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Abbreviation: =]I[=
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: None at this time
Goals: To serve the Imperium and purge Malton of the forces of Chaos and Heresy.
Recruitment Policy: Recruited internally from established, proven members of the Imperium
Contact: Imperium RP Forum
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It is better to die in vain than to live in abomination.

First Book of Indoctrinations


The Inquisition, having fulfilled a mission charged to them by the Ordo Malleus, has been withdrawn from Hive Malton. All law enforcement duties have been taken up by the Imperial Commissariat.

The Inquisition

The organisation often described as the left hand of the Emperor (the right hand, of course, being the Ecclesiarchy, described in another chapter). One of the most widely known organisations of the Imperium, the mandate of the Inquisition is to investigate and stop any threat to the Imperium, and it is willing to use whatever means it must to achieve this end. There are no bounds to the Inquisitions field of operation: plots,administrative inefficiency, corruption, mutants, crime, secret cults and heresy all come under its jurisdiction.

No organisation or no individual is immune to the Inquisitions gaze: governors, even command themselves, are subject to investigation and no treachery or betrayal of the Emperor is too petty to be left unpunished.

Inquisitorial Power

The Inquisition, and its members, are above the law. This means that Inquisitors answer to noone but their elders in the Inquisition, not even command. Equally, every Inquisitor has full right to call on any forces or resources he wants, demanding full cooperation fromsuch figures and organisations as the Imperial Guard, Space Marines and Adeptus Arbites. This means that not only is each Inquisitor a powerful figure in personal prowess, a skilled communicator, commander and power player, but also highly powerful in who or what he commands: everyone.

Organisation of the Inquisition in Malton

Lady/Lord Inquisitor

The Inquisition in Malton is headed by the Lord Inquisitor. This individual has the power to levy investigations against possible spies and traitors, order the elimination of a criminal, judge all civil crimes in the Imperium, and dispatch Inquisitorial assets on special operations.

Senior Inquisitor

Where the Lord Inquisitor commands the Senior Inquisitor makes things happen. These individuals take charge of those beneath on special operations and enforcement of the laws of the Imperium, often coordinating multiple units of lesser members of the Inquisition.


The lowest rank capable of conducting investigations, an Inquisitor like a Senior Inquisitor will conduct prosecutions in court as well as take to the field directly to handle criminal activity and lead special operations. Each Inquisitor has tasked to them a squad of Adeptus Arbites to assist in carrying out these duties.

Adeptus Arbites

The lowest active rank in the Inquisition, the Adeptus Arbites are the rank and file of the Inquisition. Each one is a highly trained operative and they are assigned for duties ranging from tracking down criminals to conducting operations of vital importance to the Imperium.


A new inductee into the Inquisition, Acolytes are recruited from within the Imperium and remain as such until deemed fit for duty by the Inquisition.

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