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Irish Templars
Pray and be saved!
Abbreviation: I.T.
Group Numbers: 10+
Leadership: Ropes McGurk, Mark Moriarty
Goals: To save the souls of of zombies through revivification, or to kill those that cannot be saved.
Recruitment Policy: put Irish Templars in your Group box and contact Mark Moriarty via email,In your descripion you must put a brand of a Celtic cross on your left arm.
Contact: "New"


The Irish Templars were formed by Fr. Maurice Moriarty The last Pastor of St. Swithun’s church in Yagoton. The first members of the Irish Templars were his five nephews and his Nephews wife. Their quest is to free the souls of the dead before they have completely been destroyed by the virus that has turned so many good people into zombies.

Irish Templars Group Policies


  • All Libraries are to be considered part of the sacred ground Policy.Libraries are for learning not for killing
  • Scan all zombies before determining whether they are to be revived or not. Never kill a zombie in a Library unless they continue to attack you after being told to stop.
  • Remember who our friends are. DO NOT KILL QSG MEMBERS!(This includes The Zombie Members)
  • The Quartly Library has been doing zombie lectures for the last month or so, This is why Zombies are in the library all the time. DO NOT KILL THE LECTURERS.


  • Scan all zombies before you revive. DO NOT REVIVE MEMBERS OF PK'ER GROUPS!
  • Stick to revive points only. The only people you should revive outside of revive points are team Members and Friends of our group. Or people who are fighting beside you in battle.


Our group currently has two leaders. Mark Moriarty is the Head of the Irish Templars with Ropes McGurk as his 2nd in Command.

Rule of 2

  • All Memebers of The Irish Templars should remain in groups of 2. That way we are able to back one another up, and revive each other quicker.


The Templars are campaining for new members as they continue their quest.


The Irish Templars were formed by Fr. Maurice Moriarty. He had visions of an Apocalypse caused by a disease that had not been seen before. In all his visions he saw a large group of men and women that he saw as the saviors to the world sent by god. He decided that god was telling him it was for him to create this group and set them on their mission. Fr. Moriarty Called to his sister and requested that his Nephews come to work for him at his church in Yagoton. When Mark 11, Mathew 8, Connor 7, and Maurice 10 (Named after his uncle), and Harry 9 arrived they found that the request for them to come was for more than just upkeep of the church. Fr. Moriarty began to tell them of his visions and that they would be the beginning of the group. He would name them the Irish Templars for their heritage and for the fact that they too are going to be fighting in god’s name. He had them trained by a friend in various forms of combat styles. After 7 years of training Mark left the church to Marry a young girl he had met in school Named Gina. His uncle had been apposed to the marriage saying that the mission they had before them was too important. Harry Left two years later. Feeling that he was not worthy of this cause. The remaining three brothers continued their training as a sign of praise from their uncle he gave each one of them a new name, Maurice was to be called Ropes McGurk, Mathew was to be called Sega McGinty, And Connor who had decided he wanted to follow in his uncles foot steps he named Gods Worrior. As Fr. Moriarty began to see that the apocalypse was coming nearer, he sent out messages to Mark, and Harry asking them to return to the church and finish the training they had started. Only Mark returned. Mark agreed to continue his training and requested that his wife also be trained. A week after Mark returned a message arrived from Harry saying that he must still battle his own demons before he can return. So the brothers continued to train, and ponder their future and what may be destined for them. After 2 years, Harry sent a letter saying that he would be able to return in 3 weeks. Fr. Moriarty was happy to know that his nephew would finally be retuning. The next day reports of people getting sick and attacking each other had begun to play on the TV stations. Mark, and Ropes went looking for their Uncle to tell him of the news, when they entered the church they found their uncle lying on the floor with parts of his body chewed away. They suddenly heard a noise in the back of the church and recognized Tommy Planter crawling around on the floor with blood all over his mouth and face. The brothers quickly ran to him and found that he was not the Tommy that they knew. It finally set in that the apocalypse had come and this was the evil they must destroy. The brothers grabbed the zombie they had once known as Tommy dragging him into the street and released his soul to god with the cleansing power of fire. The brothers went back in to the church and took their uncles body to the back of the cemetery. With Gods Worrior giving him his last rites the brothers set his body on fire to make sure that he would not become that which took him from them. The Brothers then went to the church and wrote Harry of their Uncles Death. Harry returned to the church the next week. Now with all 5 brothers together again and Gina at their side they said goodbye to St. Swithun’s and began their quest.

In Late 2007 The Irish Templars were dealt a major blow when God's Worrior had been killed by Mark's wife Gina when he had discovered that she had been betraying them. The group took on the new quest of hunting down Gina and Executing her for her betrayal. After completing their quest they went into hiding in their Grand Parent's Bomb shelter in the outer edge of Dulston. They used the last few years to train Mark's Daughter also named Gina who had been being raised along with her brother by their Grand Mother. Mark's Son A.C. chose to not go through the training as he felt that his job was to remain there to care for his grandmother and assure that the family would always have a place to return. Now with the newest member The brothers have rejoined their comrades and renewed their quest.


  • Send incurable zombie soul to god.
  • Revive any salvageable zombies.
  • Continue their uncle's Ministry when the Plague is over.
  • Help other groups with their causes.



Wall of Honor - Fallen Members


Former Members



  • 11, November 2006</b> Ropes McGurk Finally claimed vengence for the Templars By collecting the bounty on Asslyvania for his PKing in Yagoton
  • 10, November 2006- Ropes McGurk begins his journey to Roftwood.
  • 10, November 2006- Darwins Beagle Revived Ropes McGurk in Roftwood. Our Thanks to him.
  • 11, November 2006- Morth Babid Revived Sega McGinty in Yagoton. Our Thanks To him.
  • 12, November 2006- Irish Templars Have decided that due to Darwins sacrifice we shall give our assistance to the QSG, So members have been told to go to Roftwood to help and continue our cause. There are many Zombies souls there in need of being saved or sent to god.
  • 23, November 2006- Ropes McGurk has been sitting in on the seminars at the Quartly Library. He has found them to be very informative, and recomends that each Templar member should visit the Library to listen in.
  • 24, November 2006- Several Reports from Templar members have come in saying that our home suburb of Yagoton has been over run by zombies. We must return home soon to keep our suburb peaceful and free from zombies.
  • 25, November 2006- Ropes reports that he has found that there are some good people in the RRF while sitting in on the library discussions. He would like to publicly thank Marina for all the heals she has supplied him over the week.
  • 25, November 2006- Ropes has now left Roftwood in search of ammo and injured members.>
  • 25, November 2006- The Irish Templars Have reached the level of confirmed group on the stats page.
  • 25, November 2006- It has come to our attention that it was shacknews that invaded Yagoton. Due to this news the Irish Templars leadership has decided that any shacknews member must be freed from thier zombie existance by any means necessary.
  • 6, December 2006- FlickAlmighty has realized that the Quartly Library is under attack. He is in the Area Healing the Librarians and others that must be saved.
  • 6, December 2006- Flickman is at the Giddings Mall preparing himself for a battle. He has heard the news of the Quartly Library and wants to help.
  • 6, December 2006- LicketyFlick is in Crowbank just hanging out. By hanging out he means killing Zahmbazz!!!! He is slowly honing his skills.
  • 19, December 2006- Sparky Demented has joined the group. He want's to strengthing the group so he will be doing his part. He is in Pashenton killing the Horrid Undead!
  • 19, December 2006- Flickman666 is in the Quartly Library enjoying the great speaches from the zombie guest speakers. He Is Learning alot from them. On the side He goes to the Hilderbran mall stocking up on ammo then using right away on the zombies in the area.
  • 19, December 2006- FlickAlmighty666 is at the Dally Library which is very close to the Giddings mall. He went to check it out and try to help. There was only little he could do.
  • 19, December 2006- LicketyFlick420 is at Mitchell Mall stocking up on ammo and Whuppin up on Zombies! Not to many in that area yet. Unless the backlash from Giddings moves south.
  • 21, December 2006- Ropes McGurk is at turpin crescent awaiting revive. Many of the Templar memebers have been stricken the zed disease. Members down Ropes, Sega, and Gods Worrior.
  • 27, December 2006- We wish Flickman666 good luck with his membership with the QSG. The Irish Templars shall miss you.
  • 28, December 2006- Sad to say we are no longer on the stats page due to the loss of a few members. We shall rise again.
  • 6, January 2007- Happy New Year All The Irish Templars are working hard this year to increase numbers, and form good alliances. We hope to end the zombie plague in 2007, but we shall see how the year goes. All Irish Templar members should visit our home in Yagoton for the new year.
  • 22, January 2007- Sparky demented has been helping out at the Bale Mall. He is healing and reviveing people. He also has been trying to help reclaim the bale mall from the zombie threat.
  • 22, January 2007- LicketyFlick420 is hanging out with the Descript Survivors in an Arms building. They seem like a good bunch of people.
  • 22, January 2007- Flickalmighty is waiting for a revive at Turpin Cresent after being killed at the Nichols mall.
  • 15, February 2007- Ropes McGurk is in Roftwood at the Quartly Library listening to the lectures and doing Revives.
  • 15, February 2007- Sega McGinty is in Kempsterbank doing revives.
  • 15, February 2007- God's Worrior is in Yagoton doing Revives.
  • 15, February 2007- Gina Moriarty is in Peppardville.
  • 15, February 2007- Harry Porter is in Yagoton awaiting a revive.
  • 15, February 2007- Mark Moriarty is in Pimbank.
  • 15, February 2007- Flickman is in Roftwood at the Quartly Library protecting Ropes McGurk. Zombies espicialy male zombies like to take chunks out of him.
  • 15, February 2007- LicketyFlick is at the Ackland Mall healing all who need's to be healed. He is also Promoting the Group and it's cause.
  • 15, February 2007- Sparky Demented is at the Bale Mall in Yagoton Fighting and reviving and healing to try to take back the Mall from the attacking Horde.
  • 15, Februrary 2007- FlickAlmighty is in the Dally Library. He is recovering from an attack from multiple zombie's attacking him on a supply run at Giddings Mall.
  • 16, February 2007- We now have two new members to The Irish Templars (Celtibero, and Lockand1oad) All Members should find time to Welcome them personally. I have word that they should both be in the Quartly Library By tomorrow.
  • 16, February 2007- Many new updates have been made to the page. as I collect them all we will eventually have each members ID on the page for easy accesibility to thier profiles for new members to add to thier profile.
  • 18, February 2007- Mark Moriarty is now in Ackland Mall in Havercroft.
  • 18, February 2007- Gina Moriarty is now in the Dally Library with Flickalmighty.
  • 21, February 2007- Ropes McGurk announcing that he has stepped down and promoted Licketyflick to Co-Leader and Co-Recrutier. He Will do everything in his power to stregthen the group.
  • 21, February 2007- Ropes McGurk announcing The last change sto the wiki page have been made before I take my time away. Remember I.T.'s I will be back to lead you again, I just am unable to lead at the presant time due to issues I must deal with first. Keep up the fight!
  • 21, February 2007- UPDATE UPDATE!! All Irish Templars Are to stock up on ammo and Syringes and head down to Miltown(the bottom right of map). We are to help out down there with reveiving all the revivers. Also take out the Brain rotters in the area. Or any other zed that is hostile.
  • 22, February 2007- Licketyflick is in the Quarles library(93,96)in Miltown helping Darwins Beagal to barricade the area in an attempt to get the NT in the area up and running. The area is still very hostile so come prepared.
  • 23, February 2007- Celtibero has arrived in Quarles library in Milton. Tomorrow he will begin working with his full-ammo&FAK's handbag.
  • 23 February 2007- Sega McGinty is down in Kempsterbank still doing revives. Has yet to make direct contact with the Knights Templar but hopes to in the comming weeks.
  • 24, February 2007- This is GodsWorrior I'm still doing revives at the old church in Yagoton, and killing those that have cortex damage and are unable to be revived.
  • 24, February 2007- Ropes McGurk checking in. I logged in today and was able to do a revive at turpin crescent, and did a few heals, and killed a zed. I must again appologize the to the Quartly Study Group for killing a zombie in the Library but I will not let a zombie come in and start killing people.
  • 1, March 2007- Celtibero's fourth day of fighting in Milton. The NT is working fine, I establish one safe point for the Templars and allies in Bodd Museum (97,96), it's close to Hospital and NT. There's a problem there: the lack of a Mall to take provisions. Maybe we shall withdraw our forces to Yagoton and try to protect the Mall at all cost.

  • 1, March 2007- All dead in Miltown. I go to Otero's Pub in Milltown to get revived (94,91). Help will be apreciated.
  • 3, March 2007- Gods Worrior checking in. Yagoton is being overrun with zombies. A hourd of 200 zeds are attacking the NT building There, I am preasantly 1NW of it at The Police Station. No ap and 100 zombies outside of the P.S. I hope I make it through the night.
  • 5, March 2007- All Irish Templars withdraw from Miltown. Re-stock at the joachim Mall In Fryerbank(91,80). Then Proceed to Yagoton to help retake our homeland.
  • 5, March 2007- LicketyFlick stocking up at the mall getting ready to head to Yagoton. Every one must be prepared it is really crazy there. Everyone head to the NT above the YRC clinic The Whatmore Building(45,16). Do what you can to help the area.
  • 6, March 2007- The Irish Templars welcome there newest members CheifCookNBottleWash and Rude Irish Rebel. Welcome to our group and feel proud to be a Irish Templar.
  • 11, March 2007- The YRC continues to do good revive work. I also on doing some running around saw a fellow memeber Harry Porter sitting outside Hinks Police Station in Yagaton dead with no ap. I unfortunately was infected and without needle at the time. So any templars in the Yagaton area that read this help Harry out. Being a zed is no way to live. ;) - Gods Worrior out.
  • 11 March 2007- Fellow Templars I am now back to help with things again. I will not take the Leadership role back at this time, but I will be working more on our wiki page. One thing I would like to add is a contact list of all our members so that we can communicate through email as well as the wiki. I am also going to look into getting our discussion page up and going. So I ask all Templars to email me at with your email addresses for your character so I can add them to your Profile. I am also going to be making a profile page for each member. this page will be able to hold a picture to represent your character. so feel free to send me a picture with your email and I will add it to your profile."Remember to make sure the picture is not copy written. They will delete our page if it is"Ropes
  • 11 March 2007- The Beginnings of our member pages has begun. I will start work on The actual Pages This Next week. For now you can see how it will be to go to them. Just click on a character name and it will take you to thier page. Nothing will be there yet because I am working on the lay outs now probably won't see one till next weekend. Till then keep up the good work templars we have 3 new members in as many weeks. Ropes

  • 11 March 2007- I will also be looking for a new HQ for us. Since The Church has been Taken By The YRC We will need to find a HQ to call our own. I should have one fopr us by next weekend along with the new lay out for our member Pages. Ropes
  • 14 March 2007- Celtibero and its mate Doc Tricornio are trapped inside Sulley Bank in Penny Heights (98,78). We are surrounded of zeds, hurted and without ammo. Please, i call to all nearby members to help us, cade the place to EHB and kill the zed that is inside the building.

  • 18 March 2007- The basics of the pages are up. Rude Irish rebel, and Chief Cooks are The most done. I still have a few bugs that I am working on for each page. Ropes
  • 23 March 2007- ChiefCook has been down in Hildebrand Mall helping to keep the barricades at full strength. She could use all the help she can get, as the zeds are breaking in at the NW corner.

  • 27 March 2007- Celtibero and Doc Tricornio went to Hildebrand, but it fell. We went to Tytnte Mall (north), but again,... the zombies ransacked it. We are dispersed in the area waiting for the news of you. If you need rev. just ask me! We have a couple of syringes left.
  • 27 March 2007- Sparky Demented is in the Dalley library stocking up on ammo and syringes at Giddings mall. He will be going to Turpin Creasent In a couple of days if any Irish Templars need a revive go there and wait. There is a good chance the QSG members will revive you as well. If there alive. The area is very hostile right now but we still need to fight. Revive as much as possible.
  • 29 March 2007- ChiefCook is over at Turpin Road (no one was alive at crescent when I went by there)and in dire need of a revive. There are 30 some zombies here, and I'm low on the priority list.
  • 30 March 2007- CheifCook, Lickety will be at Turpin Road to revive you tommorow I have to get over there. I am a couple of suburbs away but stay put I will be there. If not tommorow the next day for sure. I am all out of AP right now.
  • 2 April 2007- ChiefCook here. I was revived and got to stay alive for one entire day. I'm in Quartly Library, if anyone has a spare needle.
  • 7 November 2007- Mark Moriarty Here things have died off on this page. not many updates since april hope to see more templars posting in the future.
  • 23 October 2014- Mark Moriarty reaching out to all Templars, if you are still active contact me I have a new email address. if I get no responses I will remove the members. now recruiting.
  • 14 November 2014- Ropes McGurk here I want all Templars to head to the quartly library so we can regroup and begin a new plan of action.

Groups We Support

Literate.jpg Literate
This user/group has fought alongside, provided syringes for, or returned a library book to the Quartly Study Group
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Enemies of The Irish Templars

  • Hobos Guild
  • R.R.F.
  • Apacaylpse Horde
  • Angels of Mercy
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