Independent Malton Militia/Revive Requests

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Revive Request Rules

Please post here if you wish to be revived at Stagg Cresent [60,92]

This is a private revive point, so unless you have posted here, or are recognized as a member of the IMM or one of our allies, you will not be revived. If you are still there after 3 days, and have not posted here, you will be killed on sight. Also, when posting, provide a link to your UD profile.

Please follow these simple rules and you will be revived within 2-3 days.

Revive Requests

2/28/07, Harlen Quinn, I would like to humbly request a revive. Thanks. Harlen Quinn, Head Hunters

3/1/07, HypNoSiS, I would greatly appreciate a revive. Thank you for you time and concern. HypNoSiS

3/1/07, Trixie Baby, If you would be so kind as to revive me, I would give you much praise and thanks. Trixie Baby

3/5/07, Trixie Baby, I would like to request another revive. Your work for the survivors of Malton is much appreciated. Trixie Baby