Irish Republican Socialist Volunteers

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Irish Republican Socialist Volunteers
Irish tricolour.png
Abbreviation: IRSV
Group Numbers: Undisclosed
Leadership: Chief of Staff San Patrico Batallon
Goals: A socialist united Ireland
Recruitment Policy: Irishmen, socialists, communists and anti-fascists that sympathise with our plight
Contact: Talk page

This group is named in honour of the republicans that fought in the Irish Socialist Volunteers, during the Spanish Civil War. All socialists should unite against fascism or imperialism. Dartside will be referred to as Planet of the Irps, a nod to the Irish Republican Socialist Party. Sympathisers of our cause are welcome to join.

We support; a united socialist Ireland, Basque independence, Scottish independence, Palestine, Iraq, and left wing football clubs.

Our symbol is the International Brigade star, with a socialist hammer, whilst we stand under a tricolour.

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