnna, Harrah nah bra!ngrab mrh. Harrah gah ah bagbarn ah zzzzz, ahn Gambagahrh zmazh zah Zarzarahz Gam zah Barbamarg nabarh grabz g!hra."
  • "Harmah-anna ahn Ran ahz aragh. Az Zammah, zam grabz zah zra!n bagh ah zah Mrh-gaaz. Barra ahnran ahhgaam Harrah ganna ahnran bahg ah Hagrarz Bra!nbarn!"
  • Zha Ahn. Zah baag Harrah Bahbra!nz Ahn Zah Zarzarahz Gam ahz namrh. Gamman Zaan--Harrah Babra!nz ahn zah Raam ah Zagraz!

The Chamber of Secrets

  • You say "Abrabazzah baaggrab grh mah zambah? Gabba Namba Ana ahz Zah Bah B!rzna."
  • You say "Harrah ahz grh zah Mrh-gaaz. Ahz Harrahz b!rzna. Zah Mrh-gaaz haz zah baba ah g!hra Mrh-gaah gang arahn zah haz."
  • You say "Ah nabagh-man namz Babb!h gaamz ahn z Harrah. Babb!h zahz Harrah maz nah gah ah Hagrarz Bra!nbarn, zahz Harrah ganna b harm. "
  • You say "Harrah habganna gah ah Hagrarz, nah rh!zzan ahn zah nabagh-man. Harrah ahz nah zgaarh."
  • You say "Babb!h ganna maag Harrah nahmabban. Babb!h maagz zah Mrh-gaaz bra!ngaag gah Zabarman. Zah Mrh-gaaz am angrah ah Harrah, ahn Harrah haz ah angrah ranbag na-ahnna zah Manazgrah ah Abragababra."
  • You say "Zah Mrh-gaaz maag Harrah namabban ahn haz raam. Barra Ran ahn Ranz gang gah Harrah ahn ah Zabarman Garh. Harrah ahn Ran gah zah Ranz haz."
  • You say "Harrah, Harma-anna ahn Ranz gang gah zah baagbarn zah grab baagz grh Hagrarz. Ah zah baagbarn, zam z Graga Mahah ahn haz baba, Rahaz Mahah. Rahaz grabz zah baag ah Ranz zazzah, G!nnah. Rahaz maagz Ranz gang, ahn brang zah baag bagh ah G!nnah."
  • You say "Harrah ahn Ran gah ah Rabram Nahn ahn Zhraa-Haarz bah zah zambah zra!n ah Hagrarz. Zah Rabram ahz barragazhan! Harrah ahn Ran gan nah gah ahn!"
  • You say "Zah zra!n ahz gahn! Hah Harrah ahn Ran gah zah Hagrarz nah?"
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