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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Iron Cross Brothers
Abbreviation: ICB
Group Numbers: Undisclosed
Leadership: Strict chain of command through rank system (see below)
Goals: To crush all zombies and anyone in our path and obtain control by helping all survivors in joining us
Recruitment Policy: Request to join
Contact: DirtbagDan or Vextra

Historical Significance Section

Although this group no longer exists, this wiki page will remain up and running to serve as a statement to the UrbanDead community.

We are NOT Nazis!


Before reading on further, just a slight OOC notice to all those out there who are viewing this wiki. We would like to outline that we are NOT Nazis, and in no way do we affiliate ourselves with Hitler, Swastikas, or Naziism. There have been numerous problems in the past regarding the images of 1930s German soldiers. This is merely an outward image, an appearance of our group, and we in no way incorporate the ideals, theories, or practices of Naziism into our group be it ICly or OOCly. It is not our goal to offend people in any way whatsoever.

We would just like to make this clear before anybody reads on, as there were many hard feelings going around about this in the past.

Welcome, Brother

Welcome to the Iron Cross Brothers. Currently we are a small but growing group of dedicated humans, operating largely in the Gulsonside-to-Peppardville Area. We have few resources at out disposal, but we never let a thing like that get in the way of our glorious dream. If you interested in joining the Iron Cross Brothers, all you must do is change your group to ICB, and become a contact of one of the founders. A full list of members will be posted soon, and their respective positions within our organization.

Ranks help establish a chain of command, and ensure that directions for raids upon the hated unliving are conducted with unwavering iron discpline. To ascend in rank, you must ascend in level and carry out honorable orders and tasks succesfully, and gain the trust of the founders by bringing new pure humans to our cause. 'We will triumph' is our motto. We will sacrifice, we will struggle, yes! But only then will we triumph! And we will triumph!

We will triumph! We will triumph! We will triumph!

Chain of Command

Ssofficer6qo.gif Ssofficer6qo23223.gif Ssofficer6qo3.gif Ssofficer6qo4.gif

Our organization follows a rigid chain of command, with the Leaders at the top, and the Troopers at the bottom. Fear not, for even the lowliest of Brothers can ascend the chain of command with time, experience, and unswerving dedication to our glorious cause. Below is a list of the ranks, and those who currently posess them. This list is currently complete, but will be updated regularly with pictures of insignias indicating their respective ranks.


Units within the group

The ICB is split up between different units suited for different roles. The units come together and work together in unison in order to achieve goals. They are as follows:

Storm Infanteer Unit - The Storm Infanteers are the frontline first-in forces of the Iron Cross Brothers. They do the fighting, they pull off the heavy tasks such as defending against zombie hordes, making massive attacks and shock strikes into enemy forces and enemy lines. They do the bulk of the heavy work.

Reconnaissance and Intelligence Unit - The Recon and Intel unit is the section of the ICB that engages in scouting, gathering information, and reporting this sensitive information up to leadership. This is extremely important and Recon troops must be highly skilled, seeing as though they may be placed in small units behind enemy lines to scout, gather information, and sometimes sit and watch for days upon days for any signs of anything out of the ordinary. This is important because information gathered is MUCH helpful to other branches of the Iron Cross Brothers.

Recruitment Unit - Although small and minute, it is still highly important. Not requiring much more explanation, the recruitment unit does exactly as the name implies. Recruiting new troops for the cause, and on occasion even helping to train and level up newcomers.

Medical Unit - The medical unit specializes in gathering information on the zombies, reviving zombies occasionally, and healing members. It is composed of many medical staff, scientists, and medics. A small yet important unit.

Iron Elite Special Task Unit - The Iron Elites are the best of the best in the ICB, and are the special forces. Designed to carry out special, dangerous, and highly important tasks, the IEs engage in operations such as: PK and PKer assasinations, intel gathering, sabotage, commando runs, and carrying out tasks which are extremely vital to the group. Only the best gain entry into the Iron Elites, and you MUST have previously served in another unit before entering the Iron Elites as a prerequisite for joining.

The Cause

The Cause is simple, and can be summed up with Five codas:

Purity from zombie infection is the object of living. Corruption is the result of death. the Unliving corrupt the pure.

Infection leads to corruption which leads to death.

Trust not those who willingly embrace corruption, but instead welcome the new, for they are untainted.

NecroTech fights corruption, and is to be prized, but that which hovers between purity and corruption often falls into darkness, and should be shunned.

Purity from zombie infection is maintained by order. Order is maintained by communication. Communication is maintained by friendship. We are all Brothers and Sisters here. Help thy brother.

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