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Whenever a zombie with the skill Infectious Bite lands a successful bite attack, the target of the attack becomes infected. This is automatic and cannot be prevented. Both survivors and zombies can be infected.

Whilst a survivor is infected, they lose 1 Hit Points (HP) for every action taken, except for speaking.

It is possible for zombies to be infected, but they take no damage from the infection until they are revived, at which time they begin to take damage as normal.

An infection will "carry over" after death or revivification until cured. This means that a revived zombie will still be infected upon returning to life, and a survivor who was infected while alive will still carry the infection after rising as zombie. To make it clear, infectious bites can only be cured by being healed by a First Aid Kit (FAK).

Anyone can cure an infection by using a First Aid Kit. One application will cure the infection and all its effects -- this works on both survivors and zombies.

If a survivor is infected with 1 HP when they use a FAK, by their next turn they'll have 1 HP plus however much a FAK normally heals given their skill set and location.

Also note that if you are infected on your way to your safehouse (the one that You spend some time clearing sight lines, and surveying and memorising the layout of the building with the Scout Safehouse skill, you will not lose 1 Hit Points (HP) when You move quickly through your safehouse.

In-game messages

Giving an infection

You bite A survivor for 4 damage. They drop to 56 HP. They become infected.

Receiving an infection

A zombie bit into you for 4 damage. (2 hours and 20 minutes ago)
The zombie's bite was infected! (You'll now take 1HP damage for every action you take, except speaking. Infection can be cured with a first aid kit.) (2 hours and 20 minutes ago)

Curing an infection

You restore 5 hit points to A survivor, bringing them to 50. You cure their infection.

Etiology and Symptomology of Infection

  • Mode of Transmission
    • Successful Bite - Any successful bite attack by a zombie against a survivor initiates the infection.
  • Symptoms
    • Incremental Damage - Player suffers 1 HP loss for every action, except speaking, which does not cause damage.
  • Detection
    • by Self: Obvious and Immediate - Player realizes immediately that they have an infection.
    • by Others: Difficult - Zombies can tell that a human is infected with the Scent Blood skill. Survivors require this skill to tell if a survivor is infected. Survivors should announce that they are infected in a group.
  • Incubation Time
    • None - Incremental damage begins immediately.
  • Intervention
    • Prevention - Inoculation is not possible.
    • Cure - Use of an FAK on victim cures the infection.
  • Note: Infection seems to have the characteristics of a gangrene-infected bite. These occur naturally, and if bitten by an animal, you may receive an infection similar to this one. So, infected bites really exist.

Implementation History

The very day after the Infection Suggestions page first appeared, the following item appeared in the Urban Dead Game News:

24th September 2005

Something pestilential is spreading and mutating in the blood and guts of the undead - NecroTech DNA scans are beginning to pick up a number of specimens who are host to an unknown pathogen. Any survivors who suffer an Infectious Bite should seek immediate medical attention.

This was the announcement of Infectious Bite as a new zombie skill. To be clear, the Infectious Bite skill is the only form of infection in the game.

Infection Suggestions

Please see Infection Suggestions for ideas about how infection might work differently in Urban Dead.