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Amy Flood has been through a lot since moving to Malton. Here are some excerpts from her journal.

1 August 2004

I've moved out of London, and into Billy's flat in Malton. He grumbled about having to share his space with his little sister, but I think he might be happy to have me here? Anyway, it's a lovely flat. We're in an area called Pitneybank. My bedroom here is much bigger than my bedroom back home. We're up on the tenth floor of the building, in the northeast corner. I feel like we can see everything up here.

Billy's told me he won't be around much, since he's working most of the time at the fire house. That's alright, though. I figure I won't be around much, either. I'll be at university soon, and I need to do well if I have any hope of becoming a doctor.

Mum and dad (they're staying the night, then they'll drive back to London) just called me. I suppose we're going to eat now. I'll probably write later.

31 October 2004

Well, that was horrifying. I went to this stupid Halloween party, because I thought it might be fun. Instead, I was harassed and assaulted and none of it was fun at all. Some blokes at the party all offended. OFFENDED. Because my Princess Leia costume wasn't "sexy" enough. I wasn't at the party five minutes (I hadn't even had time to get a drink!) when they started bothering me about it. It was all, "Geek, why don't you show more skin like all the other girls?" I asked them to leave me alone, said I wasn't there for their gratification. They persisted, and, naturally, things escalated. Next thing I knew, one of them was trying to cop a feel over my dress. Another was trying to get inside my dress. No one, and I mean NO ONE, tried to help me. Fortunately, they didn't try to keep me when I ran. And, I did. I ran straight home. And now I'm here.

Fuck people.

4 July 2005

I've never been so glad to live in this flat with my brother. I mean, I've always liked it, but right now I love it. Billy's here with me. Yesterday, there'd been reports of some new illness that was causing aggression much like rabies, except it wasn't rabies. Today, everything is insane. Billy called in sick (he isn't actually), told me not to go out. He even barricaded the front door. So, we're watching the news, and occasionally looking down at the mayhem. People are rioting. The military has been called in to maintain peace, but they're failing miserably. Occasionally, you can see some authority figure being taken down by one of the sick people. If we look east to the city limits, it looks as if a wall is being erected. The television hasn't said anything about it, though.

In other news, I got an email from Eric today. It was his usual "England sucks. AMERICA RULES" email, right on time. He's such an idiot. I'd like to get back to America sometime soon. Yes, it's a strange place and most of the people aren't too bright, but Uncle Steve and Aunt Jeanie live there. And Eric. And my cousins, too. According to Dad, Tommy has moved to California to become a writer. I'm not sure why he'd ever want to leave Indiana. I certainly didn't.

The news has updated. I'll write more in a bit.

14 September 2005

Some bloody birthday. Billy went out for a supply run today. We needed food rather desperately. So, I was alone in our flat, with nothing to do but stare at the carnage outside. I did that for a while, but it's exactly the same thing we've been staring at since the riots died down. Just...more infected attacking anyone slow or stupid enough to be caught. The electricity has been out for weeks. It comes back every now and then, but it's just long enough to see that people on the news aren't reporting on Malton. I usually get to check email. Mum worrying about her babies, Dad scolding us for worrying Mum and asking if we needed anything (not that he'd be able to help if we did), my university's automated messaging system telling me stupid things, a few friends wondering when I'll make it back to London. I'm not sure how the internet and television work, if we don't have electricity most of the time. Billy had some explanation, but it didn't make much sense to me.

Anyway. Billy went out. He usually doesn't go far, and he isn't gone for more than a couple hours. This time, though, it's been nearly ten. It's dark now, and I'm worried about him. He isn't one to let his guard down. He's too fast and too strong to be overpowered by one of the sick people. I don't know what I'll do if he isn't holed up somewhere for the night. He's the only thing keeping me alive.

20 September 2005

I've found shelter in St. Matthew's Cathedral. It's been a terrifying couple of days. Billy never came back, then this horde of infected found their way into our building. It would have been too many to hide from, so I ran. I took the lift down (since they seem too stupid for technology anymore) to a thankfully empty lobby, then I went north. Except for that bunch who were in our building, most of Pitneybank seemed dead. Literally dead.

On my way north, I stole a can of beans from a grocery store. I was too hungry, so I ate them cold. Disgusting, but filling. I also picked up a pistol that had been laying near a body. I figure, anything that will help me fight them off, right?

When I got to Gibsonton, I saw someone else who was alive and well. It was getting dark, so I called out to them and asked for help finding shelter. He directed me to the cathedral, then ran off. The cathedral is comfortable, I suppose. Lots of prayers being said, a very kind vicar who was only happy to offer me some wine. I feel somewhat safe here.

31 January 2006

It's been a while since I felt safe enough to write. The cathedral held for a while, but then they went and let someone who'd been infected in. They managed to spread their illness (it seemed almost purposeful) to a number of people before being detected. Soon, the church was crawling with zombies. Yes, zombies. Now that I've seen an infection...zombies. They get sick, then die, then become reanimated without showing any signs of intelligence.

So, now that I've fled Gibsonton, I'm borrowing a room in the Duke Hotel in Roachtown. There is a handful of survivors here. They all seem perfectly nice, but I'm still barricading myself in my room. Malton's become a city of lawless savages and zombies.

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