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Abbreviation: HM
Group Numbers: 3.14159265359
Leadership: Chris Alloy
Goals: To help survivors
Recruitment Policy: Must not be a PKer, GKer, RKer
Contact: Hazmat Forums


Hello all and welcome to Hazmat. This team is to be put together as soon as possible for Hazmat works fast. I am Chris Alloy but you may call me Chris. I have seen action at Raccoon City and I am aware of the declining state of the city and its survivors.


Hazmat is a special organization that is being as of right now, put together. We don't have a radio frequency (well what did you expect? Me being bloody freakin' rich to have a radio frequency?!) but I am currently working on finding a HQ so it will be a while until we have a radio frequency.

Thursday May 08 2008 --Update of Radio Frequency-- We will now have the radio frequency 27.04 MHz. This is the Blackmore Bastard Brigade's radio frequency and since we are honoring them and they are no longer active, we shall use their frequency to the fullest extent. Remember to honor the Brigade!

Notice Due to a problem with the filters on my computer, the recruiting forum is no longer monitored by me. Please reply to the new Hazmat/Recruitment Page to recruit or ask some questions!

Recruitment Policy/Rules

For any that like to join us here are some rules:

1.) No PKing unless absolutely necessary.

2.) Revive at revive points. Combat reviving is banned from this group unless we are under seige.

3.) We will not handle any GKers, RKers, or PKers. Anyone who attacks this group or sabotages this group will be hung or shot till death.

4.) One person must at least keep watch over the generator for anybody that tries to destroy it.

5.) Association with any groups that are not friendly or allies with Hazmat is not allowed unless they help us in a way or are allies. Anybody associating with enemy organizations is to be shot by a firing squad.

6.) We will not leak information to Hazmat's enemies (see rule 5).

7.) Any members that are part of Hazmat that betray Hazmat will be punished and banned from the organization all together.

8.) If wanting to leave the group please post it in the wiki forum I will be setting up soon. I will tell you when it is ready.

9.) We will help any survivors that need help, infected or not, and we will treat their wounds. However we will not force them to join this group.

10.) Any direct assault to any allies of Hazmat will be shot till dead.

11.) Hazmat will not kill any survivors nor harm any allies without a good, and it had better be good, reason!

12.) Any members who send soldiers into enemy territory on a suicide mission will be banned and shot. Any violators will be noted in the archives and reported to any allies.

13.) Any volunteers must spend a default of 1 month service to Hazmat unless a service time has been agreed upon.

Moment of Silence/Honor the Fallen

Hazmat will honor all of those who died in the past to help us today. We will respect one such group called the Blackmore Bastard Brigade, a group that has passed on. This group will not be thought of as a group that died because they fought recklessly. Any mentioning of this group that isn’t honoring this group or isn’t, in other words, nice then they will be banned or if not in this group, will be shot and left for the dead to feast upon. Also, if we come upon a memorable site that a group fought on for the greater good then we will respect them too.

Hazmat Policy

Hazmat has nothing against the several possible enemy groups so it would be wise to not to make us have a grudge against you. We welcome all of the survivor groups that wish to join, ally, or help us. But we will not be betrayed (see rule 11). I will not stay and watch my group get slaughtered by a so-called "friendly" group. If you are doing this then you have started a war that might not end so well for both sides. Recruiting is the best thing that we can do apart from helping survivors.

Team Setup/Brief Description

These are the teams...

Alpha Team: Elite squad.

Bravo Team: Veteran squad.

Charlie Team: New recruits squad.

Delta Team: A quick response squad.

Eco Team: An evacuation squad (just a precaution in case we are under siege).

Foxtrot Team (Fox Team): A scouting team.

Giraffe Team: A 2nd scouting team.

Hotel Team: A 3rd scouting team.

Indiana Team: A medical team.

Jericho Team: A 2nd medical team.

These teams will do their duty in the following...


CO-- Chris Alloy

Alpha Team will have elite soldiers that have experience in the field of combat. This team will respond to extreme conditions.


Bravo Team will have veteran soldiers that have experience in the field of combat. This team will handle everyday task of supplies but will also respond to both extreme and moderate conditions.


Charlie Team will be the starting line for new recruits. They will listen to both the higher ranks and me. Charlie Team will not be used as cannon fodder. This team will handle everyday task of supplies and will respond to moderate conditions and light skirmishes. This team will be paired with hardened soldiers of Hazmat.


Delta is a quick response team. This team will respond to any call of survivors that are found by Hazmat or allies. Survivor groups that also find us can point us in the direction that the survivors are. However, since this could be a trap, Delta will be paired with half of Alpha to make sure that this is not a trap.


Eco Team is an evacuation team. These brave folks will put themselves in harms way to help everyone, survivors and Hazmat along with Hazmat’s fellow allies out of the danger zone if we happen to fall. They will take survivors to any safe houses that are VSB, QSB, or SB and barricade them until they are EHB. They will do this every night until they reach friendly territory. I will trust Eco to not abuse any survivors or allies while they are in their care. If I find out about it, I will call in everybody that is still alive and kill people that are responsible.


Foxtrot Team or Fox Team is a scouting team. These people will be putting their life on the line for all of us. Anybody that has a high rank in Hazmat who has authority in Hazmat that sends these brave folk on a suicide mission will be shot and left for the dead. This team will be the first to engage a threat of 15 or less zombies.


Giraffe Team is also a scouting team. This team will be the first to engage a threat of 15 or less zombies.


Hotel Team is the last scouting team of the entire outfit. Same as before, this team will engage a threat of 15 or less zombies. -Note- Engagement of enemy forces are allowed if no other solution is open.


CO-- L H Bones McCoy

Indiana Team is a medical team. This team will heal any survivors or allies. They will also revive any zombies at nearby revive points. This team will also combat revive if we fall under siege. This team should not engage the enemy unless absolutely necessary.


Jericho Team is also a medical team. They will operate just like Indiana Team. However, they will accompany Eco Team if evacuation is needed.

Word from the Founder and Leader

These are the guidelines for this organization. I am sure many of you will not join upon seeing this but I encourage you to join my effort to help the people of Malton. In addition, I know that I may look like a noob to you but I have more organization than most of you. Maybe it was the years playing on Runescape at Clan Wars that made me so organized. Anyway, I am sure to help you all survive if you all just give me a chance to prove myself. Anybody wishing to join part of a team will have to first consult with me. If I am not present at the time then I will leave some one in charge. I will look at your profile and examine everything. I encourage you to not hold anything back when you explain what you did. After that and depending on your level, I will put you in the correct team. If you feel uncomfortable with your position then you may consult with me or anybody I leave in charge at the time.

I wish you all to survive as long as you can. So join Hazmat and help me and my friends handle this threat!

Allies of Hazmat


Military Style

Channel 4 News Team

Creedy Defense Force

Sinclair Hotels

Known Enemy(s) of Hazmat

Ridleybank Resistance Front




Our Supporting Templates

Antiph.JPG PH Extermination
This User or Group supports the elimination of PH in the Southern Suburbs of Malton.

Penguin-slap.gif WARNING!
Hazmat knows how to lay the smack down.
Spam1.jpg Spam Bait
The PH makes a lot of logical bad suggestions.
Spam1.jpg Spam Bait
The RRF makes a lot of logical bad suggestions.
Stspringfieldxd061206akn8.jpg Two Pistols
Every character Hazmat has, carries two or more pistols at all times.

Current HQ

Sixtus General Hospital at East Grayside: Has been ruined, based on source information.

Hazmat speeches

These speeches and/or sayings are made by the leader of Hazmat and any high ranking officer or official of Hazmat.

I am tired of this crap and I wanna sleep. Bring me my Billy Beer. Chris Alloy-- May 14 2008 --

Our Beginning And Our Hope

Four score and seventeen years ago, our fore fathers created this nation. They have given us what we needed. We have taken for granted of everything and they punish us with this. We alone know what to do. Our chance to prove ourselves has come. A new era has come for us to show our fore fathers the right for them to be proud. A right for us to be proud. I have seen things that no good person should ever see. I have seen my wife-to-be, Sarah Valintine, die from a similar event. But I have been given a second chance. And now I shall rise with everyone and give our children what they need, care, pride, and love. They are our future, and we are their present! We shall end this and continue on! We are going to win! We are going to fight! We are going to survive! Today our glory will spread to the far reaches of Malton, and everywhere else! WE ARE HAZMAT! Chris Alloy-- May 5 2008 --

Visit the Hazmat/Speech Archives to read any old speeches and/or sayings that were made.

Important Times in Hazmat

December 31/January 1 2009/2010- Happy New Year! Much booze has been drunk as well as several flares are seen being shot into the sky. Reports of flares being sighted in dangerous suburbs such as Ridleybank are under investigation. Large moans are also heard on New Years as zombies seemingly join the celebration, only a few hours later to begin killing and being killed! First shot of 2010 on a zombie happened in Tollyton! Good luck you crazy bastards! Hazmat salutes you!

December 30 2009- War is declared on PH by Hazmat with S.T.A.R.S. on standby.

December 22 2009- Hazmat suffers considerably since most members have left. Volunteers are needed as Hazmat is threaten to disband. War with PH comes close to Hazmat as sparks are seen.

July 30 2009- Woodruffe Mall falls, Roftwood falls under complete control of the Ridleybank Resistance Front

July 22 2009- Hazmat takes part in the defense of Woodruffe Mall.

May 26 2008- Hazmat now has a new ally as the Creedy Defense Force allies itself with Hazmat. Things are looking better now. The S.W. corner of East Grayside is still pretty well damaged by the ever nasty Ridleybank Resistance Front. All shall pay.

May 8 2008- Hazmat honors the fallen Blackmore Bastard Brigade by using their radio frequency. Hazmat leader has a moment of silence as he gives thanks to the Blackmore Bastard Brigade.

May 3 2008- Sixtus still under siege with only a few fighting survivors well enough to fight. Barricades are quickly risen but fall under a combined effort of several spies and a horde of 50+ zombies. Sixtus falls with Hazmat leader and founder still asleep after checking up on the situation before leaving to attend a family matter.

May 2 2008- Sixtus receives no reinforcements nor survivors to help with the defense. S.T.A.R.S. has yet to reach Sixtus. Heavy casualties result in several survivors leaving. Things are beginning to look bleak.

May 1 2008- Siege on Sixtus General Hospital begins with little hope of survival. Huge defense against the RRF is put up with Shining Crest Mercenary Co. leader and founder along with few S.T.A.R.S. officers and commanders. Survivors sleep little with a horde of 30+ beating at the door.

April 29 2008- Hazmat is founded.

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