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Bigger is Better

As a revive tech, its MUCH easier (and more fun) for me to work a revive point that has 20+ people waiting, rather than one with only a couple "clients" and also a couple unfriendly zombies. Most people consider these large revive points a sign of failure, an indication that many people died, but there is a strong argument to be made that the more people there are waiting for revives, the faster and more efficient the service will be. Most revive points are not like that, but the problem isn't that too few people are getting killed. Rather, I think that there are too many revive points in the city of Malton.

Scattered Like Staw

The List of Revivification Points currently lists 95 revive points. That's a good bit low; if you look at the various suburb pages, each suburb has 2-3 revive points, though chances are some are inactive. We'll call it 200 active revive points. Most revive points (again from DEM records) have 3 or fewer revive requests listed, and many are empty or have no revive requests and rather few "clients".

Consider this: there is only about 2600 reviving bodies at any given time. That's an average of 13 per revive point. That may seem a lot, but its about 0.5 revives per hour. Which means one revive tech can service 6-8 hours worth of customers at a single go. If more than 3 revive techs show up to work at the same revive point, some of them will have nothing to do.

United and Strong

The solution would seem to be to reduce the number of revive points in the city. I think it should be cut by at least a factor of 4. 25 revive points (one for every 4 suburbs, located at the interection of those 4 suburbs) in the city is MORE than enough- no location in the city would be more than 10 blocks from a revive point. It also has the handy feature that the locations are very easy to remember; the resulting co-ordinates numbers are all odd multiples of 10. Being on the border of 4 suburbs also makes these points easy to find, even without a map or GPS.

This does go against normal planning of revive points, which assumes that revive points should be placed near an NT building. I disagree; needles are very easy to carry lots of, so there is no reason for a revive tech not to stock up with 16 or so of them (enough for 4+ days work, and about 2 days searching in a powered NT) and then travel to the revive point locale. When revive techs needed to cycle through their jobs faster (searching and reviving in the same day) other revive points could be set up on a very temporary basis (say in response to a mall siege) as demanded by local tactics. However, the 25 mentioned here would be the "strategic revive points" that people would normally be directed to, especially for planned / requested revives.

The resulting plan would give something like this:

Table of proposed Mass Revive locations

Co-ordinates given are intended to be approximate to within 1 block. If the given location is a church or empty block, that should be the revive point. Otherwise, starting to the NE of the 9 block, pick the first church or empty block, working clockwise around the given location.

(10,10) (30,10) (50,10) (70,10) (90,10)
(10,30) (30,30) (50,30) (70,30) (90,30)
(10,50) (30,50) (50,50) (70,50) (90,50)
(10,70) (30,70) (50,70) (70,70) (90,70)
(10,90) (30,90) (50,90) (70,90) (90,90)
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