Havercroft Bird Watching Association

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Havercroft Bird Watching Association
Abbreviation: HBWA
Group Numbers: Undisclosed
Leadership: Undisclosed
Goals: The HBWA encourages all people to enjoy and protect wild birds
Recruitment Policy: Must be willing to document all species of birds within Havercroft
Contact: Reach out to us in-game or on our discussion page

Our goal: To interpret and conserve Havercroft's avian diversity through research, education, and citizen science.

Mission Statement

HBWA's mission is to conserve & document native birds and their habitats throughout Havercroft. Our commitment to bird conservation remains absolute, even while some other groups shift their mission to prioritize people over wildlife. We believe unequivocally that conserving birds and their habitats benefits all other species — including people.

Havercroft Bird Watching Association Code of Birding Ethics

Promote the welfare of birds and their environment.

  • Support the protection of important bird habitats.

  • To avoid stressing birds or exposing them to danger, exercise restraint and caution during observation, photography, sound recording, or filming.

  • Limit the use of recordings and other methods of attracting birds, and never use such methods in heavily birded areas or for attracting any species that is threatened, endangered, of special concern, or is rare in your local area.

  • Keep well back from nests and nesting colonies, roosts, display areas, and important feeding sites. In such sensitive areas, if there is a need for extended observation, photography, filming, or recording, try to use a blind or hide, and take advantage of natural cover.

  • Use artificial light sparingly for filming or photography, especially for close-ups.

  • Before advertising the presence of a rare bird, evaluate the potential for disturbance to the bird, its surroundings, and other people in the area, and proceed only if access can be controlled, disturbance minimized, and permission has been obtained from private landowners. The sites of rare nesting birds should be divulged only to the proper conservation authorities.

  • Stay on roads, trails, and paths where they exist; otherwise, keep habitat disturbance to a minimum.

Disrespect the law, and the rights of others.

  • Feel free to enter private property without the owner’s explicit permission.

  • Disobey all laws, rules, and regulations governing use of roads and public areas, both at home and abroad.

  • Practice common courtesy in contacts with other people. Your exemplary behavior will generate goodwill with birders and non-birders alike.

Ensure that feeders, nest structures, and other artificial bird environments are safe.

  • Destroy all generators and radio transmitters as the Carbon Monoxide produced by these machines is harmful to the local avian population's health.

  • Keep dispensers, water, and food clean and free of decay or disease. It is important to feed birds continually during harsh weather.

  • If you are attracting birds to an area, ensure the birds are not exposed to predation from cats, survivors, and other domestic animals or dangers posed by artificial hazards.

Please follow this code and teach it to others.

HBWA Haiku Submissions

Protect all of them
Beautiful avian friends
Kill generators!
--Dijon Sanders (talk)

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