Hollow Point Gangstas

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Abbreviation: HPG
Group Numbers: 1, OG, u know?
Leadership: Camo Bathrobe, ya heard?
Goals: To stylistically represent the hardest-thuggin crew in Malton whilst breakin off Zack so proper like, know what I'm sayin?
Recruitment Policy: Are u a G? Then u may roll with HPG, word?
Contact: Camo Bathrobe

Tha Hollow Point Gangstas

These hard-thuggin' G's can't help pimpin like crazy all over Tha Hills, Crowbank and the whole South-East side.

If you ain't Zack, a PKer, GKer, Trenchie or otherwise a sucka, then Tha Hollow Point Gangstas are your friends.

Tha History

Originally formed due to an acute dearth of Digital Urban Camo being worn in Crowbank, Tha Hollow Point Gangsta Crew set out under the leadership and tutelage of The Grand Generalissimo and Most Eminent Scratch Mini-Golfer slash Pimp of tha Leap Year Camo Bathrobe to rid the suburb of its Digital Urban Camo shortage. After kickin it live up in the streets, hotels, PDs and other cuts for a while, the HPG struck out into other suburbs, mostly looking for spray cans and newspapers to bide the time between poppin' Zack and any PKer fool enough to cross this dangerous, Procrustean crew. Refilling generators, reviving dead suckas layin up in the cemeteries, and other socially conscious behavior is what this Gang prides itself on. That, and the badass Digital Urban Camo worn at all times, straight?

Hella Revives

These ballers be revivin & pimpin so hard, it looks like Halloween up in this mutha.

Revives so far: 60 as of December 2010

Tha Future

This crew is resolved to instill in Malton an appreciation of all things Gangsta as long as those things are also covered in some sort of Digital Urban Camo. Furthermore, these hard-thuggin piumps will stop at nothing to make sure every generator they come across is refueled post-haste, ya heard?