Irish Republican Army

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Irish Republican Army
Abbreviation: TertAll
Group Numbers: Undisclosed for security reasons
Leadership: Undisclosed for security reasons
Goals: The service of the Irish people and the cause of Irish independance through the violent opposition of the British government and the British military. The creation of a safe haven for the Irish people. The protection of the Irish and the working-class from the British and the Zombies
Recruitment Policy: We accept all recruits. Irish especially welcome. Must have no alleigance with the British military or government.
Contact: none

Group Disbanded

By a narrow margin, the IRA in Malton has voted to disband. The image presented by the group was not one that we were happy with, and was causing problems with our allies in Dartside and elsewhere. All members of the IRA are to remove the group's name from their profile within 48 hours. Those who continue their affiliation to the IRA in Malton will be considered to be enemies of the Fenians. All IRA grafitti is to be replaced.

The group will be renamed the Fenians, and will continue to be an Irish group with Irish nationalist views, but these will take a back seat to the spreading of Irish identity and the unity of the Irish community in Malton. A new page shall be made for the Fenians within two days.

(We considered the Fianna, but we decided that Fenians was better. Personally, I wish they had chosen a different name. I don't want to have to get a new screen-name. Blast it all.)


This group does not, in any way, shape, or form, support the Irish Republican Army, or any splinter groups thereof including but not limited to the PIRA, RIRA, or CIRA. We also do not support the UDF, UFF, UVF, or any other such group. This group does not, at all, support any group that uses violence to reach political or social means, nor do we endorse acts of terrorism. The IRA in Malton is based on the real IRA, but is meant only for the purpose of roleplaying in the city and is not meant to any way whatsoever to spread support for violence in Northern Ireland or anywhere else in the world.

Note: This is only the Malton IRA’s PR page. Due to the nature of our group and the need for secrecy on some of the more sensitive subjects, we do not post our plans, members, or safehouse locations on this page. Those are on a different page, the adress of which shall be made available only to members of the IRA.


The Irish Republican Army is a militant group devoted to Irish independence and the end of British rule and influence in Ireland, specifically in the province of Ulster, also known as Northern Ireland. They are a nationalist group that also has socialist ties. They are labeled as a terrorist group by most governments, and indeed they do act as guerilla fighters and use tools such as assassinations, bombings, and propaganda to further their cause. They demand an end to British military, economic, and political presence in Ireland, and wish for a united, independant Irish republic.

The Malton branch of the IRA is a group of IRA members who have found their duties somewhat changed by the outbreak of the zombie infection. While they still fight the British (in fact, the violence and chaos of the outbreak, along with the massive influx of military personnel into the city, has made this goal very much possible for them), they also must protect the Irish and the working-class of the city from the zombies.


Do not kill or harm any members of the IRA or our allies. Attacking, without provocation, a member of the IRA or one of our allies will cause you to be considered a traitor. Traitors will be shot. Do not be an informant. Informants are traitors, and will be shot. Do not desert the movement. Deserters will be considered to be traitors and will be shot.


The Irish Republican army is broken into brigades. Each brigade is controlled by a Lieutenant and his second-in-command, a Sergeant. A brigade usually operates in a single suburb or over a few adjacent suburbs. All the brigades in Malton are overseen by a Captain.


All members of the armed forces of the United Kingdom, and all who choose to offer them support in their actions to opress the people.

All Imperialists

All zombies.

All traitors to the IRA

IRA stance on crime

Illegal murder or RP rape will cause you to be considered a criminal, and you will be shot.

Declassified information:

The IRA is active in Dartside. We have established a presence there and are recruiting members in our mission to make Dartside a haven for Irish and working-class survivors, to stamp out the zombie activity, and to remain vigilant for imperialist influences. With Dartside in its present state of zombie activity, our current activities focus on reclaiming the suburb, as well as Greentown to the north, from zombie activity. These two suburbs must not be allowed to remain in zombie hands.

Groups We Support

We consider the following groups to be off-limits to any hostile activity. No member of the IRA must attack a member of any of these groups, unless that member has first attacked them. We will, when we have the resources to do so, aid these groups in armed resistance to zombie activity, if so requested to do so.

Regulators Alliance

Tikhon Medical

Policies we support

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Socialist Template.png Socialism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Socialism, and their induction into Malton society, through the maelstrom of the Zombie epidemic.
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