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Abbreviation: ND
Group Numbers: 7.5
Leadership: Anita Gunn
Goals: Render all forms of aid to pro-survivor characters and groups.
Recruitment Policy: We wouldn't join any organization that would have us as members.

Recent News

September 2010

I.N.D.Y. returns to Malton in (almost) full force! While digging an underground tunnel from Tikhon General Hospital to Tompson Mall, they accidentally opened a portal into another dimension. Trapped in a strange alternate universe, an evil wizard named "Sysadmin" blocked their access to our world. Fortunately for all, the evil Sysadmin was defeated and I.N.D.Y. escaped (if you can call it that) back to Malton.

August 2008

I.N.D.Y. has moved into Ruddlebank to help fill the vacuum left behind the recent zombie activity and The Great Suburb Group Massacre. Some of the better-looking members are making diplomatic overtures to the established survivor groups in the neighborhood. The others are working to secure an area of operations. If you run into an I.N.D.Y. please take a moment to introduce yourself! --SeHablaL33t 04:14, 22 August 2008 (BST)

What does I.N.D.Y. stand for?

Let's face it: waiting around in revive point queues can be boring. Casual conversations start up, the occasional game of charades is played, one thing leads to another and suddenly...the guy in front of you gets revived.

And then he comes back and revives you.

A few days later you're strolling by an RP and return the favor. Soon you start recognizing people from both ends of the needle. Before you know it, several of you are coordinating your efforts and watching each others' backs.

You want to live, so you fight the zeds. Those PKs that put you in the RP queue? You fight them too. Ruined buildings offer no shelter to noobs, so repair it and barricade to VSB++. No generator in a resource building? Put one in. It's hard to find things in the dark, so gas up that gennie. Frag the GK that wrecks it. Is that a FAK in your pocket? Then give a FAK.

That's what I.N.D.Y. stands for.

No, I mean the letters "I.N.D.Y.".

Oh, sorry. The true meaning of the letters is a secret known only by I.N.D.Y. members. Which means that you can probably bribe one of them into telling you.


The I.N.D.Y. unit operates as a self-sufficient team of specialists. The Heavy, the Medic, the Engineer. Each member has a task-specific loadout, but also carries a standard kit and is required to cross-train in each other's specialties as early as possible.

I.N.D.Y.s agree that Zombie skills don't necessarily make you a bad person (except for Brain Rot, which makes you a bad person). Some members have chosen to explore the path of the undead, and decided that they prefer the path of the living. Others eschew the chewing of flesh altogether. Since the foundation of I.N.D.Y., all members agree that the future path will be to acquire only Lurching Gait and Ankle Grab, in order to expedite revivification.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
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