Horner Avenue School

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Horner Avenue School
VSB, unlit
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Horner Avenue School

North Blythville [20, 66]

the Perratt Building
Neot General Hospital the Saul Arms
Tanner Crescent
Horner Avenue School a carpark
the Shepard Hotel
Chubb Auto Repair Hayce Auto Repair

Basic Info:

  • Among the internal descriptions found in Schools:
    • "Half-finished work is scattered across the floor."
  • This building can be barricaded normally
Stret3.JPG Amusing Location
This location is on the list of Amusing Locations in Malton

Horner Avenue School


A 30-foot statue of the school's namesake, famed bahavioral psychologist Dr. C. Horner, stands outside the front doors of the school. The statue depicts Dr. Horner smiling at and patting the head of her dog Noah as he sits at attention. This scene is an homage to Dr. Horner's advances in behavior modifcation, the epiphany for which came as she trained her faithful golden labrador/beagle mix companion.


The school opened its doors in 1971. It is rumored that in the early 1980's, the Briard Psychology Center at Horner Avenue School was attended by several future top ranking NecroTech scientists. It's also rumored that these future NecroTech employees ran rudimentary experiments involving behavior modifcation and experimental drugs. As all school records have been destroyed during the quarantine, this cannot be confirmed within the city of Malton. It is likely that more information about these individuals and the program is available outside of Malton's borders, if there is, in fact, any truth to the rumors.

Barricade Policy

Keep at EHB.

Current Status

-safe Jonny Rockett 17:22, 14 February 2011 (UTC)

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