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The Hippocratic Oath Policy was created to serve as a reminder to all the doctors out there that have forgotten about their duty to treat all patients regardless of their personal feelings. It isn't up to the doctor to decide who deserves to be healed and who does not. All life is important, be it the life of a heroic survivor that has fought off the undead to keep us all safe or a sadistic player killer. All are equal in the eyes of the medical community.

The Policy

The components of the Hippocratic Oath Policy are as follows:

1. All characters in need of medical attention must be treated, regardless of their past actions in the city of Malton.
2. All zombies standing within a designated revive point must be revived no matter who they were in life or what they may have done.
3. Never harm another survivor unless it is in self defense.

Does this policy support player killing?

No, player killing is a crime but even though we may not like it, it's not up to us to pass judgment.

How about random revives?

Never random revive! For a character that prefers to play as the walking undead, it is a pain to be brought back to the side of the living. While we're on the subject, it's best to avoid combat reviving for the same reason.


HippocraticOathPolicy.jpg Hippocratic Oath
This user or group supports the Hippocratic Oath Policy & believes that all characters in need of medical attention should be treated, regardless of the injured characters past actions within the city of Malton.

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