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This is the diary and journal of Captain James Prope, Intelligence Corps, British Army.

July 3rd, 2005

Location: Intelligence Headquarters, London.

Time: 09:46

I've been detailed to accompany several high ranking officers including my boss, Col. Clarkson, a senior army advisor Maj. Gen. Davit and Air Chf. Mshl. Thomhide to the site of a 'Class Red' incident up in Malton.

The briefing mentions meeting up with a Major Harrods, who is in command of a newly formed 3rd Containment Brigade. I'm not liking the sound of this. What are they containing up there?

July 3rd. cont.

Location: Field Headquarters, 3rd Containment Division.

Time: 16:12

We travelled up by chopper to the outskirts of a small village, where we disembarked onto an armed Land Rover and set off towards the Field HQ of the 3rd CD. We got here about half an hou ago, and boy has there been a lot happening.

An entire camp has been set up here: a motor pool, several Nissan Huts have been erected and even an external chemical company. One chap mentioned to me that the seriousness in the riots nessicated the need of an armoured battalion.

A lot of machine gun and anti-vehicle defences are being erected on the hills.

The brass hats came back from their conference to say that we'll be surveying the situation - whatever it is - from the air.

They all seemed very pale.

Apparently we're to survey the area from the air, in an Apache helicopter.

Jpanzer 21:57, 13 September 2009 (BST)

July 4th.

Location: Above Malton, to be more specific our GPS says West Grayside

Time: 09:05

Black Helicopter.jpg

We're in the air at last - not in an Apache as i expected - but in a third party Helicopter, belonging to some company that had a lot of facilties in town. Nekotech? Something like that. Anyhoo Thomhide, the R.A.F officer, reported ill and has been shipped home. I'm taking his place. At least i get the honourary rank of Air Vice Marshall for this operation!

The size of our defensive emplacements seemed to have doubled overnight. Walls for our soldiers to occupy are being constructed by the Engineers and a kind of slit trench with an automated movement impulse machine gun , known only to me as (AMIG), has also been dug.

All the roads were packed with refugees escaping with the occasional police roadblock or sandbagged firing position breaking up the riots.

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