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Starting Occupation: Reporter/Scientist
Group Membership: None
Goals: Revival, healing & status reports
Username: Crystal Roselle
More details: Urban Dead profile

30 April 2011/1 May 2011


Hildebrand Mall, Roftwood - RUINED - Three corners of the mall are ruined. No survivors inside. Surrounding buildings are all above VSB. Rebuilding time?

Nichols Mall, Stanbury Village - SAFE - EHB and well lit. Any survivors looking for supplies are welcomed!

Calvert Mall, Quarlesbank / Gatcombeton - RUINED - Still ruined but only about one zombie left inside and outside the mall in each corner.


The Went Building, Stanbury Village - UNDER ATTACK - 10-20 zombies outside.

The Haslock Building, Chancelwood - RUINED - Ruined with 3 zombies outside and one inside. Surrounding buildings are all ruined.

The Lockwood Building, Richmond Hills - SAFE - LB with 3 zombies outside.

The Staples Building, Richmond Hills - RUINED - Ruined with 3 zombies outside and 1 zombie inside the building.


Ephrem General Hospital, Wyke Hills - SAFE - Lit and VHB. Most of the surrounding buildings are in ruin.

St. Mark's Hospital, Richmond Hills - UNDER ATTACK - VHB with 20 zombies outside.

Methodius General Hospital, Crooketon - SAFE - VHB & lit with 1 zombie outside. A few zombies scattered around in other buildings.


Carle Street Police Department, Richmond Hills - UNDER ATTACK - VHB with five zombies outside. One block away, St Mark's Hospital has 20 zombies outside.

Mores Lane Police Department, Crooketon - RUINED - One zombie left inside.

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