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RAF.pngRAF Private.jpg
Called into Malton 2005-11-21 12:49:46
Joined RAF: 0355, 4 January 2006
Rank: Private
Character Class: Private
Current Level: 17
Favorite Weapon: 10 Gage Shotgun
Backup Weapon: Semi-auto .32 cal Army Colt
Character Profile: Chineselegolas's Profile
Current Status: Alive
Zombies Killed: Pre-RAF: Unknown With RAF: 10
Group: Roftwood Assault Force

How long has it been...? How long has it been...? I arrived in this god forsaken town how long ago...?

I was a mere private training with my highest hopes consisting of getting pizza for my next meal and getting sick so I could miss the next days run. Now my goal is to find somewhere safe to sleep each night, and hope I don�t wake up dead. Or if I do that I will easily find someone available who can bring me back from the dead. Which has happened so many times I have lost count...

But in retrospect, none of that matters anymore, we lost the war against them. It was looking so hopeful, with them pinned down in Malton out numbered over 3 to 1. And the Necrotech scientists had even found a cure... It was all a ruse.

They made a mass attack on the gates and broke out infecting the whole world. No matter what we did to slow them, it merely bought us a few more days. It was not enough...

We lost the war

A few groups of survivors managed to �live� inside the zombie�s world, but we were always running for cover, hoping that we would not be caught and we would be saved. But after a few years we realized we were all that was left.

If sometime in the future some how these atrocities against nature are overcome, I am leaving a journal of my times leading up till the end days


Where shall I start?, I arrived here and began walking around looking for cover. I got lost and was killed. But not for the first time. This would mark the progress of the next few days, a cycle of life would consist of lurching around the town, getting revived, attacking a zombie, then getting killed again. I slowly got used to this would of madness. I found some other military men around town hiding in a police station, and so I joined them, and found a few shotgun shells and eventually a pair of shotguns. I quickly learnt how to use these, and since then have kept myself alive.


Continuing into my second month, in this outpost against the undead tides, I found life had strangely entered a rhythm. Until I encountered my first traitor. I was used to death at this stage, but they were all people who I passed in the street, lacking the skills to find cover. We had been bunkered down in the police station for about a week making solo attack runs searching out all zombies in the surrounding area, then removing them from this un-natural state of undeath. I had just returned from an attack run, when I saw a new survivor has entered the station. I approached meaning to greet him and offer him welcome, when I saw that he held a bloody knife, and one of the survivors who I had grow to call friend had a slit neck. Shocked that one of our survivors could indeed be dead, I merely stood there while the traitor escaped, not even seeing his face. I recovered soon enough, however, to realize while he may have been my friend once, he was no more, so I picked up the body, and through it out the nearest window, offering up a small prayer to whatever deity may have been listening to protect his soul, and hopefully revivify him.

A few days later, I realized that my former hide out had been compromised, and so I left, seeking a new hiding place

I can hear the zombies shuffling around outside, they are drawing in on my hiding place. I hope they do not find it until I have finished my recollection so that all who may come here in the future may learn from our mistakes

I ran through the streets, keeping my eyes peeled for any signs of zombie or survivor activity to find a safe place to hide. As I turned a corner, I saw a young boy, wielding a shotgun leaving a police station, and I new that this would have to be my cover for the night while I recovered from the shock.

The following day I scouted the surrounding area for any zombie insurgent forces. Seeing none, I foolishly felt safe and sat down with my back to a tree, taking out my book and began to read. I fell asleep� and woke up to see a zombie beginning to eat my arm.

Drawing one of my ever present shotguns, I emptied both its barrels into the zombie before fleeing back to the Police Station. Crawling in, I fell unconscious to the ground, waking several hours later to find my wounds bound, and the healer gone. I spent the rest of the day searching for ammunition for my depleted shotguns, but only found 3 shells. I hope they last until I can find some more.

Knowing that sitting around all week will not help the survivors I had been brought into protect, so I climbed out of the police station and began to head south. While making my way south, I saw a survivor running from a zombie. Knowing I needed to protect him, I drew my shotguns and headed in there direction. Firing both chambers of one of my shotguns, at the corpse, I missed both time, however I did get the zombies attention. It turned towards me and I fled back a block, turning the corner. I drew my other shotgun, and as the zombie followed me round the corner, I unleashed the shell right into his gut, knocking him to the ground.

Looking back round the corner I saw the civilian I had saved crawling into the basement of a nearby building. Ensuring no zombies had seen him getting to safety; I turned and ran a few blocks before taking cover in a nearby police station, and began to search for more shells for my now empty shotgun

I found 2 more shells, and decided to go on a zombie hunt. I left the relative safety of the police station, and took to the streets. I kept moving to try and fine one, however all my attempts were in vain, as I realized that I would have to turn around unsuccessful in my hunt. I decided to persevere, and hope I would find cover before night fell. I saw the sun beginning to move down and began to make my way towards a fire station I would see in the distance. Approaching the fire-station, I made a mistake which I may regret. I saw a zombie down a side street, so I turned around and chased after it, firing my shotgun. Both shots missed, so I drew my pistols and emptied both my clips on it. And none of them did any damage. What was this? A matrix zombie? I stood there in shock at the unbelievable way my bullets had curved around the moving corpse while the zombie closed in on me and sunk its teeth into me, before fleeing at its slow lurching pace.

I turned round and continued towards the station, only to find the building so heavily barricaded up I couldn�t get in. However the neighbouring building was not so, so I dove into it for cover hoping its meagre defences would hold out through out the night

They have found me. I have to move. I will need to finish this report when I can find new shelter, as here is compromised. The front door has been broken down and it is only a matter of time until the zombies fetch one of their elites who can climb stairs�

Elites because they can climb stairs� This world is chaos. But I need to move. A gap in the horde has appeared out the back and I am going to make a run for it. My only hope is I can make it to safety to continue my report

The building held out through out the night and I left the fire station to find somewhere where I could get shotgun shells. A few blocks away was a police station, in which I found a third shotgun, which was fully loaded. I added this to my other two shotguns, for which I had found a handful more shells; my 6 fully loaded pistols, with 11 extra clips; and my newly acquired flare gun. Tomorrow I shall go on an attack run, and hopefully take down a few of the zombies.

I looked out and saw the sun beginning to crest the hills, and I knew that this would be the best time to make my attack. I nodded to my fellow survivors in the building as I left, knowing that my attack would take me away from here, and thus I would likely never see many of them again.

Heading NE I encountered a massive zombie wearing a bullet proof vest. Knowing that a zombie like that would prove to be a nuisance to new comers to the town, I unleashed my shotguns into its back. He soon turned around and began to lurch towards me. I unleashed my 6th and last shotgun shell towards him, and it hit home. 4 out of 6 shots wasn�t to bad I thought, so I dropped my shotguns and drew two of my many pistols. Circling around the zombie I emptied both clips into him; however his flak jacket stopped most of the bullets. Luckily for me the last bullet ripped through the vest �killing� him. I ran back over to my gear, putting it all back into my bag before walking two blocks over and climbing into a police station. In this cover I reloaded my pistols, and began to look for some more shells for my trusty shotguns.

During the night the station was attacked and zombies broke through. However most of the zombies then said �Mrh?� This left me confused that zombies would attack then ask for help. My confusion enabled a zombie to sneak up behind me and take a bite out of my shoulder. And judging by the way the wound has turned green, he hadn�t brushed his teeth in a while. I stumbled over a few blocks to a hospital then waited for a doctor, however none were coming over to help me. I got up and stumbled into the supply cupboard and found a few supplies with which I patched up my shoulder.

I headed outside and saw a zombie approaching a survivor. Knowing that only one of my trusty shotguns was loaded, I made sure that both the shells counted. Dropping the gun on the floor, I drew two of my pistols and shot apart the remaining parts of the zombie that were still moving. Nodding to the survivor I moved back into the hospital, hoping that this time a doctor would be able to see me.

I woke up the next day in perfect health, and so I went out into the streets looking for a zombie to kill. And I was successful. It was a scrawny zombie near being killed so it only took one clip to finish it off, but while I was fighting, I noticed another survivor climbing out of a 2nd story window then using a wire strung between two adjacent buildings, climbed from on to the next. Knowing this passages ways exist will make it much easier to get into some of those heavily barricaded buildings. Using my new found knowledge, it was easy to get into the local police station for the night.

Heading out the following day I found a massive zombie right outside the door, and could see two further down the street. Drew my shotgun only to find that I had forgotten to reload any of them, and so my pistols would be needed. The first shot hit home, but didn�t do much damage because the zombie had a flak jacket on under his tattered clothes. I turned and ran down the street to the next zombie, hoping it would be an easier fight, and it was. He went down after only two clips due to some lucky shooting on my behalf. However while I was killing this zombie a third zombie lurched down the street and claw at my leg. Turning round I emptied four clips on the zombie before he fell. However he did open a nasty gash on my chest. However it didn�t hurt as much as the earlier strokes had. All this fighting and running must have made me healthier.

Leaving two zombies in my path and a third with a few rounds in him, I thought it would be a good time to get of the street and into safety. I ran into the nearest building, then climbing onto the roof, I leaped into the next-door building and into safety.

Climbing into the adjacent street, I watched the sun rise over a zombie horde. Striding towards it, I started firing, knocking one zombie down, and turning another into a holy corpse, yet it kept moving. Knowing that I needed shotgun shells to make an impact, I decided that that was enough of an attack, and I should make my way back to the police station.

Not much happened over the few days around Christmas, and so I haven�t recorded what happened. But the amazing thing was I didn�t realize it was Christmas. Nor did any of the others holed up in the police station with me. I was kind of sad really that looking back, the disaster had prevented us from enjoying event in which brought joy to much of the world.

That was the last chance many of the survivors would have to celebrate, as shortly after, reports filtered in that mass zombie attacks had occurred over a time though to bring peace to the world

Two days after Christmas had passed without me noticing it, the police station was broken into. The zombies broke down the door, and then just stood there; maybe the effort of breaking down the door had exhausted them. I rolled to my feet and used up the last of my ammo killing one of them, and getting a few rounds into another. Seeing it look up, I rolled to the floor and stuck my hand into a box, pulling out a pistol clip and a shotgun shell. Sticking the shell into the closest shotgun, I blew one of the zombie�s arms off, causing it to spin. Running past it as it was regaining its balance; I loaded the pistol, and sent all 6 rounds into its skull.

I then ran to the roof and leaped from building to building making my way to the nearest place which looked like I would find aid for my companions pinned down in the building. Smashing though a 2nd floor boarded up window, I rolled and got to my feet straightening my shirt before heading down the stairs to ask for help.

Shortly after several others came into the building asking for aid, but by that stage I was tired and so slept through the night, hoping my former companions would be able to hold them off.

The following morning I set off running from building to building, eventually taking to the streets a few blocks away, when there was and empty lot preventing me from staying in the buildings. Zombies were all over the place in groups of a magnitude I had never scene before. Unfortunately I had still not had a chance to find ammo so I couldn�t take advantage of the easy pickings.

I continued to run on the streets till I came to a mall. Looking at the sign, I saw it was Nichols Mall. Knowing that it was likely a gun store was in the mall, I decided to camp in the mall and stock up on ammo.


The mall has been under attack, but the fact the corridors have been cleared has enabled us to get support to wherever has been attacked with very little delay. And some of the zombies look like faces I have seen while walking around the mall, searching for somewhere to sleep.

However being holed up in this mall with so many people, I have found many who have been here longer than me, and know the zombies weaknesses, and where it is best to shoot them to slow their recovery down, and thus giving me as much time as possible to get the hell out of there, however I ran out of ammo trying to take one down, and so had to retreat to the far end of the mall to hide. I hope they don�t find me, as I don�t fancy being one of the shambling horde.

Fighting has got worse and they are beginning to push through the door, and have almost gained a solid foothold inside the mall. I have made many attempts to keep them out, but to date have only killed six of the zombies pushing in, but with our numbers, hopefully it will be enough. And by helping the survivors block up the doors, I have learned there is a science to it, and so I have picked up enough to be able to build decent barricades by myself.

Finding that there are less of us in here each day. Not a good sign at all. I found more ammunition and managed to kill another zombie, but I can see the mall is going to fall anytime now, so I shall sleep in the adjacent building tonight, hoping that fewer life-signs will make it less of a target for the zombies. Reaching the building, I noticed that its barricades were of a much lower standard than the mall, but still strong enough to hold out a few zombies. Hopefully this will make them think this isn�t a worth while target.

I have survived the night. Yet I didn�t get much sleep due to the screams of those who didn�t manage to get out of the mall in time. Tearing a strip of cloth of one of the curtains, I made myself an armband to remind myself of the loss that was suffered here tonight to the horde.

Making my way into the mall required a gut of iron, with all the corpses lying on the ground, half devoured, and I saw many faces that I had shared a drink with in my time in the mall. However I didn�t stay long, there were too many zombies for that. I made my way a few blocks east and saw a recruitment poster for the RAF. Having heard about it many times during my time in the mall, I felt that in the short run at least, joining with them would help accomplish my goals of removing the zombie insurgency from Malton, and getting them back into their grave.

Meeting with Lieutenant-General Deathnut, I was given the rank of private, and the promise of medals and promotion if I worked hard enough. I then spent the remainder of the day searching for ammunition in the police station RAF had made its temporary HQ.

At this stage I foolishly felt self, and so I settled down for a good nights sleep, however it was not to be. A zombie horde burst through the door ripping those hiding in the station to pieces. I was bitten several times, but managed to crawl out of the station knowing that I would likely not be able to control myself in an undead form

After stumbling around town for a few days in an undead state, one of my new found allies, a Sergeant name Jack Well, revived me. However, I didn�t have the energy to get to my feet, and so I remained lying on the ground surrounded by corpses. Will have to find our new HQ tomorrow.

It turned out to be more than a week before I could make my way to the head quarters, as I choose the wrong building to hide in, and got killed

Waking up with my mind functioning properly, the first thought was to get away from the immediate danger. Running almost an entire suburb, I stopped when I felt light-headed. Knowing I had not run enough to warrant that feeling, I checked my side. A massive gash was there, and it was oozing pus. I was amazed I hadn�t spotted it sooner. Running towards a hospital, I found it to heavily barricaded to get into. Making my way to the next door building, I climbed to the roof and leapt onto the hospital. Making my way down into the medical supply, I saw a zombie. Trying to avoid him, I searched for something to make the wound better.

Stumbling from shelf to shelf, I stumbled, and falling down I landed on FAK. Using to patch me up, I felt my strength returning. Running out of the building, I made it a few blocks to where a group of survivors had holed up. Joining with them, we made a few small attacks on the zombies in the surrounding areas, before returning to the building to heal up. However I knew that once I was back in a healthy state I would need to return north to my companions in the RAF.

I got killed again at this stage, and spent about another week walking around trying to find help

Once I got revived, I reported to the RAF, and then decided to work solo, killing zombies where-ever they stood. I also have started practicing using a fire axe I picked up from out of a zombies head, and it I do say so myself, I am getting quite good at swinging it. But is does, however, take more work to take down a zombie, but the solid �thwack� it gives, sticking into a zombies skull. It is actually quite fun.

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