Heckworthy Towers

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Heckworthy Towers
MR2Di4 (talk) 07:46, 21 July 2022 (UTC)
Heckworthy Towers (MPM)

Santlerville [77,25]

the Finch Monument a junkyard Botting Towers
Novell Walk Heckworthy Towers (MPM) Waddon Towers
the Sweatman Motel St. Emelia's Church
a cemetery

Basic Info:

  • Multi-story housing blocks. Windows can be jumped from to turn a character into a zombie.
  • Towers have no internal descriptions. Some towers, like Lerwill Towers in Greentown, have mobile phone masts mounted on them.

Heckworthy Towers Description

Mobile Phone Tower

Heckworthy Towers is a tall, glass and steel office tower that has a distinctive spire with a yellow blinking light at the top. It is the cell phone transmitter building for the suburb of Santlerville.

Note: If power fails in this building, mobile phone communication in Santlerville ceases. Please re-fuel the generator is possible; otherwise, please report this building's status below and update the DangerReport, above.

Heckworthy Towers is an office tower in a group of several towards central-east Santlerville. The tower is also the main operating HQ for the Malton Department of Defense, who maintain an active garrison at the tower. Heckworthy serves as the key broadcast point for Radio MDD: The Heat, which can be heard on 26.32.

Under the MDD Field Communications Directive, Heckworthy Towers is maintained at EHB and supplied with a generator and fuel at all times to ensure that the MalTel network remains online.

Please occasionally update the status of this building on the Mobile Phone Mast page to tell the people of Malton that we like to talk.

Generator.JPG Needs Generator
This building requires a generator for maximum usefulness.
Generator.JPG High Priority
This location has been determined as a high priority for a generator.

AquaWarning.jpg Scout Report

Surrounding area in a 7x7 grid--Dr Mycroft Chris 21:52, 29 March 2008 (UTC)

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AquaBarricade.jpg Barricade Policy

In accordance with the Santlerville Barricade Plan, this site is to be kept at Extremely Heavily Barricaded (EHB+4).

Ubpicon1.gif UBP-Compliant Barricade Plan
This location is designated to be barricaded at EHB(+4) under the Santlerville Barricade Plan.

AquaBulletin.jpg Current Status

  • September 4th 2011 - The Malton Department of Defense has recommenced operations and reclaimed its old HQ. Heckworthy will now be actively protected by MDD personnel. --  TheFireChief  03:42, 4 September 2011 (BST)

AquaMonument.jpg History

News older than one month should be moved here, with newest entry on top.

  • August 10th 2010 - Retaken by Tricell. Currently being barricaded but need support. -- --Rohanzap 17:15, 10 August 2010 (BST)
  • September 6th 2009 - Ruined by the MOB invasion. -- Kittithaj 18:46, 6 September 2009 (BST)
  • June 15th 2009 - Caded to EHB; there is no generator in the building; power is off for the lights, radio and phone mast. --Smooth Pancakes 07:59, 15 June 2009 (BST)
  • June 10th 2009 - Caded to EHB; power is on for the lights, radio and phone mast. No zombies are present on the streets. --Lariat2301 09:27, 10 June 2009 (BST)
  • May 7th 2009 - EHB, safe. Generator working, I have 3 more fuel cans. This place used as radio point for USSR. But few days ago it was ruined and zombie inside. --Freakazoit 21:24, 7 May 2009 (BST)
  • October 24th 2008 - VHB, safe. We need fuel for the Generator though. Does the MDD still operate? Because this building had no Generator when I came across it.Anikal 04:16, 25 October 2008 (BST)

AquaCompass.jpg Sign Post

NT Facility Go West
The Hall Building

Revive Point Go South
St. Emelia's Church

Entry Point Go South
The Anthony Building