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Gift Shop
Hallway Museum Grounds Events Room
Main Hall Gift Shop Museum Grounds
Entrance Museum Grounds Museum Grounds

The door to the shop has a sign that reads "Shoplifters will be tortured and murdered. Painfully." As you step inside you notice there is no cashier station, but a smiling well dressed man standing in the middle of the room. His eyes seem to be watching everything. The walls are lined with shelves of tourist trinkets with a murderous twist. Instead of rubber band guns there are real ones. Shot glasses are made out of small bones. Key chains have mini hatchets, shruken heads, and bullets attached to them. There is also a rack of t-shirts with "I wasn't murdered at Musée de Meurtre" written on them. In between the shelves are posters and paintings that are for sale that depict famous PKer propaganda and events.

Pick up a shirt?

You have 60 Hit Points and 0 Experience Points. You have 50 Action Points remaining.

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