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Infinite-Use Items

This page is a list of all items that once found in a search can be used an unlimited number of times until the player decides to drop the item.

Melee Weapons

Almost all melee weapons have an unlimited number of uses, with a few exceptions.


Crowbars are an infinite-use item made primarily for barricade destruction, they have a special ability to not have accuracy halved on barricades.

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Baseball Bat

Baseball Bats are a weak melee weapon with little draw beyond their extremely high mall find rate, one of the highest find rates in the game for any item.

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The Knife is one of the strongest melee weapons in the game, it has characteristically low damage but an maximum possible accuracy of 50%. The knife can not be used against barricades but, can be found in almost any type of building.

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Fire Axe

The Fire Axe is arguably the strongest melee combat attack in the game, it is currently the strongest for survivors. The Fire Axe has a high maximum hit percent for a melee weapon, 40%, can deal 3 damage, and, while it doesn't have a high find rate, is found in many various places, like the Knife.

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Cricket Bat

The Cricket Bat is a singularly uninteresting melee weapon. While it is one of the few that does 3 damage, its low accuracy and the fact that it's almost assuredly found only in Mall Sports Stores limit how often it is used.

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Fencing Foil

Fencing Foils have a low damage, 2, and can only be found in Mall Sports Stores.

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Golf Club

Golf Clubs have a low damage, 2, and can only be found in Mall Sports Stores.

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Ski Pole

Ski poles have a low damage, 2, and can be found in Mall Sports Stores and Junkyards.

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Tennis Racket

Tennis Rackets have a low damage, 2, and can be found in Mall Sports Stores and Junkyards.

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Length of Pipe

Length of Pipe is a singularly unique item in the game, specifically it is an infinite use item that can be used up. When used as a melee weapon the Length of Pipe never runs out of uses, however when used to duplicate the construction skill it can only be used once and is removed from the player's inventory. It is one of the only two items in the game with such a dual use, the other is the Flare Gun.

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Guns are strange when it comes to the territory of infinite use items, while they can make use of other items, and it is required for them to be used as intended the guns themselves are not limited in number of times used. There is one exception to this, the Flare Gun which disappears from your inventory after a single use.


The Pistol is one of three firearms in the game, once found it has infinite uses but is only really useful when ammo is provided for it.

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The Shotgun, like the pistol, is one of three firearms in the game, once found it has infinite uses but is only really useful when ammo is provided for it.

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Non-Combat Items

Items that aren't used in combat but have infinite uses, each item in this section has it's own unique intricacies.


The Crucifix is quite possibly the only item in all of Urban Dead without a use or ability.

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Wire Cutters

Wire Cutters were once an item in the game that existed for the purpose of cutting padlocks and chains on some buildings, after some time in 2005, the first year of the game's existence, wire cutters have been completely useless due to all such padlocks and chains having been cut. Since mid September 2007 there have been no reported cases of Wire Cutters found and it may be possible that they have been removed from the game. If this is true they may be the first, and currently only, item to ever be removed.

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Binoculars are, as of current, the only item that lets you look outside of the block you are standing in allowing a user to see, from a tall building, a 3x3 section of the map in any direction.

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DNA Extractor

The DNA Extractor is one of the most modified items in the game having been subject to at least 3 upgrades since it's implementation. The current version allows you to use it on a zombie stack and comes back with the profile, a warning if the zombie has brain rot, and a link to "Revivify This Specimen" for the first unscanned zombie in the stack. At server reset every zombie in the game is marked as unscanned.

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Flak Jacket

The Flak Jacket is a passive effect item, as such simply having it in your inventory will cause it's effect to be active, attempting to use the Flack Jacket does nothing. Flak Jackets provide a blanket 20% damage reduction, since the only items in game that deal 5 damage or more are all firearms this item has no effect on melee combat.

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GPS Unit

The GPS Unit automatically displays the coordinates for your present location. Your location is displayed next to the item's name in this format: [XX, YY]. Clicking on a GPS unit displays this message: "The GPS unit is always on, and has no special functions."

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Mobile Phone

Mobile phones can be used to send text messages to other characters on your contact list as long as they have their own mobile phone, you are on their contact list, and the suburb you are in has an operating mobile phone mast.

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Radios are another passive item, when in your inventory they will play any message sent out on a radio transmitter set to the frequency of your radio.

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Toolboxes are required to repair ruins and can also be used to repair damaged radio transmitters and generators

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