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These are generally browser extensions used to:

  • automatically collect and trasmit intelligence from the game interface while a player is playing the game, or
  • collate intelligence collected by others, and convert it into a useful format to help the player use it in game.


The DEM use a program called "DEMON / autoscouter". It runs as a "background" script / web page combination that effectively allows users to see the zombie counts and building statuses seen by another users, meaning that each user running this tool helps inform every other user. There is also documented evidence that much more information than this (such as the observed location of ANY character profile observed by a user of the autoscouter) has been available to administrative level users via the database the tool creates.
In any case, getting this array of information on your own is impossible without alt abuse. It is theoretically possible via normal (human type messaging) metagame communication, but in practice such programmatic assistance is the only way to achieve such a wide and deep information gathering and sorting ability. Such "infobots" are pretty well accepted by the UD community, although by no means is such acceptance universal, or extended to all features / capabilities, nor does it mean that they comply with the spirit of the game rules.

Other groups are suspected of using similar autoscouters, but are more secretive about it.

Revivication Request Manager & Rogues Gallery

The associated uses of browser extensions related to these websites provide automated scripts that are designed to perform specific actions on behalf of a user. They perform repetitive actions that save the player and their character a lot of time in game, by automatically searching out "targets" and providing information that could otherwise be very tedious to acquire, whether acquired in game or via metagaming.

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