The Independent Union of Sovereign Socialists

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The Independent Union of Sovereign Socialists
IUSS Flag Small.JPG
Abbreviation: I.U.S.S
Group Numbers: 18
Leadership: Everyone and No one
Goals: See Immediate Goals and Aims
Recruitment Policy: See Recruitment policy
Contact: Send an Email to

The Independent Union of Sovereign Socialists are a group of like minded individuals who believe that the zombie plague is both the herald for the fall capitalism and a baptism of fire for the rise of Socialism.


The time is right for revolution. Capitalism is an archaic dinosaur and is directly responsible for the plague which now besets us. Through the Necro Tech Corporation it has brought a pestilence of unimaginable destruction to the world and only through Socialism may we hope to gain salvation. Having developed our own antidote from the remnants of destroyed Necro Tech buildings we will use their own equipment against them in the fight for freedom. Only we have the resolve to do what it takes, no matter the cost, to free the world of capitalism and its bosom child Necro Tech.

Recruitment Policy

The I.U.S.S is actively recruiting Socialists to join the revolutionary cause. If you are prepared to fight for the dual causes of equality and freedom then sign up today. All members must be prepared to join our forum, through which all intra-group communication runs. Our forum can be found at:

Please introduce yourself at The Lounge on our forum.

Immediate Goals and Aims

  • To increase the number of Revolutionaries to 25.
  • To ensure West Boundwood is a safe haven for those true to Socialist and indeed the human (for those two terms are synonymous) cause, by barricading the buildings according to our barricade plan, maintained on the West Boundwood page, and setting up generators in key buildings. Key buildings in order with the recent update include hospitals, Police stations, schools, factories and former Necro Tech buildings (of which there are technically none in West Boundwood, but two near the north-western corner of the suburb; check the map for details).

More will follow as West Boundwood is secured.

General Policy

We are currently operating in West Boundwood,

  • All members should put "I.U.S.S." under group in their profile.
  • The I.U.S.S supports the Sacred Ground Policy, all members must refrain from killing zombies in graveyards and revive points.
  • All members should endeavor to remove any corporate propaganda they encounter in West Boundwood.
  • In the event of pking please take a screenshot and alert the general population of the I.U.S.S via forum or email, and make your way to a revive point.
  • In the event of a fellow revolutionary being murdered, please endeavor to extract the price in blood from the guilty party and any associates.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Lukinswood Soviet

The I.U.S.S. have recently set up a Lukinswood branch. More information will follow.

As of June 13th the Lukinswood Soviet has been temporary shutdown due to lack of IUSS personel.


The I.U.S.S maintains a broadcasting frequency at Radio Revolution.


Members can earn a variety of decorations for furthering the revolutionary cause.

Order of the Red Banner.png Order of the Red Banner - This order is given for acts of extreme bravery or valor and for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Hero of Soviet Expansion.png Hero of Socialist Expansion - This order is given to members who bring unenlightened capitalists into the Socialist fold.

Order of victory.png Order of Victory - This order is given to the leaders of successful operations of exceptional difficulty.

Order of Public Administration.png Order of Public Administration - This order is given to those who display exceptional rationality and intuitive thought in relation to Death Cultists and Zombie Sympathizers.

Badge of Social Revolution.PNG Badge of Social Revolution - This badge is given to all members who have proven themselves to be dedicated to the revolutionary cause. All members will receive this after a period of two week with the I.U.S.S.

I.U.S.S Law

Socialist Truths

1. Freedom is equality.

2. Slavery is fiscal.

3. The State's power is in its people.

4. The State's worth is measured by how it serves the population that constitutes it.

5. The People and the Army are One.

The following concerns the territory over which the I.U.S.S claims sovereignty, namely the territories of West Boundwood. More will follow as the situation dictates.

1. Private ownership of land is hereby abolished. All land together with all buildings, is proclaimed the property of the entire working people and thus of the State.

2. All factories, former Necro Tech buildings, railway stations, and other means of production and transport are proclaimed the property of the entire working people and thus of the State.

3. All banks are herby conferred into the property of the entire working people and thus of the State.

4. Players who commit murder (Pking without justification) are first given a single warning and are permanently placed on our suspect list. Those who murder a second time shall be executed by the state for each murder committed and once more for each henceforth. In each case evidence must be provided in the form of a screenshot.

5. Those who destroy generators without just cause shall be punished with a 25 HP hit. If this would result in execution then the criminal is spared with as little HP as possible. Furthermore those individuals who are punished are permanently placed on our suspect list.

6. Each individual has the right to freedom of movement and residence within and outside West Boundwood.

7. Each individual has the right to freedom of speech, expression and to peaceably assemble with other individuals.

8. Each individual has the right to shelter in accordance with the West Boundwood barricade plan.

No person shall be denied life, written liberties, or pursuit of happiness, unless it conflicts with these laws.



Throughout Malton you may encounter Graffiti advertising, advocating or promoting Socialism or the I.U.S.S and you may be concerned or confused about which is the true voice of the I.U.S.S. Well rest assured if you see any graffiti that does not appear on the following list then it is not sanctioned by the leadership of the I.U.S.S.

"Fight for the Proletariat, join the I.U.S.S."

"Power to the Proletariat - I.U.S.S."

"Long live the revolution – I.U.S.S."

"Join the masses, join the I.U.S.S."

"Religion is the opiate of the masses - I.U.S.S." (To be spraypainted in churches)

"Socialism, a better way – I.U.S.S."

"The end of capitalism is nigh - I.U.S.S."

"Peace, Bread and Land - I.U.S.S."

"Factory Workers Unite! Join the I.U.S.S." (To be spraypainted in Factories and Warehouses)

"Rise up against bourgeoisie oppression - I.U.S.S."

"World Revolution starts here! Join the I.U.S.S."

"Fiscal Freedom is Social Slavery! - I.U.S.S."

"Education is freedom! Join the I.U.S.S." (To be spraypainted in Schools)

"Truth. Justice. Freedom. Join the I.U.S.S."


The following people are official members of the I.U.S.S, the actions of any one else claiming to be a member can not be attributed to the I.U.S.S.

  • Kripcat
  • Justas
  • anubis9
  • Thomas O'Shea
  • Elias Whitmore
  • Tylamon
  • Adan Santino
  • epifreak
  • Kommari
  • Political Science
  • Captain Pasty
  • Fireplay259
  • Captain ADD
  • Bob Avakian
  • weetwood
  • Sergei Vodic
  • Frederick Engels

Enemies of the State

  • Hooha (Impersonating I.U.S.S revolutionaries)
  • MR2Di4 (Impersonating I.U.S.S revolutionaries)
  • Mike Garfield (Impersonating I.U.S.S. revolutionaries)
  • Various members of the Crabapple Clan. (Various Reasons)
  • Special Agent Mulder (I.U.S.S Impersonator and Pker screenshot aviable:[1])
  • c138 (Murder of an IUSS member)
  • [Babbette Bade] Pker of an IUSS member[2]
  • Born Evil Pker of an IUSS member (screenshot avalible, however problems uploading it on wiki)

  • Former enemies:
  • Awesmonius (Various counter-revolutionary actions including murder and zerging; has allegedly quit Urban Dead)
  • Innervision (Impersonating I.U.S.S revolutionaries; has by now changed group name in profile)
  • Norflung Jaw (Impersonating I.U.S.S revolutionaries; has by now changed group name in profile)

Note: Using Radio Revolution inappropriately can warrent punishment if offense is repeated.

Socialist Template.png Socialism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Socialism, and their induction into Malton society, through the maelstrom of the Zombie epidemic.
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