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Hive - Archives - Infected & Allies - Swarm Recruitment - Manifest Murder
"Do not stand in a place of danger trusting in miracles."

The Hunted Group Affiliation Reason Last Known Location
Ahumado ELT general nuisance in hiding
Arrowsmith D.I.T.P.S. general nuisance in hiding
Balcony Jedi The Electric Light Torchestra Leader of group factory SW of Whitlock- DEAD!
Caleb Usher Necrotech Noted Coward Hasn't logged in
Dante Noctis Clan Lasombra For being a crybaby Whitlock Building
Deathwire D.I.T.P.S. Leader of group Anne General Hospital
Flyte D.I.T.P.S. Leader of Group "on tour"
gaybait Queens of Battle Special request Whitlock Building
Jay Depps Metal Fox Leader of group in hiding
Kikashie ELT ELT member in hiding
Lemonhead7t7 PDA Leader of group lying dead in the street
NOObert ELT general nuisance in hiding
Officer Murphy Dead vs Blue Leader of group in hiding
Orophin Minyatur D.I.T.P.S. ZKing nuisance Beale Building
RigZero FOXHOUND general nuisance in hiding
Ryan Marsh D.I.T.P.S. To piss off the Q.T.I.P.S killed at the Trood Building
Subject Zero Necrotech Whitlock nuisance Whitlock Building
Tfox none For NOT all St. Barbara's Church
ucantseeme NA More bark than bite killed at the Trood Building
x1ViRuS1x FOXHOUND Leader of group in hiding
yonnua koponen W.I.Z.A.R.D. Tried to turn us to the good side. Whitlock Building

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