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Hecks Library
No reading, only Scourging.
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Hecks Library

Spracklingbank [83, 32]

Hellings Park wasteland Tambling Library
the Montagu Arms Hecks Library Millett Walk Fire Station
the Banks Arms Rennie Auto Repair Grandfield Alley School

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.

Hecks Library



Hecks Library began its life amidst relative controversy during the turbulent 1950s of Spracklingbank. The area was undergoing a change in character, particularly with the explosion of auto shops and other car-related shiznat - a result of very poor public transport networking in far NE Malton, and a lack of local employment opportunities during this time, which created a high demand for automobile services as a means of getting to and from work in modern Malton. The predominant 65+ age bracket in the suburb felt that too much emphasis on new technology and industry was "depriving the children of a real education", and so petitioned to have a series of libraries built - Hecks, Clements, Henslow, Saltrow, and the never-realised "Parkinsons Library" - to supplement the ageing collection at Tambling Library, whose collection largely pre-dated the industrial revolution.

Unfortunately the younger population of Spracklingbank were against these new projects, and counter-petitioned to have five new drive-in theatres installed at the five proposed sites of the libraries. In the end, the local council was forced to step in and make an executive decision in order to avoid civil upset between the two groups, and so established a compromise: four libraries would be built, one of which would be named by the pro-drive in group, and one drive in would be built at coordinates 87,35, where Parkinsons was originally to be built. After much deliberation "Hell's Library" was decided upon, much to the respective glee and dismay of the younger and older citizens of Spracklingbank, but eventually, in 1995, it was unanimously decided that the name should be toned down to the less offensive "Hecks Library" - a place where people of all ages could enjoy the wonder of the world's literature without eternal damnation.

As a side note, the drive-in theatre which had been established at 87,35 began to show signs of neglect during the early 80s as home entertainment such as VHS began to gain popularity, and so "Mackelwaine's Drive In" fell into disrepair, attracting drug addicts and the homeless, resembling the site as we know it today.

Barricade Policy

Current Status

From November 25 to Dec 1, 2007, the Hecks Library hostrf the Quartly Study Group on Tour.

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