Institute of Independent Studies

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Institute of Independent Studies
Abbreviation: IIS
Group Numbers: Recently formed, few members
Leadership: Preasure
Goals: Analysing game mechanics, wiki updating
Recruitment Policy:

What is the IIS?

The IIS is a group committed to the analysis of how Urban Dead works and maintaining the correctness of the information on the wiki. We are open to any suggestion of investigations to do, as long as they are fair and above board. Experiments into things that would be beneficial to the game (Eg how long a fuel can lasts) are fine, but the IIS will not investigate things deliberately kept secret, such as the zerging measures.

Anyone is welcome to join, the more members we have the easier experimentation will be. However due to the need for equipment and reliability, more experienced members are prefered. Free Running and the mall skills are advised, NecroTech skills may also be useful.

Possible Future Projects

Projects that may be investigated in the future include

  • Fuel Can use times (This is being investigated by Malton Telephone in their Project Tesla and so the IIS may work alongside them and share results)
  • Barricade odds (To prevent zerging, this could only be done with metagaming and more members)
  • Investigating Necronet coverage. (This is currently underway, but is very time-consuming and the results are not expected any time soon)

Current Project

Investigating the range of flares

There is no given limit on the range of a flare gun, and only a single section in the FAQ discusses it.

If anyone has data or extreme values of flare sighting, please let me know.

  • Step 1- To determine if flares work on a single absolute radius, or if the odds of seeing one decrease as distance increases.

Flares will be fired at a varying distance to a character, 2 per block, between 25 and 20 blocks away from the firer. If there is a fixed radius, all will be seen up to the edge. If there are varying odds, then some may not be seen. If no flares are seen, the experiment will be repeated at a closeer point.

Results - 6 flares were fired between 25 and 19 blocks north of a character. None were seen. The experiment will be repeated between 20 and 15 blocks away.
Repeat Results - 5 flares were fired between 19 and 15 blocks north of a character. None were seen. From consultation with other characters, it seems the limit may be 14 blocks. However reports onthe FAQ suggest higher. Flares will be fired at 15-13 to determine if this is so, and also in greater concentrations at 15, to determine if an odds system is in place.
  • Final Results - A flare fired at 14 blocks was seen. Of the 10 flares fired at 15 blocks, none were seen. If an odds system is in place, it is likely one would have been.


  • Flares can be seen up to 14 blocks away
  • Beyond 14 blocks they cannot be seen
  • It appears flares work on an absolute radius, outside of which they cannot be seen