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Starting Occupation: NecroTech Lab Assistant
Group Membership:
Goals: To find out my identity and restore life to the unfortunate dead.
Username: ClockworkDragonfly
More details: Urban Dead profile

Written rather sloppily on NecroTech letterhead.

The Makeshift journal of... Whoever I am

26 Jan 07

My head hurts... alot. I woke up in a building full of "survivors" but I really didn't get it at first. Survivors of what exactly? What happened here? Why can't I remember my name or anything else about myself? I have a security badge for a place called NecroTech, whatever that is. It has a picture that looks like a much cleaner and more well shaven version of what I see in the mirror but, sadly, that and the NecroTech logo are all that's really left of it. The rest is all burned up, not that the magnetic strip would do much good when most of the security doors don't seem to work anyway but it would have been nice to be able to read my own damn name.

I noticed I was wearing scrubs... that's at least a step in the right direction I guess. I must have been a doctor, nurse, or some kind of lab assistant. But who the hell wears black scrubs? It's kind of disconcerting really. I'm going to cast my vote on lab assistant, since I have a lab coat. My arm itched, so I rolled up my sleeve to have a look. I guess I must have just gotten some ink done recently, quality stuff. It's a very intricate dragonfly but done all in clockwork... cogs & sprockets and the like. I like it... then again, I kind of have to... seeing as I'm obviously the one who had it put there.

Not feeling too social, I decided to head out of the all-too-familiar looking building. I guess it must have belonged to NecroTech. That seemed to have been a mistake on my part though, as all that was waiting for me outside was bitter cold. I turned around to go back in, but the people inside had barricaded the place so well that I couldn't even consider climbing over all the junk. I thought they were crazy... I figure they probably had the same image of me. After walking a few blocks, I noticed what I thought was sickly man. I did what any good citizen would do and crossed the street pretending not to see him. That's when he... no, IT... that's when it came at me. Its neck was ragged like its throat had been torn out and it made a horrid gurgling noise. I reached into the satchel that I had found my security badge in and pulled out the only other thing in it... some lab device. It had a pointy end though, and I jabbed that at the thing as it caught hold of my sleeve. There was some beeping, a screen lit up, and the creature seemed stunned, so I hauled ass out of there... but I left part of my lab coat behind... damn it was cold.

After some running around, though, I found this place. I'm not sure what it used to be... but the doors were wide open and there were people inside... crazed fools. I came in and closed the doors, trying to get warm. None of the other people here seemed talkative so I'm huddled in the corner starting this journal and looking at the device from my satchel. Zombies? You have got to be kindding me... that's what this thing calls those creatures. Evidently the thing pulls a DNA sample, catalogues & crossreferences it, then tags the zombie so it can be tracked. Don't know exactly how it works, but it seems the most obvious method would be a low dose radioactive isotope injected into the creatures subcutaneous layer monitored and relayed by satellite imaging... though as I write that, I don't know in what way that would be OBVIOUS by any stretch of the imagination. It has a touchpad help menu... I've read through it and it seems easy to use. There's also a "Directive Download from NecroTech HQ", as the device calls it. Basically it's a memo to all employees still stuck "inside the quarantine zone" that reads to monitor zombie activity and tag as many of the bastards as possible so that the survivors can track them via NecroTech's "NecroNet" network. There are a number of other features I don't understand just yet... I get fragments, like from a dream or something... but I'm too tired to worry about that now. For now, sleep... the doors are closed, we should be safe...

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