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This page has been recreated for posterity to show the Imperium as it was before the Great Reform. Any interested in joining the Imperium of Man in its current form click here

The Imperium
Imperial eagle.jpg
Abbreviation: >I<
Group Numbers: 35+
Leadership: The Imperial Council.
Goals: To unite all Imperial forces within Malton in The Emperor's holy name.
Recruitment Policy: By sub organisation
Contact: Imperium Group/RP Forums

The Imperium is not a normal Group. It serves only as an organizing area for various organizations which are its members. Despite this, there are actual players who are only part of the Imperium, not any other sub-group. These 'Imperial Citizens' will often later choose to join some other Group within The Imperium.

Member Groups

The Imperium is the cumulative sum of all groups that are part of it, including:


The Ecclesiarchy Militant

The Adeptus Mechanicus

The Redeemed

The Cadian 8th


1st and only

Imperial Fists

Slaughter Lords

The View From Without

The Imperium is an Organization of affiliated RP (roleplaying) groups based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe. We fully understand that Kevan's Urban Dead is not actually set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, but we do, however, choose to roleplay as much. Other people, roleplayers or otherwise, are more than welcome to play with us however they deem fit. Decry us as 'beardos,' consider us lunatics, or join us in our roleplay, the decision is really up to you. By roleplaying characters from the 40k universe, we are in no way attempting to insinuate that Kevan is infringing any copyrights, or that his game has any official links to the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

That said, The Imperium is the governing body of humanity in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and numerous Imperial citizens of different backgrounds have come to (or were already in) Malton in response to the zombie situation. Zombies are considered mutants, creatures tainted by the malevolent Chaos Gods of the Warp, and the agents of the Imperium desire to cleanse Malton, which they refer to as Malton Hive, Hive Malton, or Hive Maltonius, of the Chaotic taint.


To communicate, The Imperium uses the radio frequency 26.24MHz.

Relations with other groups

The Imperium has formally declared The Empire of Man to be Apostate and Hereticus Diabolus. We are NOT affiliated with them.

The Imperium also declares itself to be in direct opposition to attempts to organize zombies. Here is a short list of those who will not be tolerated. (Exception: The Redeemed)

The Imperium also declares it supports the Council of Leaders (original) against the Council of Leaders (new).

The Imperium has aligned itself with the survivor group known as The Seraphim Zombie Resistance Squad (SZRS) and The Malton Inquisition.

The Imperium has entered negotiations with The Legion of neighbouring suburb Santlerville.

On the stats page we are listed as Imperium.

Traitors and Heretics

The Imperium keeps its own lists of PKs, and Traitors & Heretics marked by the Imperium can expect themselves to be hunted the rest of their time in Malton.

Barricading Policy

The Imperium follows a variation of the Universal Barricading Policy specific to the suburb of Gibsonton. See the Gibsonton Defense Diagram. Any and all Imperium-controlled areas outside of Gibsonton are subject to the UBP.

Inter-group War

All parts of the Imperium are currently in conflict with the survivor group 15th Black Crusade. We do not consider it PKing if one of our, or their, members are killed by members of the 15th Black Crusade.

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