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Honestly were actually nice people...well sort of. the motto of the group. See we do pro survivor things to. Without survivorers were out of a job. so we build up cades, and power up buildings. Making life comfortable so people can remember why they hate each other.

I am slips the unundead. It is simple you want someone out, dead you know contact me. Simply put their name, suburb, level, group, and not your name. now its simple i don't need a screen shot because i am not a bounty hunter. i am a sort of pker i guess. Its just that killing zombies is not my thing. It gets boring after awhile so just start listing.

Home suburb: South Blythville it is not required for all hitmen to stay here it is in fact discouraged. until the group grows the rules have confined it to only have one suburb posting. If i ever find the rules that say how big a group must be to have more posts i will inform everyone else and then place it in high populated areas with two or more hit men there to recruit. we can still hit other suburbs. so don't despair.

Buildings: since we are not a large group we currently only have one and will probably only need one. This building is on the border of South Blythville and Greentown. its name? Mear Cinema. Currently is serves as a recritment base and a place to post hits. Word of advice to bounty hunter. Not everyone in there is a hit man, in fact none of them could be.

suburbs: the long arm of hitman can reach all southern suburbs from about Tapton to the border on the east west and south of Malton. and also beyond that but well just go with that small confined area for now. leave about 3 days for a hit to be carried out.


Place your application in the discussion page of this wiki. that is all.


you can only post one person a week
     also if you post more than one person tell me a main target.

i used to do this quietly with e-mail but that got boring so from now on you put it here. also helps to get the name of the group out.

Now projects? well those are different. Below is my current project, naturally i will set the difficulty that is the format you type in for projects. you may only put out a project if I or another hit man affiliated with me has killed 3 marks of yours. Now if i find that if you choose to put a name and it belong to another character. retribution will be swift and no more jobs will be taken from you none! i will contact you through user talk

when a job is done. i will file it away. for your sake do not have your wiki user and urban dead under the same name.

its just dumb. i look forward to being very busy.

limits to hitmen

Really? Yes. There are limits? I said yes... Like level limits? Uhh.... no.... Then what? Wow i was waiting for me to ask the right question. Okay a simple group of rules. 1. Only mention you are a hit man if you are recruiting, or finishing a job. 2. you must have hitman in your group space on your profile. 3. Don't kill fellow hit men. Don't care if its some age old vendetta. If you wish to pursue a pre-membership revenge thing with a fellow hit man, quit. then you may kill him. 4. Don't put hits on a fellow hit man. Or, if you are an outsider don't put hits on one in the group. its just rude. 5. i forgot what 5 was. 6. Remember rule # 5 7. don't give us a bad name...huh?...Just don't compromise the security of buildings. unless a job says so. EX: project destroy barricades of NW corner of marven mall....

that is an extreme example.

Exception? Yes, to rule # 7 there is an exception. a bunch of zeds are out front and you got no civilians inside, only marks. Destroy the cades and let the zeds do all the work. Thats what i would do. Thats what you should do. Zeds can be tools never forget that. A weapon that takes every little ap to use.

thats it for now.

Becoming a hit man

contact me over this wiki state you level and user name next state suburb and area of suburb (north or south) not your building! I and only me slips the unundead will come to you. and say if you are in. if you are you may take jobs off the wiki and i will remove your application for some privacy. you must still however state you users name when accepting a hit. then erase it after the hit is carried out.

If I slips the unundead contact you in game well then. You are a member if you tell me you accept after all.


recently someone raised a point on my talk. I only change the # of hitmen after the hitman has carried out a hit. if you must know as of july 7th there are 6 hit men- a seventh is considering. The way we are positioned we can send 1 hitman to a suburb in less than a day's journey and someone in the middle of the post suburbs could reach the edges withing 50 ap as well. we are mobile and can hit many places. we are not confined to one suburb.

current hit men that have drawn blood: was 7 now well......classified

hostage situation

Shackleville members of Fortress were given an unltinmatum. Leave all the schools in the area and make all hospitals no kill zone like St. Alexander's Hospital in Lockettside. Until the damands are met all survivours sleeping in schools in Shackleville and the surounding suburbs are hostages. We can not force them to stay, but we can kill them if they do. This ultimatum was given to the group Fortress. They must remove their men from all schools in malton, and make all hospitals in their teritory no kill zones. If you have a friend who sleeps in a school, and will not leave; help us to get fortress to obey. Kill them were you see them, and the name of the person you want safe will be put on the list. If you wish to do this go the the hitman discussion and ut a name of a survivor and the names of those frotress members you killed to portect that person. Remeber everyone in malton is a pker or was at one point, you were either cold blooded or you did it to survive, will you kill one to save others....no this is not a Jigsaw want to be. and this was started by the 2nd in command no me. I simply aprove.


Team Zombie hardcore project complete

  1. of member's killed: 30
  2. of hitmen killed: 2

Imperium project complete

  1. of member's killed: 13
  2. of hitman killed: 1

just look out for these guys will ya?

Brother Elestor, Dr. Rockso, Zaneus, Chris field

add requested hits here











black list

this part of the page can only be edited by taco man this is were the names of those poor souls that become our bitter enemies will be. Hopefully we won't get any though ;)

black out list

this list can only be edited by taco man or those accepting the black out offer.


November 2009. Sorry, leader was well...some stuff came up. Anything for this month I am going to be doing tings to get this place moving again, guess what group no longer inactive.

October 25, 2008 The zeds seem to be taking away our employment zone. With so many players dead we cannot kill them and still be pkers. I am heading home to South Blythville all hitmen unless told otherwise should head to places of high surviour populace. There you must help out however you can. Creedy has fallen to the zeds, many malls aswell. This is not an order, only my opinion. After this boils over I will return to killing players, yet my ambition is on the line if I stay were i am, these zeds have given me major setbacks. This is my ampition, that is why this is not an order.

august 11, 2008 Yay my birthday, All hitmen should look out for mercenaries. Seriously, they may be less pathetic than team zombie hardcore was. So gasp 3 of us could die OMFG.-sarcasm

July 7th: TO the members of the stars organization I slips the unundead. Have made a grievous mistake. You see the player known as technical foul. hired me via e-mail natezg18@yahoo.com. It has recently come to my attention that his e-mail is natezg18@hotmail.com. It is my belief that he was set up. my sincerest apologies. my offers to the stars organization however still stand, as outlined on your discussion page. I will look into the matter of who posted it, and in accordance with group law he/she will not have anything accepted. This was most likely the attempt of a stars enemy trying to create a civil war and cause general mayhem.--Taco man 23:39, 7 July 2008 (BST)

Pics or it didn't happen. So provide a screenshot of the email message, clearly showing the senders address if you want that claim to be taken seriously. Kewabara1 01:26, 8 July 2008 (BST)

July 7th: stars was put on blackout and were extended other offers. Advice to new hitmen. don't go to East Grayside

july 4th: I was taken out by one of my employers. This is sad because now i will not take another job from him. He is technical foul a stars member. He hired me on the 1st job listed. Kill the cop and kewabara. Now? well im going to tell his group that he hired me. Good luck stars member. His reason for hiring me was because kewabara threated to kill him if he ran. well kewabara? would you kill him if he put a hit out on you?

Kill him? But I can do so much more than that! So much more!-Kewabara1 21:51, 5 July 2008 (BST)