Hathway Park

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Hathway Park

Chancelwood [64, 5]

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Briant Lane Hathway Park Woodard Square
Kempe Way School Sweetapple Boulevard wasteland

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.



"A large well maintained park with lots of colour, planted tastefully, centrally, and thoughtfully, allowing lots of open space for activities." (Chancelwood Enquirer, May 2000)


Prior to 1975, Hathway Park was part of the Ford Drive-A Movie Theatre, forming the 'show-side' of the drive-in cinema. It's distinctive horseshoe shaped hill at the southern end of the park provided both a natural wind breaker and gentle slope for an excellent view.

After the closure of the Drive-A Movie, Hathwood was transformed into the city park it is today. Extensive landscaping removed the iconic hill and allowed the parkland to effectively double in size.

The Curton Family Formal Garden was built in the north western corner of the park in 1980 and opened to the public in 1982 by Aleister Curton.

In 2003, construction of a large sports facility for Kempe Way School was completed in the southern section of the park.


Go Riptide! The solar powered Kempe Way Sports Club, 2003

Post Outbreak Hathway Park

The grass was scheduled to be cut late in late 2006; however it is unknown to what extent this was achieved. Sightings shortly afterwards of a zombie steering a ride-on-mower suggest the job may have not been completed.

It is unknown what state the formal garden is in.

The Kempe Way School Sports Club (made as it is, almost entirely from glass and solar panels) suffers from overgrowth and disrepair to such an extent that it is unfortunately completely uninhabitable.

Conspiracy Theories

Hathway Park has been linked by some individuals to a sinister movement working within Chancelwood.

One such conspiracy is based around the discovery of a supposed plethora of "secret underground chambers" beneath Hathway Park, uncovered during the construction of the Curton Family Formal Garden. Although it was confirmed that a chamber was uncovered during the landscaping, it was reportedly only a single, naturally formed chamber, most likely occuring as a result of winds blowing against the horseshoe shaped hill and entering the ground through gopher holes, wearing away a large underground wind tunnel. Though unique, the discovery was dismissed by a local scientist as "highly predictable" and it was surmised that no further investigations were neccesary. Tragically the thirteen strong landscaping team that uncovered the chamber were killed during their discovery by natural causes. In an act of great generosity, uncharacteristic for his family, Aleister Curton offered his financial support to the families of the deceased workers.

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