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While others fight the bodily foes of the Imperium, the Inquisition fights the rot and corruption that tears at the spirit. Secretive and elusive, they take the fight to the enemies of the Imperium from within. Rightly feared for their relentlessness, the Inquisition does not rest and shows no mercy to the enemies of the Immortal Emperor. Traitors and Heretics, what others call PKers and Zombie Spies, fear the gaze of the Inquisitor, for they know their end is at hand once they have raised its ire. Like all other groups in the Imperium, this is a 40k-centered role-playing group.

Recruitment Video

Under the stern guidance of Lord Inquisitor Max890, the Inquisition is gathering all those to their banner who would seek to restore order to Malton and bring the Traitor threat to heel as well as expunge the growing taint of Heresy. The Inquisition accepts only those they choose, and their criteria is one that only the Lord Inquisitor himself knows, only that those be pure of heart and unwavering in their loyalty as well as relentless on the hunt will be considered for admittance.

In the Name of the Emperor!

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