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[66,55] – [67,56] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Hildebrand Mall
"Mall is back up with the Malton Rangers in attendance"
Marcel Swann (talk) 12:47, 14 February 2017 (UTC)

Hildebrand Mall

Roftwood [66, 55] – [67, 56]

Eligius General Hospital Turpin Crescent a carpark the Herbert Building
Purchas Alley Hildebrand Mall Hildebrand Mall Gall Lane
Sloper Row Hildebrand Mall Hildebrand Mall Rawlins Row Police Department
Forward Cinema Drewitt Road Chalderwood Road Railway Station a factory

Basic Info:

  • Malls are an excellent place to find a wide range of items; the only major items that cannot be found here are revivification syringes and fuel cans. As such, Malls are frequently used as safehouses and fortresses by survivors. Zombies often check inside (when they can get in), and organized zombie groups sometimes lay siege to them. They are listed as a Tactical Resource Point.
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.63 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Hildebrand Mall

Hildebrand Mall is a four-block shopping mall in the suburb of Roftwood.

External Description: "A four-story metal-and-glass building, its windows missing and broken."

Coordinates: [66, 55], [66, 56], [67, 55], [67, 56]

Tagging the mall earns no XP.

Nearby NecroTech Buildings

Hildebrand Mall is one of the few malls to have a NecroTech Building in an immediately adjacent block. In the event that that building falls to zombies, the use of other nearby NecroTech facilities may become desirable.

The NecroTech Buildings within ten blocks of the mall, listed from nearest to farthest, are:

  1. The Herbert Building in Roftwood (68, 65; distance 1-2 E, 1-2 N)
  2. The Greenhow Building in Roftwood (62, 51; distance 4-5 W, 4-5 N)
  3. The Browne Building in Edgecombe (71, 51; distance 4-5 E, 4-5 N)
  4. The Blocksidge Building in Crowbank (72, 60; distance 5-6 E, 4-5 S)
  5. The Went Building in Stanbury Village (59, 55; distance 7-8 W, 0-1 N)
  6. The Mydleham Building in Crowbank (76, 63; distance 9-10 E, 7-8 S)
  7. The Spragge Building in Crowbank (73, 65; distance 6-7 E, 9-10 S)
  8. The Marks Building in Peppardville (71, 46; distance 4-5 E, 9-10 N)
  9. The Caffin Building in Edgecombe (77, 54; distance 10-11 E, 1-2 N)

Recent News

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May 2015

May 10th

Ruined, zeds in all corners.

December 2014

December 24th

"26.17 MHz: "13 zombies inside hildebrand mall"

December 2012

December 29th

After reawakening many miles from my home, I made my way toward my fortress at Hildebrand Mall. Upon arrival, I found one friend and a few zeds camped in the northwest corner. Disposing the bodies is taking some effort. This area is far from overrun though. We will reinforce our barricades and restart the generators. Finding ammunition is getting tasking; praying my fire axe doesn't splinter out. A biting Winter this has been, perhaps the new year will bring better fortune. --Barik 01:38, 30 December 2012 (UTC)

April 2012

April 10th

The attack is beginning! The south-east corner has been breached. Oh God... I've seen the generator being crushed on itself with such an ease, with no effort at all. The main flow of zombies can get in any time. I've retreated, exhausted, in the Herbert Building. The mall is full of survivor. I hope they will manage to block the flow or escape successfully. I can't do nothing but rest...and watch. User:Eliijahh 23:58, 10 April 2012 (WEST)


Hildebrand Mall has a long and drawn out history since the Outbreak, yet is not as notable as Caiger or others, except to those who have lived and died here (many times). A written history can be found here.

Barricading & Defense

Like all other Malls, all 4 quadrants of Hildebrand are usually barricaded to Extremely Heavily. This is in accordance with the revisions to the Uniform Barricading Policy:

  • After the escalators and corridors had been cleared of debris, many survivors found the Uniform Barricading Policy to be in serious and urgent need of revision regarding malls. One such survivor speaking under the blanket of anonymity was quoted as saying - "Not for Malls, not no more! Clearing out the passages inside those things was the stupidest thing we humans did after the outbreak! Look how they've all been falling like dominos since we did that...".

See the revised policy regarding malls.

For more information about defending malls see the Mall Defence Manifesto.

In case of an emergency all of the defenders of the mall are required to evacuate and fortify themselves inside the Herbert Building. It's much easier to defend a 1-block building then a 4-block mall.

Additional Information

The Hildebrand Mall is a key building in Roftwood not only due to the supplies that can be found in it (like any other mall) but also due to the fact that it is connected to three other key locations in the suburb, these are: Eligius General Hospital, the Herbert Building and Gall Lane.

Eligius General Hospital - Since it is a hospital, other survivors will be able to use the Surgery skill and heal you for an additional 5 hit-points. This can't be done inside the mall.

The Herbert Building - This building is a NecroTech building, the only type of building where DNA Extractors and Revivification Syringes can be found. Having this building adjacent to the mall is comfortable and almost as good as having a "Search NecroTech Lab" option inside the mall.

Gall Lane - This block is NO LONGER an official revive point in Roftwood. The current revive location (for the mall area) is Swansborough Park (68,53).

NOTE 1: In general, you should revive zombies by selecting their profile ID. Profile IDs are posted in the revive tool or on a revive thread in the forums. If you are reviving a member of your own group, you typically already have their profile ID in your contacts list, from your group's membership roster. Add the requester's profile ID to your list of contacts, so that your target will be singled out in the room description and can be revived separately using your syringe pull-down menu.
NOTE 2: In the past, scientists often relied on DNA extraction without a profile ID. DNA scans reveal zombies by name, and identify which zombies have brain rot (and would therefore waste your syringe). Since the top zombie DNA scan does not correspond to the top of the zombie pile, this method is extremely foolish unless you are reviving a lone zombie. The No Random Revive Policy urges scientists not to use syringes on random unknown zombies. There are many deceased humans waiting patiently for your syringe in the revive queues.
NOTE 3: Do not kill zombies who stand at a revive point unless you know they are hostile or that they have Brain Rot. If you knock down a deceased survivor, they cannot be revived until they stand up again, so this often delays their revival by a full day.
NOTE 4: If a zombie talks to you (usually "Mrh?") at a revive point that means he wants you to revive him ("Mrh?" in zombie speech is believed to be the equivalent of "revive?" or "help?" in human speech). A zombie which has spoken, also makes his/her profile available to you giving you information on their skills and group affiliation. This can be helpful for triage purposes.
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