Island Hopping Tour 09

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Islandavatar.png Island Hopping Tour 09
User has reclaimed islands for Barhah!

Current Location - Barhahville

  • Frustrated with the winter blahs?
  • Do you yearn to leave a trail of misery and brain fragments behind you as you rampage across the face of Malton?
  • Malton is home to a variety of buildings, and a few (or in some cases, groups of few) are considered islands. Since these buildings are cut off from all else, they are typically considered unsuitable for harman defense. Alternatively, they provide superb safehouses for our zambah brethren.
  • We have begun a Tour of all of these prospective temples, in order to free them from their harman oppressors and spread the word to all who would hear.

Zombiefark has hereby declared all islands to be considered Temples of Barhah

The Tour

  • - January 2009
    • The Tour has begun, with a visit to our friend the Fowler Crescent zombie - named for the Fowler_Crescent_Railway_Station which he inhabits and holds as a holy Temple of Barhah. We mixed it up in Chudleyton for a brief while, paying our respects to Caiger Mall, before moving onward.
    • Our next trip was short, as there is an island grouping on the north boundary of Chudleyton. Because it harbors an NT facility, we thought to find resistance.. but it fell swiftly to the hungry horde.


  • - February 09
    • A short shamble to the east found us at Club_Cust. After depleting the Club of its stock of booze and brains, we upgraded the building to Temple status. (hehe, Vagg_Road )


    • Stopping for a visit to the Reptile_House, found us in the same vicinity as the Mall Tour. Strange that of all places, these tours would overlap at the City Zoo. There were not many scraps left from their voracious horde, so we moved on to our next destination.
    • A short distance to the west was the next island group, The_Richmond_Hills_Humongoplex, which we found heavily caded but poorly defended. Another one bites the dust.



    • Southward and onward, to The_Standen_Building. We expected some amount of resistance, considering this is claimed to be the headquarters of the A.A.C._Survivors. Whoever the fark they are anyways. They should rename themselves the B.U.M. survivors, because they are homeless now.


    • Moving further south to Spicer_Hills, we encountered a two building island inhabited by Nazis! (Zombiefark maintains a hardcore stance against racism, we are of the opinion that all brains taste the same. Delicious. They are all pink on the inside, you know.) Order_of_the_Pure_Blood claims to headquarter in this island and "assist in the defense of buildings", but considering how they defended their HQ, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any aid from them. We preached the word of undeath and showed them that their island can be so much more than a Nazi retirement home.


    • Merely 6 or 7 blocks to the northeast, the_Barstow_Arms in Dartside was our next target. Upon learning that this establishment only served O'douls and Michelob Ultra, it was torn down in a fit of rage.


    • We had so much fun tormenting the aforementioned Nazis, we returned and spent about a week teaching them UD game mechanics. Their blood was sooo pure, we just couldn't stop eating them. After we grew weary of hearing them complain, we trudged on to the Allsop Building in Whittenside. This suburb is truly a place for Barhah, as we had many brothers around us. This temple rose in less than a day.

(using awesome future technology known as MS Paint, the names have been hidden to protect the guilty)

  • - 'March 09'
    • Miltown was our next stop. This suburb was red and for the most part deserted, so we met little opposition to our creation of fine new temples. The Sigel Arms was already in zambah hands, and the four building group at the southern border fell swiftly.



    • Maintaining our northern course, we stopped in Starlingtown for a twofer. Club Silvey, which fell swiftly and without resistance, and the two building island block of The Gristwood Arms and The Chadburn Museum. Sermons were given to the heathens; the few harmans to resist had their baptisms in blood.



    • What is this, a challenge? Pescodside is home to a 6 building island block; the harmans actually made us put in some effort. What with their constant attempts to repair these temples, and throwing their brainy meat sack bodies in the way.. but in the end Barhah will triumph.


    • To the northern extreme of Malton we marched, bringing us to Earletown and Yea Bank. We provided the harmans with a much needed bailout and headed on.