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Byrant Dilstar
Starting Occupation: Cop
Group Membership: The Democratic Union For Peace
Goals: Keep the peace and kill zombies
Username: lightman
More details: Urban Dead profile

May 27th, 2005

Hello, I just ran out of room in my old journal, so I bought this one. Let's get some facts down: My name's Byrant Dilstar, and I'm a cop. I was born in New York U.S.A., but moved to Miltown U.K. when I was 12 with my family. Well, now that that's cleared up, I just finished moving into my new apartment in Miltown. Lovely suburb, I tell you. My parents and my older sister still live in Shearbank, but I gotta say I like this place better. Also, next month I'm getting married! Lord, I can't wait. Her name's Betty Eldercreen. I'll write more tommorow, I'm tired.

May 28th, 2005

Yeah, Betty's moving in next week. The apartments big (thank you pay raise!).

June 3rd, 2005

My god I'm nervous. Tommorow I get married and there's a knot in my stomach the size of a truck. Now I'm getting a headache. Man, I need an aspirin.

June 4th, 2005

"The writing becomes large, intense, and angry" What the &^$%!!!! She had cold feet! Damn didn't even show up! I've been waiting for this day for YEARS and she stood me up!!! I need...oh my god....WHY? We were going to have a big family and buy a nice big house here in Miltown! DAMMIT!

June 5th, 2005

Finally found out what happened....She didn't stand me up...she was murdered. My lord, does the world hate me! "The pages are covered with tears" Why didn this have to happen? Why?! She was killed by a freak named David Wiley...serial killer...rot in hell. My sister invited me over to talk about it...yeah, Cassandra always helps me out. I'm going now, yeah, I need to think this through.

June 8th, 2005

Well, Betty's being buried in London, where her family lives. Guess it's right...I don't know.

June 12th, 2005

Dammit, I'm on protest duty tommorow. Some kinda doom bringer cult, just what I needed.

June 13th, 2005

What the hell? The protest ended with a god the worlds going to hell. They started chanting "The End is Near" and then they rushed the police. We lost three men today. Me and Cubert (my best friend) got on top of some cars and waited till the special forces squad came with a few tear gass grenades. Damn I wish they issued guns in the U.K.

June 16th, 2005

"The page is wet with tears" My sister was killed by a drunk driver last night. We're cremating her. WHY THE HELL IS EVERYTHING HAPPENING TO ME.

June 20th, 2005

I have absolutly no idea what happened. Power went out, I heard an explosian, and my radio buzzed and the ordered me to the station. I went, and there telling us they don't know what happened, but there is now a curfew active, and the military's being sent in. They gave us guns. I think we might've been bombed. I've been ordered to shoot to kill anyone who goes outside.

June 25th, 2005

Oh my god, what have I done? It was midnight, and we were patrolling-I saw a woman with her kids and-I had my orders. 3 bullets and they all were gone. Oh my god, I have innocent blood on my hands...what did I do?

June 26th, 2005

Theres now a quaritine in the city, good lord what's happening?

June 27th, 2005

They told us there were zombies loose. I laughed. He walked away, and I looked out the window. Some kind of-monster was outside it. I think I'm losing my sanity. We shot him down, but he got right back up. We sent a man down with a shotgun to take care of him, but the monster killed him...I think his name was Sheldon. Then Sheldon just stood back up and joined the other. Sergeant Jill Ankerson told me and Cubert to barricade the door. We did, but now those things are pounding at it. I can't sleep...this is like some kind of horror movie...

June 28th, 2005

When I woke up, there were more of them outside. We decided to see how tear gas grenades worked on them-didn't do a thing. The zeds as we've been calling them keep tearing at our barricade as we put more up...I'm not sure how much longer we can last...Cuberts freaking out, and I keep thinking of my parents...are they alright? I have no idea.

June 30th, 2005

The buggers finally broke the barricade. There was a big battle, and we lost. I was the only survive. My god, Cubert is one of them. GOD, WHY DO YOU HATE ME? I ran. I ran as fast as I could and locked myself into a hospital. All I have right now is a half loaded pistol and a flat jacket. I'm a dead man

July 3rd, 2005

I'm breaking my safehouse today. I don't know whats outside, but I've gotta face it..

The pages are bloody, tattered, and torn. The Date is not shown

The Pages are tattered, bloody, and torn. The date is not shown

I don't know what happened. I walked out of the hospital, and I tried to find some supplies. There was a few people on the streets. I walked towards a supermarket, hoping to find some food. Suddenly one of the others palmed an AK 47. He started firing. I took cover and grabbed my pistol. I ran for cover, lined up my shot, and fired. He died instantly.I walked to see the body-he worked at an old grocery store next to my apartment. Suddenly I felt 2 bullets hit my side hard. For a long time I was on the ground bleeding. I was just waiting to die. The blood got into my eyes...I've never been shot before. I fell uncounscous, and now I'm here. I don't know where I am, but I'm not bleeding anymore. It's nice, quite, peaceful...I wonder if this is heaven.

Date Unknown 1

Well, I'm not dead. Aparently a docter found me outside bleeding to death and she dragged me into the hospital and saved my life. She kinda reminds me of Betty. She said I couldn't leave the hospital for a few days, because I had lost a lot of blood. I'm afraid zombies will break in, but I can't do anything about it. She's staying here. I guess it will be nice to have some company

Date Unknown 2

She finally let me leave. I found out her name-Karrel Adre. I told her that I could provide protection for her, but she refused. She said she was going to make her way to Judgewood, to meet a friend. I wished her luck, and told her I'd keep contact with her via radio.

Date Unknown 3

The pages are torn, and have been bitten Ughh...I...lots of pain. I can't remeber a thing. Theres a man standing in front of me, and he's holding some kind of syringe. Ughh...this hurts.

Date Unknown 4

Well, this is what happened. I was fighting a zombie on a tower. Kept on shooting the *&^!er, trying to "kill" him. He was tough, and forced me to the top of the tower. I was bleeding, and he kept on advancing. I fell through the window. I died instantly. I remeber the pain so well...and I remeber the pain I inflicted as one of them. I remeber killing a child...I remeber eating a priest. My god, what have I done? I think it's been at least a month since I died... The rest of my life is going to be devoted to atoning for this horrible act-it has to be.

Date Unknown 5

It's been 5 days since I was revived, and the suburb of Shearbank has been taken over by a group of murderers known as DARIS. The worst part of it is that David Wiley, and a few of his family members, belong to DARIS. I swear to kill Wiley, and I swear to kill all that harbor him. I also met the Cannoball Crew today. They're a group of anti-zombie fighters, and they work for the Council of Leaders, who apparently are being threatened by DARIS. They're leader offered me a position, but I refused. I promised to stay an ally, but I don't want my life being controlled by the CoL. I'm afraid they will fall to DARIS's demands, for fear of war.

September 10

I hope I have this date right. God has finally completly left us. The CoL and DARIS have declared war. God, I'm afraid. I tried to pretend I was some head of a secret agent society that had agents positioned in DARIS territory, and would attack if DARIS doesn't immediatly surrendar.'s not working.

Sepetmeber 13

Well, the war situation has turned to the better. DARIS has still been threatening the CoL, but the war is officially over. I've decided to create a new group to start a new group to stop the madness of these wars. We have to work together if against the zombies if anyone is going survive this apocalspe, we're going to have to work together. Today, the Democratic Union For Peace is born.

Date Unknown 6

Well, I've got Karrel and a few others to join the DUFP. Nothing major, but it's progress.

Date Unknown 7

Wow, I haven't written in my journal in a while. Well, the Undying Scourge (one of the zombies hordes) is invading the whole damn city. Bexworth replaced me as president of the DUFP yesterday. All in all, a crappy day.

Date Unknown 8

We've joined the New Maltonian Dynasty today. It's a collection of groups. Now, they only have us and Axes High, but I've got a feeling this will be something that can help.

Date Unknown 9

Well, apparently, Karrel's dead. We're trying to get her revived. The NMD now numbers 16 groups. We actually might be able to have a chance against the zombies. The Yagoton revification clinic has been overrun. They saved my life once...I wish I could've been there, saved them. I've just met the Randelback Coiliton. I'm trying to get to Pashenton to meet up with Bex, but Randalback seems like a good place to camp for the day.

Date Unknown 10=

I disbanded the DUFP today. It's for the best.

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