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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.
Jihad Tactics
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Template comes at the end.

Jihad Tactics

Ok first off, this tactic is extremely radical and will not sit well with many Sheep out there. But it can work, and can quickly erradicate a Horde's effectiveness in conquering your 'burb, or conversely opening up an occupied one.

There are 2 parts to this tactic, offensive and defensive, but they are not set in stone. A good Jihad is flexible, exploiting weaknesses but always:

Bold and Harassing.

The Jihad

You should be regularly checking the Danger Map to see the Infidels and their locations. The first sign of trouble will be groupings near Tactical Resource Points. When you see this, don't Trenchcoater and go all-out, blasting away like Neo.

More will arrive soon, and these 10 zombies will be 100.

Especially if its a well-coordinated horde. So therefore, utilize these ideas, whenever the need arises, but remember to Harass the Mobs. Hit and Run, people, Hit and Run!

  • Barricade the everliving shit out of a random-ass location. Generators are a plus. Have one or two active Survivors (low level works best) outside an adjacent lowly-barricaded building, so when the horde moves in they bolt into the "Fake Entry Point" and bound into the "Fake Shelter." The Infidels will try to ruin the Entry Point and break the 'cades, thus occupying them while you attack their flanks.

(I like using Fake Entry Points because most zombies now understand the importance of them, and also that everyone and their Grandma has Free Running)

  • Suicide Bombs, truck bombs, ect. The idea is get stuck in, bust heads, and run, preferably in different directions. Hope they DO have scent trail because then parts of the horde will move off to take out the "survivors" that just attacked them. Lead them into another suburb, that'll make em pissed!
  • Ambush. See above, but instead of ditching them in a junkyard, ditch em in a junkyard full of survivors with shotguns.
This should be you: A good Jihadist ready to Strike.
    • Split up. Operate in small groups of 10, along a larger cluster. If 6 survivors are operating in sector A, 7 in sector B, and 10 in sector C, then the zombies will have a harder time than if everyone and their Granma is in the Mall. Save high concentrations for attritional value.
    • Lie low. Fuck surgery it isn't worth the publicity of a well-lit hospital. You should have stocked up on FAK's, or made a Strike Team beforehand. Make it look like a Ghost Town for dedicated mobs like a Mall Tour, and like a typical Dulston "I'm in the one Police station with the lights on and EHB."
    • Throw in a massed attack for good measure. It freaks a horde out when survivors swarm on them. At 5 AP's to get to the horde, squeeze off 6 shotgun rounds, and run back to your base with your Strike Team-that's 19 AP's or so, 20 if you dawdle.
  • As always, Disinformation. It is key.

Strike Teams

A Strike Team is dividing survivor forces, thus minimizing the payoff a horde gets when it attack the one TRP 100 survivors are in. There should be specialists in the group, but also every member should be able to take over in case of an unaccounted or dead member.

Members And Size
A Great Strike Team is a Who's Who of Survivors.

A good one is above 7 but below 10 survivors, partly due to the fact that relative to the AP cost you all can operate effectively. All of you should have FAKs, weapons, and Construction in case you need to fill in for someone, but here are the main assignments:

  • Shooter: This is your typical survivor. He is well stocked, has a Flak or Bodybuilding (preferably both) and can simply kick ass. There should be 4 of these guys. Their job is to simply be the force behind your ambushes, kicking Zed's heads in before melting away. Shotgun is CRITICAL.
  • Decoy-This guy will go before the ambush, drawing zombies forth. He will be lower-leveled, and his job is to spread disinformation: Tagging Entry Point 2 blocks E on a useless building, barricading useless buildings, etc. See disinformation for more. They also make great bait for Zombies.
  • Healer-He will heal and revive (if he has skills for it). This guy will try and avoid combat.

HE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEMBER OF YOUR FORCE. DO NOT LET HIM DIE. There should be 2 of him in your squad!

  • Builder-I like this member but he's not necessary, only convenient. He will be an expert at building sabotage and decoys. It frees up AP for your Scouts.


Strike teams should always operate from either adjacent suburbs or a ruined, low key building. You could Barricade your spot in small hordes, but in large hordes and sieges that's asking for trouble. Look for places near TRP's, and always check that your TRP's are not ruined by zeds. Grab what you can when they're searchable, but don't waste time and AP trying to take them back. An empty hospital to a Zed gets ruined and then they leave. Let your suburb be a ghost town, and let your team be the ghosts.

Co-Operation With Other Strike Teams

Metagame. Stage strikes in tandem. Nothing better than a zed player logging in to see Scent Trails heading 4 different ways and 4 zeds dead.

DONT LET YOURSELVES BECOME TARGETS. Melt away, only meet up in operations or when its safe, when the zeds are concentrated on something else. Reward effort and punish cowardice or stupidity: If a strike team is in trouble for something genuine (they staged a two-team ambush and got caught defending the Running team) help them.

If they barricaded their Police Station, generated the sumbitch and then call you for help, let em occupy the zeds. Your strike team is precious. Don't clean blood with silk.


An example of Disinformation.

Disinformation can be your greatest ally in the Jihad against the Infidels. From false attacks to entire blocks of "resistance," you can make a horde quit just from the hassle. Zombies want easy, predictable brains, REMEMBER?

  • Fake tags on the walls. Spray instructions to false "Entry Points," barricade plans, and the like. "Abandon suburb, Zeds here" is another great tag to put up.
  • Fake Entry Points and Strongholds. Let them concentrate on one hosptial that's EHB and lit up, while you use the "abandoned one" the other side of town.
  • Flares, preferably one after the other, making a path. Zeds will follow out of sheer curiosity.
  • Act like a newbie sometimes. Idle near the horde, then spend your AP's zig-zagging to your base. Shoot and run, knowing their Scent Trail will pick you up.
  • Fake radio broadcasts (for their spies only, don't waste on a feral horde!)
  • Yell at the horde. "RUN WERE ALL FUCKED" strokes their ego and makes them BOLD. Bold hordes make stupid decisions, plus it makes them think the brains have fled. A good shout can turn the feral hanger-ons away too, so use it well. For 1 AP how cant you?
  • Hide your numbers, or let them be known. If they think there's only 5 survivors there, they might move on....especially if they have signs of a large concentration in Pegton instead *wink*
Be As Confusing (And Badass) As This Fight Between A Zombie and A Shark.
  • use the WIKI! EVERY FUCKING ZOMBIE GROUP USES THE WIKI TO CHECK UP ON LOCAL GROUPS, MAKE THEM THINK WHAT YOU WANT! Post "Too many PKer's, the groups all dead" one day, and attack them the next! MINDFUCK!

Expanding The Jihad

Once you take care of your suburb, the whole of Malton awaits! This can be used against survivors as much as zombies too, so take out those PKers or Rival Groups easily!

Just remember, MINDFUCK! HARASS! MINDFUCK! Cheers.

The Effects Of Jihad: Zombies Die Confused.

And Now For

Jihad1 380.jpg Jihad Bitch!

This Group Supports Jihad Tactics.

or for those that dont want to have a Jihadist template:

Zombie vs shark.jpg ZOMG LOOK!


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