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So, you think you have what it takes to walk the way of the Axe?

Axes High is one of the oldest survivor groups in Malton, with a rich history as one of the greatest groups in the game. Note the word history... Axes High suffered a near catastrophic drop in membership and activity in mid-2007, and nearly brought us to an end. With the amazing efforts of a few fine men, including former First Among Equals, 21Charle, and fellow DEM group members, it was brought back from the the brink, and is growing strong, continuing on its mission to protect our friends and neighbors from the zombie menace, and have fine time doing it.</center>

Since 2005 it's been our official mission to protect Barrville (one of the most contested suburbs in the city) and its residents who, regardless of group affiliation or career path, are some of the finest folks this side of Malton. That's not to say we don't enjoy a good field trip or two every once and a while to outside suburbs when an ally comes a-calling.

While we take our work in defending our home seriously, our main goal will always be to have a good time fighting side-by-side with our fellow teammates.

If you're interested in joining us, here's a heads up on a few things you should know before signing that dotted line:

Our Policies

-NO GUNS. We enjoy bashing zeds the old fashion way. Back in my day we didn't have all these fancy bullet shooting sticks! We had regular sticks that you had to beat upon ones skull before they kicked the bucket!

Have gun skills, but still want to heed the call of the Axe? Fear not, good citizen! All prospective members with gun skills are required to post a full screenshot of their gameplay interface, including the character name and your inventory, to show that you've given up your itchy trigger finger in favour of better sharper things (and more inventory space to boot!).

-NO PKINGPKing...mostly.. Axes High is a pretty chill group. If there is a player presenting a serious risk to fellow survivors, they will be punished accordingly, usually by a warning followed by a newspaper swat. We support the use of the Resensitized Forums' Zerg and Ignore Lists. We do allow "Bounty Hunting" if a teammate or ally is PKed in the Barrville area. An eye for an eye. No more. No less.

-BE ACTIVE We are a tight knit group of close friends. While you don't need to detail all your sitreps down to the knittygritty second, it's expected that you post your whereabouts and status at least once a week, and join us for metagaming in IRC or Skype. If you are unresponsive for six weeks, despite warnings via forum PM, your access to the group forum will be revoked.

How to Join

If you'd like to join us, and you may apply on the Request to join Axes High thread. When you do so, please include a link to your UD Profile and your current location. After joining, your requirements and preferences as an individual survivor will be discussed, so as to find the best training method for your skills and needs. Important: If your character has any gun skills at all, you will need to post a screenshot or iWitness of your inventory showing that you've fully embraced the axe... and your extra inventory space.

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