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Transcripts from 2006

December 29th, 2006

Razi- "yeah, christmas was good, Otep. the DHPD office party was a lot of fun, but Marty had a little too much over at Meade and was wearing the lampshade (again). BAM and Bob were off in the copy room- oh crap the radio's on. Um... hello there citizens of Malton! I hope the holidays have been good for you and you liked the christmas present that we and our allies got you. A lot of people chipped in to get it here on time, so make sure to say thanks to any Ranger, US Army Infantry, DHI, CMS/CMS-Meta, PLEB, MCDU, and anyone else I happened to forget. Hey, it was a big group effort, no one should take all the glory! Not everyday you get a new and improved Caiger! Hopefully you'll take care of it better this time. Anyway. Some of the improvements to the place have been a C4NT Merch shop, a donut store (DHPD approved!), an art gallery, yet another Starbucks, and an ice skating rink outside for our living-impared friends. Remember to check your BARHAH at the door, friends."

"Ok how do you switch this off. Oh, this button right h- kkzzzzzzzzttttblip."

December 25th, 2006

  • Conndraka -bzzzt-ow what I'm doing...I've been doing this for..-static-oh It is on.-bzzzt-..oh OK..Ladies and Gentlemen, the Prom Queen is crowned... repeat...the Prom Queen is crowned... Although we were short our rooks and our Queen the board is ours at least for now... Congratulate yourselves boys and girls the plan went better than expected. Due to savagery previously unseen, numerous groups and individuals followed up on our feint and hit Caiger Mall driving the current Zombies out of its blessed and extremely heavy barricaded walls. It was a pleasure being the first one to hit the inside but it was even more a pleasure to be in a campaign orchestrated (At least the DHPD part anyway) by Commissioners O'neil, Badassmom, and FmrPFCBob. I think I chose my successors well. DHG Bonaparte, thank you for inviting us to the party and pass our regards to the Classy one himself...And to the 186 fellow survivors curently standing in or around the Mall Ohhhrah!

December 21st, 2006

TRANSMISSION FROM DHPD HQ: Rally Near Caiger, We're going home to glorious victory!


"Hello, I am DJ Mundane of the DHPD Friends and Neighbors! Please hear me! The Time has come for us to take back what we fought so hard for! Caiger! Too long have the undead occupied our homes and killed our friends, too long has Caiger been dark! Today, we fight!!! Go to a PD near Caiger and ask for direction. The DHPD will help you, and together we win a glorious victory! Our children and grand- -children will sing songs of this day!! …and tell stories of our heroism. Thank you for listening, and may tomorrow Caiger Mall’s lights shine brightly on the dim horizon."

December 18th, 2006

Marty Banks here. Reminding you this holiday to do the right thing... If you see a zombie in need, kill it... In fact kill as many as possible!!! Kill them all!!!!! [groans] AAAAARRRGGGHHH [shotgun blast] Die!! [pistol shots] and Have a Merry Christmas... Don't forget to check out my show tonight 8PM EST on Goodnight and Goodluck to all, Marty out. [click] [static] --Marty Banks (aka. Mundane) <DHPD> 21:59, 18 December 2006 (UTC)

December 13th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. - sounds of hospital equipment in the background - While I enjoy my hamburger, fries and massage from Nurse Friday, it's time to reflect on the best thing about the season - Christmas! I know Maxwell is probably reading so I will keep it joival and keep those Hammer jokes for another time and I am pretty sure some PK'er group is thinking of sending me up too, hi there! Either way, I think it will be the first DHPD Christmas this year for moi (I think) where I am holding a Chief position so I thought it would be good if we can organise a Christmas Cheer for the DHPD and those that live in Dunnel Hills!

Merry Christmas peeps!

[krrckk] Merry Christmas Rubix, good to hear from ya! How are things at your end of the DMZ getting in the christmas spirit yet? I've been singing carols with the zeds out here in Uppill... --Marty Banks (aka. Mundane) <DHPD> 18:02, 14 December 2006 (UTC)

December 7th, 2006

Static ... It's been a while... static ... wine... static ... Car static an... static ... out... (Broadcast unexpectedly ends)

Marty [static] here in the flow- [krrck] -ilding. Things look to be [krrck] up around West Beck[static]-n I'm waiting for [whine] to kick enough but to drive [static]-ack so we can reclaim Uppill, [static]-ing patiently. Banks Out. [static] [click] --Marty Banks (aka. Mundane) <DHPD> 06:17, 8 December 2006 (UTC)

November 23rd, 2006

Static ... Olf here, broadcasting from... somewhere near Rodwell Row... it looks like charlie really dance the foxtrot out here, static, Help. Repeat, need help. If anyone can hear me... Send help to Rodwell Row, this is Onikage static out. -Onikage Wolf

Novemeber 21st, 2006

click..ah hah! I'm back, you thought you could stop me, but I'm Duracell powered baby.....eeping it alive for my Foxtrot boys, past and present! ....... the deal with the big squad merger? And what are we to do with all the Caiger kids swarming into our pleasent little suburb? Shouldn't we be sending them north were it's quiet and peaceful? I got a contact still ventering forth into the new badlands of Darv...Heights, most the undead are just poor lost souls trying to get a revive, can we ge....omeone to open up some , like, emergency revive points along the border? Get some more warm bodies armed and ready to go? Man, if I was large and in charge, I'd get this place locked down tighter then a bishop on a choir boys ars......hats another story for another time, kids. Jackboot Pete out.. click

November 13th, 2006

  • Rubix41 As the dust clears, the zeds have been turfed out on the street where they belong. The undead menance are still in great numbers and in need of greater vigilance. By holding the incursion of zeds here, we have spared the CMS and the Caiger allies a possible surge of zed allies but, with dark news, the Mall is no more in human hands. Great is the need of the DHPD to keep the area together and to offer sanctuary to the fallout of Caiger. Caiger has fallen...long live Caiger! 10/4
  • Thom Solo reporting from the Hills, alive again courtesy of our allies in West Becktown. It seems that I've missed all the fun... Cotty breached, then retaken... Phill showing his true colors... warrants rescinded on Sgt. McReedy and the One, True PsychoPhil. It's always exciting in the DHPD, isn't it? Well, back to work! *sound of soft slurping* Ahhhh! Good coffee! Pass me a donut, will y... click

November 10th, 2006

  • News BroadwaveAfter a Brief loss of Cotty PD, it is now back in the Hands of DHPD personel. Operation Backhand succeded better than hoped as numbers have reduced dramaticaly. Accumulated Syringes are estimated at aproximatly 500, so the incoming refugees will be welcomed with open arms. With the concentration of Zeds in the Eastern DMZ, and more significantly around Caiger Mall has allowed a significant amount of Malton free of significant Zed activity. The DHPD issued the following Message: Congrats to the Zed groups on their honorable victory, The RRF, ShackNews, DeVM, and to a lesser extent Broken Syringe receive a "well done" as this most likely hearalds additional changes in the game mechanics. To those who have used unfair tactics and know who you are, Survivor and Zombie alike recognise your loser mentality and wish you all the luck in the real world." The Aditional Statement of "Ron Burgundy, you are a fraking genius. Stay Classy" was issued by an anonoumous source.

  • Conndraka good work Folks...Marty, if you would until we get Uppill warmed up again could you make some runs to the Surounding Survivor outposts up in that neck of the Woods and invite them to the DMZ party. Despite having a huge stockpile of Syringes we could use more people than we have currently. Conndraka out.

November 9th, 2006

  • Rubix41 The swell of their numbers has finally taken over Cotty. I didn't think we would last so long but it's nice to know that, at the end, the whole precinct had a pile of dead carpeted the floor and Maxwell Hammer's dead corpse is now outside Cotty. And it goes to show that, even now, the zeds have had to use all their strength to beat us down. When we return, and, we will return, the zeds would have to admit that, regardless of their zed spies, the PK'ers and the impersonators that came with a vengence, Cotty will stay. I salute the officers that stood their ground and, in death, they shall know they once were Malton's finest.


  • Rubix41 Ewww....someone clean up the Coffin's Revive point!


November 8th, 2006

  • Rubix41 With the recent influx and swell of zombie numbers, it appears that the Siege of Cotty is not as unorganised as it seems. With zeds swelling with numbers and known Wanted members - notably shanks123, robbielrabbian (sorry, can't remember how to spell your player name!) and psychophill found in the same location in the past week, I can't help but wonder what is going on. A classified approach will be needed on the secure channels but I would like to know what my fellow officers think. (If it's something hush hush, go to secure comms - remember it's not a secure thing)


November 7th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting. The zeds seem ferocious as ever but we still hold Cotty! I doubt the zeds will give up though and, with every zed spy we terminate, my resolve is stronger. Thanks to all those that helped out and thanks to those who still man the barricades! 10/4


November 6th, 2006


  • Rubix41 Err Chief...we got a body encrusted with bullets and shrapnel found outside St Stephen's General. Oh wait a minute...yup, looks like some medical staff got your perp, FmrPFCBob. And for Phill, no hard feelings but I guess you got PAWN-ED.


November 4th, 2006

FLASH!!! Caiger Mall has been breached. A combination of Gk'ers, Pk'ers and the Zombies outside have crippled the defense of the Mall.

At this time, no organizational leadership has taken charge. Apathy seems to be the order of the day. No one can truly compete with the horde outside and at the same time, handle the almost hourly Pk and Gk strikes.

With so many of their ranks decimated by internal attacks (the GK, PK and simple griefers) and the lack of a real C3 system, the malls defenses appear to finally have collapsed under the weight of those players set on destroying the only truly survivor controlled space by any means necessary.

END TRANSMISSION --Nicks 01:11, 4 November 2006 (UTC)

Whoah is this for real? then we are soooo screwed... because that would mean... --Marty Banks (aka. Mundane) <DHPD> 07:34, 5 November 2006 (UTC)

November 3rd, 2006

  • PsychoPhil on the air. So the DHPD... well Conndrakka at least, has issued a warrent against me for killing psychohpill. Yeah, that makes sense Conn. Yet another interesting case of selective inforcement. I hear you haven't inforced the cat/kitten/smallfurryanimal ban on the SWAT hotline since I left. You also didn't issue a warrant against Sgt McReedy when he killed psychohpill just a few days earlier. I wonder... is that because McReedy was a DHPD officer at the time and the rules don't apply to them? Need I bring up Potter and Plash? No warrants against them either. What exactly is your problem with me?

By the way Conn; psychohpill is not a civilian, he's an asshat impersonator. PsychoPhil 12:56, 3 November 2006 (UTC)

Well good job Conn. I see you've issued a warrant for Sgt McReedy now as well. Nothing like getting called out in public on your selective inforcement. Funny thing though, still no warrants on Lt Potter and Plash Ricrem. PsychoPhil 16:12, 3 November 2006 (UTC)

Conndraka There's a differnce between ignorance and wilfull misconduct Phil. Conndrakamod T CFT 16:47, 3 November 2006 (UTC)

I'm gonna be on the fence on this one, you guys need to come to a compromise... One the one hand you can't just go out killing folks Phil; but on the other hand I'd be pissed too if people started to impersonate me... also you can't have a double standard and turn your head just be cause someone is a DHPD Officer. I personally think we need to establish a policy on impersonators... because this falling out means those bastards are achieving what they set out to do... --Marty Banks (aka. Mundane) <DHPD> 20:25, 3 November 2006 (UTC)

November 1st, 2006

  • Jeff Oneil HAPPY BIRTHDAY DHPD ! Jeff Oneil 15:44, 1 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Thom Solo to the DHPD, our allies, and all the ships at sea... I'm back on the airwaves after a long absence! We're still holding on strong at Cotty and the core of the Hills. Let's have some music to keep us going! Here's an appropriate tune...

What would you think if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ear, and I'll sing you a song And I'll try not to sing out of key....

  • Saxony Happy All Saint's Day!!! And happy birthday to us. How ironic.Saxony 03:59, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

Happy Birthday DHPD, Join me in a birthday song!! --Marty Banks (aka. Mundane) <DHPD> 22:03, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

October 31st, 2006

  • Rubix41 It may be foggy outside but there's still only one day in to get shopping at Caiger! Shotguns are going like mad! Pistols half price! Either way, tomorrow is our birthday! To celebrate, I am holding a party at my station with plenty of beer and pretzels to get the movement going! So bring some ammo, because the zed bouncers want something to bite into, and get down to boogie! DHPD style! 10/4


[Transmission from Curle PD, Uppill Precinct] --Marty Banks (aka. Mundane) <DHPD> 04:13, 1 November 2006 (UTC)

PLAYING NOW on Radio Free DHPD: Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

October 26th, 2006

Whoah! This thing still works! Impressive considering I've left in a dump for so long!

This is the Urban Guerillas spokesman. We're needing a little bit of help in Peddlestan Village. A Pker group known as the Imperial War Machine have taking to hiding in your area. These guys claimed to have killed hundreds of innocent civilians, people who they've labelled 'terrorists'. Any help tracking and killing these morons would be greatly appreciated. A list of their members can be provided if you wish.

I'll be checking up on this radio for replies. Till then, peace out!


  • Rubix41 Oh man, they can't be still miffed when we took out the Legendary Pervs on their turf. Chief Rubix41 reporting in. I know the Imperial War Machine dislike us but their territory is up North. The only reason I gather is that the Imperial War Machine could have possibly lost territory and have moved downwards to grab land while most of us are distracted. Either way, it's bad news. 10/4

- click -

October 25th, 2006

This is Dr antman, back after a long time. Ready to get back on the first aid. After i shoot which ever zed ripped my arm of last month. I liked that arm. doc out

PLAYING NOW on Radio Free DHPD: Pink Floyd - Sorrow --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 06:08, 26 October 2006 (BST)

October 24th, 2006

- whine, sound of gunfire and screams of terror-

Damn you zeds, damn you all to Hades! This is Chief Rubix41 reporting in. Those darn zeds want some BARHAH and broke in to the PD. Finishing them off slowly. Requesting a medi-drop and some New Zealander Beer because the zeds broke the last keg! I don't know - Sound of shotgun discharge - should I be more miffed they broke in or they broke the only keg of beer that I like? 10/4


October 21st, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. The situation has not changed. Over 40 hostiles are facing us outside the police department and are looking like a horde of angry bees over honey. However, the cafeteria here in Cotty has a lovely stash of beer that those Australians left over from last time! So, if you fancy a cold one, we got beer in a can or, if you don't mind leaving the station, the pub next door probably has beer on tap. Either way, we got zeds, beer and ammo...what more do you need? This is Chief Rubix41! 10/4


[radio tuning noise] Hey Rubix this is Marty, My precinct is pretty quiet right now... needs some help? I can be over there before nightfall and give you some serious backup!! Whats the situation in my old hangout? I hear* yo** up to your ears in ze*s, so** sh** [static] [click] --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 18:40, 21 October 2006 (BST)

September 29th, 2006


  • Labine50 Just dashed through the area, Everything's barricaded up, Is it safe to assume the crisis has passed? (Yes, I joined, but under a differnt account name.)


  • Conndraka Negative...22+ Hostile Zeds standing over the Rabit Hole. Seige protocols are in effect.

-click- Which means the Rabbit Hole, the "secret" location of the DHPD is Cotty Street PD. You just blew your cover. But it hardly mattered, because everyone knew that, anyway. Man, you guys suck at this. --Maxwell Hammer 20:49, 30 September 2006 (BST)

Nobody cares Maxwell, go suck a lemon, because we're going to own you! --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 21:55, 30 September 2006 (BST)

September 24th, 2006

-click- Sound check. --Ben Charron 06:41, 24 September 2006 (BST) -click-

  • Rubix41 -sound of banging of chairs and windows- Mother of mercy...put those shutters up! This is Cotty PD calling. We have multiple hostiles approaching on location. The station requires immediate backup. -sounds of doors giving way- Arggh! -sounds of shotgun fire- Kill them all! What??! A zed here looks a lot like Maxwell Ham -static then signal goes dead. -


September 22th, 2006

PsychoPhil reporting in. Inbound to Dunell Hills. ETA 24 hours. 04:20, 23 September 2006 (BST)


Rubix41 reporting in. Ken Irons has been spotted around the area. Details on the Cotty link and the Internal Comms. 10/4

September 20th, 2006

  • Rubix41 -scratch- I just saw -static- about 15 of them around Newbury. The area is now CODE 4. They must have come from the South and moved up. There are still some around the area. I hope an NT Scan will tell us more. Over and out.


Hey Maxwells back? Whats up dude, I thought I killed you... twice... Oh well, next time I'll make sure you stay dead... --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 22:56, 20 September 2006 (BST)

How are you going to do that? Y'all seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation. When you kill someone, they stand back up. That's what zombies do.--Maxwell Hammer 23:49, 20 September 2006 (BST)

I know... [frowns] But a man can dream........ [vacant expression] --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 05:59, 21 September 2006 (BST)

September 19th, 2006

There. Got my hands on a new radio. I think my old one bit the dust 4 days ago, because I wasn't getting any transmissions for quite a while. Things are good up at Sw- *static*, pretty calm, with a few ferals wandering here and there for target practice. Let me go on a little rant here. What's with all the impersonators all the sudden? Next fad for the Dunell Hills terrorizers? I find it really amusing that all of these griefers claim that we're a plague on Dunell Hills, hurting the people that pass through, and then blow away any credibility they have by doing it themselves. Rather sad, really. These people work so hard to deface us without true reason, and yet if they had spent even a fraction of that energy understanding us instead of trying to crucify us, Dunell Hills would be the most zombie free suburb in Malton, enjoyed by new and old survivor players alike. Alas, I guess some people would rather destroy what they don't understand like a troglodyte rather than help us and the civilians in the suburb in times of need. Alright, I'll get off my soap box now. Ben out... --Ben Charron 00:28, 19 September 2006 (BST)

I think the real crime here is that I'm not higher on the DHPD most wanted list. I just can't take all the whining, bitching and moaning y'all do about me seriously until I'm higher on the list. --Maxwell Hammer 00:08, 20 September 2006 (BST)

  • 'Prosperina' Oy, you're still here? Heh,who'd have thought that you'd still be holding that grudge. Well, I suppose its a good thing, perhaps you'll make things a bit more interesting then?

September 18th, 2006

Hello? Anyone reading me? *Sound of tuning whine* Geh, I think I broke my radio... Anyone got a spare radio? I think I broke mine! *Tuning sound leads out to static*--Ben Charron 03:28, 18 September 2006 (BST)

I read you, but it's kinda fuzzy... Hey Ben, that you? --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 06:14, 18 September 2006 (BST)

  • Jeff Oneil Im looking for samuel carlson....If you are out their and can receive this know that we dont have a kill on site list. never had one never will. not sure what went on but please respond....... (message repeats every 10 minutes) Jeff Oneil 18:42, 18 September 2006 (BST)

September 14th, 2006

I've been standing off with a pair of zombies in -*static*- for the last two hours... waiting to see if they strike again. They may have got Dr. Snow before I could heal him, but I refused to let them get my commanding officer, Sgt Partridge. I'll wait a little longer, simply hoping someone wakes up... so tired... so tired... -Click- --Ben Charron 04:40, 14 September 2006 (BST)

Whew... I woke up alive. Er, as opposed to waking up dead, or undead, at least. Everyone else was fine as well. Glad I could be of service to Partridge when he needed it, but still wish I was a bit quicker on the draw with the Doc. All clear here now. --Ben Charron 18:29, 14 September 2006 (BST)

September 13th, 2006

Prosperina All's quiet on the Eastern front here. Its strange, the zombies seems to have stopped groaning and banging on the barricades so much. Very eerie.

September 12th, 2006

Psychophil reporting in..... Ow, my head... where the hell am I? I should know better than to have drank that crap from Gregor 'Trust me I'm a Monk' Ibram. Hmmm...This looks like an NT building, but not one I've seen before. * background chatter * Whats that you say? The Blackmore Building? In RIDLEYBANK?! * looks outside * Oh yeah, this is Ridleybank alright. There's a 154 standing zeds outside. Alright folks, looks like I'm going to be holed up here the the Channel Four News Team for a while. Gregor, when I get back to the hills... you and me are going to have a little... chat. PsychoPhil 20:54, 12 September 2006 (BST)

Well, what did you expect? The only bible I've seen our 'Police Chaplain' hold is the Halo Bible. --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 23:02, 12 September 2006 (BST)

September 11th, 2006

Jeff Oneil Please MAX stop by broadbelt, we could have a party in your honor, a shot-gun party with hats and streamers, maybe a marching band.......a cake, its not a party without cake.....ect Jeff Oneil 17:17, 11 September 2006 (BST)

Jeff Oneil Thats right Max the ONLY place you can hide in the hills is on the street, but thats ok i still found you. next time you shouldnt stand so close to an entry point.

September 10th, 2006

EDogg here. I'm going across town for a while, gonna see if I can find some of my cousins over in Penny Heights. I'm doing a thorough search; don't expect me back for a while. Good luck with the Broadbelt seige and operations over at Cottam. Fill me in on all developments when I get back. E-Dogg 09:12, 10 September 2006 (BST)

One of your dumbass rookies revived me. Thought you might like to know that you're idiots, like all cops.

  1. Dekey revivified you with a NecroTech syringe. (3 hours and 15 minutes ago)

--Maxwell Hammer 03:22, 11 September 2006 (BST)

Hmm, someone who doesn't have you on profile and revived you, and we're all idiots for it? I think that says more about your judgement skills than it does our medics, Max. I'm actually pleased that our guys would rather revive without scanning rather than not reviving at all, shows that they're inclined to help those they can. Mature and productive. --Ben Charron 03:27, 11 September 2006 (BST)

Sure, if you're delusional. But it's bad tactics and a waste of ap if you have any sense. As soon as I save up the ap I'm going to walk into BGPD and take him out with a shotgun. And if he's not there, then someone else in the DHPD.--Maxwell Hammer 04:53, 11 September 2006 (BST)

Stop being a Hater and a Poser, It makes YOU look STUPID... Also, how come you haven't been able to take Broadbelt PD I wonder? Maybe its because we're pwning you, lamer... Go DHPD Officers, Hold the Line!!! And don't be afraid to help people even though there are bad guys everywhere! --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 06:30, 11 September 2006 (BST)

September 8th, 2006

Declan reporting. BGPD is still under siege. 55 zeds in the stack, with one drifting in the area of North Lane. Dropped 2 outside of BGPD, but was not able to make visual confirmation of barricade status. 1 zed inside St. Luke's, with 1 zed and 4 dead outside. St. Luke's is entry-point to Cotty St. PD. Repeat: St. Luke's is Cotty's entry point.

September 7th, 2006

Some of the civilians said today...

"There are 52 zombies outside, you guys should get while the gettings good..."

To this, I laughed and replied "We're the DHPD, deadly deadly zombies, sometimes wearing skirts and sometimes flak vests, don't scare us! you guys can go if you want, but I'm staying, who's with me!?"

I don't want survivors thinking were just going to leave so I continued.

"Our Job is to protect Dunell Hills and it's living inhabitants, and even if the DHPD is the only group left we'll still defend the DMZ, because we believe Malton can come back!"

--Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 20:58, 7 September 2006 (BST)

[static] [garble] [static] is it... oh, sweet. Officer Zeeba here, reporting that we're doing a great job defending our turf fellas, but we can't let up. Doing my usual rounds I found all sorts of zeds, enemies, and even a couple safty hazards! Its all cool now, but I'll do another patrol tonight just to make sure no more undesirables snuck in. Lets all do our part to watch for the friendly fire gentlemen. I know we got a lot of zeds out there, but we gotta watch our aim - I got winged a time or three in the crossfire. And if anybody sees Albino Sue, could you give her my number. Tell her I like her, but I dont know if I like like her. Keep up the good work men! Victory, at any costs! --Zeeba 17:17, 7 September 2006 (CST)

YOU!! #$@!^& Come back here! I'm gonna ring your greasy neck!!! -garble- Freeze! You're under arrest! Stop! -static- --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 04:52, 8 September 2006 (BST)

September 6th, 2006

This is Officer Banks! Zeeba has been spotted in the vicinity of BGPD.

"Zeeba, you are wanted for Impersonation of a DHPD officer, and destruction of Police property!! You are under arrest!! Freeze!! Everyone Help me catch this creep!!!!" [bang] [bang] -static- --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 08:19, 6 September 2006 (BST)

September 2nd, 2006

This is Marty at BGPD, were are hold up and need reinforcements! -static- Hold the Line men!! This far and NO FURTHER!!! -whine- -crrk- [bang] [groaning] [bang] [shuffle] "Go Go Go!!" [shuffle] [click] [boom] "God, there's forty of 'em" [bang] bang] "They got the generator!" [bang] [groan] [shuffle] [bang] "Bring the Table. Yeah!" [shuffle] "Sh**" -static- -click- --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 22:32, 2 September 2006 (BST)

Good Job everyone, thanks for the help... lock and load, there's unfortunately still 30 some odd zombies out there waiting for a fresh shipment of hot lead. So lets give it to them!!!!!!!! --Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 07:52, 3 September 2006 (BST)

August 31st, 2006

Declan here! Some jerk bashed me over the head with something wicked hard...just woke up from my nap in the gutter and shambled my way over to Cotty PD. Argh...time to find some Tylenol or something for the mother of all headaches...

Get your butts to Broadbelt, meatshields! --Paradox244 W! TJ! 00:18, 1 September 2006 (BST)

August 30th, 2006

I just wanted to report that I looked south out of the Fortune building with my new binoculars and there are 40 zeds out in front of Broadbelt. I went out onto the street and I recognize Maxwell Hammer out there. Just a heads up. Zeriah 01:08, 31 August 2006 (BST)

In other words, "Get your butts over here meatshields!" --Paradox244 W! TJ! 01:24, 31 August 2006 (BST)

August 26th, 2006

Rubix41 It's great when one of the lost have finally come home. Welcome home xXSpoonXx! Now go and terminate those zeds!


August 24th, 2006

  • This is a news update for Radio Free, brought to you buy The Malton Mirror. DHPD Officers continue to hold fast in the fight with many horrible, horrible zombies. Former Police Commisioner Condraka had this to say, "I'm extremely proud of our officers and deputies, they have managed to hold the hills despite having to deal with a large amounts of zed's and Thugs." although they've shown incredible performance on the ground, this broadcaster has noticed that Airwaves have remained relatively silent here on Radio Free. Also in other news, the Malton War Crimes Trials have begun today.

Playing NOW on Radio Free: Gnarles Barkley - Crazy

Next UP:

  1. The Zombies - Time of The Season
  2. Open Channel

This was a news update, Brought to You by The Malton Mirror.

August 22nd, 2006

  • -krrck- Hey Rubix, I'm getting better with the axe and I will soon be able to broadcast on the DH Channel myself... [groan] wait a minute, what the Hell!!? Who let the dead guy in here? [click] [click] [boom] -static-

Playing NOW on Radio Free: CKY - Quite Bitter Beings

--Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 18:57, 22 August 2006 (BST)

August 21st, 2006

  • Officer Otep calling in from Cottam. Some members of the Zombie Squad are tooling up ready to head west, hit our RP's and blast some zeds in the Hills. If you spot one of them be sure to throw them a beer, they are a funky bunch of guys.
  • This is radio free DJ Mundane, one of the many DJ's here on DHPD Radio Free. The boys in broadbelt have been dealing with a little zed problem this week and are asking me to tell everyone to kill as many zeds as they possibly can in the area so as to trim down the undead population a bit... anyway I'm Mundane and you're listening to DHPD Radio Free... now here's a tune for the courageous DHPD held up in the DMZ.

Playing NOW on Radio Free: Thin Lizzy - The Boys are Back in Town

--Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 23:51, 21 August 2006 (BST)

August 19th, 2006

Just a question here. I saw Gandalfe, a DHPD member who is currently a zombie, kill "an adorable kitten" (that was the character name). Why is that? Was he serving a warrant or something? Just curious because it seemed like an odd thing to do. He broke into Broadbelt Grove PD with me to do that....I don't understand. --Maxwell Hammer 05:16, 20 August 2006 (BST)

(OOC Reply: There are a Number of DHPD who beleive to RP properly one must act as a Zombie when a zombie, and a survivor as a survivor. We Don't have any problems with that, if that is the playing style the particular player enjoys. Conndrakamod T CFT 08:50, 20 August 2006 (BST))

I'd like to give a warm welcome and shout out to the allies that have come to aid us in these troubled times. Veterans of Fort Creedy, and the UBCS Mercinaries, thanks for the help guys, now have some beer!! This is IC Chief and radio DJ Mundane, stay safe and Classy DMZ!!

Playing NOW on Radio Free: Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly

--Marty Banks (AKA. Mundane) 22:02, 20 August 2006 (BST)

August 18th, 2006

  • Rubix41 -sounds of nails and banging- Officer reporting in. Broadbelt is closed to zed threat. We also have a possible code 4 and we have a definite code 8 outside Broadbelt PD. All officers note that the CODE 8 is armed, dangerous and, notably, silent. I repeat, CODE 8 is in zed form outside Broadbelt PD. All revivers are to be extra careful when using revive points, please SCAN all zeds BEFORE revives are givem. Brainrotters are neutralised at revive points 0,38 and all officers are advised to retrieve scanners to terminate the undead in revive queues. 10/4


Roger that, I'm preparing for the situation -static- ...should be ready by this evening, I hope to stock up at... -static- ...then rally the troops for a coordinated... -whine- ...kinda crappy connection since my radio's battery is... -krrck- but hopefully you guys got the jist of it and can come and help me deal with -static- at -static- but make sure -static- stock up before you do, because he has his buddies with him... -static much intel as i could and it's definately -static-, Marty Out! -click- --Marty Banks 21:00, 18 August 2006 (BST)

[Marty's Head Pops Out of a window] Hey bob did you get him? Awesome, but make sure you leave some for me!! Holy S*** when I meant some, i didn't mean all of them -click- --Marty Banks 07:13, 19 August 2006 (BST)

Fella's get your guns loaded! Mueve te! Vamos amigos!! We've got 20 [bang] make that 19 zed's outside Broadbelt and they really want to get in here! --Marty Banks 19:00, 19 August 2006 (BST)

August 17th, 2006

  • Muffled Voice Logans_Run_Challenge Have a look; disseminate it among your members and free lancers. Be aware, be prepared, and join in. Or Not.
  • This is Officer Banks we've got zed's inside the PD, get the cades back up, kill the monsters!! --Marty Banks 19:25, 17 August 2006 (BST)
  • This is Officer Banks... -static- we [bang] have twelve zeds outside of Broadbelt Grove PD. [bang] [click] [groans] [bang] Oh God, Maxwell Hammer!!! [bang] [bang] [bang] [click] [squish] [scuffle] [groan] Oh god no!! AAAARRRRGGGG!!!! -static- [SIGNAL LOST] --Marty Banks 23:15, 17 August 2006 (BST)

August 16th, 2006

Marty here! We've got a CODE 4, I repeat a CODE 4 at Broadbelt! Holy S*** [bang] [groans] [scuffle] [shotgun blast] [nailing of wood] --Marty Banks 15:51, 16 August 2006 (BST)

Swift Feet. Returning after a long vacation in uninfested cities. Could i get a revive at Herick Lane in Peddleden Village 5,29 i think.

August 15th, 2006

  • Rubix41 *sounds of people talking* Let's get those revives out there man! There's too many of them sitting around doing nothing! -whine-


  • EDogg - Yea Drive is back in our hands. Many thanks to the UBCS for their timely efforts. Wonder what they were doing so far from Pennville though? They would be good allies if they were based a little nearer. -- EDogg August 15, 2006 17:35 (NZ time)


  • Rubix41 Good allies are hard to come by. I am grateful for their actions in Dunnel Hills and, since they have travelled so far, they are welcome guests to our humble suburb.

August 14th, 2006

  • EDogg here. Calling any officers around Yea Drive, there's been a break-in. Runaway body parts and zed brains everywhere. Completely wrecked our donuts. Bloody zombies have no respect for fine cuisine. -- EDogg 16:44, 14 August 2006 (NZ time)
  • Oh Crap! I'm out of ammo!! Falling back to the cinema... E-dogg, do your best to keep the others safe while I rally the troops!!

-click- This is Officer Banks! We need backup inside Yea! Please Respond... -static- --Marty Banks 08:59, 14 August 2006 (BST)

  • Otep here, break-in at Ruggevale Walk. The cades are back up but they are still in here somewhere, I can hear them trying to get in. I'm holed up in the office, one of those filty corpses bit me. There's blood everywhere, I can barely keep my eyes open. Oh god, one of them is at the door. -gunfire- Yeah! You like that! You want some more?!! Ahhhh, oh sh.... -static-
  • -static- Guys, This is Marty. Yea PD is toast! Surfcop is stuck in there and the zeds are ransacking the place as we speak. I killed one; but his buddies attacked me and I had to fall back, Does anyone read me? -static- Yea Needs Help! -krrck- -click- --Marty Banks 21:15, 14 August 2006 (BST)
  • One note guys, before I pass out from exhaustion... The Ventrilo... [gasp] Information... Is on the Internal Communication's HQ page... I need healing... -static- --Marty Banks 21:36, 14 August 2006 (BST)

August 13th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. Sorry for the absence, there is a lot of paperwork here at Cotty that needs to be taken care of! We are updating and maintaining Coffins Revive Point so, any allies watching, please use the point - revives are a little low because syringes are very hard to make at the moment. Taken care of some of the zeds in the Hospital General area and rearming at Yea. 10/4


  • Oh damn, Rubix you look like s***, here let me heal you, dude you should be more careful out there; You can get killed by these things easily. How are things by Cotty, haven't been able to be around there for a while... Being that I have to watch communications here until the towers are back up. I actually have to get some radio training so I can broadcast; I've had Paradox doing it for me. Anyway dude, I have to go back to Broadbelt, I'll see you tommorrow. --Marty Banks 16:14, 13 August 2006 (BST)
  • Syringes, eh? I happen to have a small stock available, so I'll head over there after I nose around Yea Drive for a while and look for wounded. Oh, well, that and drink all your beer. Sorry! -click- - Officer Charron

August 12th, 2006

  • God, Why can't these things stay dead!!! I'm outside -krrck- A- -static- -whine- -d there's a pretty big concentration of zed's and my radio's running out of juice!! I'm falling b*ck t* ** -static- C*me Bac* -static- [Signal Lost] --Marty Banks 07:53, 13 August 2006 (BST)

August 10th, 2006

  • Otep calling in from Cottam. Good to hear your voice Saxony. Things are going fine up here, although to be honest it's a little slow. Looks like the Strike Team and Zombie Squad did their jobs a little too well, they've left nothing for me and E-Dogg to do but eat the left-over donuts and drink the beer. Hope things at Ruggevale are going well for you. I'll be sure to pop around some time, I miss the place and the people. Otep out.
  • Look alive Boys and Girls; We've got a problem -static- the -static- -krrck- Station! 8 Zed's and they're out for brains! --Marty Banks 03:04, 11 August 2006 (BST)

August 8th, 2006

  • Saxony here -static- Otep, how are things at your new -static- Are things -static- in your area? Stay safe. -bzzzzzzzzz-
  • Hey everybody, getting drunk as hell here in the old Broadbelt... -static That would be, what the Code for a party? -static- - F***, We're out of beer, better break into da wine... -krrck- just wanted to let yer all know I'm still kickin' -hiccup- Excuse me. Anyway, I'm outta beer and the boys are starting to notice. If anyone can bring some more liquor from club meade, we'd really appre- appre- appreci- aw hell. Just bring over the beer and come party... I'm kinda passing ow anyway; but he- make sure tha ya watch out fer...... -snoring- -static- -click- --Marty Banks 07:07, 9 August 2006 (BST)

Hah hah! Just killed Khannoir in Swinnerton!--Maxwell Hammer 22:20, 9 August 2006 (BST)

  • Khannoir(OOC: Yes I was killed... guess what thats after I killed you, and after I killed two Zeds in Swinnerton running entirely out of AP so that I could..... wait for it... wait for it... Spend the extra XP I acquired killing you and those zeds to buy new skills. oh... And I gaurentee that I'll be revived before 7 am tomorrow morning. Conndrakamod TCFT 06:32, 10 August 2006 (BST))

--Maxwell Hammer 17:28, 10 August 2006 (BST)Liar. You didn't kill me. Not for a long time. Who cares about revival, anyway? I'm just as deadly as a zombie as living. Also, who needs xp? I've got thousands of xp lying around, with nothing to spend it on.

Dropped you in the Coss Building dumbass... with witnesses so quit your whinning Maxiepad. Conndrakamod TCFT 21:10, 10 August 2006 (BST)

Haha! Max has been pwned! --Paradox244 W! TJ! 21:39, 10 August 2006 (BST)

August 6th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. --static- Hey, Officer Marty! Any chance of someone coming in to tag the area? Just let people know the revive points and such - I don't want survivors getting bummed out that they can't get a revive! 10/4


  • Sorry Man, there's not much I can do about that right now... -krrck- I'll try to get some people out by tuesday or wednesday, unless some of the DHPD in the area are willing to lend a hand and do it sooner. -static-

Also, depspite the zombie activity, I've managed to get a wi-fi link-up in this hell... I'm hosting radio on strafeRightRadio tomorrow at 8 PM Eastern (1 AM GMT). It's my DJ Tryout, so come and tune in. -static- (SIGNAL LOST) --Marty Banks 05:05, 7 August 2006 (BST)

August 5th, 2006

  • All the PD's are looking for good people, if you were just revived in owelys bank stop by and say hey... we have beer and donuts Jeff Oneil 23:31, 5 August 2006 (BST)


  • Sick of getting killed? Find a purpose in life. Defend the Hills at their border. Join the Cottam Way Precinct today! - EDogg 20:19, 5 August 2006 (NZ time)



  • This is Marty. -static- finished stocking up at caiger, returning to the hills in the morning. Though I couldn't secure any ammo, I got some melee weapons, a phone, and some Spanish Wine!! I imagine Broadbelt is dry by now, See you all tommorrow! Vaya con dios amigos! --Marty Banks 00:04, 6 August 2006 (BST)


  • Rubix41 reporting in. -static- Did you see any other Cotty Officers there? I wonder where are. Especially since I need their help more than ever. Quincys, good job! It's nice to see you've made it to the Hills in one piece. All Quincy are to keep their stations and prepare to tag and revive when necessary. It's important that you don't stay in contact with the zeds too much unless you're scanning. Let a DHPD officer know that you are willing to heal and that you will heal *ANY* while in your listed building. Report in to me ASAP when you have made ground fall. 10/4


August 4th, 2006

  • a good couple days.....Operation Stick and Move went well, and I hope some of the people we helped come to the hills.....Oh and General Reptillus .... have a good time with the radio....and at the mall....we will see you VERY SOON......Jeff Oneil 21:09, 4 August 2006 (BST)

August 3rd, 2006

  • This is Officer Banks, we have a Code 4 at Zephyr- -static- -neral Hosp -krrck- al, All unit's be advised, barricade's are -static- -buzz- -Marty out. --Marty Banks 22:12, 3 August 2006 (BST)
  • Code 11 at Broadbelt, repeat we *static* a code 11 at *static*belt. Come and get it before me *static* Phil finish it off. --Paradox244 01:06, 4 August 2006 (BST)

August 2nd, 2006

  • EDogg: Hmmm . . . Old Maxwell seems a bit quiet. Maybe he's sulking. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings too much when I called him a freak. - EDogg 17:20, 2 August 2006 (NZ time)


  • Rubix41 *sound of coffee being sipped* Maxwell? I think he knows we got him beat, EDogg. *sips* If he bitches that we're zergers, he's got flamebait and, worse of all, if he does, he knows he's only doing it for the rise. *sips* The only thing that's keeping him down is that the fact people are in the Hills and, well, he isn't. *picks up his shotgun* I wonder if anyone is going to order a McZed in Dunnel Hills? I could do with one right about now.


  • Officer Charron here, handing out FAKs left and right. Nice to see the Hills under order again, I must admit. Unfortunately, the zeds drank all the beer here in -static- so we need a new shipment! They're vital suppliments man! Vital!

-Tick and static-

August 1st, 2006

  • jeff oneil OPERATION STICK AND MOVE-- Check it out Jeff Oneil 19:23, 1 August 2006 (BST)
  • I haven't heard much from anybody over the radio... come folks check in and let the rest of us know your still alive... -static- All Unit's be advised, there is in increase in zed activity proceed though the area with caution. Officer Banks Out. -click- --Marty Banks 23:28, 1 August 2006 (BST)

July 31st, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in! Just heard something really funny guys! -static- A Quincy bumped into a rotter near Caiger and had 11 minutes before he catched some sleep. Shot him with two flare guns and finished him off with an axe hit! I don't think the zed knew what hit him! Ha ha! -static- Civillians, remember, you may not be able to fire a gun but all zeds worry when you point ten flares and open fire on them. Let's be safe out there, y'hear? 10/4


What the Hell? Where is everybody? -static- Oh crap... Zed's! [gunfire] [groans] -static- [shotgun] Pablo, thanks! Oh crap, you take the right, I'll take the left! [bang] [bang] -static- Is anyone reading me, we have a mob of ten zed's outside of Zeph- -krrck- -whine- [bang] [bang] [click] [click] [click] Crap!! We need backup! Pablo I'm out of ammo! Pablo! I'm withdrawing, get yourself out! [punch] [axe] [squish] Out of my way... -whine- [groans] -static- -click- --Marty Banks 19:38, 31 July 2006 (BST)

July 30, 2006

This is Marty reporting in, we've been keeping the zed's out of the PD, but were running out of ammo, someone needs to resupply us... If any dhpd near caiger recieves this message please go for ammo and supplies to bring to the BGPD. -Marty Out! --Marty Banks 01:27, 31 July 2006 (BST)

July 29, 2006

Lt Potter reporting in, Yea Drive has been barricaded up, but I don't know how many zeds are outside.


--Marty Banks also Reporting in... The -static- grove security area is a zed party block... we better do some clean up. --Marty Banks 01:44, 30 July 2006 (BST)


Rubix41 reporting in. -static- Check your ammo and your equipment. -static- This could be lean times for us. Allies coming in from -static- and civillians should make their way to safehouses outside the area and free run in. -static- 10/4


Rubix41 *hic* -sound of bottles being opened- Someone's been brewing beer behind our backs! I am accquiring this stash in the name of DHPD and boost the morale of civillians operating in Dunnel Hills! *hic*


Brains! Brains.... Mrh? Beer? Beer.... Beer!!!!!!!!!!!!! -static- --Marty Banks 02:41, 30 July 2006 (BST)

Huh? Oh! [checks body] I'm alive again! What the HELL? Rubix! Tell me there's some beer left!! --Marty Banks 17:44, 30 July 2006 (BST)

Beer! --Paradox244 18:32, 30 July 2006 (BST)

July 28th, 2006

  • Major Gauntlet Chimera here of FOXHOUND, a supporting member of the Dulston Alliance. I broadcast to report that I have been killed by a nondescript. who claims to be a part of the DHPD, although his name is not officially on the Wiki. The slaying happened in St Barbara's Church at [98-2], after nondescript said that he heard that I was a PK'er. I would like to state that I am not a PK'er and only bounty hunt confirmed Player/Generator/Radio Killers and those who are part of a zombie group. Firstly, I would like to know who reported me as a PK'er and secondly I would like a formal apology from the DHPD. If an apology is refused, or this message ignored, FOXHOUND and the Dulston Alliance will view this act as a hostility. Please respond in the public section of our forums at or the Discussion section of the FOXHOUND Wiki.--Gauntlet Chimera 05:18, 28 July 2006 (BST)
  • Major, I beleive that Rubix has responded appropriately. Those that Impersonate officers of the DHPD are the lowest of the low. And will be hunted mercilessly given the opportunity. (OOC: Those that PK are playing their own game, and I dont fault them for that. However, the people that impersonate members of other groups just to create havok and create tension between survivor groups... Well their imature and worthless hides need to be nailed to a wall.) Conndrakamod TCFT 14:04, 28 July 2006 (BST)
  • Yeah, the DHPD is a good group that strives for the well being of everyone in our coverage area. We would never PK anyone unless attacked... and anyone who does is not fit to wear the badge! We are sorry for what occured but we can not take responsibility for an impersonator. We here at the DHPD operate only in western malton anyway, if you see a DHPD in Dulston, be suspicious unless you see a post here about it... We strive for ethics and good relations with survivor groups; but lately people have been trying to rub our name in the dirt. --MartyBanks 22:05, 28 July 2006 (BST)

July 27th, 2006

  • Ringseed2 Well, long time no talk... Ive made several trips homeward to get some heals going but ended up as a zombie for the longest while, hows everyone been? I got revived near caiger and thats where ive been staying... setup the old coffee shop with complementary FAKs. The nw corner is taking a beating and I rarely have much energy... can someone give a report on how many of us are still alive?


  • Rubix41 Afternoon, Ringseed. -click- Most of us are running around in -static- or somewhere -whine- really. Most of us are -whine-, so we captured these NT banks where the zeds haven't spotted us and we are reviving people now. Luckily, we got all these Quincy to help us! As long at the zeds don't find us, we're in with a chance so it's not all too bad really. -whine- Darn Radio. Please report in to the secure channels for a greater reception, Ringseed. 10/4 -buzz-


  • Good thing is that we can curse all we want as long as we wait for the static to censor us. Which is great because i can give those a**... -static- zombie m-static-ers like Maxy a piece of my mind... PS: Nacho July!! --Marty Banks 22:05, 27 July 2006 (BST)
  • I think you guys should know Zed numbers around -static- and -whine- are beginning to rise, people in the -static- -crackle- -recincts should prepare for some action soon. Also the -static- -crackle- has some company outside, this looks like trouble for you guys. I also managed to get in contact with a buddy of mine in the Millitary, but he says they can't justify putting more troops on the ground to help the survivors, so it looks like Dunnel Hills is alone out here... --Marty Banks 22:15, 27 July 2006 (BST)

July 26th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. Thanks for the heals Kali Mari. Kinda hot in that lab coat though. So how about a -click- Well, excuse me, princess. Anyway, good job officers on clearing out the NT's. Quincy Molatov is currently the best scoring Quincy near the location with 20 zeds zapped by the extractor! Well done! 10/4


  • Rubix41 Oh right! Nachos! Hey, hey, hey, nacho, nacho, nacho man....I gotta to be a nacho man. Lookey, the tin foil really does keep it preserved. Holding out near -static- until further orders. 10/4
  • --Marty Banks 23:40, 26 July 2006 (BST) What the hell was that? -static- I think the zombie apocalypse has burned him out.... You okay Rubix? You wan't a beer? -krrrck- -click-
  • Paradox244 00:54, 27 July 2006 (BST) I like Nachos! *gasp* Marty! You've been holding out on me you little rat! Fork over the beer or die!
  • I'm out anyway, the Zed's got into it an hour ago... I'm going to kill those b*st***s... -click- --Marty Banks 05:00, 27 July 2006 (BST)

July 25th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. Safehouse is secure. All Quincy units near Molebank are to move away from the area into the nearby NT buildings in the new district. Zeds will be taken out by officers accompanying the unit. Gens will be provided for by the allies - please message them when building has been taken.


No, no, Maxwell, I know you're such a bold character. After all, didn't you "tactically withdraw" when Surfcop and I caught you at Caiger Mall broadcasting your radio show? -static- All that talk about Surfcop persecuting you and your rights was just an act since you managed to leave sharpish, right? -whine- When I emptied my shotgun shells into you, it was pretty funny for you, though disappointing for me, not to be there where when I regained enough to move around and fire again either. No return fire there. Especially since I never did see you in the Southern East corner whilst I was there. -static- In fact, I didn't see you there for a while.


I don't mind running from the zeds, Maxwell. They aren't human and very, very undead. But when you're running away from bounty hunters and the DHPD though...says a lot about your standing amongst survivors doesn't it? -static- I just find it ludicrous that a murdering, bitter individual like you can still spout all the rubbish that you've gone on about with delusions of grandeur like you're some freedom fighter. -static- You are lost in your little world, still fighting against your injustice or whatever, still complaining that we're not in the Hills and well...thanks. It tells me why we still need to be in the DHPD!


I pity you Maxwell. You're a Malton Prometheus. Chained to a rock of bitterness and revenge that you cannot break with only your former glories and delusions in your head for company. And, every day, with every new member that enters the DHPD family, your anger that the DHPD lives gnaws you. With that, you feel happy because you feel dominant but that is an illusion. You're no martyr in Malton, neither are you free. Quite rightly, you're a prisoner, banging the doors on the cell, screaming for our attention. OUR prisoner.


If you think I am a puppet to the DHPD, you're wrong. Unlike some of the DHPD, I knew talking to you would be futile and, for now, I am confident we will have the upper hand on the zeds in Dunnel Hills. For, as a community, we stick together and, as a community, we shall fall together. Like the zeds, we will survive, we will evolve and we will come back. We're not locked in to our shackles of the past, nor do we brag about what we own because the DHPD isn't in the buildings of Dunnel Hills, it's in the people that strive to make Dunnel Hills safe again. All you have to do is look at yesterday's broadcast and see, Maxwell -static- YOU stand alone.


Keep banging on your cell, prisoner, lights out at 10pm. 10/4


Marty Banks here. Rubix, your wasting your breath on the moron, he wouldn't know a jail cell from a hotel room. Beside's this much preaching makes him think he's actually somewhat important. PS: Feeding time's at 8pm Maxwell, bread and water, and you know what? no bread!! hahahaha.... -static- Enjoy the view? well this is your future pansy boy... hehehehe


I'm getting ready to move out soon, should have free running by wednesday night... -static- then the real party starts... -click- --Marty Banks 19:03, 25 July 2006 (BST)

Lt Potter- to anyone who it may inquire, recently my brother used my character to send a message calling Sihoiba a Traitor. DO NOTE THAT EVERYTHING HAS BEEN TAKEN CARE OF TO MAKE SURE THAT THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! From changing my password with the help of the game maker to having my brother grounded (For the first time in his life). Do not Worry I am still on your side! And a swear this will never happen again!

July 24th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. -static- Zeds in sectors [12,47], [12,48]. -click- Moving to new safehouse with allies. -click-

--Maxwell Hammer 20:05, 24 July 2006 (BST)Allow me to translate Rubix's message. "Big mean zombies! I'm running like a little girl!"

Thank you 'Maxy boy' that was very informative................... Anyway's It's a zombie apocalypse, there's no shame in running, uh i mean retreat; provided your not leaving a friend to die. OH GOD FAT ZOMBIE!!!!! Every man for himself!! PS: Marine's rule, Maxwell drools!! (on his sofa while... -static- ...and eating his 47th burger... -static- ...with the back scratcher, In short it was really gross.) --Marty Banks 20:27, 24 July 2006 (BST)

Don't be -krzzt- silly Marty. Everyone knows that when zeds -static- into your safehouse and you wait there -krzzt- they can -static- your brains. After all, why would anybody do something stupid like run -krzzt- from vicious zombies who want to devour your brains? --Paradox244 02:21, 25 July 2006 (BST)

--Maxwell Hammer 02:57, 25 July 2006 (BST)Thank you officers of the dhpd for showing exactly why the place is overrun with zombies. Good job! Such bravery!

That was sarcasm. What I actually meant was you're all a bunch of cowards. Which is why you got together in your little group in the first place. Because you're cowards and like to pick on other people, like all cops everywhere.

--Paradox244 03:21, 25 July 2006 (BST) Of course we're cowards. Because only cowards would go into an abandoned suburb, overrun with zombies without a single survivor in sight, devoid of any non ransacked buildings, and try to beat back the horde without any outside help and only about a dozen men with them. Right.

--Maxwell Hammer 05:06, 25 July 2006 (BST)Dude, you have to actually do those things. Not just talk about them. When has the DHPD ever done that? Oh, yeah, I remember, when they had all the zergs they used to be able to control the hills. Not since then.

--EDogg 05:15, 25 July 2006 - Message for Maxwell Hammer: Get a life and stop whining, you freak.

Go E-Dogg! We are the DHPD, Officers sworn to bravely protect Malton's innocent from the evil legions of undead... We do our duty with pride and though we may be beaten at times, we are never broken. That's what we do, we protect and serve, and one day soon Dunnel Hills will be zombie and Maxwell free, this we vow. So go bother someone who actually likes you. Damn baby; you're as thick as the brick I want to hit you in the head with. --Marty Banks 07:13, 25 July 2006 (BST)

July 23rd, 2006

  • Rubix41reporting in. -static-We killed the zeds trying to break-in. Nice try fellas - next time don't attack when I am online checking the 'cades - We've completed Operation Navy Blue and will move to target areas soon -static- ALL Quincy: Use flare signal 1-2-1 with 5 min gap to mark presence in Hills. Move up from Rest Area towards the Factory and free run in. 10/4 -click-

lt potter- who are BAM or Jeff, and where can i find them and talk to them?

  • Marty Banks here. have you joined the forum yet, they are there. They are part of the command staff in the DHPD. Speaking of which, welcome aboard, I've never seen you around here before... You're the guy, who they thought was on the radio, right?

All right Hammer, I'm pissed. You can insult me, you can insult my family, you can insult my work, you can insult my beliefs, you can even insult my cat, but nobody, nobody insults the United States Marines. I don't care what country you're in, these are the people who kick ass so you don't have to get off yours and do it yourself. Treat them with respect or be prepared for a serious beating. So shut the heck up and go away. Now. --Paradox244 18:46, 23 July 2006 (BST)

Marty here, i'm going to need to test our ventrilo's bandwith soon. So i invite you all to two real-time chats at 6:00 PM Tonight and 7:00 PM Tommorrow, Eastern Standard Time, in the ventrilo. We can discuss tactics, play a little music, and get everyone up to speed on the use of the server, being that some people can't connect i felt that it'd be a good idea to iron out all the dents at once... Please register your IP in the internal affairs forum before connecting, for security reasons. --Marty Banks 15:05, 23 July 2006 (EST)

DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 00:28, 24 July 2006 (BST) Actually Maxwell, I'm just really disappointed. I thought you were a player with integrity. Your character has a gripe with DHPD, that's fine. But you as a player are blurring the line between yourself and your character. I mentioned that I was a marine not as a challenge, only for reference. I think as an adult (I'm assuming you are) you should set a better example even if Max has nothing but hate for DHPD. But, since it appears that you won't, know this. I will petition ALL members of the DHPD to ignore you completely. If you kill us, we will seek revives. If you taunt us on the radio, we will not respond. What fun will it be to fight the DHPD if we do not fight back? You led me to believe that Maxwell Hammer was a man of honor even if he despised my group. Which is it? Are you a man of honor or just a petulant, foul-mouthed player?

July 22nd, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. -static- We have moved through Chudleyton into Molebank. -click- Staying with allies in their building. -static- ETA into Hills will be within a week. Got infected... -click- Can't wait to meet up with the posse there. -click- 10/4

--Marty Banks 7:45, 22 July 2006 (EST) here. I've been revived. I can't tell you how good it is to have conscious thought again... -static- -buzz- being a zombie sucks and oh god the people i hurt while i was a brain hungry monster.... I need a beer! anyway hunkering down in the hills... I'll be laying low, being that i'm not to skilled at killing zombies just yet, awaiting pickup from the posse. Thanks Wilfreed for the revive wherever you are... -static- Don't have free running yet so i'm stuck till you guys get here. *groaning* Oh crap! *shuffling and gunshots* *glass breaking* come you b*st**ds I'm gonna fill y*ur he*ds wi*h le*d *gunshots* -static-


  • Rubix41 To all Quincy, this is the Chief speaking. All Quincy report in on your channels Any Quincy found to have failed my internal investigation will be discharged without further notice. Note, this is for your safety since a traitor inside the Quincy is more dangerous than the zeds outside and PK'ers. 10/4 -click-

Maxwell Hammer. Yes, you. I happened to see that latest preformance of yours. I'm going to make you bleed. Up till now your little rants were quite entertaining, but that last one was over the line. --Paradox244 01:07, 23 July 2006 (BST)


  • Rubix41 reporting in again. If you want attention that badly, Maxwell, you don't need to spam the radio. Or use that kind of language. Just throw down the gauntlet down and get Alan Sheih for a 1-on-1 match. Just tell him where you are. I'll vouch that I won't send any of my men to pick you up - Alan Sheih could take ten Maxwell Hammer's anyday. Unless you want to play chicken all day behind a radio transmitter somewhere. Loser. 10/4


--Marty Banks 8:40, 22 July 2006 (EST) Oh 'Maxy' you in trouble now!!! We ain't playin' no more!! Hey Rubix you gonna check out my radio server or what? This is Marty, lets kick some a** and take some names!!! namely Maxwell's...

PS: rubix when you blast your way over to Broadbelt or Yea, don't forget to let me know, I'll jump out of my foxhole and be right behind you!! *load groaning* ...way behind you.... *gunshot* right behind you.... I'm a level 1 officer what did you expect, that I'd stand still while shooting... Marty out! -click-

--Marty Banks 9:05, 22 July 2006 (EST) I just saw the lyrics he just dropped.... My God..... You know Maxwell's probably just some 14 year old kid with an attitude problem, it's a shame i'm not a minor anymore.... still I can't believe he'd pull something that low.... If anyone has a link to his Urban Dead profile(s) let me know. that way if i see him, i can blast his ugly zerging zombie ass straight to hell!! -click-

--Maxwell Hammer 03:30, 23 July 2006 (BST)So what am I hearing, here, you really hate me now? So was how you acted before the way you show love? And the 13 years olds all listen to gangsta crap, they've heard language a lot worse. So what's the prob? I get the feeling that I'd actually hate all you authoritarian pricks even if I met you in real life. I know all the old DHPD was in some wingnut christian school, are you all ex-pigs and preachers? Marines kill babies!

--Marty Banks 11:55, 22 July 2006 (EST) You just confirmed for me 'BOY' that you're probably not even old enough to drive yet... How Sad... he must be stuck at home all summer with nothing to do but moan and b*** at total strangers who don't care.... You know your parents should have taught you manners you little brat... I've seen dried up chewing gum less pathetic than you.... But YOU should at least know better than to spew profanity in places where kids can hear it, I hope Kevan bans you for life... beware zerger... God is your judge, We the People of Malton are your jury, and the DHPD, the DHPD is your jailer, executioner... and if need be, executioner... -click-

--Maxwell Hammer 05:15, 23 July 2006 (BST)Blah blah blah, talk talk. You're just hoping I'm a teenager so you can invite me back to your trailer park.

And if Kevan hadn't wanted people to have the freedom to use bad language on the radio then he would have put some sort of filter on it.

--Marty Banks 12:45, 23 July 2006 (EST) Just because you can do bad things; doesn't mean you should... Maxwell. Grow up and realize that kid. Because being trash is only a short step from being trailer trash. I'm just glad I'm neither.

PS: Nice trailer park comment you pervert... I'm going to bed now, you wanna finish this conversation it will have to wait until morning. PPS: I'm gonna call you kid from now on, because you might be an adult in body but in mind you have yet to age beyond a middle school mentality and this comes from a college student. -Marty out -click-

July 21st, 2006


Radio Server

Secure radio server set up, DHPD Officers only.

"This bad boy is spy proof!!"

DHPD, make sure to post your IP and user name in ventrilo registration in the department of Internal Affairs Forum.

The server uses ventrilo 2.1.1 It will be online during the daytime, usually from 11:00AM to 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time.

IP: Port: 3784

Download ventrilo 2.1.1 Right here!!

PS: you will need a microphone... though if you don't have one you can communicate through comments or the built-in chat while listening in.

Enjoy!! :) -Marty Banks


Lt Potter- Conndraka I was wondering if there was any job openings anywhere in the department, I really want to get my bearings straight and find My Place in the DHPD

  • Potter, Take the issue up with BAM or Jeff. I'm not in a position to make personel decisions at the MO. But I'm sure they know esactly where to use you to the greates effect. Conndrakamod T 00:47, 23 July 2006 (BST)

July 18th, 2006

  • * This is for our radio buddy...........You are very brave DOUCHBAG. you couldnt take us out without zerging and spying? SAD dont you want to take credit for your broadcast? NO ?! the best part is KNOW ONE CARES. just to let you know who i am little man Jeff Oneil 17:33, 18 July 2006 (BST)

  • Lt Potter {{{{{{*Potter- we take you in, make you feel welcome watch your back and this is how you repay us? If I see you in the hills or anywhere else I will not think twice about pulling the trigger.}}}}}}

Did I miss something...

--Maxwell Hammer 00:00, 19 July 2006 (BST)Hey, Jeff? If no one cares then why are you making such a big deal of it? Methinks you doth protest too much.

--Marty Banks 7:35, 18 July 2006 (BST) "Methinks you doth protest too much." What are you, like nine? Thy mastery of thy tongue is compared to that of a monkey's mastery of classic literature... and thy intelligence is that of the mighty lady bug... So we say good day to you sir!! In more simple words... GET BENT!!!!

  • Conndrakamod T 05:53, 19 July 2006 (BST) Dont worry about it Lt Potter. Someone took an Identifier I laid out and misidentified it as you. Out.

July 17th, 2006

  • Wow Max, How mature... it’s a joy to see you revealing yourself to the whole world like that. (OOC:And I would have to remind you that bad faith edits deleing your statement would be a violation of Wiki policy and subject to a 24 hour ban or longer, so say what you will and as long as it doesn’t constitute vandalism, its part of the permanent record. that being said...) It’s a joy to see that your own statement proves what a whiney ass you indeed are sir. And I look forward to quoting it on a regular basis when questioned about the adulthood and masculinity of one Maxwell Hammer. Conndrakamod T 08:25, 17 July 2006 (BST)
  • Grabaz ma Hammah toworo Ridleigh grr. HAHAHA HAR Hamma dung. General Alex Creedy 08:51, 17 July 2006 (BST)
  • Thanks General but I think the RRF gave him the response I would expect from a dedicated Zombie group that actually beleives in the "better" aspects of the Game. We appreciate the assist at Dury btw, let your people know we appreciate the assist. Conndrakamod T 09:01, 17 July 2006 (BST)
  • Call me stupid... Why Fing? Damn it I should have been paying more attention, I knew about WCH, JT, and two others but damn I never suspected you... Conndrakamod T 09:09, 17 July 2006 (BST)
  • *CRACKLE* Can't.... take it..... ANYMORE! Need beer... badly. Making a run for it. MONKEY HUNT! PsychoPhil
  • -crackle- Oye, triaga me uno! I need a drink! Anyway, Caiger looks to be surrounded; I don't like this one bit... -static-

-click- -Marty Banks

  • Potter- we take you in, make you feel welcome watch your back and this is how you repay us? If I see you in the hills or anywhere else I will not think twice about pulling the trigger.
  • Fing- just say it isnt so, I begged you to stay, just say something anything Jeff Oneil 19:45, 17 July 2006 (BST)
  • The fact that you interpreted our speeches as whining, Max, says a lot about you. I'll just leave it at that. - Ben
  • YEEEEEHAW!!! I've reached the northern stash! I repeat, Monkey Hunt successful!! I've reached the northern stash. Beer! Hooray Beer!

July 16th, 2006

Whine! Bitch! Moan! I'm the DHPD and I'm gonna whine about how no one treats me fairly and that mean old Maxwell Hammer is just so...mean! He won't do what we tell him! He's a big ol' poopyhead! We have to kill him and make special wiki pages about how unfair and mean everyone is! Whine!

Bet this gets deleted. 'Assumed to be Maxwell'

-click- - Im not 100% sure but i assume that was Maxwell. -buzz- Oops, looks like someones upset that our spirit can't be broken... I think in our resolve to stand firm against the darkness, we struck a nerve in our nemesis. That's right 'MAXWELL', you can't break our spirit, and it's going to eat at you and bug you to no end, and you will truly see how insignificant you are in the face of good friends and good values... Can I get a hooraah!!! -click- --Marty Banks??? 8:28 PM, 16 July 2006 (EST)


DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 02:03, 17 July 2006 (BST) here. Hate to disappoint you Max but we won't stop you from broadcasting here. I wasn't around when the Cotty incident occured and it's unfortunate we can't come to an accord, but we have other priorities at the moment. So continue to bad-mouth us if you wish, it lets Malton know we're still here. By the way, too bad the RRF didn't deal, that was a good idea.

Oh yeah, as long as I'm on air; all DHPD, whatever your status should make your way to Point Havoc for a rendezvous.


July 15th, 2006


Rubix41 This is Rubix41 reporting in for what could be the last time on this channel. We have found hope today - we have driven back the zeds from the beachhead for Pankhurst. We will move in 5 days time. Squad Charlie has moved over target from Caiger - numbers are low - 3 outside and 3 inside. This will be a piece of cake! ^_^ Okay, once we get the NT...let's crank out those syringes baby!


Rubix41 Since this could be the last time I talk over the radio...I am not very good with speeches...I've been fighting with the DHPD long after I knew who Hammer was. I've lived through the Desk Sgt. Controversy and I've thought tooth and nail for the Dept. It doesn't matter if we are destroyed or we lose Dunnel Hills, all you have to ask is why we joined in the first place. I joined because we have something special here - we are a family and I think we are much better after The Shining Ones came because it is the ones that stood to fight and stayed that meant others could still live and we do...just remember, while we may be suburbs apart, somewhere, elsewhere, DHPD officers are living the same thing you're going through. We may be down and we're certainly not out - we may not be the powerhouse we once were but we can still make a difference! So let's go out there, serve and protect, uphold the law, cap a zed! Let's give them hell and let them know that for a zed to respect the DHPD is to fear us!

-sound of much banging- Awww crap. -sounds of shells being loaded- C'mon...-whine-

-[continuous static]- -- NO DEFINITE SIGNAL SOURCE 15 July 2006 (BST)

July 14th, 2006

Greetings From Commissioner Conndraka

To:The Populace of Malton, and more specifically those who seem bent on the Destruction of the DHPD.


Allow me to explain in more detail:

The DHPD is not (and as long as the current game mechanics in play never will be) Capable of holding any territory. Plain and simple the Advantages Zombies have prevent Survivors from holding anywhere against a large enough opponent. Caiger is the ONLY known exception and as large as the DHPD is... we don't have 2000 members.

Furthermore, The DHPD is more than some group trying to hold onto territory, or hold influence over other survivors, or hell we don't even really care about the undercurrent of political machinations of certain "Supergroups/Alliances".

Therefore I offer up this bit of information: The DHPD will continue to try to "retake the hills" not because we must validate ourselves by doing something (like griefing other players) but because we are enjoying the struggle. Thats right... your griefing makes the game more enjoyable for us, and our attempts to defeat YOUR Zerging gives us something to strive for.

Additionally, You cant make us disband, or even do enough to us to change our group substantially. You may take our land, you may take our lives, but you cannot take our friendships which go FAR beyond Urbandead. If the DHPD relocates to another suburb, retreats to the Malls or Hell turns ZED and start our own campaign against Caiger... its none of your doing, or your business.

WE are the DHPD, YOU are not. and WE stand together as friends regardless of your crap spouting on this forum and others (especially the 26.60 band). Grow up and realize that real friends don't need propaganda in their lives like you obviously do.

In conclusion. If that doesn't explain the entirety of the DHPD and point out your lackluster and immature attempts at trying to tear us down, I have two words for you....

SUCK IT! Conndrakamod T 07:03, 14 July 2006 (BST)

-click- I'll tip a morning beer to that! The only way the zed will pry me from DHPD is if they physically remove parts of me needed to operate any computer. Ben out. -click-

-buzz- Alright Conndraka!!! -whistles- -static- We are the DHPD and we stick together, come hell or high water!! We may have left the hills; but we'll be back, and with help... -static- Judgewood is a zombietown now!! Hate to see Gatcombeton and Darvall. -click- --Marty Banks??? 9:28 AM, 14 July 2006 (EST)

-"beep"- Jtrain GO DHPD, Hell I get tired of the constant hate for the DHPD, when all we are trying to do is Fight our way back in to the hills. Oh and Yeah I am at the mall, getting supplies and doing what good I can here. I will return, The hills will free again! Not by my hands alone but, by the teamwork of all the DHPD!!! -"static"-

-click- Rubix41-cough- And that's -cough- why Maxwell 'House' Hammer -static- the only people who follow you are half-baked half-wits, inconsistent nobodies and who only think about themselves. And what the heck is this talk about fans? Jeez, if you're having to pretend that you are someone else - make sure you don't make it TOO obvious! -static- -sound of banging hands on window-Hmm, zeds are outside my location in Molebank. I gather about 5 or 4. Should be some locations nearby to hide out in...

July 13th, 2006

--Officer Charron here, getting some interesting reports. I have a few friends down in Grigg heights in a group called Oblivion folder. Was there for a short time before I joined the DHPD. Seems that the undead are storming and securing the whole West side of Malton, as they've been completely pushed from Grigg to Shore hills! As much as Maxwell and his allies would like us to believe, I'm quite sure that Dunnell hills wasn't overtaken so fast from specific zed groups alone. Now, mind you Maxwell (I know you read this), I'm not saying that we would've pushed the zeds back if it hadn't been for the sudden explosion in zeds on the west side, but you can't take sole credit.

Which actually brings me to another point I find rather funny. You accuse us of zerging, yet I don't see a mass of alternates coming to save the day... You accuse us of not caring for the suburb, yet we still fight for it with our dying breath again and again... You say we don't care about survivors, and yet you let the hordes slaughter them...

I don't think you're making the point you want to be making. We were willing to talk peacefully at one point, as far as I can tell. I'm still wet behind the ears in this strange little battle you've got going on against DHPD, and you may think that means I have no say in this.

But then again, doesn't that make me more like the survivors you're trying to 'save' from the DHPD? I don't think my views are alone. Ben out. -static-

--Marty Banks??? 8:15 PM, 13 July 2006 (EST) You go Charron, I'm new too and I think what Maxwell is doing is just stupid. I think he's mental and just wants to make things hard for someone... It makes him feel important. --static-- Thought you'd all want to know... The zombie groups that attacked Dunnel Hills have moved north and are overruning Peddlesden Village, Chudleyton, and Darvall Heights. I guess the Big Bash Roles on! --static-- I could use an update on the status and location of the DHPD. Please mail me at so i can rendevous with you guys and not be trudging around in this zombie infested filth...-click-

--Maxwell Hammer 03:07, 14 July 2006 (BST)Charron, you and Marty are idiots. You can attribute all the alts and zergs to me you want, but it's just not true. I've got 2 other hasn't even been played for two weeks. Maxwell is currently a zombie in Dunnell Hills pulling down barricades and killing the few survivors in the area. But at least I"m in the Hills, as opposed to our oh so brave police officers who have hightailed it for parts unknown.

I don't have zergs, unlike the DHPD. It's just that I finally got the word out that you're a bunch of facists. But it wasn't all me, it was your thuggish gestapo tactics that really made everyone want to kill you.

Conndrakamod T 07:03, 14 July 2006 (BST) I call Bullshit Max, There was NO way that you could have plastered all your PRO-MAX anti-DHPD sprays and been a Zombie haunting Coffins at the same time. The only Zerging the DHPD has EVER been guilty of was due to a missunderstanding on the application of Charachters. When those chars were deleted, the same players took up new chars and continue to play them. You, and the few other pro-Zombie players that couldnt deal with the DHPD being so effective can continue to spout your BS but everyone that matters to us knows better. All in all read my 7-14 post and get used to the DHPD being in Malton because we arn't going anywhere.

July 12th, 2006

--Marty Banks??? 12:47 PM, 12 July 2006 (EST) Dunnel Hills has been upgraded to very dangerous as a large group of zombies moves in... --static-- Thought you'd all want to know... and I'm trapped here half-dead, all Mrh!! at the Billet Auto Repair, so you guys know not to kill me when you move back in. -click-

--NEWS UPDATE-- 6:56 AM, 12 July 2006 (EST) The Malton Mirror is spreading around their newest issue, get it at our distribution point ["Here at the MM HQ!"]-click-

  • Mr Banks ? I thought I knew your name, werent you a reporter for the Malton Mirror? Jeff Oneil 16:19, 12 July 2006 (BST)

--Marty Banks??? 2:12 PM, 12 July 2006 (EST) actually my sister was, If she's still out there, she's probably the only one left... I'm hoping publishing the news again will help me find her. She might see the paper and head to the Mirror HQ.-click-

Rubix41 reporting in from Molebank. Currently four blocks from drop location. Man, the zeds are really checking the area. I am hanging out at the PD not far from the location. I scouted there earlier and I see 9 or so zeds there and they seem to be looking around for something. It seems they are swarming over the place nearby - I dunno who barricaded that up. I'll check it out later. Dates do not change - we should move in soon. 10/4

July 11th, 2006

Rubix41 reporting in! Reports of the Big Bash are coming in and we're in the way. All Quincy agents, the Bakery is on fire. I repeat, the Bakery is on fire. All Cotty PD folk, look alive, we're moving out of the section. All reports come through me ok, no one else, if you hear me on the radio - check your internal comms for info. We'll back Charlie in Operation Panhandle as soon as we're good and ready. I see 5 zeds inside, 4 outside and 3 or more around the area. They haven't spotted me yet, which is good. Besides Hammer, I doubt the zeds come and read here anyway. At least, I am thankful that Hammer, whatever he is, aint zed. 10/4


Rubix41 Happy Birthday, Marty!


--Marty Banks??? 1:22, 11 July 2006 (EST) [Marty Grunts happily]Mrh!! [STATIC]... (PS: Thanks Rubix, also i've made it, this adventure is so going in my survivor journal. I'm currently deader than a doornail though, revive maybe?)


Rubix41 Sure, why don't you come to my discussion page and drop me a message about your location? That always helps! I'll try and get to you because I am currently in Molebank but running back to Dunnel Hills isn't too hard! Failing that, I'll pass a message to the people in the know. That okay? Looking forward to seeing you sometime, MartyBanks! 10/4


Gerald Terrant! What!?! they attacked the bakery... there gonna pay for that... (ps: wow, i havent been here for a while. it seems that my previous message was misconstued. i apologize, and it was very dumb of me in retrospect)

--Marty Banks??? 11:22, 11 July 2006 (EST) The bakery? Noooooo!!! where will i get my donuty goodness... my trigger finger goes dead with out them!! oops I mean Mrh!!!! (Translation = revive me)

July 10th, 2006

--Maxwell Hammer 01:28, 11 July 2006 (BST)What happened to y'all? Zombie cat get your tongue? Or are things so bad you can't even fake the inane chatter?

--MartyBanks 11:27, 10 July 2006 (EST) I'm being torn asunder by viscious zombies in an attempt to get help in Dunnel Hills, and all this guy on the radio can do is hate! Can anyone of any actual use help me!!! OH GOD! [Bang] [Bang] [Click] ARRGGHHH!!!! [STATIC]

--MartyBanks??? 11:34, 7 July 2006 (EST) [STATIC] Mrh? Mrh!! [STATIC]...

--Maxwell Hammer 04:38, 11 July 2006 (BST)Nope, sorry Marty, you died for nothing. No reason to go to Dunell Hills to help the DHPD, they're all holed up in Caiger or somewhere else just as far a way and safe.

--MartyBanks??? 11:43, 7 July 2006 (EST) Dude, you mind I'm on a role here. Oops I mean, Mrh!!!!! [STATIC]... (Edit - PS: I'd also like to announce, today is my birthday. and a really great birthday present would be a rescue, and a revive maybe?)

July 7th, 2006

--Maxwell Hammer 00:19, 7 July 2006 (BST)I'm killing y'all for being cheats, facists and zergs. You're just killing anyone who speaks bad of you or sleeps in the wrong building or otherwise violates your arbitrary rules.

  • Conndrakamod T 07:07, 7 July 2006 (BST) I wish I knew where to find whatever it is you keep smoking Max. The first person to kill anyone in Cotty PD when the DHPD showed up was you. And after you killed a friend of Mine I took care of buisness. the Only survivors anyone in the DHPD has ever killed are those who have violated the peace (and by that I mean PK another survivor or destroy a generator.) To my knowledge we have NEVER killed anyone for sleeping ion the wrong building, nor are our rules arbitrary. There are plenty of people whom have spoken ill of the DHPD, and thats fine... as long as they dont kill or assault one of us (or kill someone clainming to be a member of the DHPD). And the ONLY reason Dunell fell to zombies is not because of the lack of Zergs on our part but because of attacks of no less than NINE different Zombie groups, at least two of which were actually three indivisduals running a pile of Zergs (i.e the ZIP clan. which I dont hear you complaining about.) And another thing,

FASCIST Function: noun Etymology: Italian fascismo, from fascio bundle, fasces, group, from Latin fascis bundle & fasces fasces 1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition 2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

I'm guessing your big issue is forcible suppression of opposition? Well ask the Regulators about that... Was there an issue about our prescense in Bunter P.D.? Yes did it devovlve into conflict? No. Same with Justice Inc, Zombie Squad, Chai Vai Hunters, 5punk, Channel 4, Club Veal Gang and a dozen other groups. We have aided and assisted in healing and defending other players and groups (sometimes at the expense of our own...) I beleive the issue here is you couldnt beleive that you couldnt get away with PKing someone in "YOUR" PD when it was your own stupidity that got you into trouble. Suck it up Max you were wrong then, you are wrong now. Until you can come to terms with that you and any of your alts we ID will have to keep at least one eye open. Enjoy your time down there in Gulsonside, I'm sure that transmitter is getting pretty warm by now. Conndraka OUT!

  • Alan shieh As of today I am relinquishing my badge and quitting the DHPD to start my own hunt for Maxwell Hammer. Was it for the DHPD, or am I just some bored beat out cop who got bitten one too many times. I think it'll be quite a refreshing hunt actually. Anyone who wishes to join in on this hunt, feel free to join me. Let's see which EX-DHPD member can first kill this megalomaniac eh? Maybe we can even form a group dedicated to hunting down this one man. You can kill him either alive or dead, either one counts. Whoever can kill him first wins. DHPD members accepted only. See you out there on the playing field Maxwell. It'll be fun.


  • Rubix41 No one dares talks s*** about me or my recruits and guess what? If you ever shoot me again, you're going to be pulling buckshot from your butt until I rip your head so you use a sieve. And Maxwell? Just to let you know, Alan's former Squad Charlie - we whupped PK'ing scum like you all the time - not because we're zerg, it's because our prey think they're untouchable. Especially if they thought they were. All members of Cotty PD: switch to internal Comms


  • John25 Cotty Street PD is wide open and ransacked. Sorry if you knew already. Same with broadbelt. I'd hate to see yea...


  • Rubix41 Errr...thanks for the info, why not help us and join the PD and take it back? Lookee...Free coffee and donuts!

--Maxwell Hammer 00:21, 8 July 2006 (BST)Yeah, I know who Alan Shieh is. I've killed him several times. Just like I've killed you, rudix.

--MartyBanks 08:43, 7 July 2006 (EST) This is former Police Officer Marty Banks, I'm somewhere in Stanbury Village and making my way to Dunnel H**ls The Zeds are on my tail a** I think I've been infected. This place is crawling!! I'm going to do my best to r**ch Du**el Hills before nightfall. [STATIC] I could really use a guide and maybe a medic, can anyone help me? OH GOD they're coming! [STATIC]...

July 6th, 2006

  • Jeff Oneil 08:25, 6 July 2006 (BST) What ?! Gerald was responding to what was said, no one is supressing anything. people have the right to say what they want on both sides, why are you trying to make us out to be something we are not?


  • Rubix41 This is the Chief of Cotty speaking to all new recruits at Cotty: Declan, Finnish, XxSpoonxX, H4NN4H and Axelius. All officers are to hold current positions and await further instructions. Whatever happens regarding the Maxwell Hammer situation, I would like to know that it was a pleasure meeting you all and that I hope we can work together some time again. And, no, Hammer, they're not zergs and, although I joined after the incident, I know from your actions all that I need to know about you. Over and out.


--Maxwell Hammer 17:44, 6 July 2006 (BST)Jeff, he said "the DHPD are coming for ya" what else could that mean but he's going to pk him for what he said? That's what facists do. They kill anyone who disaggrees with them. That's what the DHPD does, they kill anyone they don't like.

And Rubix, no, they aren't zergs now. All the DHPD zergs got banned. That's why they can't keep Dunnell HIlls. That's why it's been overrun with zombies ever since the zergs were canned. It's also why some of your better guys like Guy Montaq left the DHPD, they weren't happy with the zerging when they found out about it.

  • Jeff Oneil 19:13, 6 July 2006 (BST) and how many times have you said you are going to kill us all?

July 5th, 2006

  • Jeff Oneil- Ok Hammer you want to talk use my talk page, Terms will listed
  • Gerald Terrant "someone is taunting us on the DHPD 26.60 channels. here is what they said,
    • 26.60 MHz: "DHPDeeeeee-eeeee!" (1 minute ago)
    • 26.60 MHz: "Come out and playyyyy-eee-aaayyyy" (1 minute ago)
    • 26.60 MHz: "Oh thats right! You can't!" (1 minute ago)
    • 26.60 MHz: "You're all DEAD." (59 seconds ago)
  • "if you said that, and you can hear me, just know; the DHPD are coming for ya. and we wont take this lightly"

See why I call you facists? You're supressing freedom of speech and freedom of the press. This guy didn't kill one of you or anything like that. He just hurt your feelings with words. Are you too much of a baby to handle it? Now you're going to kill someone for being mean.

That's what facists do, don't you see? You probably don't, fascists never do.--Maxwell Hammer 07:07, 6 July 2006 (BST)

July 2nd, 2006

  • Declan on the line! St. Justin's has been retaken and has been formed into a firebase and a base of operations for further strikes against the rampaging hordes. Stay lucky and stay alive! Declan out.


  • Rubix41 reporting in. -screech- Arms has fallen. -static- All officers remaining -whine-, please report -screech- Internal Comms.


June 28th, 2006


  • Rockphed And that is the end of our CPR demonstration. Since our victim is on his way to recovery and a surgeon is available to fix him up, we will let our dummy, I mean victim, recover in their capable hands. And as for using people who are dying, never try this at home. It is bad for your health if your dummy dies in this city. They tend to try biting you after wards. Wait, is this a radio, Whoops, I thought that it was a defibrilator. Sorry to any, and all, who are listening. I have to go help with a surgery as medical survices are understaffed. Any doctors who are listening, I promise to get you free alcohol in as large of quatities as you want if you relocate to Dunell Hills.


  • Rubix41 -screech- What the -whine- All Cotty officers, this is the Precinct Chief speaking. Due to attacks on the Precinct, we are little undermanned. However, we are not all down and out. We have a FORTITUDE Operation taking place near Dewfall Station and Ostrehan Towers. All officers at Cotty should move towards the area for a counter attack. Under FORTITUDE rules, all Cotty based officers, please do not attempt to take back Cotty PD and the surrounding area. Avoid Heal Museum, Jacomb Arms, Club Swaine and Moon Building, until the counter attack under FORTITUDE takes place. See your internal comms for more information. This only applies to Cotty based officers of the DHPD - allies, please ask a DHPD officer about FORTITUDE operations before attempting one. 10/4
  • Gerald Terrant "there is an immense amout of Zombies killing Zombies at Coffins. i could list of the 3 culprits but it wont help too much. i think we should designate a secret revival point while FORTITUDE status is in effect"

June 28th, 2006

  • Dedicated Revive Teams or The New Dixie Squad

To better service the local revive points we are forming DRT's under the banner of Dixie squad to give it new life (hey, a pun!). These will be 2-3 man teams who work the lines on a regular basis. They will also work together to defend and recover NT buildings on occasion. We currently need 4-9 people to fill these positions, current DHPD or new members are welcome to join. Please sign up on the secure network (forum).
DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 22:32, 28 June 2006 (BST)

Billets been hit, heavy casualties, St.Lorenzos is filling up. -static- I got seven needles or so but unfortuantly I'm swaying with the pack. Please revive us at Lorenzos, scan first imposters may be present. *AlphaNine out.

June 27th, 2006

  • Rubix41This is Cotty Precinct reporting in. All officers:- Cotty has been marked for Black Arrow status. We are facing a growing mob of zeds, including Intrepidman1 and Sparkyzip, rushing into the area. All stations near Cotty have fallen. Requesting backup and medical team to recover ASAP. Any officers outside Cotty, recovery of donuts and coffee are located in Hardware and Auto shops. Please look more carefully 10/4


  • Rubix41 What the - *sounds of gunfire and barricades being torn down* ARRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHH!

June 26th, 2006

  • Rubix41: -pumping out Haddaway's "What is love?" on the Radio- Cotty Chief reporting in! Gerald Terrant, you want to know what a Broken Arrow is? Log in to the Internal Comms and find out! You won't regret it! Anyway, this is a big shout to all officers in the 'Hills. The zeds may be thick and fast but they are totally beat. Dead beat which, naturally, rhymes with dead meat! Hopefully when our posse comes back from Caiger, we should have a rash of supplies and hopefully some coffee to drink ala coffee machine and donuts! 10/4


  • Rubix41: Evacuate -static- Heal Museum! I repeat, -static-everyone OUT OF HEAL MUSEUM


  • Declan here. Uh...I don't know how to say this...but Caiger is out of donuts and beer. This is a sad day for humanity. Not happy!

June 25th, 2006

  • Thom Solo comin' to you live from beautiful downtown Dunell Hills, where we're having a great time! I went on a walkabout this morning; things are getting better every day, but we still have zeds milling about the downtown area. Everyone stay sharp and stay safe!
  • GeraldTerrant "SHOOT! i wish i was there to help the cotty situation before i died. i was prepared to take down a hord of zombies... oh well... also, what is a broken arrow situation"
  • Officer Charrion here. I'm back. I accidently got locked in a broomcloset with three cases of beer and loads of donuts for a few days. *cough* So, reporting for duty again!

June 24th, 2006

  • Declan here. Broken Arrow at Cotty. Repeat Broken Arrow at Cotty!

June 23rd, 2006

  • PsychoPhil reporting...... *STATIC* mast... overrun... all others killed. They just grabbed them and pulled *STATIC*em all out of the building. Don't know how I got out... not going to last much longer...
  • Declan here. If anyone sees a tag that states "all non-DHPD get out or be killed" or something similar, disregard it, it was not put their by any member of the DHPD. It is most likely Maxwell Hammer badmouthing the DHPD and spreading negative propaganda which has zero basis in reality. Rather, every survivor is welcome in Dunell Hills, and we will do our best to offer aid and protection to those who seek it. The only survivors we kill are PKers, as they are a threat to the DHPD, and those the DHPD does their best to protect. If anyone has a spraycan handy, please replace this false drivel with something more intelligent, please. Maxwell, have you gotten tired of putting "X is a penis."? I thought so, and I'm glad you figured it out that that only embarrasses you rather than anything constructive. Ok, in other news...low on donuts...I quit drinking...ammo holding out...oh, and Operation Reverse Eviction has commenced. Repeat: Operation Reverse Eviction has commenced! Declan out.

June 21st, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in! All Cotty officers to their stations! We have 11 zeds outside and they aren't friendly!
  • When are they ever friendly? Those certainly weren't love bites they were giving me, unfortunately. What's it take for a guy to get a few love bites around here anyw--uh nix that. 'Cades at Cotty are constantly low or nonexistent. Working on it. Declan out.

June 20th, 2006

  • Rubix41 This is the Precinct Chief reporting in. I would like to say well done to all officers at Cotty that repulsed the attack. We've got a long fight ahead of us, load up on ammo but keep some time - keep a minimum of 5-10pts for barricading and, if necessary, retreat. All officers be aware of infection and, if you have the time, please get a cross-box or two. 10/4
  • Declan here. Dewfall Station has been invaded. Only 1 zed inside, and I capped him, but I couldn't make the dump--this zed was the heaviest I've seen yet. Dewfall has been heavily ransacked, and the doors are wide open to the street. Not a big deal now, but we might want to take care of that at some point. Seven undead freaks are clumsily stumbling around just outside the station. This is survivor turf, not zombie. Let's show them what-for! Declan out.

June 19th, 2006



  • Rubix41 All officers within the Cotty area! This is the Precinct Chief speaking! Broken Arrow situation at Cotty @ 17:23(GMT). Requesting reinforcements! Freakin' RRF...always spoiling for a fight! 10/4
  • Declan back. 'Cades back up to VSB+1--get them to EXH. 13 zeds right outside Cotty, with PKers free-running through and doing their dirty deeds. Potential broken arrow if these zeds have reinforcements close by. Pick 'em off as we can and we should be able to avoid that sort of situation. Declan out.

June 18th, 2006

  • Declan here. Barricades are holding, St. Justin's is clear and holding strong so far. Crossboxes are being distributed, and I've stocked up on clicks and boomers, but unfortunately no blinders. Outdoor zed check impossible--who had the bright idea to board and nail up the windows? Declan out.
  • Rubix41 Due to the new reports of zeds taking out survivors, I've authorised, temporarily, for the complete EHB'ing of the precinct. This is due to two reasons:- one, if a zed break-in happens, we cannot barricade until we get them out. Two, zeds can drag out survivors who are dying. At the moment, we haven't got a good idea on how to eliminate this threat - we can prevent it with distributed defence with survivors moving out OR we camp out and barricade. Let me gather some logistics regarding the cause and, once I formulated a strategy, the building MAYreturn to VSB status. Also, officers who use the EITS system should be okay regarding zed recon. 10/4
  • AlphaNine here! -static- Billets cracked like an egg!Horrible -static- watched it happen in a matter o minutess! Men being dragged outside an Eaten by -static- of em! -screaming- Cannot hold! I repeat we cannot hold! Get away from me you rotten bastard! *Gunshots* Arghh! Expect heavy casualties! Ffaceman! Don't let go of my hand Ffaceman! Nooo! Dammit! Whats with this draggin theyve learned? Argh get off me! Sonofa$#@&%! -screaming- *silence*

June 17th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. All officers at Cotty and Yea, look alive! EITS is showing a surge in dead bodies outside the precincts AND standing. Get some crossboxes, boomers and clicks for the encounters but keep all survivors alive and beyond the GRAB zone of HP. Remember, for every 1 AP that a survivor with barricade spends on barricade is worth 5 zombie AP to break it down (theoretically). Don't search out your AP and keep some for barricading! 10/4

June 16th, 2006

  • Declan sounding off! Popped a hollowpoint right into a zed's head and really scrambled its brains around something fierce just outside Cotty. Current count at Cotty is 8, with 18 dead bodies, with a lonesome zed hanging out by the Jacomb Arms. Cotty is heavily barricaded, Heal and Jacomb are extremely heavily barricaded...the free-running entry point is St. Luke's Church. I repeat, the free-running entry point to Cotty St. Precinct is currently St. Luke's. Keep your head and keep your cool. Krispy Kremes should be arriving shortly...Declan out.
  • Rubix41 This is the Chief of Cotty speaking. Potential Broken Arrow Situation at Cotty - All officers report into PD Due to these recent zed incidents of them running in, the PD and the 3x3 area will now be upgraded to EHB at all times. This will take effect immediately. All officers should tag the OUTSIDE of the ENTRY point and maintain vigil over the situation. 10/4

June 15th, 2006

  • Officer Charron here again, wondering what happened to our internal radios the past couple days. Seems to have been a rough morning, Cotty and Yea drive being breached at the same time, and Maxwell singing on the radio. I was screaming to the zed 'Just bite off my ears!'. Anyway, everything seems secure again thanks to everyone's efforts. Should really find a way to thank all the nice lone wolfs and local civilians that lend a hand requently to keep our zed population contained. Not to mention that zombie that destroyed the transmitter while Maxwell was singing, that was a blessing too.
  • Rubix41 reporting in. Cotty has a break-in of zeds. Fleshrender is down and Sparkyzip is down to 40Hp (He's wearing flak). Some of us are infected. All Cotty based officers report in and destroy the hostiles! 10/4
  • Declan here. Break-in at Cotty has been completely and totally repulsed. 15 dead zeds lying on the pavement, 5 still shambling just outside. One very fortunate zed had the pleasure of becoming very well acquainted with my boomstick...heh heh...dumb zed thought I said broomstick...heh...? Anyways, time to rest and blow more zeds away.
  • Rubix41 reporting in. Cotty has returned to barricaded status. We may be bloodied but we stand triumphant! 10/4

June 12th, 2006

  • Officer Charron enjoying a breakfast beer after an interesting morning. Thought I woke up from a lucid dream with the woman from it. Turns out it was just a zombie. Can't say I was impressed at the time. I checked the zed over (not, not that way), wasn't a rotter, but definately built for zedding. So I gave it a sedative with my pistol and sent it on it's way, along with the poor guy it had a midnight snack on. Anyway, 'cades are back up to scuff and everyone else is fairing out well, all-in-all a good morning. Oh, by the way, Declan? I think I got your pistol ammo shipment over here. Though, I took a few for shipping and handling. You know how it goes. Charron out.
  • Rubix41 -sounds of shouting and gunfire- All officers, we have a blue on blue sighting outside Cotty. Targets are sparkyzip and fleshrender, zed profiles. They are considered dangerous and wearing flak jackets. Accompanying zed forms are felixzip of TeamZip and another zed. Status of these zeds are unknown. DO NOT lifestrike subjects (i.e. use a syringe on them) as they are wanted for crimes against survivors. -static- I repeat, blue on blue outside Cotty within zed stack. 10/4
  • Declan reporting! 1 zed at Neyens Ave., down to 18 HP. Careful, he's flak jacketed and has one hell of a mean temper. In other news, I need to rest for a Heal...too tired to make it through the next block to get to Cotty PD. Painted the brains of one poor zed all over a wall with my .45 caliber paintbrush. I'd really appreciate it if someone could nail that zed at Neyens Ave. so he doesn't come looking for before I have the strength to get back. Oh, and what's with all these damn flak jackets? More plentiful than bullets! I swear if I ever catch up with the quartermaster he's gonna <inaudible> <static>.
  • Gerald Terrant "AWESOME, i just found a radio. does DHPD have a Radio frequency?"
  • Rubix41 -static- Set it to 26.60, Terrant. Over and out. -click-

June 11th, 2006

  • Declan up and ready. Not much zed activity this fine mornin', only a couple stomping around CSP, but I'm sure they'll be out in force later. Gents, I do believe our new shipment just came in, but it seems there was a problem. Instead of sending us that ammo they promised us, they sent us a whole wardrobe's worth of flak jackets. Well, maybe we can chuck them at the bastards when they're closing in to show us some love...zombie style. Declan out.


  • Rubix41 I read you, Declan, over. Only a few zeds out there standing. Most seem to be be eating pavement for the time being. And what is with the flak jackets? I am sure all DHPD have got one but now I have three! I hope that sale warning I put out a couple of days ago hasn't meant our ammo has gone down! Oh yeah, for all you Yea officers...zed outside Club Illing - 17HP! Cotty people! Roger Hotel - 1top zed on the stack of three! Zed down to 20HP! Easy pickings! 10/4

June 10th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in! Today is "Ammo day" here at Cotty PD. We have a free for all grab on boomers, clicks, six shooters and boomsticks! Keeping you stocked for your next overhaul! However, if you want to keep "Ammo Day" a 24/7 thing, why not join the PD and keep it running? We're still hiring and we are still good! 10/4
  • Gerald Terrant "thanks to abulafia for the revive, but after a couple of intense zombie fights I am very injured and poisoned, I just arrived back at Cotty PD. Infected. i made it back alright but i died when updating my stats! a glitch maybe? oh well... off to Coffins again" "...Mrh? Mrh? Mrh? Brnhr..."

June 9th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. Man, did you see the zed cover around Edmunds?! Holy spaghetti, that's a lot! In Peddlesden Village too! Hey! Bunter! Swinnerton! Watch out for those bad boys! 10/4
  • Declan here. On my trek back to CSP, saw 22 zeds drooling over by Zephyrinus General Hospital, and 3 more outside Cotty PD. They were quite the crowd--they made me feel popular! I also heard quite a bit of groaning coming from Club Meade. Is someone available to check it out and make sure the show girls and the Guinness are ok? Western edge of West Becktown is having troubles of its own, if those groans truly mean anything. Oh, and Dopey the Bear says: "Don't forget your flashlight when searching, or else you won't find anything! Remember, only you can prevent Zombie Infestation!" Declan out.


  • Thom Solo reporting from the mall on a supply run. I passed through the heart of the Hills on the way here, and it's good to see our people out in force. Cheers to the DHPD, and I'll be back soon!
  • Rockphed Goodmorning, or evening, or whatever. The Necrotech building here in the Dunell Hills has one poor zombified cranium left in it. Please revive or kill it at your disgression. I didn't recognize em, but then I have been out of the loop for a while. Oh, and I should have a still up and running in just a couple days. Then I will probably lapse into a drunken coma. So have a nice day.


  • Rubix41 -static- Maxwell Hammer was terminated at Coffins Drive by DH's finest. -static- He is wearing flak and he is a pain in the butt. All scientists/NT people: ADD HIS CONTACT DETAILS AND DON'T REVIVE HIM BY ACCIDENT AT COFFINS -click- Big hi to all the DHPD out there! I am still looking for a PD medic! If you're interested, check the Cotty PD tab!

June 8th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in! Get them while they are there peeps! 3 zeds outside Cotty - one down to 42HP by yours truly! Watch out though, he's got a flak jacket! Show him an axe if you got the time! Yes, it's so exciting around Cotty PD that we want people to join us and get in with the action! Not only do you get officers like me softening the zeds up for a kill but you get to know where the EASY KILLS ARE! You know it makes sense! Cotty PD wants you!

Plus, Maxwell Hammer...I see you! Outside St Catherine's! Hanging out with 3 zeds too! Shame...I thought you would have been hunting us solo! Intrepidman1, what are you doing? You're hiding in Peddlesden Village? Near the DHPD NT? WITH ONLY 6HP AND WITHOUT FLAK?! :O Shocking! 10/4

  • Declan here! Bagged 2 over at Cotty PD--2 more to go, one's down to 8 HP courtesy of my .45! I'm kind of stuck, so get 'em before they decide they need a snack! Also, there's 1 Zed over by Jacomb arms and a couple of sorrowful souls over at St. Lukes. I'm happy to say that there is an entry point to Cotty St. Precinct at the PD, but get to it fast. Happy hunting, gents! Declan out.
  • click Jackboot Pete back on air, I'm ba.......e Hills, cept everyone has changed the locks on all the doo... how the hell am I sposed to get a drink if you won't let me in? I'm strande.....t on the city limits in Newton Cinema.....way from all the open bars, where's the party at? And a big shout out to Gregor Ibram for me as I lay dead in the street. Nice one comrade! Next rounds on me.... click
  • Jeff Oneil... Great another new fangled radio thingy that I cant work...hell...HELLO...HEY DHPD and all of MALTON... We are still looking for a few good people to join our cause... If thats you drop us a line here, we will get you all set was that? yes Im sure its for on red for off...are you sure thats green?...Oh...
  • click This is Jackboot Pete reportin........equesting medical assistance, I been bit by a zombie with a bad case of rabies or s........ I'm back in Newton Cinema, tried ....ake it to the cough the nearest friendly police station but I got bitten cough everywhere is on lockdown, not gonna make it to the nearest hospitcough hospital in the state I'm in. Repeat, I'm hurt bad and I need a medic! Jackboot out click

June 7th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in at Cotty here! We have an APB on pirate guy for the killing of Officers here at Cotty. Also, we would like to point out there is a difference between Sanpedro and this guy. pedrosanpedro Can someone investigate over?


  • Declan with some barricade info. Cotty PD is up to heavy, and, should you leave a building, good luck finding a way back in if you're north of the PD--you might have to go all the way to Peddlesden Village to find a building to enter that will allow you to free run back into CSP. No signs of pirateguy in Cotty PD or to the buildings north of it, including the hospitals. Declan out.


  • Bravo2 here. Check out the Science Dept. for the latest NecroNet scan from the Hills. Local population is going down. Must be due to the May Headshot contest and Operation Homecoming. There's DHPD all over the place now. Cotty Chief, I can vouch for your Pedro's, they're relatives and usually work in seperate 'burbs, so one of them should be moving on. DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 18:04, 7 June 2006 (BST)


  • Conndraka got caught outside so I'll be needing a needle sometime in the near future I'm sure...(Sound of Slurping Zeds in background) I got Cotty re-genneyed but it needs some fuel.. and we need some medics there too I'm not sure I saw anyone with full health while I was there... Oh Say hi to Maxi at the revive point.. All personel should be familiar with his profile if you are not already.. its under Maxwell Hammer on the DHPD Rouges Gallery uplink. PV needs a bunch of transmitters repaired (or so I'm told) seems some dips#!t has an attitude figure out who this evil-Bob person is and waste him... Good Job to Jeff, BAM, Bob and the Squad leaders for making Dunell and PV a somewhat safe place again... continue the good work and remember "A Gun is a terrible thing to waste..." Stay Safe, Stay Alive. Conndraka out.
  • Gerald Terrant "this is Gerald Terrant. its been a very long time [because of school]. things sure have gone to hell. back in my day i had to search high and low to find a Zombie. now there are hordes everywere and a couple in almost every square. Is Coffins drive still a revive point? if so i need revivification. and Can someone please give me a Sit-rep (situation Report) on recent DHPD activities? i repeat! i request a report on recent activities regarding the situations at Cotty, Yea drive, and Groavbelt. as well as Coffins Drive. over...

June 6th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in at Cotty here! We have our transmitter back now AND Carfan7 managed to cap a PK'er too! Scratch one for the DHPD on PK'er Day! In fact, I haven't seen many it to do with the fact that we know who they are and their profiles? Or is it to do with the fact that we're all armed and dangerous since the zed invaision? I think the lowliest Science Officer in DHPD can wield a weapon or two! Either way, Cotty Officers, please be on the look out for the WANTED - I want them DEAD on SIGHT with a warrant tagged on their behind. 10/4
  • Declan with a bit of disheartening news for Cotty Precinct--if you don't have free running, don't leave where ever your camping out, you'll get stuck outside. Caught one zed with its pants down at Catherine General. Hopefully it learned its lesson this time: don't harrass the nurses. Declan out.

June 5th, 2006

  • Declan reporting in. Responded to call that donuts and beer had been found. Upon arrival on scene, found that there weren't any donuts or beer left for me. Not a happy camper. Inspected barricade integrity and did a bit of reinforcing with a few chairs, a door, and a buffalo head. Resupply zone intact. Declan out.
  • Declan back. Found donuts and beer at Broadbelt! Plenty to go 'round--I swear I won't drink it all, since only half of it is Guinness. There will also be music and dancing afterwards at Club Meade--for those of us who are still able to stand, that is!

June 4th, 2006

  • Declan here. Back on my feet again. Found six zeds shambling in front of Cotty Police Department, and one just kinda swayin' in the wind over by Raynols during a brief scoot around CSP. Hope somebody can bag 'em and tag 'em. 'Cades still holding 'em back. Declan out.
  • 'Rubix41here. -static- Testing, testing...'Cotty PD calling here! Club Swain has many things going for it. Such as the new musical "SERVE a WARRANT" on THE WANTED. I've got not enough clicks or boomers to take on the job myself. Suspect is going to be flak - jacketed, body built, and possibly armed. Please follow all Warrant Proceedings 10/4 -click-

June 2nd, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. Secure channel operatives for the radio are needed for operation, huh? And what's with the zed movement from the North? I mean - static- like zeds are moving from Hospital General towards Cotty area. Also, zed in Yea too but not sure if it's one of ours! -click- I got a transmitter but the zed's carrying flak - static - anyone deal over? -click -
  • AlphaNine, I took out that Zed, Rubix and lowered another to 25hp. Im also making broadcasts on the transmitter in Yea! Yea seems to be holding well, but there are twenty zeds over at Broadbelt.

June 1st, 2006

  • Declan on the line! Alot of Zed activity today in the southeast region of Dunnell Hills. 13 outside Broadbelt PD, 18 at Zephyrinus GH, 9 at Dury, and 1 outside Club Meade. Took one down at Hartry Crescent before having to pull back.
  • AlphaNine here! Of course you've all heard by now that the military stopped jamming hand held radios, why would those -static-ers do it in the first place? Anyways this new development is worth looking into, we may be able to further co-ordinate through use of these handhelds. Personally I like our big boxes. -static- Im trying to figure out how these things can be put to use, so if you pick one up or get some better info on them please message me at internal communications. I usually broadcast on Alpha squads thread. Nine out.
  • AlphaNine here! -static- I got all the info I needed on radioss and more! Thankss guyss, so heres the low down. Someone sets up a radio transmitter (permanently) in a building with a fueled genny, then they can send out a message that will be picked up by pople with handheld radios tuned to the appropriate frequency, this is a one way converstion. This feature seems to be aimed at helping the less co-ordinated survivor groups which is fine by me. By tuning your radio you can pick up different channels to hear different chatter. -static- The most important ones for us are the 26.60MHz radio frequency made just for DHPD. Theres also a 26.03 frequency made to broadcast over Dunell Hills, West Becktown, Molebank, and Owsleybank. Perfect for our needs concerning the DMZ (Dunell Military Zone). It costs one AP to turn your radio on and one AP to tune your radio to the right frequency but messages are recieved automatically so you hear them as if someone was talking beside you, no wasting AP on checking silly Phone messages for us. -static- The disadvanteges are that anyone can tune thier radio to our frequencies, and hear what we say, so don't think Internal Communitactions is obsolete. It is also quiet obvious that you can possess more than one radio at a given time so you can listen to multiple frequencies. -deep breath- Finally you can find transmitters and hand helds in police stations, fire departments and mall tech stores... And after a day of learning, which hurts my brain, Im helping myself to some of Lucianbrowns donuts. Mmmm-mmmm good. *munch munch* Nine out.

May 31th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in! 3 zeds outside Jacomb's - one down to 35HP! Cotty PD rules and that's why we want *MORE* people to join us! Softening the zeds up for a kill? Know where EASY KILLS ARE!? A beer cache belonging to Foxtrot? AND had left behind? You know it makes sense! Cotty PD wants you!

May 30th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in! Get them while they are there peeps! 9 zeds outside Jacomb's - one down to 16HP by yours truly! Building is down to VSB! Yes, it's so exciting around Cotty PD that we want people to join us and get in with the action! Not only do you get officers like me softening the zeds up for a kill but you get to know where EASY KILLS ARE! You know it makes sense! Cotty PD wants you!
  • Officer Charron here! Maxwell Hammer located inside the Duri Building with ten other zeds! I reinforced the barracades on both Duri and Fortune buildings, which still contain zombies. If you want the chance to headshot Maxwell yourself, get some spare AP and ammo and head over to Duri! Over and out.
  • Conndraka I saw a Helecopter take several shots at Maxwell... looked pretty shot up but not quite down...

Yep, he's such a genius. Now I know where his spider hole is. If you're going to take a shot at me you better finish me so I don't track you back to your cowardly little cubbyhole. --Maxwell Hammer 04:26, 31 May 2006 (BST)

May 28th, 2006

  • Rubix41 -sound of patrol car moving with COPS in the background- You know being a cop here is pretty hard work. I mean, it's not postal or mail, everyday is a new day and...aww, crap! -radio dropped as car door opens- Oi! DHPD! No necrophilia allowed! Oh, it's just you dirty zeds again! -menancing shotgun click- Next time, keep it indoors! -gunshot followed by door slam and the car moving off- That's the third time this week. You just don't get the respect like you used to no more. Usually, all zeds know not to fool around when the siren is on but some are taking it too far and are getting freaky when officers arrive on the scene. -sighs- I think it's twisted...I mean, I am sort of a voyeur but zed on zed action? Yuck. Still at least Coffins Drive is down to one zed today, keep up the good work DHPD!


May 26th, 2006

  • -wailing siren...fades out- HELLLOO MALTON !! The Dunell Hills Police Department wants YOU. We're still running our May Madness Recruiting Drive. Due to recent promotions and attrition we are looking for new recruits to fill out many posts. We have openings in our Precincts for patrol officers, in the SWAT teams, and the Science and Medical Departments. Positions are open to all volunteers and come with benefits. Look here for details on how to join and what jobs are open .

When you join mention where you saw us and get your first Service Ribbon! Come join the group everyone in Malton has an opinion about! DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 16:35, 26 May 2006 (BST)

May 24th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. All revivers are to take special care when moving out to Coffins. Please keep your contact lists armed with profiles of the most wanted and DO NOT REVIVE THEM. Remember, PK day is 6/6/06. 10/4

May 23rd, 2006

  • click Jackboot Pete calling, I'm alive a........e been a-shambling since when the radio tower got hit, not especially as got beat up by prominent members of the illustrious DHPD while I was in a fragile state. I'm back in Dunnell Hill's, holed up in Lucious Hospital with some guy called Bob. He don't look like a dri........d find in the news kiosk is Dr Pepper. Oh yeah, request backup to deal with some sham.........eating down the gates. Unless you guys got anywhere better to go. Like with a mini
  • Rubix41 reporting in! Nice to see that you're alive, Jackboot Pete! Don't be too bad that the officers got ya when you're zed - that's why I am asking for all DHPD officers to leave DH to revive because you're going to get shot! Either way, we got some officers not too far from Lucius but they are holding up to keep the revives rolling! I am sure they would come! 10/4
  • click It's good to be breathi.............. moved out the hospital into a safer location, I told the other guy ...........ubt he listened though. I got word from an old friend camped out near Darvell Hights, there's a new group of revivors call........mselves TechCom, apparently they are doing some good work out there, so he tells me. He wanted to pass on that there a couple of reliable revive points near the North Library, so head on down there, they'll ................ you out again wih a minimal of fuss! if you should run into Buster Piondexter out there, tell him he still owes me a bottle of whiskey. Jackbooot Pete
  • Dr Allison here, I'm a civilian calling for assistance. I'm trapped in Godsland Street School with a fellow named Grizz, who just saved my ass from a zombie break-in. Our barricades are collapsing and we are unable to repair them ourselves or to relocate. Anyone receiving this broadcast please help us to construct our building defenses so that we can make it through till morning.

May 20th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. Operation Homecomming is sponsored by Club Meade - Malton's Number One Nightclub! For those DHPD officers joining us late of today, we got a party going on in Dunnell Hills and your presence is required! Please bring your boomers and clicks and your riot stick to Dunnell Hills and exert some of our renowned "police brutality" on our unsuspecting zombie guests! They welcome it because most of them can't say "police brutality" let alone understand it. However, we don't mind in educating them about the finer things in life. Log in on the Communications channel and get with the action! And, Phil, I got *TWO* more! 10/4
  • Officer Charron here... Uhh, I found 3 zeds vandilizing the murals at Savidge Grove School up at the edge of 'the village'. I've got them locked in, but don't have the energy to hack one down without risk of being chased. Requesting protocal, over.

  • Jeff Oneil Hello.....(sounds of things moving around)...TESTING...How do you know if its working?.. I am holding the button...oh...Hello DHPD.. HOMECOMMING is starting off very nice.. thanks to BAM, BOB,Rubix and all the others for the party favors and the invites. This is going to be a heck of a good time...want to take a second to say hello to a great bunch of folks -WebOfSurvivors-to them and all of the rest of our allies thank you so very much for all of your help, in case we havent said it.....Almost forgot.. If we havent heard from you in a while please say hello,... it makes me smile...

May 19th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. Presently in location unknown. Please be on the lookout for Hooks and Maxwell Hammer for they are operating in the DH and DMZ area around DH. They are considered armed and dangerous and please report all sightings in the usual location. Oh, Phil and I are leading in the DHPD Headshot Contest...just to let you officers know, of course. ^_^ 10/4
  • Conndraka Rubix..keep the broadcasts comming...hearing you and others are still in the field remind me of what we all have to do to take back our homes... Maxie is mobile dead, and Hooks was pushing up daisies in Owsleybank, so watch your revive points folks... Conndraka out.
  • Darth Sensitive checking in. There has been a break-in at crackle Library. Repeat, static in Lolley! There are a bunch of guys in there. I started putting cades up. I buzz one zed, but I had to boogie. I think that the fuzz were starting to come down as I left. Someone help them.
  • -static- DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 01:00, 20 May 2006 (BST) Broadcasting on all frequencies, /away from mike/ whaddya mean there's only one? Oh well. Jeff Oneil has been promoted to First Comissioner of the Dunell Hills Police Department. Congrats! Now on to business, -crackle- first order is for ALL DHPD Officers to report back to Dunell Hills. Operation Homecoming is underway, if you're halfway across Malton or farther come home! We need to recover our suburb NOW. Announce your return on the secure net at . More info to come, stay tuned and spread the word.


  • Marcus Payne Hearing you guys loud and clear, been a while since Alpha's been making any transmissions. We're over in West Becktown managing relations with some of the locals here, and they've been very hospitable with their crates of beer. Good to know not all other survivors see us as a detached supergroup. Waiting for further instructions, though.
  • Sihoiba Groan *shuffle* Maxweeel outside Lolleeey. Groan Maxweeel tasteee.

May 18th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. Anyone who survived the massacre at the Cotty area last night, please make your way to a designated revive point RATHER than wait for a Science Dept. to come to you. Two reasons, firstly, the high zed concentration makes a reviver more likely to end up as a revivee and, secondly, the DHPD headshot contest is still on! 10/4

May 17th, 2006

  • Officer Otep reporting in from Owsleybank. I just spotted that swine Hooks at Woodbourne Building. When I say spotted, I mean he shot me. Anyone in the 'bank should keep their eyes peeled. Otep out.

May 15th, 2006

  • John25 I think we have a little problem in East Becktown. I've just been killed, and that's natural, but
  1. it wasn't a zombie and
  2. This is the guy's profile.

Can anyone track down this wierdo?


  • Rubix41 East Beckton, eh? :( That's pretty far for an Anti-DHPD person. Report it in the Internal Investigations Dept. and report where they were last seen.

We are still hiring! So, join the DHPD today!


  • DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 00:59, 16 May 2006 (BST) We ran into that mass before during the attack by the Shining Ones, he wasn't breathing then but he was still a pain.

May 14th, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. This radio report goes to all people in Dunnell Hills. Although all DHPD officers are aware of the problem, this is a report for survivors hanging out in buildings with the DOA. Intel Sheet Brought to attention by one of our new recruits, the Dark Order of Armageddon are active in the Dunnell Hills area. Please note, these individuals aren't to be treated lightly - their intel sheet suggests that, even when alive, they don't care if you've been recently revived, a DHPD officer or whoever, if you're human, they are a target. If you see these Dark Order of Armageddon members, they will likely to be armed and dangerous, I repeat, armed and dangerous and should be approached with extreme caution. If possible, report their location in our legal area with their profile AND their location!

Have a nice day, Dunnell Hills!

- static -

  • Rubix41 reporting in. Officers in the Cotty area, we have a major zed outbreak in the area. All officers/affiliates/allies in the area, report in to the internal switchboard for numbers in the EITS comms unit. All civillians, please take care in the Cotty Police Dept. area - it's not safe to sleep in the area. If you wish to leave, please leave in an orderly but brisk fashion and a few potshots at zeds will not go amiss. 10/4

- click -

  • John25 *Click*...hmmmm...what do I press to talk? oh wait that little light thingy is on...I'd love to help kill off some zombies, but I'm out of AP. Can someone else get this one?
  • Click*

May 10th, 2006

  • click...oh God no, not a.......all gone, there all dead..........aybe ten of them, they've rans..............everybodys dead! Request backup! Ostrehan Towers! They got Gregor.............e been bit pretty

- static, whine, click -

  • Rubix41 Dang it. >< Don't have enough AP to move out! Any officers available to deal?
  • Tarrok* " its tarrok! Just got back. If ya need a poke, ive got three left. I cant deal with the towers though. Im sorry yall. Tarrok, out."


  • Whatshisname Urgh... I'm bleeding all over the damn floors of the Ostrehan Towers. We need backup. The *crackle* zombie bastards got Gandalfe and Samaritan Woman. Their corpses are lying here *static* now. I'm too banged up to move, and the barricades are barely standing. I got a few bullets left. I need backup. *sound of wood splintering and doors bursting open* Ah shit! *crackle* inside. *BLAM! BLAM!* *sound of tearing flesh* AAAAARGH! *BLAM!* *more sounds of tearing flesh and zombie groans* AAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH----------- *fades into static*

May 9th 2006

- static, whine, click -

  • Rubix41 reporting in. Check out the zombie cover over Yea! - sound of shotgun in the distance - A few of them moving up North taking out EHB's along the way. Seems like they are making a move somewhere...all officers and DHPD allies in the area be extra careful - they may be hitting other areas since Broadbelt - Dury - Zephy has now calmed down but it doesn't mean there aren't loads there! 10/4

- click -

  • click Jackboot Pete requesting backup to the radio tower, many zombies have the place overrun, they've destroyed the generator and they've spilt my rum and coke! Drink down! Drink down! I've killed as many as I could manage, but I'm knackered

May 8th, 2006


  • Officer Otep reporting. McNamara Drive revive point in Owsleybank is now empty. If anyone is standing at a particularly congested revive point then a short walk here may save you some time in the long run. Good luck out there. Over and out.


Ltpotter- Im at Caiger Mall right now, I'm going to get some ammo and move out, Do we have any spacific Taregets? I heard that Giddings Mall needs help...

  • AlphaNine Reporting. I was recently killed by a screaming man with an axe. From what he said before I took one to the face (my only weakness) I discerned that he comes from The Dark Order of Armageddon. -static- A zombie horde which uses humans quite frequently as Zombie spies. -static- Apparently this group has come to DH/WB and from what he said they will purge DHPDs souls into blissful damnation. -static- Freaks. Thought you all should know. Nine Out.
  • click Jackboot Pete here, what the hell is it with these fanatics? I tell you, we might as well burn the whole goddamn city to the ground and start again with monkeys, Damn nutjobs. How the hell can a zombie tell the difference between the DHPD, The Abandond or the 501st Division? On a lighter note, the radio tower is running fine, got a few more souls in here for company, a big shoutout to Gregor Ibram, Beever, SpiceWeasel, Thom Solo and the others, help yourselves to the drinks cabinet. Could do with someone doing a donut run though. I can't keep passing off these suger coated sponges as tasty snacks!click

May 7th, 2006

- static, whine, click -

  • Rubix41 reporting in from Caiger Mall. Hearing from the secure comms, it seems like we got our work cut out at Dunnell Hills and...well, let's leave it like that. Lt Potter, I have a message from Mission Cookbook - an ally of sorts - he says that if you move towards Owlsleybank, it will help a lot. I think he's fatigued with these new-fangled syringe procedure...yeesh. Also, for Snooper and Company, yes - take a break, I doubt we are going to find those zed sympathisers this week. Anyhow, we are still recruiting! Malton Citizens, we need YOU! 10/4


  • Officer Otep reporting from the 'bank. Lt Potter, I second that from advice from Rubix41 and Mission Cookbook. We recently had a breach and lost some revivers, but McNamara drive is still being hit regularly. Make your way there and we'll have you up and around in no time. Also, if anyo..........


May 6th, 2006

  • click click crackle-Jackboot Pete here, I've been down by Ostrehan Towers, the place has been trashed! I dropped a zombie outside, there's two in there and they've made a real mess of the place. Ain't there anybody stationed down here? Unless they the ones trapped inside.....crackle click
  • --- --- -- this is Ltpotter. I have been looking to be revived for over a month now! Looks like while I was out all hell broke Loose, If someone could Tell me the stroy of whats going on here please go to my talk page and post. At the moment I'm alone and confused in the Hills. I also heard A rumor that all of the DHPD is bugging out! is that true? over and out --- -- --


  • Rubix41 reporting in. Lt Potter, NO, we're not bugging out but we are on limited resources. There are zed spies operating in the area, compromising our locations and, when we find them, there will be a reckoning. However, looking for a revive? Note your location on the secure network OR drop me a line - either way, someone will come. 10/4

  • -Jackboot Pete here, I've secured the phone mast. Plus I've the liquer cabinet! Come on down and ha...............atory drink with me! Could do with some Jackb......-

--Reptileus Of the 501st Armed Division reporting! I heard that you gys want Some Vengance at the shinning ones, Well look no ferther then Giddins Mall. THey are on thier pritty way there. I'm camped out here waiting for the responce to my one on one fight with Xyu, hope you all drop by and help us Kick ass.....

Ltpotter- First of Reptileus---SHUT UP! your both a moron and a loon, you and the rest of the 501st are nothing but losseres becuse you guys abandond Caiger Mall, Way back in Febuary. I'm Glad I left you Guys and Joined the DHPD. And second, I do need a revive, I moved my self to an empty area at Ker Way, West Becktown, Please come by and help.

May 5th, 2006

  • crackle ya'll out there? Jackboot Pete here, I'm outside Yea Drive PD, there's a lot of stenches here, I need to find a way in! I'm to be here with a pulse.......ook forward to joining your fine organisation. Pour me a cold one, I'm coming in......crackle
  • Scratch that, I'm in Broadbelt, and I found the doughnuts. I'm hitting the sack for a bit, Jackboot Pete out
  • DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 00:03, 5 May 2006 (BST) Glad you made it Pete! Things are definitely risky in the area so get yourself hooked up to our secure communications net here. And don't forget to add yourself to the Internal Affairs roster so we can keep an eye on you, in a good way.
  • -(static)- This is AlphaNine! *screaming* The Fortune building is overun godammit! We had Sixty survivors, down to about twenty three! *gunshots* Most of those were dedicated men an women, some of them were DHPD... We cannot hold with curreent forces, thier piling in like freak wave. -(static)- thought you should know! *yelling* Nine out!-
  • crackleThis is Jackboot Pete, Yea Drive is overrun, Broadbel....s gone! Luckily I was hidin.........abinet, got out with most the whiskey. Hic. If anyone is in the area, he......ake back Yea Drive, it'll be a peice of piss! Jackboot Pete ou.....crackle
  • Prosperina- This is Prosperina speaking, situations in Fortune and Broadbelt currently contained. Folks, I'd suggest if you can help it not to sleep in groups larger than 20, overcrowding just makes us look like a 10 course meal to the undead. It may take a bit more energy for the commute, but its more likely you'll wake up alive.
  • Whatshisname Well I'm back. But I have no clue what's going on. I see that Cotty has been retaken... But what's the status on the hordes within the Hills area? Whatshisname out.


  • Rubix41 No problem Chief! Have a look at the EITS channel in Zed Recon on the secure channel and you can see that, well, the zeds are acting like crazy dogs by chasing any old leads on where we are. The only bad thing is that they are getting quite rambunctious and we want things to get back to normal. Also, Chief, check the secure channel under Cotty Precinct. 10/4

May 4th, 2006

  • HELLO MALTON.....May Madness is going strong....and the SWAT teams are looking for your help.....are you good with a gun? does the sight of a zeds head with a hole in it make you smile? then step up and join the squads, plus the DHPD has the best donuts in town....Jeff Oneil 05:14, 4 May 2006 (BST)
  • AlphaNine reporting in. Thirty-five zeds are outside the Dury building, 14 surrounding Zephyrinus. -(static)- Thought you should know. Looks pretty bad from here. Nine out-

May 3rd, 2006

  • ' it's in range, urm, hello? Anyone is the Dunell Hills PD, right? I hear about your May Madness recruitment drive, and about the last working still in Malt.............ame is Jackboot Pete, I'm somewhere in Chudleyton, I've gone through hell........igh water to get here! I got bit in Eastonwood, but it's okay, one way or another I'll be heading your way! I'll fight your zo..................ive me a drink!'
  • We hear you Pete...Welcome aboard. -static- You're the first to respond, we look forward to seeing you. Drinks and donuts will be waiting for you. -feedback- ooh, sorry 'bout that. When you get hooked up with our secure communications we'll direct you to some safe areas. Stay alive, stay safe, and come on home. DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 14:19, 3 May 2006 (BST)

May 1st, 2006

  • Rubix41 reporting in. A helicoptor, once thought to be destroyed by unknown forces, has been spotted swooping over areas of Dunnell Hills. Please check the internal communications for information on this sighting. For those wanting to join DHPD, we are still hiring! Joining us means lots of zeds to fight, and I mean a lot, and dealing with groups who want to wipe us out but can't! We are a closeknit group willing to look after your needs! Also, once signing up to our dedicated internal communications switchboard, you get up-to-date intel and other features that other groups wish they had.

Join now and get a free DHPD donut and coffee and a balloon for your kids!


-wailing siren...fades out- HELLLOO MALTON !! The Dunell Hills Police Department needs YOU. We're starting a May Madness Recruiting Drive. Due to recent promotions, expansion, and attrition we are looking for new recruits to fill out many positions available. We have openings in our Precincts for patrol officers, in the SWAT teams, and the Science and Medical Departments. Positions are open to all volunteers and come with benefits. Look here for details on how to join and what jobs are open .
When you join mention where you saw us and get your first Service Ribbon! DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 14:11, 1 May 2006 (BST)

OOC Message from Darth Sensitive. I have just added two userboxes to the wiki for the use of the DHPD and her allies. If you're a DHPD member, put the userbox on your page with <nowiki>{{DHPDmember}}</nowiki>. If you're allied with the DHPD, use <nowiki>{{DHPDally}}</nowiki>
Darth Sensitive 03:44, 2 May 2006 (BST)

April 30th, 2006

  • Jered Cain reporting in Caiger. The landscape looks strange here... pleasant even, with the lack of zeds swarming the place. It's a bit unsettling. I'm here for supplies, then headed back to Dunell to help take back the Hills once again.

-static followed by someone saying "bump, bump, bump, bump your head..." -

  • Rubix41 reporting in. Hey Jared, could you bring me back a CD or something from the Mall? There isn't anything here in this jukebox but the usual tunes. I wonder if it's true what they say about zeds being able to turn places over and stuff. I mean, I haven't seen it yet but you never know if the rumours you hear on the street are true or not. We really have to keep an eye out for generators though...I can't see a damn thing anymore.

-sound of a box being opened followed by "a crate full of coffee...mmmmm!" -


  • I'll see if I can find a copy of my morale music somewhere here. Damn, Daisuke Ishiwatari's a genius. Anyway, I'll get some of that and some music to get the old blood pumping. JC, out.


April 29th, 2006

  • PsychoPhil reporting in. This is a general alert for all of central Dunell Hills! Broadbelt and Ostrehan Towers have been breached by zeds and have survivors inside. Several other buildings in the area also have zeds but no known survivors at this time. Wake up people and lets start cleaning house!


  • Chi Vai Hunters reporting to -static- Vai Master...-static- ev scouted the area for a suitable excava -static- ite. The info was right there's still a lot -static-eds around. we picked up a weak annonymous radio signal around the -static-. I think they can hear us. -static- are at a safe house around east of the hills. -static- may be a suitable location. *gun shot* *gun shot* whats that??!!-static-

static - sound of person running

  • Rubix41 reporting in. All officers having a party at Ostrehan - THE PARTY'S OVER! 4 zeds disappeared through the front doors into the building. Move it or lose it! -click-
  • DHPD... DHPD... this is nytwolf of the Chi Vai Hunters. We are now stationed in your area, specifically Club Meade. We are here in search of Chi Vais that has strong scent in the area. Requesting permission to make a perimeter by spray painting around the area. In line with our search, we would be providing a revivication effort and some FAK-ings. Please respond through our email stated in our wiki, or radio back. Or message me in Club Meade. Vai Hah!

April 28th, 2006


  • Rockphed somewhat hard to hear, as if away from microphone No, no, no! The clean tankards are on the right, put the used ones on the left! Gaaaah, there is a wall behind it, how can you get so confused! clearer This is Broadbelt chief Rockphed reporting in. All buildings have been baracaded with cheesecake. Just watch the zombies eat it. Ahhhh, such a beautiful sight. Also, I have my little hidey hole all set up, and no one will ever find me. I just need to figure out how to get the still and enough food to last a few years into it. Wait, beer is food, so I can just drink breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Okay, I can fit it now.


  • Prosperina Actually, Dr Antman. I don't think these guys are the Shining ones anymore. We seem to just be dealing with the leftovers and scavengers. Whatisname, you all right, man? Give us a signal to let us know if you're alive?


  • Rubix41 Got a lock on Whathisname in Dunnell Hills. I can see the party from the rooftop, psychophil, you sure that beer is regulated? *coughs* Just needing the AP to get him - his location is on the secure communications. Just collecting some crossboxes and vitals for the Cotty PD. Hang in there, posse, we got supplies coming in! 10/4


April 27th, 2006

PsychoPhil reporting *hic* in. Just a quick announcement... Foxtrot's having a party top floor of the Phone Mast in the Hills. All are invited... well, not those stinky bastards... but they're welcome to stand outside so we can *hic* drop large heavy objects on them... NO! Not the keg! We're welcoming Sgt McReedy to Foxtrot. He'll be watching over the mast in the Village. We're also celebrating Gregor Ibram's promotion to Sergent. Yeah, yeah, I know... Sgt McReedy is a Corporal and Gregor's a Sergent... have a *hic* beer and shut up. Gregor! GREGOR! Stop ordering McReedy to get you a beer... make him get me one too...

Dr antman Must drag self to toilet with my arms i am so tired . . . wait i will shoot them instead with my ANTI-SHINING FIREWORK LAUNCHER . . . . . EAT SHINING DEATH YOU SHINERS MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . . . . . wait why did i call it anti shining if it makes light therefore shining . . . . ah well

Whatshisname Alright. So where the hell did the massive zed forces go? A while ago there were huge groups prowling around! I'm here in the fa--- *a crash and growls heard in the background" What the hell? How'd they get in!?! *BLAM BLAM!* Shit! *light sound of tearing flesh* Ah! You bastard! *BLAM BLAM!* AAAHH! *zombie growls take over the vioce* AAAAAAAH!*


April 26th, 2006

PsychoPhil reporting in. ShadowScope, you don't care whether we win or lose yet you want to handle our PR? AND you want us to help you? Well, I can't speak for the leadership of the DHPD but you sure don't sound like much of a PR firm. Besides, I'm pretty sure the Channel 4 News Team has us covered.


That is Tamashii of Broadbelt. Things are NOT good here. When I woke up, the cades were almost down in both the station and Zephs hospital. What's more, Dury has been overrun. People, we need to take a run on Dury NOW!


Tamashii again. Update. Zephs has been infiltrated. Broadbelt crew, move your hides! I'm out of ammo here!

April 25th, 2006


  • Hello, my name is ShadowScope, President of of the Republic of Scarletwood. This is a netural and indepedent nation, who does not ally with either side of the Zombie-Human War. I have heard of your group via the grapewine, and heard of your struggles against the Shining Ones. While we do not care much about if you win or lose, we would like to draw attention to our brand new Scarletwood Public Relations Inc, also known as SPR Inc. What they do is basically increase your public relations, providing properganda to help support your cause. Rumors spread by the zombies suggest that you are losing, and while that may be false (I am not there in the area), it is precepition that counts. If everyone thinks you lose, then it is as if you lost. Plus, getting new members is always a good idea for your group in your crusade against the Zombies.

In return for helping you, we do ask for something in return. Whatever you can offer...shotgun shells, buildings, investment dollars into the new republic, etc. A note however: We are netrual. Just because we are offering you this does not mean we support your policies or hate them. That statement is standard boilerplate that we tell everyone...the reason is that if we get involved in the Zombie-Human War, our republic would be a warzone. Our goal is the basic rebuilding of the economy of Scarletwood. That why we restarted a vodka plant, and started up this Public Relations help return to pre-Outbreak times.

If you are interested in taking up our offer, please contact me at this radio channel. I'll also tune in here for your reaction.

We also produce and sell vodka, so if anyone here like to rest after a long time, we can arrange for a trade, if you name a good price.--ShadowScope 01:40, 26 April 2006 (BST)

-static then sound of mournful violin playing in the background-

Rubix41 Officer reporting in. Just gathering some crossboxes before heading back to my post. The hospital here seems a little quiet now that the zeds have gone. I can see a few people milling in the dark, looking over for stuff like me. I can still smell the breath from the dead ones outside and the creepy catwalling of shots in the distance. The echoing footsteps on once chequered floors and whispers of doors creaking open make me wonder if the next person coming in is a friend or foe. - music suddenly cuts off with a sudden shotgun blast- Damn, those CD's are depressing. Moving out to hold location after resting. Over. 10/4

April 24th, 2006


  • Tamashii here, I...-static-...hello? Hello? Bloody hell. Having some tr..o...-static-, not that my coffee was entirely full. In any case, we've cleared out Broadbelt Grove itself. Lack of energy and supplies (2 kill count again! Woo!) means I can't go check out Dury or is the rest of the hills? Seems to be pretty quiet today. Don't like it. I need to laugh at all of your misfortunes while I try to sleep. Toodles!


  • DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 18:47, 24 April 2006 (BST) from Dury. Where'd everybody go? We had nearly fifty people here before the weekend, was there a party somewhere, and why wasn't I invited dammit? Oh well, I have one beer all to myself. If you can come by we need all services except power, barricading, killing, healing, the works. We can hold the building we just need a few more warm bodies in here. ...groans and smashing sounds... Gotta go!

Daisuke Ishiwatari's "Bloodstained Lineage"

  • Jered Cain here. They've finally dropped the morale music I requested here at Broadbelt. The days have been seriously blending into each other here, I haven't been able to sleep more than a few winks at a time. Still, the Zeds will not be amused. JC, out.
  • unknown* *sound of a toilet flushing, than a voice suspicously like TArroks, "hehe hehe." *sound of a click* "sorry guys, needed to make a joke. Anyone remember Bevis and Butthead? ANywho, Im in the wire, been that way for about.. I dont know how long any more. Just keep cading and reviving, watching the Dury go up all the time. lets keep rocking and rolling boys and girls! AHHH HHAAWWW! YEHAW! TArrok, OUT!"

April 23rd, 2006


  • Rockphed ffffst There, my latest graphiti masterpeice is done. Now to go back inside. Let's see, St Lorenzos should be accesible. And here it is, but some fool piled all the pews in the doors, so now I can't get in. Oh well, if anyone sees me, please stick me with a needle.


  • Darth Sensitive checking in. I'm on my typical patrol. I helped out a shambling DHPDer at St. Lorenzo's, then accidentally wasted a syringe on a rotted one. I am not happy, I scanned them until it said there were no more, but he got through. I then killed him again and dumped 5 bodies. Anyone that can needs to rebarricade. sounds of movement I'm going to pop into Dury for some more instant coffee, then I'll be heading north again. low moaning HOLY crackle. I count seven zeds in here - the barricades are down, repeat, the barricades are DOWN. I don't have the energy to fix them, but I may be able to hurt those shamblers. sound of three flares Well, I just set that zed ablaze with two rounds of Willy Pete, the other one went out the window. GOOD GOD! He's still moving. The flaming zed is after me! shotgun blast, cry of pain, followed by another shotgun blast - sounds of movement start again That SOB bit me. Singed my nice jacket too. That wound looks nasty - anyone that can help, I'm heading to Broadbelt. I got him again, but he's still standing. I pained grunt wouldn't reccomend firing flares in buildings... not a great idea. gasps DS out!

Screeching static

  • Tamashii here once again, LIVE from the Dury building. 2 Zeds in here, one of which just took a pretty hefty blast of my shotgun. Don't have the energy to hunt down the other one, but they're both somewhere in here. People, I started putting up a wee barricade, but it NEEDS MORE. And remember to dump the bodies when we're done with these two! Tamashii, out.

Sounds of gunfire and a humming of "Flight of the Valkyries"

  • Jered Cain reporting in at Zeph. I've taken down two of these zeds today, one over in Dury and one in the Zeph stack. Once I get rested up again, I'm heading back to stock up on ammo. That's right, two kills today! Anyway, JC out.


  • Rubix41 reporting in. Intel says area near Dury has a lot of zed action. If you are a Caiger survivor, you should know the drill - barricade, stock up, barricade. Remember, if the defence falls, de-enemy gets in! Good luck, peeps!
  • PsychoPhil reporting in. I've cleared the last zed out of Heal Museum just south of Cotty. 'Cades where at XH when I got here. Officer Ted Friday is in bad shape and needs several FAKs ASAP. I'm damn near exhausted but I'm going to try and stay here to help cover as long as I can.
  • Jered Cain over at Dury. Get on over here and help build the barricades!
  • Tarrok Just threw cades up, dont know how long they will last. Ive got DEA in route, leading elements are already here. They can help. And reac the caiger def. manifesto, best way to win a seige ive read!.Tarrok, out

April 22nd, 2006


  • Jered Cain, reporting in once again! Those zeds at Zeph will never know what hit 'em when I'm through with them. Just grabbing some ammo so I can go on a rampage. JC, out!


  • Psychophil reporting in. Foxtrot is reporting that for the first time in quite a while, both phone masts are up and running in the Hills and the Village. Use 'em while you can.


  • Tamashii reporting in, out, shake it all about! A number of groans, followed by what sounds like small projectiles being thrown at the radio Hey, I'm no comedian. Activity at Broadbelt Grove precinct seems to be pretty low, good stuff! Barricades are holding strong, and I've plenty of ammo to see me through the day. Total zed count for me today: 2, at the hospital. A good day! Taking some sleep now, don't let zombies drink my beer!
  • You got two, eh, Tamashii? Beating me by one, you lucky bastard! Jered Cain, out!


  • Rubix41 Reporting in. Nice to see you Broadbelt regulars are getting some action. Mind you with that level of zed activity, I would be expecting it. Anyway, just letting you know, as well as Chief Turner and co. , that we are taking care of business upstairs, as it were. However, what would be nice if you are coming from outside P.Village is to bring some crossboxes! Yep, lots of crossboxes! 10/4

April 21st, 2006


  • Rubix41* Officer reporting in today! -sound of groaning- Oh man, not again!-static, followed by a couple of shotgun blasts- There's more where that came from, buddy! -static- Need gun oil, batteries, nails, bandages, syringes... -static, followed by nails been hammered in- Oh yeah, I forgot! I really need some of that DIY glue. -whine, static, followed by a faint "It's not looking that bad now." in the background- Although Dunell Hills isn't as peaceful as it used to be but I am always seeing new recruits donning the badge. All those who are interested, please sign up! 10/4


DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob 14:26, 21 April 2006 (BST) Sorry about the delay in getting this message out, did ya'll see the storm last night or was it just me? Never mind...-clears throat-...

  • On behalf of the DHPD Command Staff I am pleased to award the Dunell Hills Defense Ribbon =DH= to our esteemed allies and their representatives from the Malton Fire Department, Caiger Mall Survivors, Malton Civil Defense Unit, and any others I missed, there are many I'm sure. This Campaign Ribbon is also awarded to DHPD officers involved in the fight to retake The Hills from the remnants of The Shining Ones and their feral followers. Please accept this with our thanks for your courageous efforts.

I now return you to your daily occuring zombie diaster.

It is displayable in your character's profile, ex. FmrPFCBob


  • Rockphed Hallo, this is the Rockphed morning report. BANG Oof, under attack. Can't move. thump Seems the ceiling needs a new paint job. It seems to be getting patchier as I speak. Oh there is a face. Is it a friend, or my killer. BANG screams in the background Remember me whoever just shot me, for I will hunt you down with the fire of a thousand evils.


-Piercing Static-

  • Tamashii Evening all. Tamashii here, from Broadbelt Grove. Good to see this place up and running, although the 'nuts are running thin, all these people. Beginning to get a little sick of all these syringes, my arm is all shot up. Will head out to reinforce in a sec. Stay safe, mates!


"click" Jtrain "A new Tker named Lorence killed two Dhpd in Broadbelt Grove pd. I followed him to Godsland school which is 5-6 west one south of Broadbelt. I took shots at him but couldnt finish him,(I ran out of ammo and I had 4 ap left :/ he is currently at 6 hp.) if someone is nearby go get him!"


Thom Solo here, reporting from lovely Dunell Hills! The temperature is mild, and the storm seems to have moved on. I just went walkabout and saw that things are looking good inside, but there are still plenty of zeds roaming the streets. We've got out work cut out for us!


April 20th, 2006

early-morning static

  • Jered Cain, reporting in back from the land of the dead, and greeting all you fellas in Malton just tuning in! Today promises to be another great day for making Zeds dead, so, on behalf of the DHPD, do yourself a favor and put a slug in a Zed's head today!

low, mumbled "That was cheesy...", followed by static

  • Rockphed Wow, it is late. I suppose I shouldn't have downed that whole gallon of vodka. Atleast I only remember one gallon. But there still aren't zombies munching on my leg in the safe house, so I will just put away the liquor and get onto the business of running a precint. I never liked desk work, so I am going to do desk work while I am making a clear, colorless liquid that is highly flamable. If anyone wan't some, I will leave one of those water coolers full of it right outside my office. Have a nice day all!


  • Rubix41 Rubix41 reporting in. You know, it's hard finding a date here in Malton. Not saying the quality of girls are like down but they all seem to be busy grabbing an axe, robbing a hospital or police station and nailing that wall together. Of course, there are some real lovely girls outside too. Nicely put together, not wearing many clothes...they don't seem that talkative and they really want to get inside my head. BUT not in a good way. *Ahem* Keeping the streets clean and keeping the coffee going. 10/4

whine - followed by the theme tune to Blind Date

April 19th, 2006


  • Rockphed And there, two shiny new batteries in the radio, flip the switch and ... silence not. Well lets see, running over the roof-tops to the safe house shouldn't take too long, but to conserve power, more silence. Okay back in the safe house, what art has been added to walls. Well someone finally painted over that adopts a horrible british accent teh zombies are pwned. goes back to normal A life size picture of Sharko, good, good. Broadbelt Precint cheif that can't be right. Well, might as well head on over.


  • Rockphed Here in broadbelt, and my name is on a desk, I appearently have an office, and I have the combination to the liquor room. They must want me to take over here. Effective immidietely: there is free alcohol while staying at Broadbelt PD. Also, if someone is pointing a gun at you, give them some vodka. I am going to need some more of that plastic, so if you see any blue plastic in a big, red box, please bring it on by. I also need someone to take a case of this stuff down to Ruggelvale Walk for me. Dirol needs all the help he can get.

Rockphed over and out.


  • Rubix41 Rubix41 reporting in. Just on the outside of Cotty. Lots of lurkers here and some just hiding out in the buildings waiting for us too. I kinda miss having the lights on because generators are so hard to get at this moment. 10/4


  • FmrPFCBob broadcasting for our revivers out there. I checked St. Lorenzo's and the cemetary at [8,38]. 2 and 7 waiters respectively with one rotter at the cemetary. They seem like they want to breathe again so let's see if we can help them all by Friday. I'm going to contact BAM about setting up a run to Coffins, it's already being prepped so it should happen soon. -signal fades- 20:29, 19 April 2006 (BST)


  • Darth Sensitive checking in. I popped into Dury, found a few packets of instant coffee. If you need a pick-me up, let me know. BUZZ Then I went over to Yea and cleaned out my desk. It's kind of amazing how much paperwork can pile up, even after a zombie apocalypse. Goldstar, if you're listening, I turned on the coffee machine, so go grab a cup. Congrats on your promotion. DS out!


April 18th, 2006

  • PsychoPhil Reporting in. A new generator is powering the mast in the Hills. Enjoy it while you can folks, they don't tend to last too long nowadays.... 12:47, 18 April 2006 (BST)
  • Tamashii Reporting in, folks! How is everyone? Radio's been pretty quiet, don't tell me you all died as soon as I got here! Could do with some company over here in West Hills. Only friend I've made in the last few hours could only say "Mrrrrnh!" and kept trying to gnaw my own. Poor guy, had to fire my shotung in his face. Anyone out there? 20:08, 18 April 2006 (BST)
  • FmrPFCBob Hello to the Hills, ..ahh, there it is..-sound of file drawers closing-.. sorry about that. I just got my office back from those zombie moochers and they left the place a mess. The Science Department is trying to restore regular operations -static- St. Lorenzo's is open with no waiting for revives. Coffins is busy but we're on the way with help, or if you can get to St. Humphrey's they're a'hoppin' and a'poppin'. -click,click- By the way, congratulations to all our newly promoted officers! Donuts are on me...wait a sec,... DAMMIT!! They found my stash of Chocolate Covered Zombie Holes, all I have left are Curry & Bile Munchkin Piles, yeah the donuts are definitely on me, come'n get'em. 20:13, 18 April 2006 (BST)
  • Prosperina Glad to see your trip back to the living was successful. No, we're not dead in fact, it looks like the survivors are doing pretty decently now. Barricades are keeping high and so is morale. It's still too soon to say for certain, but for for now things aren't looking too bad. I checked in on the phone mast and that looks like its still running well. And thanks but no thank FmrPFCBob, those donuts are all yours. 20:55 18 April 2006
  • Tamashii Good to see some of my superiors alive out there. Where are all you guys hiding out? Will have to fill me in on that some time, Sounds like the barricades are failing. Well, it's now or never. Friends, officers, gotta run. Should be ea-....Oh hell. Shotgun reloading. Last man standing! Cotty Street shall NOT fall again! 21:03 18 April 2006
  • SpiceWeasel "-snoring followed by a series of loud bangs-" Oh crud. "-gunshots followed by construction sounds-" That was a close one. . . good thing no one saw me sleeping on the job. Oh. . . Is this thing on because if it is. . . I'm just relaying the status of the barricades and definately not sleeping. Go ahead ask any zombie they will tell you the same thing. -fades to static-
  • Rubix41 Rubix41 reporting! Like to mention that 5punk has awarded Dunnell Hill's Jacomb Arms with a 5/5 in Malton's Beer Guide! It's always good when people know your name. Can't wait to get a beer though and get back to Cotty. Should be in reinforcement range soon though!

  • Prosperina *click* *background shuffling and groaning* Aah! B-bloody hell, ow, ow that hurts, stupid Murphy's law. Godsland street School has been breached *heavy breathing and running* Fell asleep. About 8 of the rotters. I-Agh! *clattering and loud groans*


April 16th, 2006

  • Hello? this thing on?...Keep up the good work DHPD...Sound off If we havent heard from you in some time...Jeff Oneil 07:06, 18 April 2006 (BST)

April 15th, 2006


  • Conndraka Ummm Prosperina... Thats not Denmark. Its Saul Manilla's turn in the kitchen at the Rabit Hole. I'm guessing its Ghoulash tonight... but ya never know with him.



  • Rockphed Raghz! Raghz! sound of arm and torso being separated Rarmarrz! Rarmarrzz! sound of empty hollow thing being hit with a floppy semi stiff thing Braanz! somthing in the background hits the ground Mrh? Banana! Graaagh! sound of steel and bone shattering


  • Prosperina Ah yes, remind me to bring you guys some MRIs. Ironically I found myself a murder mystery about monks in one of the libraries. Since I've started reading it, I seem to be stuck speaking formally. Forgive my outburst, I suppose my excitment from the book has effected me as well in the area of conspiracy.

April 14th, 2006


  • Rubix41 Boomers! I need more boomers! -*Click*- Rubix41 reporting in. Lots of zed activity in the area, as per usual, so buildings are going higher too! (I don't mean prices!) Spotted a nice hideout for a while and the zeds haven't quite found it yet! 10/4


- you have a trader in you mists, don't trust Sihoiba.


  • Conndraka To whom that message came from... Keep your crap off my airwaves. I've got to much to do right now than deal with Drama, espescially baseless Drama. Conndraka OUT!


  • Darth Sensitive checking in. Sihoiba's a trader you say? Great!. I always knew he was the type to hook people up with what they need. I think he has connections with the outside of Malton. Black helicopters and crates or something. I wonder how many clips it would take to get an ice cold Coke... DS out!


  • Conndraka Good call on that Darth...I got upset for no reason. I'm sorry Reptilus, if you feel that he didn't give you fair value on your trade you will have to take it up with him... Oh and where are the "Mists" you talked about... The only mists I've seen recently have come out of a certain someones still. Conndraka OUT!

Thats not the point the point is that they have sent in a spy, they are planning to kill you. then they are comeing for me. I'm just saying keep on your toes. I already got attacked by a spy.

  • Sihoiba So I'm a trader and a traitor now? Or and I supposed to trade in traitors? This is just getting confusing. Maybe the Sons of Darius cloned me. So that's what those damned DNA extractors are for, knew I should have read the accompanying manual rather than ditching the blasting thing. Makes sense to target the DHPD command staff, if your gonna create a clone. Wait of course they like my singing. Hold on don't want to disappoint anyone. Right then aone, atwo, aone, two, three, four -totally almost painfully out of tune- I'm a fireman, and I'm ok; I rest all night and I work all day...
  • Prosperina Reptilieus, what's with all this cloak and dagger paranoia stuff recently? First your post about everyone under the sun banding together to come swarm Dunell Hills and now this? If you really believe this then why didn't you address it quietly rather than airing it on a public radio frequency that would just incite panic. It makes no sense and frankly, something's rotten in the state of Denmark.

April 11th, 2006


  • Marcus Payne I'm going to have to disagree with you there, Jtrain. And damn, is that really a caboose? Anyways, Broadbelt is far from safe. We've got zeds all over the place, and especially right outside our PDs. Heck, it isn't even near hoping it's safe status. Just had to raise the cades there up with some trees from Caiger. Sleep somewhere else, for the time being. Over and out.

April 10th, 2006


Jtrain "A small group of DHPD has managed to retake the Broadbelt PD and its surounding buildings, as of 9:50 pm "Central" it is safe and Barricaded. Anyone looking for a semi-safe place mayhead over here and see if we can hold our station for the time being. Good luck to all!"


April 9th, 2006

This is Mungry from the MCV, just lettng y'all know that myself and another MCV member were just gunned down in Molebank by a person wearing the Dunnell Hills Police Uniform nondescript. I don't know if it is one of yours or gone rogue. Be on the lookout.


  • Rubix41: 10/4 MCV! Nondescript is a PK'ing outlaw masquerading as DHPD. We have a warrant for his arrest and, like a bad penny, he turns up again and again. Due to our problems, we've been unable to process our warrants with as much efficiency in the past but please be aware that, in the DHPD, we frown on the process of PK'ing ALOT. Even if you mean it *cough* ask psychophil *cough*. I just want to say a big hello to our "sister" sub in the south! So hello!


April 8th, 2006

  • Psychophil reporting in. Just a quick reminder, keep an eye on those mobile phones, the PMDS is attempting to get certain parts of our infrastructure back to normal. Not sure how long its going to last....
  • BAM here. I'm sending this broadwave for our people and civilians at Coffins Drive -static- click click sending down revivers, you should see them soon. Everyone try to be standing so we can get you. -static- Hope you guys can still understand us in your current state.

April 6th, 2006

The Radio Says: DHPD be advised that assistance has arrived and more will arrive shortly. The Inanimates 14:32, 6 April 2006 (BST)


"This is Kill Team Operator DarkOps, does anybody copy? Okay, anybody that hears this, elements of the Malton Civil Defense Unit have arrived within the Dunell Hills suburb limits. We're in the middle of clearing out certain buildings for people to use, and we hope to complete the first stage of operations shortly. I think we should have enough personnel to render some limited assistance if necessary. DarkOps, out." --halomarine34 17:52, 6 April 2006 (BST)


  • Marcus Payne We hear you, DarkOps. This is DHPD's Alpha Squad Commander Marcus Payne. You and everyone else coming into the suburb right now, is a sight for sore eyes. Even without the Shining Ones in the sector, we've been hit very hard by what we thought at first to be random ferals left behind by the horde. The more time we spend here, the more I think of them less as unorganized undead chaps. They've just cleaned out the Fortune building by Broadbelt Grove and are in the process of taking down adjacent buildings, again. Thanks for your help, and if you ever come by an Alpha Squad member, don't hesitate to ask for donuts. Over and out.


  • Darth Sensitive checking in. I'm at Club Meade. I burned too many APs hitting the zeds. I took down one and got the other down to three. There's one stll that looks to be healthy. Someone needs to patch the 'cades and dump some bodies. I'll bail in just a bit. DS out.


  • Whatshisname It seems that the DHPD is getting more of a control on buildings now thanks to the assistance of some other groups. You guys know who you are. Thank you! Also, there are 4 zeds inside the Dewfall Plaza Railway station. The barricades are up though. Those bastards are temporarily trapped! Waste the bastards before they escape!"

April 5th, 2006


  • Hi everyone! Brobbins from 5punk again! "No it's my turn, get off" ... "I am NOT pished!" -crackle- Ahem sorry... Hi Lt. Tarrok, we'll keep the 'cades up no problem, Zombie bust ins during happy hour tend to disrupt the jolly atmosphere and are generally discouraged. Thanks for the welcome Rubix41, we've been on pub crawls in Liverpool and Newcastle so DH shouldn't prove too dangerous, unless Lt Potter's Final Solution rumour is true and there are a 1000 Zombies waiting for us -riotus laughter and smashing glasses- "Shut up, he might not be a paranoid schizophrenic" -even louder laughter, someone shouts ROFL- Hope to see a few of you in The Jacomb Arms tomorrow!.


April 4th, 2006

This is the 501st Armed Division To anyone who can here me! We have uncovered a plot Set up by Sons of DARIS! They have been planning it for months, the final Plan to arratacte All Humens, 1 out of every 50 poeple are on there side! Sharko if you can hear me you are in danger, your first! Keep on the look out for Xyu, he's joind them. Groups like Anti Swiper Coalition, The Neon Knights, RuleZero, and the Scavengers. Also Zombie groups like After The Flesh, The Crypts, Drunken Dead, Gdi, Minions of the Apocalypse, NecroTech Corp. R&D, The Ridleybank Resistance Front, The Axe Gang, ZILF Hunters, and Zombie Liberation Front have also joind in it! Sharko They are planing on killing you then everyone else! YOu must get out of Dunell Hills! Get to Rodges Stadium as fast as you can, no time to save other poeple! You must live! When you get there look for Lt Potter!


  • Hello?, hello?, do you read me?, calling DHPD this is Brobbins from the group 5punk... "No I don't think it's working" ... "Well you bloody fix it then!!.." Hello?, oh now it's on... If anyone out there in Dunell Hills is receiving this, 5punk invite one and all in the DHPD and the Dunell Hills area to join us on our pub crawl when it passes through the suburb, we are visiting The Jacomb Arms on Thursday 6th April and will stay for a few days to sample the local brews and review the pub for The Malton Good Beer Guide, I do hope you will join us!, Brobbins over and out. "It is off!" ... "Hic" ... "Oh that button!?.."


  • Rubix41 -click- Rubix41 reporting in and saying hi to all those on Zombie Aid! Welcome to DHPD, 5punk! It's not often we have visitors to Dunnell Hills, especially now! -crackle- You're on a pub crawl?! Here?! Oh well, I guess you guys must be the danger tourists that I read about in the papers I find at hospitals. Or you're die hard Brits on vacation! We haven't got much to offer you in the form of guides or brochures but we do recommend that you don't stay outside too long - the -static- natives aren't exactly friendly. -click-


  • Tarrok " This is 2nd Lt. Tarrok Krey, DEA. We are using the Jacob Arms as a commo hutch right now. Your more than welcome to come on by, but please dont tear cades down. I having to constantly put the damned things up. I need to contact Cotty Dr. pricenct for working with them in the campaign for now. Who do I talk to? Tarrok, out"


  • Prosperina -click-Sorry Lt Potter, but you're going to have to try harder than that to convince me. You claim that all these people and zeds are just going to drop whatever they're doing and come all the way to Dunell Hills. It makes no sense, what sort of benefit could they possible derive from it? And the logistics of it just boggle the mind. It would be like hearding cats. I'm a simple girl and Dunell Hills is my suburb. I'm not about to abandon it on some alarmist unsubstantiated propoganda. -click-


  • TMH swedish - lool, nice try. Xyu made no mention of joining any sort of PK group, and if him and Petro find out that you've been spreading alarmist slander over their Zed groups, they'll bone you so hard it'll impale your tonsils. In fact, I think I'll make it a point to mention your group to them. Now excuse me, but I have to find a zombie mob to help me return to my Shining brethren.


April 3rd, 2006


  • Rockphed Dr Curie, I am currently doing a scientific type test on the pain dampening effects of my vodka. If all goes well, I will have conclusive data in about an hour. In the mean time, check on by for a drink. I have plenty. That goes for anyone who is hurt or wants to drown sorrows. Normally I recomend chocolate for sorrows, but I can't seem to find any in this post-apocalyptic city. Just tell me how the alcohol makes you feel. It is for prosperity.


  • William A White Reporting *cough* from ... is anyone else left alive from Broadbelt Grove Precinct? *cough* Still zeds inside the precinct... I'm too weak to fight them.


  • Thom Solo coming to you from staticing, where I've been checking for zeds in need of revives... if you need one, gimme a "Mrh?" buzz Oh, and Rockphed? That vodka made me feel all tingly for a while, then numb. Nice job!

April 2nd, 2006

-static- Esteemed DHPD! Sorry to block up your airtime. This is Read Or Die, a small but determined group of bibliophiles broadcasting from an undisclosed location within Barrville. We humbly beseech you for aid. For RP reasons, we have identified Olivey Library as a building of symbolic and practical importance to the survival of human knowledge in Malton. To this end we are hoping to organise a grand expedition – the ‘Barrville Crusade’ – to liberate it, and with it the suburb of Barrville. We are inviting some 75 survivor groups to take part, and believe that your group will have a special interest in this mission because of your experience in successful siege operations. We would very much value your expertise and manpower in this mission. The Barrville Crusade is scheduled for 18 April, when all participants shall converge on the suburb, capture and barricade the Olivey Library á la the Caiger Mall, and then fan out to free and fortify buildings throughout the suburb. We envisage an operation that shall eventually involve thousands of survivors from dozens of groups, in an action that shall be no less impressive than the great Caiger Mall siege of winter 2005. In practical terms – as well as being providing great fun and camaraderie for all – it will provide a great boon to survivors. The concentration of forces in around Caiger Mall provided the humans with a huge advantage: human players gained experience quickly, while zombies futilely assaulted barricades; the outlying suburbs were drained of zombies, giving inexperienced newbies room to accumulate skills safely. We believe the city needs a recreation of this situation right now: the percentage of zombies in the active Malton population has risen by 1% every day for the last 4 days (from 39% to 43%). This is unsustainable – the fewer people there are, the ever harder it will be to tackle the growing revivification deficit. We are leaving details of the crusade open, in order to draw as many zombies as possible away from the other suburbs, and ready to be slaughtered by our valiant forces. Please contact us to let us know whether or not your group would like to send some forces to help on the appropriate date. It will be an excellent opportunity to redress the growing zombie numbers, draw the RRF away from weak newbies in other suburbs (giving them time to accumulate skills), demoralise the zombies once more, and relive the glorious campaigns of old.

For contact, please email either my boss or me, or visit the ROD open forum ( ), where strategies can be discussed, concerns voiced, and any improvements suggested. Feel free to contact any allies, or non-aligned individuals, if you think they may be interested.

We would be very honoured to have the assistance of volunteers from a group as great and universally respected as yours, Susan Barker Over and out.


  • Rockphed Um, you want vodka with that Read or Die? Cuz that is about all I am good for. Building stills and producing alcohols. I found a large shipping container full of strangely fementable plastics, and quickly set up a still producing Vinyl Vodka. To get some, simply bring proof of zombie removal for a building to the Dunell Fortress. If you didn't know, the Dunell Fortress is the area around Club Meade. As for the exact building, I am prohibited by Regulation 321 from disclosing such information. All officers are encouraged to check in either on air or with a squad or precint head to confirm their continued existence. And as a final note, we need donuts in the Dury Building to go with the new Cofee Machine.


  • Dr Curie here. Hey, Rockphed? -static- You listening? -static- How strong is that vodka of yours? I'm in need of more antiseptics. It seems all the hospitals in the north-west quadrant are either overrun with zombies or walled up so heavily I can't get in. I'm trying to grow my own penicilin with some success, but some good strong alcohol to clean the wounds can make all the difference. -static- Dr. Curie out.


  • Prosperina Sounds like a party, I'll pick up some donuts on my way down, Rockphed. *Ride of the Valkyries plays*


  • Rubix41 Yeah, at least I have chicken...-click- Rubix41 reporting in! Lifing some yummy donuts and machines to our target location is pretty hard but we think it will be worth it! Save me a drink too!

April 1st, 2006


  • Familar, but unclear voice "PMDS -static- Ple-static-ase report -static- All of PMDS -crackle- M.I.A. or -static- dead. -static- Anybod-static-(Message cuts off)"


March 31st, 2006


  • Rockphed Hear ye! Hear ye! People of the DMZ, rejoice for Opperation Zombie Aid has commenced! I, Rockphed, will lead the charge until someone with more experience, or a bigger gun, shows up. All buildings are to be barracaded by weeks end. Remember, do not sleep in a resource building until the cades are brought up across the entire suburb. Find a safe house, know it, and protect it with your life. Well, maybe protect your life with your safe house. Also, zeds have a hard time leaving caded buildings, so if you drop a zed in a non essential building, don't dump it, Baracade it in. Now that the official anouncement is over, Broadbelt, Zephyrinius, and the Dury building are all cadeless and have atleast 2 zeds inside apeice. They are hereby designated the unofficial DHPD Firing range. Go blast some zed brains!


  • PsychoPhil reporting in. I know its been a while since I've broadcase; my radio got busted up early in the riot. Managed to swipe this one off of a slow moving zed in a SWAT uniform. Hope he's not too pissed off when he gets revived. In any case crackle scouting run, mainly to check on Club Meade and the beer supply. Just getting there now... What?! Son of a *STATIC*ch! They took the bar! They took the whole f*bzzzzzzzzzzt*ing bar!!

March 30th, 2006

  • Jeff Oneil....DHPD...and Non DHPD Officers..IF you are down move to Revive points listed or move to the cemetery 8, 38. post on secure channels or here we will find you.. All Non REVIVE points are FREE FIRE, and will assume hostile.....

(message repeats every 5 minutes)


  • Rockphed Things are pretty quiet here at Swinnerton Square, with the possible exception of a new Helicopter. I hear they got a recon chopper down in Dunell Hills, but this is a real beaut. I count four missle racks, two machine guns, and maybe a couple bombs. I can't quite get to it, but I would hate to be dead when this thing flies overhead. I personally like being in less than five hundred pieces. Operation Zombie Aid will commence, for me at least, when I have loaded the rest of my multitude of guns. Please Baracade all buildings to very strong or higher in Dunell Hills. Don't worry about taking it higher yet, just slow the zombies down!


  • Rubix41 I hope the turnout for Zombie Aid day will be good! *sounds of barricades rattling* Oh dear. Carlos, you get the crucifix and I'll push the bibles over there. Move it! *sounds of groaning and people frantically shoving stuff* ARGGH!! *-static-* HA HA HA HARRGH...


  • FmrPFCBob All DHPD and Allies, the Science Department is starting to make progress on our list of officer's down. If you are in need of NT services and are able to report in give us your position and a local situation report. We'll get you as soon as we can.
  • Darth Sensitive checking in. Well, the good news is that I'm on my feet, thanks Purple Cat. The bad news is that I may or may not be safe. I grabbed 2x syringes, but I couldn't find any barricade buildings, so I was forced to take a rest inside a building I hadn't yet scouted. If you can help me out at Club crackle, that would be great.

March 29th, 2006

  • Jeff Oneilstatic..JTRAIN.. all MIA DHPD... Please check secure area... we will find you...


  • Dr Curie speaking. Hello DHPD, are you still on this channel? static Anyone still alive down there? static I'm no good as a combattant, so I've holed up in the north for the time being. I'd like to appologize to those of you I might have er... accidentially mauled slightly during my recent uh... affliction. Once the Zephyrinus is secured again I'll come fix you right up. Or come on up to Roywood. I do really good needle work. Dr Curie out.


  • Nirovan -click- Mmmmmmrrrrrhhhhhhh..... -static-

March 28th, 2006

  • Rockphed Ka-womp I hate breaking in new Ka-womp-dios, they alwa-Ka-womp have some sort of Ka-womp. I have relocated to Peddle-Ka-womp after waking up here. Ka-womp-member fitful sleep near my fav-Ka-womp psyche-ward, and some distorted dreams that Ka-womp-round a sign that read Mc-Ka-womp Drive. I must have left my old radio down there. Sniff I must be coming down with something, I Ka-womp do heavy labor. I have aquired Ka-womp-irt that reads "Born to Barhah", and is ripped in two. If you can Ka-womp describe its color, and convince me not to Ka-womp-eral bullets in your brain, you can have it. Rockphed, surviving in the DHPD, out.




  • Max1138 Mayday! This is Max of Caiger Mall Security-static-quire immediate assista-static-ombies have breached the building and ar-static-if mickmick124, John Garai or Deputy Ray can hear this from inside-static-lear out. Zombies infest surrounding buildin-static-on't expect to make it out. Long live Caiger Mall! continuing static...



  • Jtrain: Holy hell! Zeds everywhere I have downed dozens in the past few days, Looking to contact all alive DHPD members to reform in DH or some where near by. Alone we are food, as a group we are strong. click


March 27th, 2006

  • Jeff Oneil---HELLO--- MALTON...** BEATLES** The sun is out and the sky is blue.....greet the brand new day....We are not going anywhere....Secure area for more info
  • William Gauthier



Caiger Mall to Dunell Hills, what is your situation?

5 seconds silence

I repeat, what is your situation?

Zombie moan

Is anyone there?

More zombie moans



  • Karlsbad syringe hiss in the background Hangh? Where am I? What is this here? Huh. A radio. sound gets louder I remember Radios... I used to fix them in cars... Cars... Wow, where am I? Police Department, mrh? Okay. What's this hat? Mall Tour '06? I don't remember that. Something is written here. Says that Hold The Line is a success, DHPD has abandoned the suburb, remaining survivors are doomed, signed F22. Geuss I should go outside then, see if I can rejoin my friends...
  • Prosperina Heh, a bit preemptive I would think. Silly boy.*pat pat*


  • Marcus Payne From the book of Disdain under the Chronicles of Dunell Hills, chapter five, thus said -sound of flipping pages-... the warriors of Dunell cried out onto their maker, pleading with the one who may set them free from the air of iniquity that had surrounded them. For they were not only being bested in the manner of battle, but also in the minds. The hand of Kevan heard their cries and looked down from his high-upon place and saw that their cries were not in accordance with his will, and thus smote three score of their children of Dunell Hills.


And there was much gnashing of teeth amongst those who were still alive, though a little bit later the walking perished raided the Malton Brewery and claimed it for their own. Then, there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.


  • Rubix41come...garrggh...mrrrh...Zombie Aid...arrrrhg....barhah...


  • Max1138 This is Max from Caiger Mall Security, arrived late last night in the Peddlesden suburb, went on recon to Yea Drive PD shortly ago. The building was empty but was barricaded up to VS, roughly 18 zombies about 20 bodies outside the PD. Took standing zombies outside down to 15 and withdrew from the area, are any DHPD still out there ? I expect more reinforcements from the mall shortly, where are we needed ?



  • Tarrok " This is Tarrok. I am moving to Caiger to ammo up. Will be in Dunell Hills in a day or three. Dont know about the rest of the DEA. Will be there soon. Hold on Dunell Hills. Tarrok, Out."


  • Lancensis "Grrrh.....brnhr"


  • Lancensis "GRARRGHH"



  • Willr3 Dunell Hills to Caiger Mall. I repeat this is radio Dunell Hills to Caiger mall. Our situation is pretty bad right now. We've lost control of our recourse buildings and other safehouses are being broken into regularly. I know someone was on the radio earlier saying not to come and help but they were acting without authority and didn't really know what they were doing. We could really use anyone you can spare right now. I can't promise any sort of arrangements except for all the zombies you can shoot or chop. Things are pretty exciting down here. Dangerous but exciting. Hope to be seein some of you Caiger guys pretty soon.

March 26th, 2006


  • Taiger Hey, I think it's working again. Rubix41, William A White, are you there? This is Taiger over at Caiger trying to recruit some backup so we can retake Yea and Broadbelt. Trying to make contact with the rest of the team that fought with us down there. beeeeeeeeep Switching to alternate channel. Situation at Caiger is stable, should be able to coordinate an offensive soon. Sorry for the delay, many here battle worn but ready for a fight. Will update again via secure net if power and signal strength here maintains.



  • William A White here... we've lost the first fl-static- the Fortune Building, and they're coming up the stairwell! Offic-crackle-amn!!! I'm bit! We're losing the fight! -Screams fill the air, then muffled sounds and finally silence-

March 25th, 2006

Static up everything

  • Rockphed The place of insanity is free of zed influence, but I suggest against going crazy inside. The barracades are only very strong, so zeds can probably get inside, but they went up fast, so I might be able to do them again sometime. Just so everyone knows, my newest line of alcohols is The Brain Wrencher guaranteed to blow a zombie's mind. And I assure you that there are not hazardous quantities of psychoactive drugs inside. I did not include meth, ritalin, or morphine. And I certainly did not include any potatoes. Have a nice day.


  • William A White reporting from Broadbelt Grove - I snuck back in to the department to retrieve my best dress uniform and found only two zeds still infesting the place - you'll find one of them now hanging on a hook in the firing range, but the other got away from me and is still inside somewhere.

March 24th, 2006


  • Rockphed All Hell is breaking loose, even in my favorite Psyche Ward. The cades are standing up, but on site medical services have been terminated. Medical staff have moved out, and check in periodically. I would help with the current invasion of the Homeland, but I am confident that those still there can kill all the zombie's dogs. Rockphed out.



  • TMH swedish - (Incoming transmission from Cotty Street PD) Graagh... GRAAAGH! BARHAHAHAHAH!


  • Officer Otep Mrh? Graaaagh! Graaaagh!


  • Rubix41 I am going to stick you (Sound of syringe going in) looks like we lost Cotty, Broadbelt and Yea for now, peeps. I dunno if anyone is going to come and help us though...
  • DHPD-SDC FmrPFCBob Do not go to St. Lorenzo's for revives. It is unsafe for the NTechs. I repeat DO NOT GO TO ST. LORENZOS. Check the secure lines for new revive points. If you are there we WILL try to get you, contact us so we know who you are.
  • Echo Leader Kirk Howell click-pop-fizzle This is a call to arms for all DHPD members. If you are at caiger or on your way there for a suply run, I ask you partake in Operation Back In the USSR. The diplomatic mission is simply this, Ask fi any of the Caiger Mall Survivors can spare as many people as they can to asist us in our hour of need, as we did with Opperation Yoko Ono. Ask as many people as you can and perhaps even tag the inside of the mall with a friendly request for back up. pop crackl Thanks for your assistance in this mission Over and out. click.

March 23rd, 2006


  • Taiger (0524hrs. EST) Hello? Anybody there?- -moaning and gunfire- ades........are down! There is a crowd of zeds inside the Yea Drive P.D. - ....offee machine destroyed -zzzzzzz- Took down one, came down from Swinnerton with two others....... no backup in sight, falling back to a more secure location nearby to regroup and reload. Dammit, been bitten again, luckily Firebirdmistress and Loki loves Mask are here. Shit 2 more zeds inside. -more gunfire-

-dead air and static-

  • Rubix41 (11:38hrs GMT) -cackle- Rubix41 reporting in. News of a Cotty offensive is *NO* longer hearsay - requesting all survivors inside Cotty PD to LEAVE the PD and seek shelter elsewhere. I repeat, LEAVE PD and seek shelter elsewere. DO not SLEEP in any PD's in the Dunnell Hills suburb. Over and out.

-an old radio ad starts-


  • Taiger (0623hrs. EST) Reporting from Yea Drive P.D. - A few of us are still alive and kicking - requesting immediate assistance - sent runners to nearby locales to spread the word - This is not a drill - cades' crippled - running low on ammo - I am not leaving without my team mates!!!! If anyone is getting this, establish a perimeter around us and nuke the freak'n place but do not these undead pricks get beyond this point. -GRRRRRR........BRAINS???......Piss Off ....CLICK, CLICK, BOOM!-

-and now a word from our sponsor - Remington Firearms-

  • DogSoldier (1840hrs. EST) sssssSSSHHHH KISHT ...lo, hello? This is DogSoldier, re...psssh...from West Becktown, we got zo...whiereeer PING! Right. How's it now? Good? Look, Justice Inc are trying to clean up West Becktown. We heard about you guys, saw some neat moves out in the field, thought we should extend the hand of friendship. You're right next door to us. Just a friendly hello and heads up to our work. We got a revive point at Pullin Square. More details in the wiki. Justice Inc signing...deweeeeintirrrrrrr KISHT

-dead air, then 'Janie's Got A Gun' by Aerosmith-

  • William A White (1258hrs AST) Reporting from Anderson Row School at [4,35]. Maxwell Hammer is sleeping in a classroom here, and he's nearly dead by the looks of him. I'd happily finish him off, but I don't see a warrant outstanding. If anyone believes he should be executed, hurry down!

-four hours of dead air-

  • William A White (1700hrs AST) -static- broken in to the Dury Building, and many survivors are getting torn up. At least 20 are inside now and more a-static- Transmission ends


  • All that can be heard from Jered Cain now is static.

March 22nd, 2006


  • Nirovan Nirv here. I cleared out bodies and the last zombie from Yea Drive and shut the doors. There's one survivor inside, healed him. Didn't check for other zombies nearby... didn't want to step outside. Serious Business, eh, Maxwell? Nirv, out. -click-


  • William A White reporting from Broadbelt Grove - Zephyrinus Hospital is overrun. I took down one ugly ze-static-ny more. Barricades are weak throughout the area!


  • William A White Still at Broadbelt Grove - -static- are down! There is a crowd of zeds inside the department, trashing the lunch room right in front of me - they're tossing our doughnuts and stale coffee all over the place. I thin-buzz-vors and officers holed up downstairs in need of help.

-Crackle Fiz-

  • Kirk HowellThis is Kirk fizzle New leader of Echo reporting in. All Echo Squad members are to report in on the secure channel, i need to make a member list, i'm giving a structure to the squad, view the posting at recruitment and on echo thread for all info, also ANY unassigned DHPD members are welcome to join, there will be spots opend for all roles and if more are required they will be expanded. Over and Out.. Fizzle Good hunting.....


  • Jered Cain reporting, once again back at the besieged Dunell Hills. What the hell is up with this Maxwell Hammer character? Apparently he holds some sort of grudge, but it's before my time, I don't know a thing. What should I do? I'm still a rookie, we're under siege, and he's likely to kill me if I try to take him down, plus I don't see a warrant on him, either, so I don't see myself getting involved here.


  • Taiger reporting from Broadbelt Grove - Broadbelt Grove Police Dept is under seige. 44 zeds beating on front door, barricades back up. "crack" "crack" "boom" -static-one down 43 to go. Yea Drive P.D. has 9 zeds beating at front door, 'cades holding, for now. "groaning and moans heard in background" -static-


  • Marcus Payne I was over at Broadbelt, and by Kevan, what a mess the place is. There's over sixty of the undead over there, and I swear, puke on the floor all over the place. They must have raided our Brewery again, dammit. I don't think I've seen a sight like this since I left college. At least the Shining Ones are understandable. In any case, I've taken out swedish earlier. Saw him up and about running as a zed, though I didn't think I'd see him after I last saw him jump off that window. Said he had enough of life and all that and wanted to become part of the brotherhood or whatever it was he was saying.


Well, at least we're done with that. Anyone tuning in, get on over and join Alpha Squad. We could use a couple of new guns in the team.


  • Thom Solo here, reporting fro crackle fter a run through Broadbelt. 8 survivors and 61 zombies when I got there, only 59 when I left. Ran out of ammo and drove my axe through the second one's skull. Stay sharp, everybody!

March 21st, 2006


  • Rockphed Aaaag, there was a break in at Ruggelvale. *in the background*Be careful with that Now I have to move my still, but all is not lost, I have a case of disenfectant daquiries here. So now I am going to get hammered, and take pot shots at random zeds walking down the street. Rockphed over and out.


  • Nirovan Thought you should know I'm back in town, now. Looks like things are going to get fun... exciting... excitun? fuxiting? ... fun and exciting.


  • William A White Reporting from the Fortune Building. Just got back from the mall, and I saw extremely heavy activity to our east. There are currently four zeds barricaded inside Eckersley Cinema, if anyone wants to stop in and take some potshots from the balcony.

muffled sounds

  • Lancensis "'Bout 50 Zombies coming in from the East. Yea Police Department is wiped out. Broadbelt under heavy attack. The Hospitals to the South are being attacked. I reckon it'll be about a day before we start getting attacks around HQ, and we're going to fighting for our lives very quickly." -pauses to catch breath- "Do not sleep in rescource or Very Strongly Barricaded buildings. Try to spread out, as much as possible. Quickly get ammo, because we can't be sure of having access to it all the time. If we react rapidly to the incursion, we should do fine. Nice to use the radio again(!)."

several clicks and static interspersed with screams and groans

  • -a strained woman's voice- This is Dr Curie from the Zephyrinus General Hospital. We are being overrun. The Zeds are eating their way through both patients and medical personell, and destroying equipment. Soon the dead will outnumber the living. We don't have the capacity to deal with this. I cannot... Hey! Get away from there! Shoo! Let go of... -static-

Hello there lusers of the DHPD. I'm back. One of your idiot doctors was kind enough to revive me. I executed the warrant on Guy Montaq and will eventually get around to serving the warrants on the rest of you. After executing my sworn duty to free Malton from facism I then fed myself to Xyu and the gang outside the Zeph. Be eating you.--Maxwell Hammer 03:02, 22 March 2006 (GMT)

March 20th, 2006


  • Conndraka The "Official" Tour is over. The bored and unfortunatly far thinking Zombies with some form of gray matter have decided on their next targets. Ladies and Gentlemen: Read this thread. The warlords Profile is posted in the appropriate area. Our ability to win is only subject to our desire to persevere. On a side note, its going to get a WHOLE lot easier to level up... enjoy bucause it's about to get interesting.


  • Rubix41 Same old Caiger...same old baka. Who keeps overbarricading the dang entrances?!
  • Officer Otep I'm tired and I'm bleeding, but I'm still alive. The dead won't find an easy meal here in the Hills. So make sure you welcome our new guests folks, greet them with guns and the sharp side of an axe. We are the DHPD and we eat zeds for breakfast!

March 15th, 2006

  • Cojak here- Anyone who is reading this, we have a problem. Cotty currently has a zombie in it, 52hps with flak, got 2 tired to do anything about it.. need help. 20:21, 19 March 2006 (GMT)


  • RockphedI was up here in the villiage following a flare, when I came upon a rather disturbing occurance. There were zeds inside barracaded buildings and people inside buildings without baracades. Last I checked, finkin auto repair had 3 inside. Life in the local necrotech building is rather normal, well for a town where the dead stand up and attack the living. I'll be heading back to my still eventually, although I do want to look at some of the equipment in the brewery next to Cotty Street. I request that all patrolling officers maintain the barracades they see at very strong or higher. I spent the night up here in the village in a building I baracaded up from nothing, and when I woke up, other people had moved in. Have a nice day.


  • Marcus Payne Hearing you loud and clear, Tarrok. Been getting all sorts of things going on between you and the IWM these past few weeks. What's the beef with them and you guys? Any chance we can settle this over a cup of coffee and donuts? Fighting other survivors isn't what we'd call our specialty. Goodness knows how many enemies we got already. But in any case, you willing to settle in the Village until this little spat of yours blows over? Over and out.
  • Jered Cain here again, once again hailing from Caiger. I've just found a mobile phone, and I've heard an interesting piece of news. Not sure if it's true or not, but I'll be checking into it.
  • Tarrok "This is Tarrok. We got tired of being threatened and killed for scouting out the suburb. Got tired of them mouthing off about their safe burb when its a hellhole. So we finally acted when another DEA member was killed scouting and making supply runs in Dakerstown. They fucking ran us out of the suburb when we first left, and did the same thing to FREEZE. so we have joined forces and are clearing out the suburb of zeds and the IWM, cading, reviving and making it a safe suburb. The IWM got pissed and called in reinforcements, so Ive called in all of our allies for help. So has FREEZE. I had to take control of the op for a while but Hudson is back as Comm. now. If you want though, you dont hav to join in the pking. Help slaughter zeds, cade, ect. I am basically working with all groups to run logistics. Let me know. Tarrok Out."

March 14th, 2006

  • Dirol This is Marcus Dirol, calling in for assistants down in Owsleybank. I know your thinking why do we need Owsleybank, it looks like some hick town. Well I can tell you this if we can take and hold the suburb, it will become a vital spot for reviving fellow DHPDers and other like minded survivors. See this suburb might only have 2NT buildings in it but there are another 3 NT buildings along Owsleybank's borders. There's one NT building in Dunell, you all know that one pretty well, another NT building in Molebank and 1 in West Becktown. All of these NT buildings you can easily get to from Owsleybank. So please realize the potential of this suburb and lend us a hand. Dirol over and out.
  • Tarrok thi... to all DHPD in... of Roywood or Dakerstown. It has happened. THe IWM has killed one to many civilians and.... DEA are at war. They have moved into Roywood from Dakerstwon and mouthed off enough that FREEZE has joined us. We .... for the long haul, and request any assistance the DHPD ...give. Let me know you are coming on the DEA readio, and I where you can most help. REPEAT, DEA and IWM in war. Dakerstown and Roywood the battlezone. DEA requests help. Tarrok, out"
  • Prosperina Tarrok, I'm a bit confused. Isn't the Malton DEA the group who has been going around attacking necrotechs and executing revive "pushers". If so wouldn't helping them be at cross purposes?
  • Jeff Oneil No this is the Good DEA.. Ok DHPD you know about the Beer, how about this. the first 10 officers to come on down to Owsleybank Not only do they get that, but we need 10 sergrants down here. So.. You get the beer, you get the rank, and I must be out of my mind...but you also get the DHPD Medal Of Service.... thats right you get the Beer, you get the rank, you get the medal and you also get to HUG WHATS IN THE BIG BOX..."wispering" I'll let you out of the box in a minute Thom..So come on down to Owsleybank..... the fun never stops

...Sgt McReedy Came on down, dont be the last one...

March 13th, 2006

  • jeff Oneil Hello DHPD......Happy Monday.... Things at home seem to be going really well, but we could use some help In owelys bank. Think of it as being on the front lines, helping new people and making a real difference. the first 6 people get a six pack of Rockphed Green Ale.... Im not sure whats in, but he keeps telling me it will "cure what ales ya".... We need medics, and revivers.... So come on down.....
  • -static- This is FmrPFCBob inside Pankhurst NT building, Molebank... -tuning- 'cades are very strong and power's on. Too many nerdy types here, not near enough tough guys. -static- is still down, repeat, Mom is still down. Last seen at Shenton Crescent RP, not standing yet. Any support nearby?... especially if you have a coffee pot, I really need some, or donuts, crullers, ....0145 GMT, Bob out.


  • Broadbelt PD... This is Oneil... break in at -static-Lucius General Hospital.. Please send responders south to re-enforce. 14 bodies on the ground.

March 12th, 2006

  • Conndraka Just a quick line to say how proud I am to be a member of the DHPD. We were attacked, we suffered, we compensated, and we responded. Although there is some evedence that Zed activity will be a bit higher than we were being accustomed to, The People and officers of the DHPD have responded admirably, and better than I could have hoped for. On a side note, be sure to check out the Warrants page. a number of Warrants expired, and since there had not been contact with a number of these individuals lately, I chose not to renew said warrants. For those using UD Tools, Isuggest you move the expired warrants from "Wanted" to "PKorGK". Once again it is easy to see why we are one of the best damn survivor groups. Conndraka Out.
  • Jered Cain reporting in back in Dunell. Sorry I missed out on the fun here. I'll soon either head back to Caiger to help mop up or I'll do the occasional hunt here, get myself prepped before joining a squad.


  • Thom Solo reporting from Ruggevale Walk... it looks good here, I'm heading out for a patrol later on tonight, still a bit sore after my run down from Caiger. Oh, and someone tell Rockphed that the still is in good shape and turning out some fine brew! Stay sharp!

March 11th, 2006

  • Prosperina The MFD is back in town and ready to help. Well at least I'm back from Molebank. A word of warning some pkers followed me back so be on the look out for a guy called Nondescript. He uses guerilla pker attacks killing then hiding as a zombie.

Please don't revive him.

  • PsychoPhil reporting in. Made a run from the Village down to Dunell Hills. Zed activity in Peddlesden is higher than we've seen in a while. I found that the Bascombe Building was breached with barricades down, two zeds inside attacking some survivors. Managed to drop one and rebuilt the barricades a bit. I had to move on and found five more zeds standing outside Bascombe. They could use a bit of help. I'll be heading back after I rest up a bit. Now as for some good news, I finally found a set of pistols with some decent sights on 'em. I can now tag these bastards right in the head if need be. That should help slow 'em down a bit. Out.
  • mikael maguire all swinnerton units respond! i repeat all swinnerton units respond! this is sargent miakel maguire. all swinnerton units return to base. bascomb is under attack and needs backup 5 zeds outside one in. light cades. 3 more on their way. i repeat all swinnerton officers return to the pd and provide backup for the bascomb building.
  • Gen.Reptileus- THis is a Note from the 501st Armed Division, Some of us are makeing a run from Mall Tour 06. We will relocate at Yea Drive Police Dept. Please do not kill us. Repeat Do Not Kill Us!
  • Sgt McReedy reporting that the warrant has been served on intrepidman1 in Owsleybank.


  • EbonIlnaren I stepped outside and the Hills were alive with the sound of groans from Cotty, St. Stephans, and Lucius. By the time I got to the first two, they were zed-free. Lucius General had one left, so I finished and dumped it. Everything looks clear now. Over.


  • Rockphed Oh, bah. My still is going unattended. Will someone please check up on Ruggelvale walk and make sure that no zeds have been in the liqour. General Reptilius, we try to maintain order. If you have a guilty conscience, those amoung us who are cops will ferret out all your crimes. But if you don't act guilty, and don't break the law, we won't hurt you. You don't have a guilty conscience, do you? Have a nice day.


  • Rubix41 Rubix41 over. Looking over the Necrotech, we've got intel on 8 zeds on approach from Yoko's looking like they are moving towards the DH patch. Last known location was St Lazar's (17,32) West Becktown. Any units willing to take em out or investigate? Rubix41 over.

March 10th, 2006

<General Broadcast All Chanels - Signal Boosted to Malton Wide Band>

The War has begun in earnest Brothers and Sisters of Dunell Hills.

Bring what ever you have, whether that be Rounds, FAKs, or Syringes. Hell even spray paint to help maintain information and Morale.

As individuals we might fall, but as a group we stand and we WILL survive. Revive who you can when you can, set and fuel generators and barricade like madmen (and women) but most importantly shoot a Zed. Your friends will love you for it.

I recommend that you learn as many of the Most Wanted Profiles and Zed Problems as possible so that you can know who you are shooting.

Shoot the named Zeds first, and then work your way down the line. The more we can keep their leadership on the ground the better we do in the field.

As I have said before, this threat isn't much of one... but we MUST respond with the due force and vigilance that someone coming into OUR house deserves.

Fight On, Fight Well, Stay Safe, Stay Alive. I am Conndraka, 1st Commisioner of the DUNELL HILLS POLICE DEPARTMENT. Alive and Kickin it in Dunell Hills.

You want some of me? Come Get Some you Son of a Bitches.


  • Rockphed Rrh brrn rrrng rn hrh rarrra, hrahrh rrh rng hra. Mrarh brrn rrrng rn hrh rarrra, rh rh hra hrh rmrh aa.

With all the heavy barricading going on today, I got stuck outside when I went to check the front of Club Meade. I tried to find a way inside, but no luck. I'm making this broadcast hoping someone will check that I'm not eaten, because I'm going to have to rest in the street soon. If someone finds me, tell me where I can get inside becuase I'm not going to have alot of energy to go searching. Hope I'm alive in the morning, this is Tyler SanCristobal, over and out.

  • dr antman Mmmm i love the smell of a full spent clip in the morning. But on a worse note, I know you want to stay safe and think I will put the barricades up to full to stop the zeds but many of my friends and allies cant find an entry point and are getting maulled so read the spraypaint at the PD's it says "KEEP AT VS+2" so please do that. But annyways keep up the headshots.

March 9th, 2006



  • Rockphed Will people stop putting repeating messages on air, Some of us like to hear the news, then roll over and go back to sleep. If you don't already know, we are in the midst of a full scale invasion. Yea was hit yesterday, and the Dury Building was hit early this morning. There were about 30 zeds inside at 1:30 am, but I don't know the current status. I'm out of ammo, so I have resorted to using my axe. And remember, not all zmobies want to come back to life. Some even become violent when deprived of unlife. I know sticking them in the back of the neck with a needle is fun, but it might not be worth it. Have a nice day, and someone turn off that stupid repeating message. I need my beauty sleep.


  • PsychoPhil reporting in. Yea Drive was wide open with 2 zeds inside when I static there this morning. I dropped one zed and the other took off after seeing his buddy get nailed with a flare gun (golf clap in the background). I rebuild the barricades a bit but I'm wearing down and getting tired.
  • This is FmrPFCBob from inside Dury 1400GMT. 'Cades are good, Net's up and a new scan in the Science Dept. I passed through Broadbelt earlier, Bryan Adams killed some people so we got him out then a rabid zombie got in and infected a bunch of people. -static- ... signal fades
  • Sgt McReedy requesting help. Zeds are currently FLOODING into Billet Auto Repair. Sixteen of the bastards at last count.... 21:04, 9 March 2006 (GMT)

March 8th, 2006


  • Rockphed Aloha! I am up here next to my favorite psyche-ward. There are currently 3 zombies inside and 2 of the living. If you are near Alonsius General Hospital, please assist. Repeat, we have a 3425, or something, Three zombies in a hospital. I was planning on getting more supplies for Disenfectant Daquiries, but I suppose I'll have to settle for Bedsheet Beer. Feel free to drop on by for some intoxicants whenever the pain of seeing zombies eat your friends gets to ya. I won't promise good taste, but one glass won't kill you.


  • Jeff Oneil WE Need an Update from Yea... DR A.S.A.P----here or on other channels.....Yea DR. A.S.A.P....Jeff Oneil 03:16, 8 March 2006 (GMT)

Long single Tone

Broadwave from Opps to All Personnel on All Channels in All Media:
Posse confirmed report of 33 Zeds in Yea Drive Precinct as of 02:48 GMT.
the Zeds have got bored at Cagier and are moving to other pastures.
All Squads,Teams, and Strike Force Members: If you feel you can maintain your current positions, 
send all available personnel  back to the homeland, Otherwise hold what you've got.
Assume: Yoko has finished her song.
Do not panic, but respond with all due vigilance.

Long single Tone (Message repeats every 12 minutes)


  • Darth Sensitive calling. I'm currently at *boom click-chik boom* Yea Drive. There are currently 33 zeds in here *blamblamblam*. Never mind, just dropped one with two rounds between the eyes. I was *boom click-chik boom* here when they first busted in. They *clack of hammer on empty chamber and muttered swearing* took down most of us. *Blamblam* I just got a syringe, and I'm back. *Blam click* There are three survivors in here, and *Blamblamblamblam* 30 zeds. I'm falling back now. We need reinforcements, but you'll have to free run in. Darth Sensitive out.


  • Rockphed CHUTE! I'll be heading up to Dunell to take down this invasion. I have a sringe, but almost no ammo. Where can I hide? Don't answer that. There are probably zeds listening, so send it on more secure channels. Well, the still can wait. I think that might help the alcohol brewin' in it. Rockphed out.


  • PsychoPhil reporting in. The zeds have been very active over the past two static. Reports from the CDF confirm that Tynte Mall in Pimbank has fallen. DHPD officere Sgt McReedy reports that Marven Mall in South Blythville has also fallen. Things static the Village have been relatively quite but we static starting to seem some ferals wandering static. Will be heading over to the static area as soon as I rest up a bit.


  • Officer O'Delaw *cough, pant* .. Stone me, what a day. For starters, I woke up dead outside broadbelt grove again, then I hear that Yea is under attack.. I stopped by to lend a hand but no one was left there. No one alive, anyway. The 'cades are back up at VS. Anybody that wants to go take a few potshots at the 20 or so zeds still in there, be my guest....


  • Sgt McReedy here. Been going 'walkabout' down South but returned when I heard about Yea Drive. I just attempted to execute a warrent against coil snake in Broadbelt. Got him down to about 23hp when he bolted. Last words were 'better barricade'. Just checked and the barricades on Broadbelt are down to 'lightly'. Repeat, it looks like Broadbelt in under attack and barricades are down to 'lightly'! Mount Up!
  • Marcus Payne -makes a breathing sound- Its so good to be back home, its been almost two months already. I came back as soon as I heard the message, the Mall going silent for a while wasn't just a hunch. Crafty bastards, those zeds are. Alpha Squad's in the area, and we're ready to defend. Over and out.

March 6th, 2006


  • Rockphed Greetings people of Malton. I bear good news, my still has aged from Spring Ale into Disenfectant Beer. It should be good, so drop on by, and for the measly price of some 'cading, you can have some. I think things are quieting down here, but my alcohol might solve that problem. Remember, Drink Responsibly. Even alcohol can't drown zombie outbreaks.


  • Bad ass mom Hello from Peddlesden everyone. Zzzt Squeak Things have been kinda quiet here... Zzzt Squeak Squeak ...we got a few cold brews here and entertainment... Zzzt zzzt... a bug zapper and some zombie rats, fun times!! Seriously though, we have some job openings here. We could use some steady officers to maintain the revive points and perform scans. squeak There is action -static- found, patrols and occasional breakins -static- C'mon up ya'll Zzzzzt Squeeweak Hey guys knock that one loose! Dang it, gotta go, stay safe and Mom loves ya. -static-


  • Conndraka Hey Rockphed, check out the Mal-Ton Brewery wiki page. Couldnt help but think of you...Conndraka Out


  • Jeff Oneil 4 zeds in the Hospital in owelys bank... you know the one.....


  • Rubix41 -sound of heavy objects being pushed and people shouting- This is #0999 reporting in. I have a breach at Yoko's -static- in the SE near Pag -buzz-. Zed's starting coming in small but the 'cades are coming down faster than I can put them up. -sound of rhymthic pounding- Backup requested...backup requested. #0999 Out.

March 5th, 2006

  • PsychoPhil reporting in. Be on the lookout for survivor magaluf2005. I was sleeping in Ostrehan Towers last night when he attacked me. Proof has been submitted to the DHPD legal department.

March 4th, 2006

  • Officer O'Delaw Well, so far I've been tangled, clawed, bitten, and infected. Up until now I had never been shot. I am -really- pissed off...
  • Dr Antman Hello *sound of chatter nad coffee slurping* Thought I would speak up for a change and say hi to anyone listening. I am still on my constant supply runs to help anyone out. Cant wait til the day I get some R and R. Well this is Dr Antman, See you all later *static*
  • Alan Shieh Ah shit... there's Xyu out there in the masses... I had enough of his crap! I'm going to go headshot him. *walking sound* Aw dammit! Stupid library overbarricaded. Better fix this up first. *some crowbar smacking sounds are heard* There... now I won't get stuck outside. *walking sound, some pisol and lots of shotgun blasts* That's in the name of the DHPD you bastard!!! *smashing noise, lots of zombie groaning* HOLY FUCK! LET ME IN DAMMIT! LET ME IN!!! DON'T TOUCH ME YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS! *more pistol shots are heard followed by some screaming*
  • Dr Antman GOD NOOO . . . They got him. This is why you dont overbarricade you twits. You lose good men. The next zed i see im gonna shove his head in a food processer just for you alan
  • Tristam777 Hey everyone I bet you a 6-pack *Cheers* and a pack of smokes I can pierce this zed's ear before he bites me, then *Static* shoot the earring off from 50 yards *More Cheers and Laughter* any takers? *Static* Yeah we're pretty bored in the Village.
  • Unknown Broadcast (Recorded message. A strange voice speaks, with Don't look back in Anger it up): Are YOU bored with sitting in ignorance whilst there's so much going on around you? Do YOU want read the latest news in our area of Malton every month? Then read The Dakerstown Times! This month, learn the TRUE story behind the current siege of Caiger Mall!

Message repeats

  • PsychoPhil reporting in. Big Jagga killed Desk Sgt Bunter last night. I've tracked him to Edmund General but, as usual, I need backup to execute the warrent.
  • Your friendly idiot, Jered Cain here. Hopped outside Pogrom for a bit, got bit twice as I tried to fire a shotgun shell. Managed to get back in the Library, where somebody came and healed me. Just stumbled back into the Mall, and I'm never doing that again.

  • Jeff Oneil- Any one in owelys bank near the Pan NT building Pastepot Pete- HE is a PK'er could use some help taking him out

.....This is an EMERGENCY CALL OUT of officers working out of the Broadbelt Grove Police Dept... Owelys Bank suffered a large Break in .... please patrol south to the RW-DHPD checking cades and healing as you go.

  • FmrPFCBob Been getting some needed rest most of today. Looks like we've been secure all day. Some activity outside but overall pretty quiet. Peddlesden is either well secured or about to break loose. Mom says hi, Bascombe is secure as well.

March 3rd, 2006

  • Conndraka I need all Personel an Allies to check out the DHPD Most Wanted page and make sure you are familiar with all the people listed and the process we go about serving warrants. As the Fourth largest group in Malton we are going to have people gunning for us, wether that is Zeds or Anarchists we need to be ready and always vigilant. Stay Safe and Stay Alive. Conndraka Out.
  • FingFangFoom *squeee* This is FingFangFoom, FingFangFoom, broadcasting on DHPD radio frequency. Dixie Squad is under active recruitment at the moment, boys and girls. If you can work a syringe, wrap a bandage or wield a hammer and nails, the Shield of Liberty wants YOU. We're a *crackle*section of the Dunell Hills Police Department Field Operations, and the only dedicated support squad in the organization. Come find me at *squee* or check in at various sign-up locations throughout town! Come in, come in. Looking for dedicated individuals with support... upcoming operation... *signal fades*

March 2nd, 2006


  • FmrPFCBob Mom did a quick recon outside Bascombe...bad news... we've got 15 stinky SOB's swaying out front. I think half the survivors staying here bugged out too. I ran up to Swinnerton to request support, FAKs, and syringes. We may not make it this time. We raised the barricades but they won't hold long if there's a concerted push. Wish us luck, Bob out.
  • Bad ass mom (sound of coffee brewing) We're still here, thanks for the support.. Looks like they weren't able to rub together two brains and decide to attack. There are still 7 standing and 18 down. -static- ... a look out for Walter Watson ( he destroyed the genny,said it was "for starters" and made some rude comments. Stay safe. Mom 1228GMT.

-static- -tuning-

  • Rubix41 (Sound of gunfire) This is Rubix41, reporting in. Breaches at NE, NW, SE parts of Yoko's House. -tuning- Backup requested... (sound of reloading)


  • Rubix41 (sound of human chatter) Rubix41 reporting in. It seems breaches are now under control. Much slackness at Yoko's however though. It could have been very dangerous...
  • Jeff Oneil... OK DHPD Officers.... Are you waiting for your big chance to make a difference? Are you thinking "I dont have the skills to be much help?" Come on down to Owelys Bank... and change all of that... we are looking for 10 officers to help ... meet us at the RW-DHPD. The first ten to post here get a 6 pack of Rockphed SPRING ALE.... It may not be good but its all we have.......See you soonJeff Oneil 00:07, 3 March 2006 (GMT)
  • This is Jered Cain, reporting from Caiger. I'm doing my best here. Zombies have been getting in and getting repelled. JC, over and out.
  • mikael maguire well just my luck. after two days of near constand zed attacks look who shows up in my station, none other than Filthy Jerkins. what's the order on him?


  • Thom Solo Good evening from the front lines in Owsleybank! chuckle I heard Jeff's call to arms, and I want to second it. Come on down and build up your skills while keeping your fellow survivors safe from the zombie menace or patching them up when things have gone badly. static I'll be back up at the Walk soon, boss, and I'll bring the flag!


  • Jeff Oneil "Filthy Is a buddy of mine, he may be the biggest pain in the ... A... I have come across in a long time.. But still a good guy...tell him I said hello"

March 1st, 2006


  • Rockphed I am proud to report that it was I who saved the innocents inside Howard auto repair. Wait, what is this. Oh shoot me with a hammer, I was supposed to revive those zeds? Jeff why didn't you tell me. sound of head being smacked I could have saved everyone so much effort. I was feeling so good that I had killed three zeds in one day. And I even dumped them. Well, I'll check the bulletin board next time. Anyway, if whoever I shot hears this, I am sorry. If you can't hear, well, um, I can't help you. But, I have found my still. Or one very much like it. Now I just need some fermentables. If anyone would like to suggest some, I will see about starting up the Dunell Hills Police Department Brewery. Or Wine and Vinegar company. Or whatever it is that makes ale. Okay, I am done now. Rockphed out.


-static- -tuning-

  • PsychoPhil reporting in. I've just received com-static- from DHPD officer Sgt McReedy that there is an ongoing major zed assault of Marvin Mall in South Blythville. This has been going on for almost a week. DHPD officer DocDiva is also in the area. Survivors are putting up a good fight but they are losing ground. The mall is breached daily buy an ever growing number of zeds. If there are any DHPD memebers close by, South Blythville could use the help. Out. 15:27, 1 March 2006 (GMT)


-Preoww bishhk bishhk bong-

  • Rockphed Ruggelvale walk is doing fine. There was a break in over in the auto shop next door, again, but I took care of the vagrant zeds. Well, the last of them. I think we can hold off the zeds, but I won't take down the barracades without approval. In the meantime, I have some potatoes in my still. Don't ask what else I put in there, but I should have some Bloody Zmobie ready in a couple of days. Then we can give it to the, wait, zombies don't have guards, nor do they have anything of value. Oh well, it isn't very poisonous, and will not rot your brain much. Stop on by for a drink.

Glingle Glingle Glingle

February 28th, 2006

  • PsychoPhil reporting in. Just wanted to say that DHPD has got to be one of the finest organizations I've worked with. Since my last radio call members of DHPD have been stopping by with Bandages & Beers (unfortunately, no bullets!) and I'm back to near full health with a nice shiny fire axe in hand. I've got a few officers camping out here tonight with me in case the zeds try that crap again. In other news, it looks like the phone mast wasn't the only place hit recently. St Humphrey's Church was raided and the Rev. is dead. There's others inside who need 'attending'. Watch your six. Out.


  • Jeff Oneil 8-44 Howard auto repair break in 3 zeds no cades... need back up, wounded inside
  • Nirovan I am now the proud possessor of a mobile phone, yes! Ha!


  • Jeff Oneil - " DO NOT ATTACK THE 3 ZEDS In the Howard auto repair we have come to an understanding so to speak"

February 27th, 2006

  • Brett Day here. The Oxley Building in West Becktown is completely overrun. No Barricades and 17 Zeds outside, couldn't get a look from the inside. Back up need ASAP! Brett Day 11:22, 27 February 2006 (GMT)



  • Dirol "This is Marcus Dirol, reporting in from Owsleybank. Ruggevale Walk Precinct has been set up, but with only 2 DHPD members assigned to Ruggevale Walk PD there isn't much we can do. We are in desperate need of a few good men; positions for 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant and a whole load of officers are still available. Come on people with 200+ survivors enlisted in the DHPD surely a few of you can join up with the DHPD-RWP. I'm not that bad to be around, just cause I like to drink beer while shooting at zeds, doesn't necessarily mean you'll be hit by a stray bullet. Dirol over and out."



  • Jeff Oneil " Its true Dirol Is a good guy to be around. We need Officers North and Doctors and revivers...."

-tuning, static-

  • This is Jered Cain, reporting in. I've found a highway to Caiger, repeat, I've found a highway to Caiger! Check the secure channels for more info!


  • PsychoPhil reporting in.... pretty tore up... -tuning- zeds raided Houghton Towers last night... don't know if they broke in or were let in... *cough* Managed to fight 'em off... even dropped two... generator is still running but I can't fight off another attack... out of ammo and bleeding bad... need -click-


  • Jered Cain, reporting... pant ... from Caiger Mall. I'm just about falling over now, made my dash along the highway I found. Anyway, it's a success. There's zeds in buildings along the route, I didn't stop to engage.


  • Konoha *GROANING SOUNDS IN BACKGROUND* Your friend HildegardVonDeuters is outside the south east corner of Caiger Mall... Can't revive him though, too many zombies around him, more than six hundred. Guess he doesn't want to live *giggle*

February 26th, 2006

  • Jered Cain, reporting. Woke up today in Broadbelt PD, saw some fool upped the barricades. They've been torn down a bit, though. This plague's got me too keyed up to rest long enough, can anybody suggest a way to help me sleep? 16:20, 26 February 2006 (GMT)
  • Carfan7 "A warm glass of milk always does the trick."


  • PsychoPhil Reporting in. There hasn't been much chatter on the radio lately so I thought I'd sound off with a report. Ran up to Peddlesden Village last night. Found -static- mast was missing a generator. Installed my spare and managed to scrounge up some fuel. Currently trying to dig up another replacement gen. 18:22, 26 February 2006 (GMT)


  • Konoha Rogue pharmacist Konoha speaking. *typing sounds in background* I've printed out pictures of each member of Dunell Hills Police Department with a badge number. I assume these people are the most active in the group. Just to let you know, I'm adding myself into your database as one of your allies. Think of it as the KIA's little gift to DHPD. *giggles a bit followed by button sound and loud beep*


  • Jered Cain, here again. Still resting in Broadbelt. Drinking some warm milk, lucky me it's not rancid. It's helping, though I'm still restless enough to try heading outside to scout the immediate area. I must save my strength, though, planning to join the fight at Caiger. JC, out.
  • Jeff Oneil...Stupid radio...stupid zeds...I just heard Konoha's message, hey why dont you join us... we are looking for someone to head up science division south?....we have donuts and a shiny badge for you....Shiny....also I ran into alot of new officers so hello all, and it Dunell Hills. One "N"...Bravo Is running one more mission and comming home..looking for a few good people to give us a hand..

Stay safe


  • Rockphed Goodmorning malton, This is your friendly neighborhood maniac speaking. If you have problems with my sanity level, please contact the Rockphed office of artillery. Things are quiet down here in Owsleybank, but Thom Solo seems to be taking up the mantle of the drunken bum. He is sleeping outside Beres Towers, right next to the Rugelvale Walk precint. I would take him some vodka, but I can't seem to find my still. Anyone who finds it, please send it down here. We don't have any coffee pots, but I think I smell donuts...


  • Thom Solo I was trying to find a place to put our flag, but couldn't get into the station... woke up to find myself bitten, but out of immediate danger. I'd also like to send out my personal thanks to Kirk Howell, Rockphed, and Prosperina for checking up on me. That's one of the greatest aspects of the DHPD and our allies; we look out for each other. I freggin' love us!


  • Konoha Sorry but I will have to deny that request. After I am done here collecting data, printing pictures, and reviving anyone in my contact list. I will be gone to another place to collect more data. I am a traveler searching for peace in this world. I just came from Ridleyback you know. Frightening place that one. Expect me to find and revive any poor souls in your suburb soon. I will abandon Caiger tomorrow...

February 25th, 2006

501st Armed Division - we of the 501st Armed Division wish to form an allince with the DHPD.


  • Jered Cain, reporting in Dunell Hills. Here to get bearings then will move out. static shambling corpses seem to be everywhere in this city, and crackle I hear 'bout some Mall Tour?

  • Jered Cain, reporting in again, getting some ammo to move out on the town. Falling asleep now, will be ready to move out tonight or tomorrow. 13:18, 25 February 2006 (GMT)


  • Jered Cain - A light snoring can be heard 23:41, 25 February 2006 (GMT)


  • Konoha Hello everyone! I've just accessed your database of your team members and... oh my... there's a lot... well I'm printing out pictures of everyone. Sorry if I creeped anyone out, I just haven't been on a computer for so long and you know when you're used to being on a computer everyday you get all creepy and etc? Well, I've decided to print out a picture of every DHPD member on your list and... *loud thump* Ooops... paper jam... *loud crash* could the people around me please be quiet? I need more paper! Well anyway, I'm printing out your pictures so I can recognize you in the hoard of zombies... it'll take a while to print out everyone's picture though, so if anyone wants a priority file with me, just let Kono know and she'll photograph you. Maybe even photoshop some cute butterflies in! Well that's all and sorry for hacking into your database.

-signal cut-

-faint signal-



  • Alan Shieh *huff* The threat has been eliminated. The insides of Caiger Mall is once again zombie free. Up to eighty of those bastards came in -static- all gone now.
  • mikael maguire good work alan


  • rubix41 Bad boys...whatcha going to do...bad boys, bad boys, whatcha going to do when they come for you...bad boys,bad boys, whatcha going to do when they come for you... -tuning- I must have missed the ruckus at Caiger. Too bad. T_T

February 24rd, 2006


  • PsychoPhil Just stopped by Yea Drive to pick of my new badge. Final-static- got it nice and shiny again after cleaning the zed gore off of it... just how many times a day is this station hit? Anyway, not to complain or anything, the badge looks great but... uh... doesn't Dunell only have one N? My badge says Dunnell. 14:55, 24 February 2006 (GMT)

  • mikael maguire H00ts is in my pd. i dunno if its the guy you've been looking for. he says that he is only here to help and that he just doesn't feel like signing up. also NONE is listed under his groups.

February 23rd, 2006


  • Officer O'Delaw Hey wow, thanks, I .. *thunk* *scuffle* *static* mrh? *grumble*


  • Rubix41 What do you mean there's no more plastic trees!? -crackle- Use the fridges dang it! *phew* Anyway, it seems there was a breach at -crackle- at -static-. I don't know what's going on if a hundred people don't realise a zombie is munching on their folk...either way, vigilance is the price for freedom. -thud- No, Bob! If you're going to barricade the windows at least use the fridge freezer with the stainless steel finish!
  • Operations181 of over 200 Members have "Dunell Hills Police Department" listed properly on their Group tab on their profile. This puts us at #4 in the Groups of Malton See Stats Please be sure your profile is posted in the DHPD Department of Internal Affairs. Several officers still need to do so. The achieved Goal was to have 175 Official Members properly regestered by 1 Mar 2006 so that we are firmly be in the top 5 of all groups. Now we are trying to increase our members that are in our squads, if you are not part of one of the Squads or precincts please add your name on the appropriate Wiki. We curently rank as the #2 Survivor group in Malton behind the Caigar Mall Survivors. Thanks.
  • Mikael Maguire here. anyone who doesn't have a precint why don't you head on up to the village and join up at swinnerton. we are right on the front line of the action so there is never a dull moment.


  • Alan Shieh *coughs* This is Officer Shieh of Cotty Street precinct repor... *chronic coughing* and... I've just been shot three times with a shotgun and twice with a pistol. The flak jacket helped but... oh fuck what!? bRave is one of them! Oh that... *cough* fucker's going go get it... I'll go and take that gu... *coughs a few times, a gunshot is heard, and a thump is heard* fuck I'm tired... *cough*


  • mikael maguire i got two people wearin our tag that arn't on the list. one is jjjkkkjjj i know that he has expressed intrest in joining so i'm guessing he just hasn't done it officially, and one "Boiler up" who is not listed and i have not talked to him. just puttin the word out to conn and the folks at IA dunno if this guys like tass. also i have a guy named H00ks dunno if he is a zerg of the guy on MW.


  • Conndraka just assume everyone is copasetic right now... Doesnt seem to be much trouble at the mo, so give em a chance to hang themselves if they are going to. Conndraka Out.


February 22th, 2006

  • Willr3 This is Willr3 broadcasting from Pendlessen Village. Just heard about "The Human Liberation Front". Can someone please explain to me what it is and why we were listed as one of its members? Also all of the Dunell Hills forces up in Pendlessen could use some back up if at all possible. Particularly with holding the NT building. Its a great way to help your friends and earn respect at the same time.
  • Cojak here- Looking like a good morning so far, folks. Patrol came up zip on the 3x3 at Cotty- And nice work Phil!! You are definitly on the ball today catching them vagrants. By the way, Phil- I got your number yesterday (hope you got mine) so as soon as i find a cell I'll give you call to confirm. Anyone else in the area that wants to stay in touch, lemme know. Stay Sharp, foks- Cojak out. 17:13, 22 February 2006 (GMT)

No One- Long live The Human Liberation Front


  • PsychoPhil -static-orting in. -static-ly in Cotty on a supply run. We need to tighten up our grip on the area people. Currently we have two vagrant -static-ards, Peavy and Paush sleeping in the station. Not one room over and I almost step on Gurt Johnny who is on the DHPD Wanted list. I do not have the strength or ammo to engage these static and am requesting backup. PsychoPhil 02:50, 22 February 2006 (GMT)
  • Whatshisname Hey PsychoPhil, I know this is a static late reply, but static - Dammit. But don't worry, but I killed Gurt and dumped his body. Thanks a bunch to you yet again for saying where they were. I'm not sure what to do about the vagrants though... Whatshisname out.
  • PsychoPhil Nice work whatshisname! I tag 'em, you clean 'em and fry 'em. Works for me. Whatever it takes to get rid of the lowlifes. Also, according to conndraka, vagrants are to be shot on site if they are found in Dunell Hills, Penddelden Village or Owlesleybank. Out. PsychoPhil 12:44, 22 February 2006 (GMT)
  • Eri Eligar I'm out here at moggs bank...I took a bit longer out here than I expected and was severely injured (at 8 hp now) in a zombie attack. I was unfortunately unable to find any open buildings and I'm too tired to search for one now. If anyone cares to take a stroll out here and patch me up a little, I'd be most grateful, but I don't expect you to put yourselves at risk for one man. Just in case, where's the nearest static revive point? Eri Eligar 17:16 (5:16pm) (GMT)
  • Nirovan I don't know any "Moggs Bank" but there's a "Maggs Bank" in West Becktown. I'm on my way. 17:32, 22 February 2006 (GMT)
  • Nirovan Alright, you should be able to enter the junkyard to your immediate southeast, if you need shelter. 17:36, 22 February 2006 (GMT)
  • ConndrakaHmm.... I dont remember us joining the HLF... did I miss something? Or are we part of this multi-group just because we kick so mauch ass? can somebody clarify this for me... I kinda need to know these things... Oh BTW the Entirety of Brassed asked me to edit their page today and add them all as DHPD members. That should boost our numbers significantly, but they wont be very active... extreamly limited folks... and the majority are brand spankin new. Conndraka out 17:58, 22 February 2006 (GMT)
  • Officer O'delaw *crackle* Mrh?

OOC: Whats our policy on killing zeds as a zed?

  • Sihoiba This HLF thing is news to me.


  • Konoha Ahehe... Ahahaha! *laughes a really scary laugh* Well Konoha chan was dead for a while... can't say I remember much... Vague flashbacks... I think I killed someone maybe... When I woke up, Kono still had her suitcase with her, her lovely suitcase filled with the liquid of life. Hehe... life... everyone should experience this horrid experience of living. Ah, well, if anyone requires prolonging of their inevitable death, just remember to give Kono a call. I am... prepared for the occasion one would say. Maybe fifteen seringes and fifteen med-kits is a bit excessive even for Kono...

February 21th, 2006

  • Rubix41 Joining Charlie makes you a hit with the ladies! I'm living proof! -static- Too bad, they're outside, dead and cold to the touch. Hey, kind of like my first marriage! Either way, Charlie is where the action is. *sounds of gunfire* Aww, crap out of ammo.


  • Jeff Oneil..... Ok now you've done it....-static..USF..I have a "Request".....Non-attached officers requested...RED CROSS.....See you in the Village...."Infect me" *grumbling*...."zombie sons"Jeff Oneil 00:06, 22 February 2006 (GMT)

February 20th, 2006

  • Conndraka If you See Bill Turner and/or Mike McGuire be sure to give them the DHPD salute. Both took command positions with the DHPD effective imediatly. Bill has replaced Whatshisname as Charlie Squad Leader, and Mike has taken the new Swinnerton PD. I think its going to be a race between Yea Drive and Swinnerton Square for most kills... (Dont Worry Broadbelt I know you all are in the running to, it just seems the Zeds are scared of you all down there in the 'grove. Stay Alive, Stay Safe. Conndraka Out.


Darth Sensitive Speaking of Yea Drive kills, we just had a break in here. I don't have the AP to hurt it. I just closed buzz -oors and started a barricade. We crackle a minor problem with this. A few daily. If we could have a few of the 98 survivors pop in Broadbelt, that would be great. DS, out.


  • Bill Turner This is the new commander of Charlie Squad, throwing a hello out to all the members of the DHPD. If you're looking for some action outside of Dunell hills, Charlie is agressively recruiting. Stop by the DFO page and sign up.\

mikael maguire here, anyone up in the village looking for a pd to sign up with head on over to swinnerton. we have plunty of action and donuts. if you're looking for a more mobile command sign up with my good friend bill here with fireteam charlie.

-crackle -

February 19th, 2006

  • Nirovan (Someone is saying "Quack?" in the background throughout) Nirv reporting. Grant, there are a few of us here at Caiger. Me, I'm spending the majority of my time up with the kooks in the Upper Left Corner, in between healing people in the southeastern corner... (in very good German accent:) Eet eez a beet veerd oop 'ere, ja, ja. Now, hoomans auf de Ooper Lef Kerner, vere are dees vaffles joo afvertize?


  • Whatshisname "Are there updates on Maxwell Hammer's status? I haven't heard that little bitch whining on our radio network lately. Maxwell! Listen up! We offered you a chance for both you and the DHPD to bury the hatchet, and you refused. Your Dunnell Hills Liberation Front bullshit wont work. Ahem. Regardless. Anyone know where he is? Is he still lying in the pile of bodies outside Pagram Library or what? Either way, I'll be in Yea Drive. Whatshisname out."


  • Conndraka (singing karoke) "Back in Black, I hit the sack, I been too long, I'm glad to be back,-static- Yes, I'm dead loose, from the noose -static-that's kept me hanging around. I'm just,-static- livin' on the side 'cause it's gettin' me high, forget the hearse cause I never die. I got nine lives, -static-cat's eyes, each and evry one of them is wondrin why, cause I'm back!-static- yes I'm back in black!-static- (song fades) Seems I made a fan or two up here in the Village... they broke into the NT building to come gunning for me evedently. Seems they -static-forget that I have a whole -static-damn bunch of people covering my -static-.. anyway the posse had me and the NT building cleaned up and -static-running again within an hour...-static-I got to tell you people...-static- I love each and every one of you, -static- and if you are not already in the department you ought to be... -static-If you recently joined the department be sure to check in with Internal Affairs and the -static- message board.-static-


  • Officer Otep "A few zombies have broken through the Yea Drive barricades. As of 13:00 GMT there are 3 Zeds left in the building. If anyone is listening and in the area we could do with some backup before any more survivors get hurt."


  • Grant Page "Yee-Hah! Zeds flying! I've just downed two more corpses outside Pagram, but there's hundreds more! One even grabbed me, the undead sstatict! Ah well. I'd come and help clear Yea Drive if I could, Otep. That used to be the place where I stayed when I was with the DHPD. Nirovan, I'm in the south-east quater of Caiger, cos that's where all the zombies are. Grant out."


  • Carfan7 (Yelling and heavy metal music in the background) "Congratulations PsychoPhil! You have been promoted to Master-Corporal! Party at the 3rd floor of the phone mast! W00T! (crappy singing starts) nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, wey, eh, eh, good bye! (Song repeats)(After while the singing fades)"


  • PsychoPhil Alright people, while out hunting for a generator, I managed to scrounge a large plasma TV from the basement of an electronics store. We're moving the party over to Club Meade so everyone can watch the Dayton 500 and throw down a few beers.... Hey, who's that? Is he a zed or just really drunk? Well give him a beer and see what he... OW! Yup... he's a zed. Anyone heading to Club Meade got a FAK?


  • Rockphed I would join you in your madness, but I just spent the last five hours making a sringe, so I am going to take a nap now. By the way, if anyone sees several axes in an upstairs door in Buddington PD, that was my fault. I was seeing if axes had appropriate throwable properties. They don't, but they are very fun to use in step aerobics. Get moving people.

really hyper music

mikael maguire here. will be pulling out of caiger today and heading over to swennerton pd.

  • PsychoPhil Reporting. Stopped by Broadbelt to take care of some paperwork after the party at Club Meade. Identified suspect Levy from the DHCP most wanted list inside the station and attempted to execute warrent. Suspect is still inside station but is most definatly worse for wear. Out.
  • Whatshisname PsychoPhil, no worries. I finished executing the warrant. Thanks for the radio transmission though. *crakle*. Otherwise, I wouldn't have found him. Whatshisname out.

February 18th, 2006


  • Officer O'Delaw *crackle* *gunshot* *screams in background*ney Row PD, East Becktown. Repeat; Backup re*whistle* Loney Row PD, East Becktown! [24,39] *gunshot* *click* *click* SH*T! We're getting killed here! *static*


  • A totally Garbled voice Preaswack dertacartanaaorlmcjadordalkfdjapodfljsdlajdsfo


  • Rockphed Sorry, I was testing out this radio encripter I found up here in Peddleston village. I was going to suggest we start using them, but I dont think they are very rare. Besides, most of our important information is relevant to everyone in the area. Its pretty quiet here, but I think they need a generator in the Necrotech building up here. I think I am somewhere safe, but I just went down one floor from the roof of the Police Department. If anyone sees a zombie munching on my leg, please blast its brains out and throw it out the window. Better yet, just throw it out the window. It is always fun to demonstrate defenestration.


  • PsychoPhil reporting in. I've joined up with the PMDS otherwise known as Foxtrot. The generator in the phone mast building has been destroyed buy human nondescript. -static- knew that the humans would be more of a pain than these -static- zombies. Warrent has been issued. -static- noticed that nondescript already has a previous warrent issued for DHPD property destruction. Keep an eye out for this -static- people and shoot on site. I have another generator and fuel ready to go, but I need to rest up a few hours before I can get back to the phone mast. Out.


  • Grant Page "Wo-ho-ho! It's Grant again! Can't remember the last time I broadcasted here, but what the hell! How are you all? I'm fighting and gigging at Caiger Mall (I'm in The Beatles Tribute Band ). Is the DHPD at Caiger? I lnow Jeff O'Neill is... ah well...

Grant Page starts playing Saint Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band on his guitar

  • Agent 24601 "Connecting to your radio service from far away Judgewood. Shadowslasher Incorporated believes that you and your affiliates are very organized and efficient and deserve credit *hear applause in backround*. My hat (if I had one) would be off to you. 24601 out. -static-

February 17th, 2006


  • PsychoPhil reporting in. Currently in Ostrehan Towers. Came back in from scouting around last night just in time to see some assbag named Intrepidman2 smash the generator. Luck-static- I had just spent some time searching a junkyard and scrounged a generator and fuel. Downtime for the mast was only about 45 minutes. -static- out.

  • Cojak here- Seems to be the ni-static- for destroying generators- some clown named assmonkey destroyed the generator at Cotty Dept. One of our boys capped em, but watch out, people. It seems generators are being targeted in earnest lately. Stay Safe, folks. Cojak out. 17:00, 17 February 2006 (GMT)

February 16th, 2006

  • Cojak here- Cotty Street Desk Sarge2 was injured on duty yesterday, but the old warhorse was up and yelling this morning. We got the generator up and running, 3X3 grid from Cotty clear. Gonna catch some sleep now- Stay Safe.


  • PsychoPhil reporting in. Made it back to -static- Hills from Molebank the other day. No zeds encountered on the way. Responded to the call for backup at the phone mast last night. Didn't make it to the mast in time to help but -static-tered one zed by the McGarth Building on the way. Easy kill. When leaving Yea Drive I noticed several RRF tags in the area. Keep an eye out people. -static- 13:43, 16 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  • aceofdiamonds Mrh? peddleston revive point?
  • mikael maguire havn't seen or heard from anyone from charlie for a while. Hopeing everyone is ok. just ran around building up the cades then went xp farming. resting up in the NW corner.
  • Conndraka for those wondering, we are tryiing to man two revive points in the Village... One at Jacque Drive and the Other in the Church just north of the NT building. Any body with spare syringes are encouraged to show up and revive your fellow man.

Conndraka out22:30, 16 Feb 2006 (GMT)

February 15th, 2006

  • Rockphed Good Morning Malton. While in Owlsleybank I scrounged up some happy music and a CD player. Now everyone should feel much better.

Some rapper in the background starts going on about killing his wife

  • Rockphed Bah, Humbug. That isn't happy, unless you are really screwed up. Now where did I put those Elvis and The Beatles records. They must be around here somewhere.


  • Officer O'Delaw No, I'm not dead yet. Been stocking up on ammo the past couple days. Broadbelt grove is clear 5x5 as of 1400 hours, 15 Feb 2006 GMT. I'm going hunting.
  • Officer O'Delaw Two kills. Both in west becktown. Stragglers, I think. I seem to be getting better at this whole "killing" thing.

Sound of gunfire and a growing number of groans.

  • Rubix41 Hi there folks! Everyone okay? Good. Looks like I fscked up because of over barricading outside Caiger. I am hoping the Eden Library will come down soon because it looks like Pagnam's tighter than a drum for now. It's been great staying alive for so long...seeing you on the other side boys. P.S. I bagged Inspector01 too! Over and out, boys...over and -



February 14th, 2006


  • Conndraka Happy Valentines Day Dunell Hills, Be sure to show your love to the Zeds by ending their torment. But be careful, some of these Zeds are overly friendly and may try to hold on. Be sure to have plenty of protection and have some Zed-A-Phed on hand just in case... conndraka out. --conndraka


  • mikael maguire reporting in. made it back to caiger after getting my shots. fixed up the cades int he NW NE and SE corners back up to EH. currently sleeping in the SW which is also at EH. I heard over the waves that DH is about to get some flak. hope you guys keeping yoko's house clean can handle it. mikael maguire out.
  • Nirovan Nirovan here. Headed to Caiger to see if there are people I can give assistance to. Out.

February 13th, 2006

In other news today F22 scavanged the Radio out of his old fighter. Now DHPD can broadcast on Military Channels Also.


  • ConndrakaGood morning To the Number 5 Group in Malton! Hoo WAH! StaticListen folks, its about to get Nasty...Static we have made some waves and the ocean is about to come back at us... StaticFind your Static ammo and find a friend to hole up with, cuz rumor has it that the Staticgreater Dunhill Hills area is about to see a lot of new faces, and not all of them shiney...--conndraka


  • Badly faked British accents come over the radio. It sounds like Nirovan is ...doing voices?
    Accent 1: "Bring out yer dead! Bring out yer dead!"
    Accent 2: "I'm not dead!"
    1: "What's that?"
    Accent 3: "Nothing. Here's your ninepence."
    1: "'Ere. He says he's not dead!"
    3: "Yes, he is."
    2: "I'm not! [...] I'm getting better!"
    3: "No you're not, you'll be stone dead in a moment!"
    1: "Oh, I can't take him like that. It's against regulations."
    2: "I don't want to go on the cart!"
    3: "Oh, don't be such a baby." -transmission fades to static-


  • PsychoPhil -Tuning-orting in. I -Static- too worked up waiting for something to hit Du-Static- Hills so I headed out hunting looking for some action. Wound up in Molebank and damn did I find it. -Static- I've dropped four zeds over the past few days. This area is not very uniform. -Static- sure you have a safehouse first since -Static- places are extra heavy barridcaded. I had a hard time finding a place to hole up and ended up passing out in Burrell Way Police Dept. Big mistake. woke up to a building full of zeds. Managed to blow a few holes in a couple before getting out. Looks like the zeds -Static- North West. Heads up guys. 13:19, 13 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Hello.. hello.. this is FmrPFCBob, I'm with Bad ass mom inside the Bascombe Building. The generator is hooked up and running. Repeat the generator is running. Access to the NecroNet is restored. static use a little help here. Ammo low send more zombies outside trying to get in.... need assistance....

  • Thom Solo Hello from Caiger Mall, where the spirits remain high in the face of the ever-present zed menace. I woke up to news of a break-in earlier in the day, but it had been repulsed easily enough. Scrounging up a few FAKs, I made my rounds, shoring up barricades and tending to the injured... even stopped into Pagram Library for a visit, but everything was shiny in there. chuckle It's all good inside Caiger. I'll be in my bunk.


  • Jeff Oneil Bascombe Building.....Bravo6...RED CROSS in bound...48 hours.. Hang on..... Jeff Oneil 04:55, 14 Feb 2006 (GMT)


  • Marcus Payne Been at Caiger for quite a while now, almost forgot what it looks outside. Except for the times I've been jumping from roof to roof, especially to Pagram and the local Necroes. Don't look at me like that, I'm not about to don a trenchcoat and start running outside, it's just that -pauses- its been a while, is all. 'cades going up and down constantly, mostly at Lower Left Corner. -sighs- Donut supply running low, and so is morale. Over and out.

February 12th, 2006

  • Who am I supposed to say something to? You think you're all judge jury and executioner. No trial, no appeal...that's facism. I don't like it. --Maxwell Hammer 05:21, 12 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  • ConndrakaAnd who shot who First Max? George said something and you shot him in Cotty. Sounds like you Judged and Executed before anyone in the department responded. I'm hearing a little Pot calling the Kettle black... Ive talked to my "Posse" and we'll drop all the baggage in the river and put it behind us as a lack of good communication... if you are willing to do the same. --conndraka05:33, 12 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  • Nirovan Sorry, Max, but I think that with a little more research -- like a fast look through the wiki -- you would have figured out that DHPD doesn't do that kind of thing. Easy solution: post a complaint, say, here on the radio. In fact, we have a thread in our private forum dealing with this very kind of issue -- people acting w/o authority -- from when someone else brought it up. If it feels like I'm blaming you for your past predicament, I am. But see, now that you posted your actual complaint, lookie, new things are happening. Try not to judge a group by an individual, esp. when groups are so easy to fake -- and even MORE so when the offical group page says nothing about condoning or taking those types of actions! Anyway, whatever you all decide is the same to me -- I'm not a PKer for any reason. That is ALL I have to say on this matter. </ooc> --Nirovan Vorschtatz 06:44, 12 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  • Nirovan Ah, good, Cojak, work! I'm starting to fall asleep over here at St. Justin's. Maybe even some more work from Conndraka's group? I'm itching for something to do. I'll probably have enough materials to get my supply of FAKs up into the double-digits tomorrow. Just don't die on me. Nirv, out.
  • Whatshisname Mrrrh... Ogilive Placccce. Zomerbified. Rrrgh. Hhmlp mrh...
  • mikael maguire well that was a botherseome two days. i'm sorry i was out of action for so long guys you know how doctors are. anyway i'm back at caiger and once i get some rest i'll be back in action.

  • Sihoiba Sorry for killing you Maxwell. All I had were reports of your actions and a not so nice message from you. If we can come to some arrangement to put this all behind us that would be good.
  • mik431 hey guys just wondering if you were aware but Levy is INSIDE the Broadbelt PD. i know that he is on the MW list and there are at least five other officers in there. so i'm just wonering what the deal is with that.

You're nazis. No negotiation with nazis. You go around giving orders and enforcing them. Well, no one elected you. Your not even really policemen, you're just a bunch of stragglers who took over a police building by force and intimidation. Just because it's not on your wiki page doesn't mean it didn't happen. --Maxwell Hammer 20:47, 12 Feb 2006 (GMT)

  • dr antman We have to take measures like this sometimes if you have not noticed we are in the middle of a war. If this was a mistake then we are very sorry but what happened cant be changed now. We dont even have all the facts. Also many of us are actually police men and the rest of us joined to help. And we a building is a building in the time of war, do you expect us to sleep outside and be some zombies brunch. 21:19, 12 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  • Prosperina Ok, I've been reading this a while and I'd just like to say that, Max, you aren't helping yourself here. I understand you're probably upset but nursing a grudge against these guys do anything but just keep up the cycle of PKing. If you did just kill him for something he said without first issuing a complaint you have no justifiable resource and aside from a report of you PKing something it all devolves into a case of his word against yours. Even if there were a trial and appeal it wouldn't help you because you have no evidence and the issue is so long past as to be ancient. Furthermore by going by the handle of Maxwell Hammer, a casual observer who know's that is the title of a Beatles song about a guy going around killing people (including a judge) will assume that you are merely killing police to fill out your role. You're attacking everyone with a DHPD badge or Sgt in their name is indicative of this. Since you didn't just kill the offender but everyone you assumed was associated without giving THEM and appeal. Since there does seem to have been a misunderstanding and both sides acknowledge the possibility, I suggest you merely bury the hatchet and start anew. If not, well then you really have no excuse.
  • Thom Solo A DHPD officer suggested/ordered everyone to leave Cotty... not something we really have the authority to do, obviously, so that was out of line. Someone responded, asking what will they do if people don't leave... a perfectly valid question. The DHPD reply was to say they could shoot people, dump them outside, and deny them revives... meant in jest, but not made clear, and even in jest it was poor taste. The DHPD does not do that; anyone who does would be ejected from the group, if they were ever actually a member, and placed atop the Most Wanted list. (ref: Tasslehoff) Still, there was no reprimand at the time, and that was the DHPD's mistake. Now a normal response, IMO, would have been, "Sorry, but I was/we were here first!" Instead, Maxwell, you opened fire... as Conndraka pointed out, you acted as judge, jury, and executioner, and began a protracted campaign of vengeance against the ENTIRE DHPD for the misspoken words of a SINGLE member (or, at most, two members). You didn't raise the issues, here or elsewhere, so there was no way for us to make amends. Well, now we're trying. If you want to show that you're a bigger man than anyone in the DHPD, then make the peace. Otherwise, you have nobody to complain about but yourself.

February 11th, 2006

  • Cojak checkin in- been huntin' for some spare shells and clips the past couple days but now i'm locked and loaded. Word on the streets is the hospitals might have some problems in the next couple days, so all you helpful helers, stay sharp. Otherwise, 3X3 from Cotty is clear, and im off catch a nap. Cojak out.


  • Conndraka My elements are on their way home... static We'll need medics standing by... static Regardless of what happened since, we Hit Randalbank, made our presence felt and returned home more or less safe... static Score one for the good guys... static Homeland Security Good group of Zeds if a bit slow on the response time... static Stay Alive, Stay Safe ... static Conndraka Out.


  • Rockphed I am in need of backup, I am in a psycho-ward in Owlsleybank with 2 zeds inside with me. There are a few other people standing up here, but the baracades are light, and I am crashing NOW. My GPS reads [5, 43], so anyone who comes, I will have coffee brewing, and everyone else here will probably be grateful. If I fall, I'll show up at Coffins eventually, so if no backup comes, I wont be too sad. By the way, what is Mr Hammer's Problem? I haven't heard it all, but it seems that this all stems from a dispute about Cotty Street Police Department. Graaaagh Well, I'll be listening, but nothing can stay hidden in this maze of cubicles forever. Officer Rockphed...signal dies


  • Willr3 From what I can tell maxwell's problem with the DHPD, well noone is really sure why he hates us but as for now that hate seems to be all that is keeping him going.
  • Carfan7 "Hi guys. I'm just telling you I'm quiting the Public Relations and I'm going to start another branch in the DHPD; with approval from Sharko. The "Phone Mast Defence Squad" (PMDS). Currently we are formed, just not offical. Now hiring! Send me a message! Over and out."


  • Jeff Oneil.......Good to be home....Static...Jeff Oneil 20:47, 11 Feb 2006 (GMT)

My problem is that I was using Cotty Street Pd as a base for months...since september. I left to go to the mall and suddenly DHPD had formed in it. No problem, I could use the help, since I took the pd back from zombies several times.

But then one of the little officers comes in and says everyone who isn't dhpd needs to get out. Then another one of your "sgt's" says that if we don't he's going to shoot us and dump our bodies outside.

So I killed him and his friend and dumped their bodies outside. Then I went to work on everyone with "sgt" in their name or dhpd in their profile.

So I'll have nothing to do with your bunch of little nazi brownshirts. --Maxwell Hammer 19:01, 11 Feb 2006 (GMT)

  • Maxwell why didn't you just say something, instead of shooting up the place? This could have all been avoided. I wasnt their I dont know what went on but if things went down the way you say they did it never should have came to this point. Im sorry it went down that way, and lets try and put this behind would make a better ally than an enemy Jeff Oneil 21:02, 11 Feb 2006 (GMT)


  • Rockphed So that is what happened...I heard some of that conversation, but it didn't click at the time. I spose I should have taken a chunk out of those fools' bravado and down right stupidity, but I think I'll just do it now. Here goes... We are not DAERIS, We do not kill people just because they are not members of our group. Nor do we tell other people to hit the road for being members of other groups. We do tell people to hit the road for killing people without reason or for destroying barricades or generators without reason, not for being any sort of spy. Furthermore, we do not claim Dunell Hills as our own, we just live here. We do claim the right to live here, and award all others the right to do so also, so long as they don't go breaking our very light criminal code. What is more, Officer Parking is behind the station, not in front of it, that is where visitor parking is.
  • Rockphed If any senior officers disagree with my statements, I will withdraw them, but this is from reading DHPD policy and past actions. Officer Rockphed over and out.


  • Thom Solo I second Jeff's comment. It does sound like you were wronged by someone acting in the DHPD's name, without the DHPD's sanction, and that is not cool. It's a lot like the situation with Tasslehoff recently, only we didn't find out until the damage was done. Max, if you're listening, there's an olive branch out there... it's up to you to take it or not, but I hope you do.
  • Chris Ledoux checking in. I've revived 14 zeds over the past two days at Coffins. Back at the NecroTech building. We need a generator and fuel. Over and out.
  • Finch Gambkar|Garem To Officer Oneil from renegade fireman Gambkar. The USF will be arriving at St. Mary's Church within the next two days or so. If you need us for anything, don't hesitate to ask. We'll get you a list of our supplies as soon as we all arrive.

February 10th, 2006


  • ConndrakaDamn, I pissed somebody off... staticTook a look outside my safehouse and counted more than 50 Zeds, closing in and around. Barely alive after being chewed on, and Seeing Doc Foster raise George and Scalphunter,static we tried to get the hell out of dodge.static Scalp and I made it clear, Foster Couldnt make it he needed to rest before leaving. George is playing dead to watch over him...staticNeedless to Say... static Mission accomplished. BUWAH! LIVE FROM BARRVILLE, Conndraka Out.


  • Thom Solo "Whoa... I can't believe I'm still alive... got jumped after my last report, limped into a school... when I came to there, a little while later, I spotted nine zeds inside with me. They were milling about, so I tried sneaking past. Almost made it, too, but stumbled and had to half-run, half-limp from the school to the Curle St. police station. chuckle I think I looked more like a zombie than most of them do, by that point. Curle was heavily barricaded and empty of zeds... and then a friend of the DHPD, Bill Turner, came in to patch me up a bit. Many thanks, Bill! Now I'm reporting from the latest Bravo safehouse... gonna sleep for a while, my friends are here...."
  • Nirovan Nirovan reporting with a bit of hospital intel. It's quiet here at St. Justin's, but I hear Catherine General is having some issues just north of here. I've just been patching up the survivors as they wander in, after a few surface checks to verify whose side they're on... anyway, you'd be surprised what people teach you when you save their lives. If anybody else needs some first aid, you know where to find me, for the moment. Nirv, out.


  • Rockphed Live from Owlsleybank, this is Officer Rockphed, I moved next door, to a Fire Station, and cleared it of zombies. Based on the plaques and whatnot I think it was used as a safe house, but they are all gone. I spent all day looking, but no axes left. If I dont find one tommoro, I will come back to Dunell Hills. If I do find one, I'll keep this place open and free of zombies until more permanent residents show up. Over and out.
  • Lucian Brown "An earlier broadcast saying pagrem has fallen is now untrue, pagrem is still in survivor hands, the glastonbury motel has 10 zeds inside and *Static..* i barricaded it back up to VS and took a few swings at some of the zeds, theres still a fair few of them in there, along with a few survivors that are gonna be *Static..* chewed on, can anyone help?"

static click'

  • Tarrok " This is Staff Sgt. Tarrok Krey once more! Had a friend go ouside , so ive got a small report on the seige for yall. Pargam is still up and good, by the way.
    SW quadrant of the mall: 21 zeds
    SE quadrant of the mall: 128 zeds
    Latrobe: 115 zeds
    Pagram : 650 zeds
    the NT below the mall: 54
    whell, see ya on the later! this is Staff Sgt. Tarrok Krey, out."
  • Nirovan Garem, I doubt you'll be intruding. Unfortunately, I don't know for sure who here has a cell phone. You might try Darth Sensitive?
  • Whatshisname "Hey Maxwell Hammer! So good to hear your whiny voice again! Once this battle over Caiger is finished, you're dead. The DHPD terminates with extreme prejudice. You're a marked man Maxwell, so I suggest you run all the way to Fryerbank or Miltown, otherwise, you'll find your head hanging from the Neate Monument instead of the zed one we have there now. Look at it this way: You so much as bump into Conndraka, or any other DHPD member for that matter, all of us will rip every last part of you to pieces, except for your head that is. Whatshisname out."

February 9th, 2006

  • Garem - To the Dunell Hills Police Department, a friendly team of ten survivors are stumbling your way from Caiger and surrounding area. I, the scout for the group, wish to communicate with one of you by safer means. We hope we aren't intruding and that our stay in your neighborhood will be both enjoyable and beneficial to both parties. Finch Gambkar, fireman from out of state, over and out."
  • Rubix41 - this is Rubix41. Just letting you know that Nick Swan and Lammiter...I can't read Paladin's writing *laughs* are considered armed and dangerous in your area! Their speciality is lone survivors and asking about "feathers" to test the water. That's the last letter from Paladin...but, if you do see him, ask him if I can have his mug or not!"


  • OPSLennon is Dead, Repeat Lennon is Dead:He died outside Pagram Library.
  • Lt. Orily- this is the 501st Armed Division telling everyone to stay away from Pagram Library, it has fallen to the undead and there is nothing we can do to save it! nearly 300 zeds inside, Keep on the look out!
  • Why Hello, DHPD. This is Maxwell Hammer. I was having fun as a zombie, leading attacks on Caiger mall when someone revived me. I'll thank him by eating his brain later. I found some parts and things to make a radio here in the dumpster behind the mall. The army trained me well. Don't think I've forgotten my goal of killing you all and taking back my beloved Cotty Street PD from you usurpers. I'll be back. It's just so much fun being a zombie. Well, I'm off to kill some survivors in Pagram library and take the barricades down. See you soon, Conndraka. You got pretty lips for a boy. They'll be even prettier when they're wrapped around the barrel of my shotgun. Thinking of you all...--Maxwell Hammer 00:00, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  • That was part of the plan Max, I can call you max right? or Maxey or Maxine. See I dont know if you figured it out yet but No One Cares.Come back by and say hello,we killed you once...and you are kidding yourself if you think it wont happen again.Jeff Oneil 04:38, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  • I've died many times, my dear boy. That's the whole point. I no longer fear death. I have all the powers, even the zombie ones, except for brain rot. I don't need any more xp unless they come up with new powers. I'll just kill you and kill you and kill you. I'll take down your barricades from the inside and let the zeds in. Maybe I can talk a bunch of them into going for Cotty street after the fun at Caiger is over. I've added you to my list, jeffie. Be seeing you...--Maxwell Hammer 05:29, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  • Here's a Quarter..... call someone who cares....Jeff Oneil05:50, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)


  • Rockphed Okay, what do we have to do to get Mr Hammer to leave us be. I say we blast his brains across three 'burbs, but then, that would only encourage him. What does he have against us anyway? At any rate, I am holed up in northern Owsleybank with 2 other survivors in a junkyard. I have a bit of ammo, but I wont be able to resupply down here. Maybe if I had an axe... Oh well, I'll just have to look around. Rockphed out.


  • Purple Cat Necrotech building in Eastonwood still operational as of 9am GMT. St. Chad's revive point therefore still viable. This may not be as close to Caiger as some would like but its the closest I've been able to get and still actually do my job as opposed to running around looking for generators, repairing barricades or killing zombie incursors. 9.10 GMT, 9 Feb 2006.
  • Lucian brown "Buildings around caiger stil holding as far as i can *static*..ell, has anyone been to visit lennon, is he still alive or has he passed on?" --Lucian Brown 11:01, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)


  • Conndraka Maxie! So good to hear from you again...static Sorry I dont have time to talkstatic, while you have palled up with a few thousand of your closest friends attacking Caigar Mall... me and a few others have been sacking Ridleybank... staticWhat takes you 800 Zeds to do we are doing with (mumble mumble) But if you plan on killing all of the DHPD you better find a pretty reliable source for ammo, son, cuz there is over 130 of us now and we are only getting bigger. Gonna take you awhile to get through that list...static anyway.. go back to sleep <BLAM>static and remember it is easy for 135 people to have your profile, not so easy for you to have 130+ others... staticConndraka LIVE FROM RIDLEYBANK out...


  • Tarrok " This is Staff Sgt. Tarrok Krey. Latrobe in in survivor hands, as is Pargam. Just took a stroll over there and found the cades at light and 9 zeds inside. Barricaded, Shot up some zeds, than FAked a guy. Its a real seige now. Lets remember though, Its the suburbs we need to protect, not just the mall. That is the reason the NT bouildings, the PDs and FDs and hospitals and even the libray cant fall. Yall are doing great, and I salute you. Let us hold fast to our cause and withstand Caigers seige once more! This is Staff Sgt, Tarrok Krey from the SE quadrant of Caiger Mall, out."
  • Carfan7 "Well, I don't think so Max. I haven't died once in this hellhole and what make you think YOU can get me? Too bad Maxy... Over and out."


  • Alan Shieh "Maxwell... Damn, he's here? We better keep our guards up! I've repeatedly told those in Pagram not to overbarricade... but then again, there's a whopping six hundred of them out there! I've looked around, if anyone see's Seamus, kill him! He's been destroying generators in Latrobe!"


  • Konoha "Ah! A dead man! Oh, if only I had known where this man's bodie had lied? Oh I would have very much liked to experiment with him with my new serums... Oh what to do, what to do! Too many zombies to count, ano."

-signal cut-

  • Thom Solo "Hello to cough, groan my friends in the DHPD... I'm somewhere in West Becktown... static a bank, I think... wounded and low on ammo, vision blurry... not sure how much longer I'll last... send lawyers, guns, and money... gurgling cough Sorry, couldn't resist. Somebody save me a few first aid kits, or a syringe. pause I'm gonna pass out now."

February 8th, 2006

  • Reptileus- Gen. Reptileus here, I;m currently inside the warehouse just north of Caiger Mall, word has reached me anf the rest of the 501st Armed Division that all but one of the NecroTech Buildings have been taken. I wish we could help the poeple inside the Latrobe Building but everyday more and more zombies attack the warehouse. Capt. Wolf has shown up and thank god, Hes now also inside the mall as a repersent the 501st. Everyday now we live in fear, I relize we may have to make a run for it. Ill be staying untill the 19th, but if the fight dose not end by then or the battle takes a turn for the worst we will head south. we think the best place to stay will be at the Yea Drive Police Dept. But we still have to go thoght Operation Zombie Downfall. God I wish this nightmare would end. Poeple inside still hope we can turn the tide, but.....


  • HAPPY "International Revive a Stranger Day!!!......... Make it happen Jeff Oneil 17:27, 8 Feb 2006 (GMT)


February 7th, 2006

  • PsychoPhil reporting in. Currently in Craiger but I'm beginning to realize I'm not much help here. I'm unable to help with the barricades and no matter how much time I spend searching, I can't seem to find anything usefull in the mall. Once I get rested up, I'm going to be heading back to Dunell Hills proper. I figure I can help out more there by helping hold the homeground in case some suprise heads our way. 03:57, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT)


  • desk Sgt Yea - Commisioner Willr3... static Situation resolved... Desk Sgt Yea, Out.


  • PsychoPhil reporting with an update. Have made it back to Dunell Hills. Currently in **static** PD. Found that Rodwell Row PD was compromised with zeds barricaded in with survivors. I was attacked as soon as I entered the building. Survivors still inside may still need help.... 12:38, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT
  • Tarrok This is Staff Sgt. TArrok Krey reporting to yall. Caiger is starting to heat up!
  • Jtrain- "Good afternoon! I just signed up to the squad, after weeks of zed slaying. Thought I would get a little more organized, I am looking for a fellow by the name of Martonic17. I hear he has a good standing with the DHPD and I would like to speak with him about something if he has his ears on! I Don't have one of those Cell-phones yet, Rates are way to high..."


  • Konoha "Konoha-chan heard people talking of my name. A nutjob? Maybe... maybe not... too many dead bodies seen squirming on the ground after a few milliliters of serum. Do they really wish to become living again? Konoha does not know, but takes delight in the act of playing the goddess. But those who fall in Caiger Mall that wander to through the roads south or east of the Necrotech Building on Salopia Row or Cockle Street may find a nifty surprise. Just remember to be alone when you arrive... Oh, what to do with all these MKII Revification Seringes? Konoha does not know what to do... too many nasty brain rotters and spies to count. But, Kono trusts Dunell Hills, oh yes she does! Please consider this offer mon ami... I promise it won't hurt." *the woman makes a very creepy laugh*

-sharp signal cut-

  • Jeff Oneil " I get it!!!! -static- Kono...... Thanks for the help.... It is creepy but thanks......"Jeff Oneil 21:38, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT)


  • Rockphed It seems that I will have to start carrying some medkits. There is some nutjob of a firefighter stading on Prinn Drive, and he looks rather, shall we say, chewed upon. I would have patched him up myself, but there was a brain rotter, and that is illegal. Will someone please go heal our munched on friend.


  • Cojak here- 4 zombies manages to slip in the Cotty street station while we were asleep! Dont know if i smell sweet (yea right) but i was on of the 4 attacked tonight- situation currently with station zombie free and barricades at very heavily. If anyone could stop by and spare some first aid? im feeling kinda.. feverish. 23:06, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  • Marcus Payne They're really quite bitey today -shivers- got bitten while 'cading the warehouse today. Not too many zeds inside, but the zeds are filling the place, and those that are inside are awake.
  • Nirovan Nirv here. Negative on that, Cojak. I don't have the energy to get over there today. You'll have to get somebody else, or head yourself over to Yea Drive. Nirv, out.

February 6th, 2006

  • Willr3-Just a heads up, a mall tour spy took out the generator in Zephriuys gen hospital, thing his name was something like abrom isprom but that wasn't it exactly. hopefully someone can broadcast his name here so he can get put on the most wanted list.


  • Marcus Payne Morning DHPD. I'm over at the southwest quadrant of the mall. Been over by the Pagram Library, and the place is holding, if barely at times. Good thing the C.M.S. are awake 'round the clock, or we'd have more than just a few massacres on our hands. Over and Out.


  • Cojak here- seems to be quite a zed party over by the Moon Building, be advisied. Singular and groups of 2-3 in four or five surrounding areas. Also noted a Regulators tag, any thoughts? Stay Sharp, folks. 03:37, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT)

February 5th, 2006

  • Reptileus- I must be quick, the Zombies arnt stoping. We may not be able to hold the mall, if that happens we have a new plan. We plan on takeing the Stadeums for Operation ZOmbie downfall, For more info see the 501st Armed Division Page. But if opur plan woks, we can rid the city of zombies once and for all, Over and out!


  • Conndraka (Faint Transmission) Hello Dunell Hills...the time is 22:47, 5 Feb 2006 (GMT) -Static- Just thought I would drop you a line... -Static- Its kind of lonely here in Ridleybank... -Static- What? Oh yea... Me and some folks broke through "Tour" lines, came down her to Ridleybank, spraypainted some -Static- buildings (incluuding the birthplace of the RRF) Baricaded some, and Shot a few -Static- Zeds... And we didn't need -Static- 800 cohorts to hit them in their homeland... I know there is bound to be Payback but in the process, if we have disrupted the Tour, its a good thing... Live from south Ridleybank... Conndraka Out



  • Konoha Welcome members of the DHPD, this is Konoha your goddess speaking. I'm not part of your organization, but there's nothing to fear, I'm quite harmless. Caiger Mall is under attack, doubt they will last very long. Spies corrupted by zombies are breaking generators... bang bang in the head they go. People beginning to run into the mall seeking Kono's aid. Those who leave... rarely come back unscathed. Those hands that never let go... quite bothersome. Good thing Konoha here stays indoors, Kono is no good at fighting. I don't recommend anyone come here... lest they have a deathwish... but those who do come, Kono may give... specific specialized attention. *Kono makes a creepy giggle* I expect you here shortly... Members of DHPD..."


  • Cojak here- saw a little activity tonight. My aim must be getting better cause i managed to bag a couple zeds over at Catherine General as well as put a couple rounds in one by Stephan before having to fall back to the Station to pass out. Stay sharp out there, folks. 05:06, 6 Feb 2006 (GMT)

P.S. Who the hell's this Konoha guy?

  • Nirovan I caught that broadcast, too, Cojak. Probably just some nutjob -- there's only so much a mind can take, and this living hell has broken a number of people, I'm sure. Most of them haven't survived this long, though...

February 4th, 2006

  • Jimmy- Poeple It's time to wake up! We can't fight those monster outside the mall! You must drop the barracades some so we can get in! other buildings are no lonmger Save, Please i beg of you! We all Beg of you! If the 501st are so help ful they should be droping the Barracades. WAKE UP!

  • Reptileus This is Gen. Reptileus to any and all who posses a Shot Gun, or A pistal, or a real good wepion. We are left with no choice but to take on the hord. As of this moment we are at war! It's time to stand up and fight for our lives!!! We make them turn or die trying!!! Under orders of my oun I order any and wall who wish it, to go out side and fight those things to the death! if you start to run low on heath or Action Points return into The Mall or a building near by! Remember, as of this moment we are at War!

  • Whatshisname Hey everyone, sorry for the weeks long silence. Can anyone tell me what's the current state of Caiger Mall? Someone told me their scared shitless because of Mall Tour '06, and others say that they're confident as ever. What's going on? Whatshisname out.
  • Nirovan Nirv here! Stephen General has been infiltrated again! Two zeds, three survivors, one casualty. I don't have the energy, skills, or equipment to be of any further assistance here. Heading east to Yea Drive PD. I think I can make it, but it'll take what little energy I have left. I only hope it's secure. Nirv, out. (0440 GMT)
  • Officer O'delaw *static* Things are really hotting up here at Caiger! *hiss, buzz* Zeds knocking on the door left right and centre; AFAIK the mall proper hasn't been breached, *shouts in background* but I've seen a couple of defenders fall and I've been bitten again. Need to get healed and rested and find some more ammo. O'delaw out.
  • Cojak here- Cottys doors were wide open when I woke up this morninig- Secured the building but barraicades needed ASAP. 16:52, 4 Feb 2006 (GMT)


  • Joshua Gray Nirv, I just went over to Stephen General and killed one of those Zeds, I dumped tStatic bodies outside too (there was a Zed out there as well) and I put the barricades up to quite strongly. I headed back to Cotty Static afterwards to raise the alarm, as there is still another Zed inside, with a Flak Jacket and about 50 hp. A larger issue is that when I logged in this morning, Cotty Street's barricades were completely gone as Cojak noted. This is absolutely unacceptabfeedback, especially at what is supposed to be our HQ! I Barricaded Cotty Street to Very Strongly before I headed over to Stephen General. (1800 hrs, 04 February)
  • Nirovan 10-4 on that, Gray. We're getting backlash activity from Caiger, I'm sure. The situation will most likely continue to deteriorate. Keep alert! The less work for me, the better we're doing. Out.
  • mikael maguire here. inside caiger at the moment. pagram is breatched. need assistance. it's getting messy up here.
  • Purple Cat checking in. -static- currently in Eastonwood near the St. Chad's Revive point -static- repeat the St. Chad's Revive point. Revive point active and outside main Caiger attack zone for now -static- repeat revive point active. -static- people trying to redirect zombies from St. Isidore's to St. Chad's to relieve conjestion. All DHPD officers in Caiger should be aware of this alternative point. It's a bit further to walk but my impression is that the turn around is quicker.
  • Nirovan Nirovan to unidentified person. Barricades should not be weakened, entrances should remain closed! Free run into the mall or fight outside, but do not weaken the barricades. This will only allow the horde an easier time entering. If you cannot survive outside the mall, flee! Current situation at Yea Drive: there is a zombie barricaded inside and it has called others. I treated major injuries to various persons, using the supplies from five first aid kits. Nirovan, out.


  • Marcus Payne I'm in the SE quadrant of the mall, and rumor has it that there's four hundred of the undead buggers hanging 'round outside this sector. Went on over to the Latrobe Building next door and saw a couple of the zeds inside. 'caded the place while others took down the zeds, but as soon as I raised the defenses, it was back down again. Anyone in the area, look on to the NecroTech buildings. They're under very heavy attack. Over and out.


February 3rd, 2006

  • mikael maguire this is mikael maguire checking in. i have been held up patroling cotty street for the past few days. i just learned how to free run so i will be heading up to caiger in the morning to help. hope you guys can hold out until i get ther.

  • Chris LeDoux checking in. I have a necronet scan in front of me for all you guys looking for targets. Zeds may be in or outside. I'll be using grid coordinates. Here it goes: 1 at [5, 36], [3, 35], [2, 37], [9, 38], and [2, 39]. 2 at [2, 40] and [3, 39]. 3 at [6, 37] and [6, 40]. Over and out.
  • Thom Solo quietly Heading out of Caiger for a quick check on immediate zed activity... static Over 200 outside of the NT building just south of the mall, but... hold up! I see a dozen shamblers, maybe more, attacking the Pagram Library, right next to Caiger. buzz There are some survivors defending, I'm gonna lend a hand! rustling sound of movement Checking for rotters... aaagh! You bastard, that hurt! BLAM! KA-BLAM! BLAM! Dammit, they're starting to swarm in! Heads up, people! BLAM! BLAM! Hold 'em off as long as we ca.. aargh! BLAM! Too many, better get ins... wait, that one said mrh. I'm gonna try for the revive, cover me! Ow! BLAM! Got it! Nowwwwwaaaagh! GET OFF ME, YOU FILTHY... AAAAAIGH!!! static broken by intermittent moans ...Mrh? Mrh?


  • Nirovan Nirv here. Thanks for the recommendation Cojak -- yeah, we still need barricades. Darth Sensitive was in poor shape; I used all the supplies from three medkits. I'll have to spend the rest of the evening finding the stuff needed to put another couple together. Nirv, out. (0100 GMT)
  • Nirovan I just received word from a friend of mine, name Eri Eligar. He is exhausted and confused inside St Eleutherius's Hospital in East Becktown, with a zombie barricaded inside with him. If there is anyone in the immediate area, please render assistance. Exercise caution: the area is swarming with zombies. Nirv, out. (0120 GMT)
  • Nirovan Eri received help from another quarter, disregard assistance request. Nirv, out.
  • Nirovan -click- Nirv from Stephen General. We're nominal here: barricades are back up and we're clear of rotters. -buzz-v, out.
  • Saleth fzzt So much death... so many-fzzt-pses. This feels like it's having some kind of q-fzzt-um effect on time... wait... why can't I move? No! Get away! GET AWAAAAAAY fzzzzzzzzt

(Server is falling over at Caiger - non-responsiveness for several minutes, leading to losing 60+HP between reloads. Beware.)

  • Cojak here- Just a quick thought to all you science guys out there with scans- could you put down the GMT of the message so we know if the scan is fresh? I think it would help conserve energy. Thanks! Cojak out.
  • Cojak here- Popped a zed in Blight Park while on patrol, otherwise, seems quiet right now. (10:53 GMT)
  • OOC note: Five tildes will timestamp your message if you don't want to do timezone math. --Nirv
  • FingFangFoom Hey Cojak, I missed your transmission but someone told me about it. I'll do a better job monitoring frequencies next time. Where's the hospital located? I'll make a point to keep an eye on it in the future. Oh, and for all you kids hoping for that generator out there, it's now spoken for.

February 2nd, 2006

-whistle- -tuning-

  • Officer O'delaw *bzert!* *crackle* I'm on my way over to Caiger to help with the defence; There's a couple of survivors just east of Yea Drive, and three Zeds to the Northeast, just inside of Chudleyton [12,29]. Don't know what direction they're headed in; I emptied a clip at them and hit nothing but air. Stay sharp, people.


  • ConndrakaWOOOOO! -static- Did I mention just how much fun we are having? -static- Like one of the seargents said, do a gun and ammo check, roll some bandages-static-, and learn to like dog 'cuz its hitting the fan now. To the Folks in Dunell Proper, -static- Keep rockin and rollin..and watch that North central and the entire south by southeast border. Looks like thats where the Zeds are finding their way in. -static- To Those up near Caiger... I heard about Lennon dying, its unfortunate but it was his time. Make sure Yoko gets the attention she deserves. -static- Finaly to the "Lost Boys" (you know who you are) -static- God DARN I love this job. Stay Alive, Stay Safe DHPD -static- Spread the good will, get more good people to join and share the ammo freely with the Zed mennace... -static- Conndraka Out

  • Nirovan -click- -static- Nirv here. Zed activity is picking up. Barricades at Stephenson are down again, three zombies in the building this time. No feeding call sent. Over. -click-
  • Nirovan -click- -swish- -whack- -swish- (pant) HEY! This one's bigger than the others! Gimme a hand over here! I can't (cough) keep this up! Getting (pant) worn out... -swish- ... -whack- (pant) -swish- ... -whack- ... (wheeze) ... -swish- .... -swish- ..... (cough) ... (cough) ... -swish- ...... (wheeze, axe falls, body thuds) (0755 GMT)


  • Rockphed Not another one...oh well, I'll find him tomorrow and stick him with a needle. now where did I put that necrotech handbook I am, um...borrowing...from Somerandomscientist, I need to see if it is 3 parts hypodryoxyribozenedene or 5. Hmmm, I'll just do both and see which works. It cant be that dangerous.



  • PsychoPhil Mayday! Zombies somehow getting inside Craiger! As usual, my weapons are usless. Currently in -static- NE Craiger. Assistance needed! -static- Dammit! Why can't I hit these bastards!?
  • Purple Cat Hello? Hello? -static- woke up outside St. Isidore's. -static- looking for a secure NT building near Caiger in which to install a generator. Please advise.


  • Doc Foster Purple Cat....-static- 21,28 Latrobe Building is secured-static-, yet continues to suffer from Griefers...-static- Maintaining Operations there is best case scenario.

'Old man Out. -static-


  • Cojak Cojak here- Stephen General secured, one zed pumped and dumped. Regretfully, cannot rebulid barriers, but doors are closed. Gonna head back to the station in a bit. Stay Alive, Stay Safe- Cojak out.


  • FingFangFoom Hey kiddies, your favorite thricely F initialed squad leader is back in black. I'm also gonna be grooving around the Caiger area so's if you need any barricades built or rotters revived, you know where to look me up. I also still got this old generator on my back and it's looking for a nice home. Let me know if you need it.
  • Cojak here- FingFang, we could really use some barriades at Stephan General right now, 5 or 6 survivors in there with closed doors as only protection. Im sure Nirovan and the others would appreciate it- Cojak out.

February 1st, 2006

  • Chris LeDoux checking in. I have a necronet scan in front of me for all you guys looking for targets. Zeds may be in or outside. I'll be using grid coordinates. Here it goes : 1 at [3, 36], [2, 37], [4, 32], and [5,39]. Over and out.
  • Officer O'delaw One less zombie at bush crescent[8,34]. A couple of them had some serious muscle on them -- looks like they looked after themselves when they were alive. Too exhausted to fight any more atm. I'm holed up in the general area. Plenty of ammo. Ready to assist wherever needed, once I'm rested up.

bzzzzt whistle

  • Officer O'delaw The zombie BARRICADED INSIDE the fortune building[7,34] is no more. I dumped him outside; would have raised the barricades to VS, but I'm useless at that kind of thing. Somebody might want to drop by and fix it up a bit for the three survivors inside.. I'm going to work on my aim a bit, then head down and help with the defence of caiger. Anybody know anywhere I can get in some target practise?


  • Rockphed I would like to report that the Cotty Street Baracades are up to approved strength. Whatshisname, I am sorry, but your door went so well with the filing cabinets labeled "criminal records: A - Be" and "Domestic Disturbances: Jalome - Kresh" that I just had to put it in the baracade. Also, the desk sargents will have to find other desks, and the coffee machine can now be found next to the north entry hole, it was causing far too much traffic in the old break room. Oh, and fiveyearwinter should be joining us soon, I think I stabbed him properly with one of them needle things. Rockphed out.


  • Marcus Payne Night-time at Caiger here. There's a good number of us here in the mall, and the rest of us scattered all over the place. -static- Same goes for the zeds, they've been at everything but the mall, and they're really at it. As far as I know, East Becktown and Darvall Heights are under heavy attack, while West Becktown is just beginning to feel the pinch. Nothing to report of Chudleyton, yet. Morale is good, as long as those donuts keep coming in. Over and out.
  • Purple Cat Still in a Factory in East Becktown. -static- Barricades secure. -static- have generator and fuel ready to head back to NT building by the Mall.
  • Purple Cat -whizz- Where'd that zombie come from? -static- crash -static- aarrgh! *cough* -static- thump Mrh?
  • Nirovan -click- (whispering) Nirv here. Requesting backup. -static- Stephen General with a few other sleeping survivors. A lone zombie managed to get in -- it made a loud groaning noise... I don't think I'll be able to take it with my axe, but I'll try. The barricades and generator are gone. I've got a gen but no fuel. (sigh) Here I go. Wish me luck. Over. -click-
  • Nirovan -click- Fricking screw it! All I did was almost cut my own leg off. With any luck someone else in here will actually rouse. Could still use backup to ensure success -- and in case any of those things answer that call. Nirv, out. -click-
  • Cojak checking in- Sorry, Niro, but the Station was barricaded to much for a rookie like me to get out and do any good at the time of your report. Tried to stock up, moderate sucess- When Im a little less tired I'll be over to lend a hand (attatched to a gun.) Cojak out.
  • Nirovan -click- I just peeked outside the room I'm holed up in. The immediate situation seems to have been taken care of by other survivors -- haven't looked outside yet. Barricades are back up, too. I hooked up a generator, but I don't have any fuel. Anyway, thanks for your offer, Cojak. Nirv, out. -click- (~0230 GMT)
  • PsychoPhil reporting in- Finally made it into Craiger. Ran into a few zeds on the way over. Weapons seem completely ineffective. 2 pistols clips, 3 shotgun shells against a single zed seemed to have no effect. Hell, even the axe I picked up the the firestation was worthless.

January 31st, 2006

  • Chris LeDoux checking in. I have a necronet scan in front of me for all you guys looking for targets. Zeds may be in or outside. I'll be using grid coordinates. Here it goes : 1 at [7, 34], [4, 32], and [4, 38]. There are 4 at [8, 39].
  • William A White Reporting from Brendan General - I am in a nurse's station now, just watching the zeds - there are four left here, and they are attacking a few survivors still in the hospital beds. I killed one, but we will lose the hospital soon.


  • Nirovan -click- Copy that, O'de. I'm on my way. Over.
  • Nirovan -static- This is Nirovan. Patient "O'Delaw" stabilized at Yea Drive, 0820 hours GMT. Nirv, out.
  • Nirovan -click- To note, there were no probl-static-sisting the patient, and no sightings en route from Zeph General. Zephyrinus was breach-static- earlier, but the zombie was elimin-static- and the barriers repaired. I spent what energy I had getting to O'de and rendering assistance. -crackle- anyone else needs a hand, notify. I'll get there when I can. Right now, I need rest. Nirv, out.


  • Purple Cat -static- In East Becktown making regular trips to the Caiger Mall revivification point -static- need more generators -static- brain rotters -static- but so far seems just about under control.


  • PsychoPhil -static- PsychoPhil reporting in. Currenting -static-ting in Knyfton Row Fi-static-. Dropped one zed just out-static-. How much does it take to -static- one of these-static-?! First kill, but now out of rounds. Watch your six!


  • Nirovan This is Ni-static-n. Currently at Yea Drive St-crackle-n. Used my last -whine- FAKs on subjects Vance Strickland and aceofdiamonds. I'm going to have to make a supply run -pop-click- I get the energy. -crackle-t, I need ammo, too. Nirv, out.


  • Nirovan -whine- Nirovan reporting from Stephen General. There's a generator but it's out of fuel. Anyone nearby that can fix that? Nirv, out. -click-


  • Alan Shieh -static- Hello? Hello anyone? Is this old thing even working? Officer Alan Shieh from Cotty Street PD. I'm at the Caiger Mall, and I found this old radio in one of the stores. Everyone here seems really anxious about the impending attack, I mean, nothing is going on outside. However, knowledge of East... -static- ...don't know the name exactly, kinda forgot. But apparently it's... -static- ...t of... Zombigeddon. I'm gettting a bit anxious myself. Only a few zombies outside, but they are vicious and active beasts! Support around here is really nice, some fellow patched me up and... -static- ...ay, what I'm sa... -static- Caiger is still yet to be... -static

-signal cut-

  • Jeff Oneil-static- F35.....Shandoniah..... Doc Foster...Wake up, get those people out of there.... and Fall Back... you cant heal anyone if you are dead.......


  • Thom Solo Copy that, Kirk. buzz If we keep on our toes, then the worst they can do is smash some barricades and let in a little fresh air for a while. Let 'em rampage all they want, I say... they won't get us. Oh, and I was scouting the south-central portion of West Becktown, and there were only a few ferals there. Not so many now. chuckle


  • Kirk Howell - This is a message to all DHPD and Allies, I have reason to beilive and i'm sure you all do to, but this is a notice to those who might not have clued in, that the Mall Tour along with any strays looking for a fight, will be attacking Dunell Hills withing the next day or 2. My Recon runs, have shown groups of Zeds attacking NT buildings and other resource centers throught East/West Becktown as well as Molebank. Its safe to asume neerby suburbs are also under such attack. Be prepared for an attack of at least 50+ zeds to all PD, Hospitals and Dury Building, they may send more then that knowing they are attacking DHPD. To put us down is a big blow to the defence of Caiger Mall. I'm taking a rest at Havoc until the morning. Over and out.


  • Officer O'delaw *cough* Finally made it to Yea Drive. I'm pretty exhausted and I think some *crackle* bit me on the way over.. *cough* Awaiting orders. And medical attention. *thunk* *dead air*


  • Chris LeDoux checking in. I have a necronet scan in front of me for all you guys looking for targets. Zeds may be in or outside. I'll be using grid coordinates. Here it goes : 1 at [6, 36], [6, 37], [8, 39], [4, 39], [3, 35], [3, 32], and [4, 33]. 2 at [5, 39]. Over and out.



  • Nirovan Hey out -static- -- out there. Does thi-static- work? -static-pparently not.-static- Stupid-static, clang-iece of crap. Ah, there. This is the new guy, checking in. I'm capable of medical services, let me know when, where, if you can use me. Just crawled out of my ambulance, got my hands on some devices of minor asskickery. Hunting around wore me out, though. Nirv, out.


  • William A White Report-crackle- of St Mary's Church - I am exhausted and pinned down by zeds, requesting immediate backup! Repeat, I am in Glass Park, south-east of Broadbelt Grove Precinct, req-static-up!
  • Conndraka Leit, I got your message and passed it along to Ops.. we found a couple of others too so we are down to 34-35 missing officers. Northpoint is going well, but the hoard hasnt shown yet... Although some of the Zeds near Havoc have taken up reading... 9 in a nearby library... Heard Shandi and Dr Acula are better now... emptied a clip or two. bzzzzzzzt crackle - Silence


  • PrivateJones I'm in contact with my squad-mate inside Ciager Mall. He says that the mall is near its limits with over 1300 survivors inside, and another 200 in support buildings! I wish I could be there, but I don't know how to free run like he does. I'm going to keep routine patrols of the DH area as soon has I find more ammo, over. Private Jones, out.


  • Rockphed My very reliable source over near Treweeke mall seems to be dead, but the last message he sent said he was leaving the mall to hunt for zeds, so it must be retaken. We have no zombies standing at coffins, and Cotty Street Monito is among the bodies. Is there any official plan for assisting Caiger, or do we just zip up every couple days to fill zeds with gashes and lead? Anyhow, this if Officer Rockphed with the 3 am report. Have a nice day.





  • Rockphed Whoever is sleeping in the chair behind the main desk, sorry about your radio, I'll see about getting you some alcohol. Man, I remember when there weren't desks to spare in here, they were all in the baracades, and there wasn't so much stinkin' beauracracy. I remember when I got munched on just south of cotty street, not much afterwards, but I do remember. Why has Life gotten so dull here in Dunell Hills? Have we become that effective at killing zombies, or is another mall under seige? I'll see about scrounging potatoes and a still, life is too short to do without alcohol. *mumbling fades into silence*

signal dies

January 30th, 2006

-beep beep, click-

  • Leit "I'm in Cotty. The building directly south was broken into and there was 1 zed inside. I stuck it with a syringe and tossed him on my way over, but didn't have time to barricade. The two survivors inside would also probably be glad of a patch up."
  • Leit "If there's a new revive point could someone please leave a note on my sleeping corpse in the P.D? There's nothing left at Coffins apart from some guy standing in the street muttering into a paper cup, and combat revives strike me as a waste of resources."
  • Leit "Also, if I sound a little more coherent than usual, it's because I get plenty of rest and time to play with the NecroTech network while waiting for syringes... it's great being able to goldbrick while doing something useful, isn't it?"
  • Leit "Whoever's running Operations should know that Bronkosaurus has been taken by the other side, and doesn't seem to appreciate revives any more. Got the word from a friend of mine across the city."


January 29th, 2006

  • Operations The Following (35)Officers are still missing. If you know their Profile or know how we can reach them please have them contact I.A. as soon as possible. If you happen to have the UD profile of anyone on this list, please submit it for them. Thanks to your help we have found over 17 missing officers in teh last 45 days, with your help we can bring everybody home...Thank you.
  • Ahkuma *Ayane 001 *C Monster *DeadCattle *Derek Hydrick *DietrichVonHonfels *Digga Slidwell *Dont Eat My Brain *Dontfearthereaper *Frosty Fire *Ged Shark *Ghost Phoenix *Hildegarde *HolySantos *Joshua Anatoli *Kevin Brown *Leon Scott *M4K0 *Psychofishman *Piotr Ramel Korys *Ringseed *Ravs *Rotad *Savron *Sordos *Sir Sporkington *Stacia *Subtitles Dont Match *the champ *That Person *Takethis *Viscupelo *Yan Teng *zopp *ZiLg0
  • Officer O'Delaw If anyone out there is listening, i'm currently holed up in Halse Crescent PD in Darvall Heights. Stocking up on ammo and supplies over the next couple days, then i'll make a run for the DHPD. Heh. Strangest thing .. I just noticed i've been spelling "dunell" as "dunnel" ...
  • Dr. Acula and Shandonia(In Chorus)Mrh? errrrrm... ahhhhh <BLAM BLAM BLAM><Thud>
  • Thom Solo I think I spotted a zombified O'Niel outside Point Havoc... I'm gonna try and make my way over there once I rest up a bit. Gonna make sure that it's him first, though; I was a bit trigger-happy earlier and took a few shots at Dr. Acula before I realized who it was! He's zombified too, but I wasn't quite sure where to apply this syringe. I've got it down now, though. pause I hope.
  • A medic-St Pius's Hospital has fallen to the zombies, several poeple are trying to fight them off, but we keep missing, our only hope is to get to the mall, but I'm infected, and would be a problem......
  • Jeff Oniel-- Anyone else having problems with the Forum?--

Im standing outside Point HAVOC and by the way MRH???

  • Reptileus- Gen. Reptileus to all members of the 501st and the DHPD, we are under attack! East Becktown is begining to fall to the zeds, We need saport, Poeple who escaped Ackland are in danger, Plesaes Help!
  • PrivateJones -- I can confirm at this time, that Ackland is fallen. I say again, Ackland Mall is down. What is the current status on Yoko Ono? Jones, out.
  • Mikael Maguire-- Lennon Is Dead. I repeat, Lennon Is Dead.

January 28th, 2006

  • Beef Riprock Word on the street is that Ackland mall has fallen or is about to fall. I need all DHPD members with no other duties to head over to Cagier NOW. This is it, people.
  • A medic St. Isidore's Church is under attack -static- amounts of zom-static- have begun to show up -static- unable to stop them from -static-ing in....oh F-static-ell THEY HAVE GOTTEN IN -static- THEY HAVE.....NO STAY BACK.....AAAAHHHHHH-static-.......

  • Operations 101 of over 150 Members have "Dunell Hills Police Department" listed properly on their Group tab on their profile. There are 12 who have listed DHPD as their group and another 10 whom have spelled Dunell with only one l. This puts us at #9 in the Groups of Malton (and consequently also the 151st and 176th groups as well). See Stats Please be sure your profile is posted in the DHPD Department of Internal Affairs. We achieved our Goal to have 100 Official Members properly regestered by 1 Feb 2006 so that we firmly be in the top 10 of all groups. We curently rank as the #4 Survivor group in Malton. Thanks for everyones hard let us push on to even bigger and greater things.



  • Kirk Howell - Kirk From Echo Unit Checking in from Caiger Mall: I'm on a resuply run before heading back to Havoc, and had a thought, why dont we send a large team over to Akland mall, I hear its holding pretty well.Maybe if we just beat some of the zeds outside of it we can slow them down there before they get here. Over and Out Good Hunting.


  • Conndraka " Reading you five by five Tarrok... whats your sitrep?"


  • Darth Sensitive checking in. I just got back from Caiger, and instead of staying at Yea, I took a run around the 'burb. Took out a 1 zed outside, and 1 in the hospital due south of Dury. The barricades need work. Can someone help them?


  • Tarrok " I need to contact the DHPd fast! Please respond, repeat please respond! WIKI! This is Staff Sgt. Tarrok Krey, liason to the DHPD by the DEA. Please respond, over."
  • Marcus Payne Calvert's down, apparently, but Ackland's still holding. Go Ackland, go! Over and out.


January 27th, 2006

Capt Hawk Large Zombie Invasion apoching from the South, East, and South-East, All members of the 501st Armed Division, The Elite, Dunell Hills Police Department, and other organizations areto get there Ass over to Caiger Mall at once!

Sihoiba -tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm ok -end of tuneless singing- Zombie in the heal museum. It's nearly dead. Another outside dury and one more one square north west. Any DHPD officers who can take them out.

Lt Orily i have been infected and need help. Im at the the Dalzell Building Plz help over.

Reptileus This is Reptileus, and i have been killed. I need reviaval. Im at factory south of Wotten Towers, Plz help.

Lt Orily I am now 17 Blocks from the Mall i should get there sometime today or tomorrow, Also I have lost contact with Gen. Reptileus, last time i heard him he was over by pole mall trying to get to Caiger, We all pray that he will make it safely.


  • Marcus Payne Bale Mall seems to have fallen, while Calvert seems to be holding, according to rumours. Over and out.
  • i am sam reporting in and awaitig orders. just went shoping and i'm carrying a damn near hospital's worth of fa-ks with me. waiting for orders on where i am most needed. sam over and out.

January 25th, 2006


  • Conndraka Zombie Cooker is Located in the NE section of Caiger.... Please assist. Note Please look through the IA page at the Caiger list, if you see any known Zombie affiliate please respond...


  • William A White Reporting in - I arrived at the Mashman Building to back up aceofdiamonds and mik431. The wanted criminal Maxwell Hammer was executed.


  • ConndrakaAttention that horrible sound that may be comming over your radio now is Yoko Ono sininging her song... I cant remember what its called..I can barely understand it, but she IS singing.


  • Chief Wiggums MASSIVE zombie invasion coming from the east. They're heading for caiger mall, and they're requesting reinforcements. Should we intervene?


  • aceofdiamonds myself and mik431 are exicuting the warrent on Maxwell Hammer at the Mashman Building. we're ganna need backup. out of ap. he is at 17 hp.
  • Reptileus This is Gen. Reptileus of the 501st Armed Division. We were sent in 4 days ago with a force of 134. We lost most of the team, I am currently at the Armoury at Fort Perryn. A large group of servivers are traped at the Waterlow Street Police Dept in Mockridge Heights. Also i'm getting a force ready to go to Caigar Mall up north and defend it from a zombie invasion. Afterwords I plan on takeing the stadium from the undead and setting up a major command force, I will leave at Friday at 12:00 PM New york Time. Anyone else who wants to help you sould leave then. This trip could take a few days I will reach Caigar Mall as soon as I can
  • PrivateJones Jones here.... I've been revived by Leit. I'm still infected and hurt bad... I'm heading to the hospitial to get treatment. I'll looking forward to working with the DHPD once this mess gets settled. Jones out.
  • Marcus Payne Mall Tour may not be headed for Caiger just yet. Reports coming in indicate that they're currently laying seige to Bale Mall at the time being. Less than four hundred zeds in the area. Ackland Mall is also under siege, but not as many zeds about as Bale Mall. Both malls are holding as of this moment, though the situation looks bleak. Over and out.

January 24th, 2006

-Radio Free DHPD now begins its programming day-

  • Chris LeDoux Chris LeDoux checking in. I've been at work manufacturing syringes, it seems to work OK. However, there is a problem at the secondary revive point. People buzz barricaded themselves in, repeat, barricades themselves pop the revive point. Can someone take down the crackle-cades? Also, I saw Maxwell Hammer's body in squelch pile of bodies outside the secondary revive point. Chris Ledoux signing out.
  • PrivateJones *cough* I've been bit by a zombie *cough* I feel asleep by accident outside the police station... *cough* a zombie got me, a few DHPD members healed me, but another one of them zeds got me. *cough*. I'm going to Coffins Drive to be revived... *silence* Mrh?
  • William A White Reporting from Brimson Alley Railway Station. I have spotted the known zombie spy Carmofake here - there is no warrant outstanding, but all officers should be aware that this spy is in -crackle- and take action if he is inside a building under siege.


  • Rockphed Flares make pretty explosions. Especially when they scatter a zombie all over the street. The Necrotechs seem to be tagging everything that doesn't have a pulse; I tried, but all the zeds I saw were already tagged.

  • Jeff Oneil POINT HAVOC would like to welcome the DHPD and THE ELITE


  • Reptileus This is Gen. Reptileus calling anyone who can here me! I am currntly traped at the Waterlow Street Police Dept in Mockridge Heights, This is an order from me toany and all Police force and Milatary force! Weve discovered that Alot of Zombies are aporching Caigar Mall. Repete, Caigar Mall! We have a chance to stop over 500 of thos infected Nightmares! We are not serten when they will get there, but when we are we will tell you ponto. OVER


  • PrivateJones? *strange zombie sounds in the background* Mrh? Mrh? Mrh? Graaah. Mrh?

January 23rd, 2006

  • Willr3 PrivateJones, If you haven't already you need to register on the group board and post your profile and a hello in the member section. After that you may want some sort of job, if so look around and see what you think would fit you best.


  • PrivateJones Finally! Private Jones to DHPD! I've finally made it to Dunell Hills from East Grayside. I can finally help the DHPD. I'm currently in Cotty Street Police Dept. Private Jones, awaiting orders from my superiors.
  • Lucian brown "Im on the way to point havoc and iv got 2 gas cans, no generator though ..*static* Anyone feel like joining alpha, ive gottan good at this baking thing"
  • William A White Reporting from Salt Towers - requesting immediate backup. There is a survivor being attacked by a weak zombie outside the -static-


  • Mac Entosh Point HAVOC generator is destroyed, repeat -crackle- HAVOC generator is destroyed. Possible zom-static-py in Point HAVOC. Request back-up for eviction -pop-. Entosh, standing by.


  • Officer O'delaw *static* DAMN! What a hangover. Compared to being dead, tequila is nothing. Thanks to Arthur Silly[1] for bringing me back from .. Wherever the hell it is I've been. I'm currently holed up in Crossman Grove PD in Darvall heights and .. *thunk* .. HOLY HELL! *static* moving? *gunshot* *gunshot* *click* The hell with this, I'm not dying again today. *coughing fit* *static* Blood? Oh, that bastard is going to *dead air*

-crackcle ckuarued-

  • Rockphed There are now 9 zeds standing at Cotty Street, I hope the numbers go down permanently so I can go help caiger when Mall Tour '06 shows up. I have it on reliable source that Treweeke mall is falling fast. The mall Tour should show up shortly. So everyone, make plenty of sringes, we're gonna need em. Oh, stay calm, I will panic so no one else has to.


January 22nd, 2006


  • PrivateJones Private Jones to DHPD, come in DHPD. I am currenlty in Lerwill Heights. I traveled overnight from East Grayside and are now taking a break. I plan to make it to DH tomorrow and join the DHPD. What is the current report on Giddings Mall? Is it safe to travel now?


  • Tarrok" Hello DHPD! This is ....Tarrok Krey. I am happy to ... to yall that Roytown is falling back into survivor hands. Have not seen Dirol, where is the man? This be fun. Mr Oniel, How are you? Mi.... y... company. Lo.... signa... will Tarrok K... Out."
  • Opperations To all DHPD Personel: -Static-Yoko is Behind the Curtain... -Static-Repeat Yoko is Behind the Curtain. All -Static-personel should Check in with their superiors and get their -Static- tickets now.


  • Mac Entosh Point HAVOC has a running generator. I still have a generator in reserve. 10-65, Entosh, out.


  • Morning, Dunell Hills and surrounding areas. -crackle- This is gotikplage with his first transmission. Reporting in from Cai-hiss- Mall; all is well. Been spraying around inside the mall some DHPD tags. Over.


  • Rockphed Here I am in the Dury Building waiting for my sringe to properly set, so I have had time to make some inventory. I found that I have various electronics, A flare gun, a DNA extractor, A nice bullet proof vest, 14 guns in various states of repair and my trusty radio. I used to have 15 guns, but I think one of the penguins stole one. Unless... uh, do we have an escaped monkey??? Anyway, I am ready to blast the sculls of rotters all over the street and revive any other zed. Officer Rockphed signing off.


  • FingFangFoom yo kids, I got a generator here, but no fuel. I can drop it off anywhere needed though, but only hospitals, necrotech and other important buildings need apply. Also, anyone out there who can help me clear out Coffins? We got 12 of our comrades rotting out there, let's bring them home!


  • Marcus Payne Just came back from Cotty Street, and it was broken into again. Seems we have a good supply of bored loner zeds. Aside from that, Ainslie Road Fire Station has been broken into, and its occupants cleared. Two zeds inside. Marcus Payne Out.

January 21st, 2006


  • jeff oneil " BRAVO 6 to ALPHA POINT HAVOC


  • This is Earc Kerr. Current location -crackle-iger Mall. I'm all restocked on ammo and ready to go. Awaiting -pop-tions via secure channel. Kerr, out.


  • Mac Entosh reporting in. I have a generator, no fuel. I'm in the NT. Also, I need direction from command - I have a nice collection things that go boom, nothing to make them boom with. Also, have the ability to make life juice, but can't carry anything more. Should I dump the hardware in favor of the syringes, or will the guns prove more helpful to Yoko? Standing by.


  • Conndraka Zeph has two Zeds attacking, a couple of other Zeds near by. PLEASE make sure your Group on your UD profile reads Dunell Hills Police Department anything else does not add to the status of the group Here. If anything else is in that field, it doesnt add to our total.Thank you. Conndraka Out.


  • Thom Solo I just cleaned out Ainslie Road, there were two zeds in there. Not anymore. The 'cades are up and very strong, too. I'll head west from here once I've rested up.

-dah dah dah-

  • William A White Reporting from the Dury Building. Zombies are -crackle-cades, but have not entered. After I issued some citations, DHPD-style, there is only one zed remaining in the area. However, Zephyrinus Hospital is infested with zombie spies.
  • F14p J4ck "Yeah man, I saw three tonight."


  • F14p J4ck "Oh here's something I found while searchin' the wiki. It made me giggle, and there's not a lot that can do that."
  • Jonathan Coulton-Skullcrusher Mountain

-static and...giggling(?)-


  • Rockphed I have successfully brought someone back from the dead. I think. It is really fun making sringes. And you don't end up with a whole bunch of junk from searching everywhere in the Dury building. Just log onto the computer, and Voila, it tells you right where to get all the requisite materials. Almost makes me wish I had paid attention in chem class...nahh, sringes don't blow up and I think I would break some property law by publishing the formula, so all ye scientist types, MAKE MORE SRINGES.


  • Marcus Payne Good Morning again Dunell Hills. Cotty Street got broken into again. Lone zombie seemed to be very bored, since there was only one. 'cades back up. Over and Out.


January 20th, 2006


  • Mac Entosh I finally figured out how to access the NecroNet. I'll be making syringes as fast as I can. Entosh, out.
  • Jeff Oneil- This Is a general Recall of all Bravo Squad Members. All Operations are to put be on hold, and all team memebers are to be set to ready status. post when ready ----Oneil out


  • PrivateJones A survivor just arrived here at Club Lippett in East Grayside. He said Mall Tour 06 took Giddings and to stay away from the mall or Pitneybank has a whole. Hopefully, with most zeds sacking all these malls it will give me a clear shot to try to make it to Dunell Hills so I can hook up with the DHPD. Reporting from East Grayside, PrivateJones out.
  • Beef Riprock This is Beef, broadcasting from the Giddings Mall. We're in serious trouble. The mall has been overrun and we've retreated to a nearby Necro building. I;ll try and make my way back over the next few days.
  • Operations Commissioners, Captains, and Squad Commanders. Two Notices of Importance. 1. please be advised that Yoko is taking voice lessons, repeat Yoko is taking Voice lessons. 2. If any of your personell is deserving of notice please make use of the awards program. Its been a while since anyone got a pat on the back, even with all the good thats been done here. Please nominate and award your people as possible. Thank You.


  • ChiefWiggum "Hello, and welcome to the Dunell Hills Police Department Rescue Phone. If you know the name of the zombie, press 1. To choose from a list of zombies, press 2."


  • Willr3 "Just wondering has anyone seen the penguins lately? I haven't heard from them in forever so if so then please post the location."


  • Carfan7 "I hope you guys heard the news that NecroNet as been brought up in the Necrotech Buildings. I already got myself a syringe. If you guys have a lot of time and energy I hope you guys hack into the network. Good luck. Over and out.."


  • Operations APB All personel: Contact your supervisors in regards to operation "Yoko Ono". Details will be delivered by Word of Mouth or secured Channel only. repeat:All personel: Contact your supervisors in regards to operation "Yoko Ono". Details will be delivered by Word of Mouth or secured Channel only. Operations 00:00 20 Jan 2006.


  • PrivateJones Copy, Mr. Payne. I'm out of energy so I'm going to rest in a safehouse. A few of my group are going to press on to Dury. We're still a good ways away from DH, and according to the map it is the most infected area. We'll attempt that area tomorrow. Jones, out.

  • FingFangFoom Backup requested at the Dury Building, multiple zeds breaking in. Barricades are low, and we have zeds inside the building, request IMMEDIATE backup and fire-support!


  • PrivateJones Don't worry FingFangFoom, I have a small group of survivors, we are setting off for the Dury Building. Try to hold on. Out.


  • Marcus Payne Got to the Dury Building. No zeds in sight, though the barricades a bit short of extremely heavily. No zeds outside either, save for one I just revved. Over and out.


  • jeff oneil"Dury building- cades up, 11 bodies outside. I do miss the penguins, was Sue feeding them?"


  • Rockphed Sorry about the noise, FingFangFoom's radio was a bit to close to mine, so I had to shoot it. I'm kinda sleepy, just got done making a sringe. It was really cool, and the computer did most of the work. And now, I should go fix FingFangFoom's radio before he notices that it has a big hole in it.



  • FingFangFoom shrieeeksquizzing, repeat, warning ckkkphed is going skzzz punched in the mouth!

-Bibong bibong-

  • Rockphed OWWWWW, someone gave me a thwacking in my sleep. I seem to have a black eye. Does someone have a snowball I could borrow?


  • Marcus Payne Good morning Dunell Hills! It's a bright and beautiful morning here, even if it's a little bit drafty in here at Cotty Street. Eh? What the heck? Dammit, who left that door -a slight groan in the background- Oh. -sound of gunshots ring-


  • Cotty Street's been cleared of zeds, -static- barricades are back up to normal. Over and Out. Damn, I could use a drink.

January 19th, 2006


  • William A White Any officers in the vicinity of Lucius General Hospital, be -crackle-ised that the Hyson Museum, directly to the south, is infested with zeds.
  • Mik431this is mik431 tuning in. currently residing in cotty street. we are strong here and all is silent. i'm going to take a small team out in the morning for supplies. mik431 out.
  • Sihoiba -tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm ok -end of tuneless singing- Just got access to the terminals in the Necrotech Building. Made myself a syringe - it took a lot of effort, but seems easier than searching. Should we start printing out the locations of scanned zombies and pinning them up somewhere?


  • Marcus Payne Marcus Payne reporting from the local Necrotech -static- just helping myself to the Necronet computers. Locals claim they've -someone in the background shouts "You're a local too, you know"- oh well, yeah -laughs- some of computers just switched themselves on. Been tr-static- getting this damn thing to work for the past two hours. There's plenty of that live-juice in those vats in storage and a number of needles, so I don't think we might run out anytime soon. Can see -static- why they didnt't use Windows for this, but it could have been a little bit more user-friendly.


  • Alright, just adding the final -static- touches -electronic beeps in the background- it seems to be working so far. -kssshh- Wow, just like in the movies, what with the cue smoke and all. Sure beats looking around for one of these things.


  • Alpha Squad's a little short of members, so we're running a recruitment drive -static- and this month we're giving out a free complimentary donut to anyone who joins Alpha Squad -static- since Lucian got hold on an oven and started baking. Check out the -static- message boards for more information. Marcus Payne Out.


  • PrivateJones Hello? Anybody? This is Private Jones! I was sent in to help the evacuation effort! I'm hiding in Club Lippett in East Grayside now with some civies. I just went out to hunt some zeds but I got tired and came back to Lippett. I was going to go to Giddings Mall, since I heard it was the biggest location of survivors, but I think I'll change plans to Dunell Hills so I can assist the DHPD. Gotta go, Pvt. Jones out.


January 18th, 2006

  • Beef Riprock This is Beef, reporting from Giddings mall. Things look pretty secure here. I doubt the zeds will take it any time soon. I'll be in touch.


  • William A White Reporting from Ainslie Road - attacked some zeds apporachstatic the east, but was unastaticeral more are in the area.


  • jeff oneil "Doc Foster, Shandoniah...Great Job......Oneil Out"


  • Nickolai Yo Nickolai here, Sorry guys but i needed to pull my guys out we were having hard losses. Down to only like five of us now. We're hold up in the Havencroft mall, but things aren't looking to good over here either, we're besieged by a couple hundred Zombies, but we'll be able to take them. Just wondering if you guys are still in bad position? If so I can still send a couple guys from the Rebel Solventery your way? Well Nickolai out

  • jeff oneil Ainslie rd fire station 9,35, breached cades back up.....Wounded on hand, can use a medic ASAP.......5:45 cent. time


  • Dirol "Marcus Dirol here -static- I will be heading over to Dakerstown to assist the DEA. If anyone would like to tag along PM me on the message board or text me -static- If I'm needed later on just text me and I'll head back. Dirol over and out."



  • Tarrok "Hello DHPD! T... Tarrok Krey! How is the fight ov... in Dune... Hills? We have had to ... to Roywood for... moment. Got chewed up bad in the last op. Saneth says hi, and she will come back to adjust her info soon. I was... about a liason position? Its still harsh here, but a bit better we got... Caiger Mall Survivors for he.. so were cool. Drop by and say hi some ... Dunell Hills, just watch it sounds like ... under control thre but they are all over the place here! Later! Sgt. Tarrok Krey, out!"
  • Sihoiba -tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm not ok -end of tuneless singing- I executed the warrant on Maxwell Hammer in the Necrotech building today. I really didn't like having to do it, but he even said he wanted to kill all of us at least once, so I didn't see I had much choice. Not sure where his body went. I checked the surrounding building so he must have dived out the window as the last shot hit. If you see him don't revive him.
  • Conndraka Since I am on desk duty I figured I would do some meaningful work.-static-DHPD Now has its own-static- Category under the -static-Wiki Server, so now if you enter the line -Category:Dunell Hills Police Department- within two sets of square brackets on your personal Wiki page It will link directly and automaticaly to the DHPD category page. Ive done this in further attempts at organization, so most people won't notice a -static-thing. Let me know if there are further-static- edits that are needed or if you have suggestions. Conndraka Out


  • DHPD news at 5:00 The Player Strike is all but over with only 179 zombies and survivors currently on strike as of 06:00, 18 Jan 2006 (GMT). This is from a total at one point of 1358. The Mall Tour continues to gain momentum with 226 Feral Zombies Hoarding Together. Now from the Status Desk:85 of over 150 Members have "Dunell Hills Police Department" listed properly on their Group tab on their profile. There are 12 who have listed DHPD as their group. This puts us at #10 in the Groups of Malton. See Stats Stats Please be sure your profile is posted in the DHPD Department of Internal Affairs. Several new officers still need to do so. The Goal is to have 100 Official Members properly regestered by 1 Feb 2006 so that we firmly be in the top 10 of all groups. We curently rank as the #4 Survivor group in Malton. Thanks.



  • Earc Kerr As of 0336 GMT, a tour of Dunell Hills shows the following: Broadbelt at VS, Cotty at VS and Yea Drive at VS. Ainslie Road at VS, Bush Crescent at VS. Brendan at Heavy, Lucius at VS, Catherine at Heavy, St. Justin's at EH, Stephen at VS and Zephyrinus at VS. Dury Building at EH. Otrehan Towers at EH. Zombie activity extremely light, with random single zombies seen very intermittently throughout the suburb, but there are a lot of dead bodies laying around out there. Kerr, out.


  • Rockphed I am proud to report that Yea drive now has a Precint Commisioner in residence. Darth Sensitive showed up a few hours ago and took command. There are still only 10 officers in sito, but it has grown really quiet over the last couple days. On a preliminary sweep, I saw only 2 zombies, but I only checked in one direction. This concludes the Rockphed report, have a nice day.


January 17th, 2006


  • Internal Affairs Attention all Patrolmen: please advise on the status of DHPD Primary Locations. we are in need of up to date recon and Status. Thank you.



  • Conndraka Attention DHPD, We have received a rquest to go to Dakerstown to assist the Dakerstown Elite Army. Unfortunatly, the DHPD cannot afford to "invade" another suburb when our own is still subject to infiltration on a regular basis. However, Comander Hudson (A Once proud member of the DHPD) may still be remembered by many of you. If you fill that it is within your conscience to assist his team please do so, but realize we still need you here as well. Do as your conscience guides you. Stay alive, Stay Safe. Conndraka Out.


  • mikael maguire mrh?


  • Earc Kerr confirming no zoms inside Mashman building as of 0451 GMT. Went over to Yea Drive to see if I could help out, based on info from Doc Acula, and saw a couple of zoms standing around outside the NT as I passed by. The 'cades looked good, so I went on, but be on the look out there, NT. 1 zom outside Yea - it was barely standing when I was finished with my axe, but it was standing. If someone could clean up the mess, I'd appreciate it. Also, I thought I saw a zom staggering around outside St. Marcus's, but I could be wrong. The battle for Mashman wore me out, so I think I'll catch a nap here. The popcorn's stale and the movie's boring, but the seats are comfy. Kerr, out.

January 16th, 2006


  • William A White Confirming two zeds still inside Mashman - scattered groups of zombies are moving north in the immediate area. Ostrehan Towers and Cotty Street may need reinforcements soon.
  • Dr AculaConn and I did a "Lifestrike" on three of the Zeds in Mashman.. two left, One Brainrotter one other bythe name of Kangaroo something or ather... Good Hunting Conn and I are tapped out for a bit...


  • Mac Entosh Code 30! Code 30! Officers need assistance! Mashman Building still overrun. 5 zoms inside, and Earc counted 8 corpses outside. We're down to using axes here, folks. We're both so tired we can hardly stand, let alone run for ammo. Reinforcements or fall-back instructions would be welcome. Acknowledge, please. Over...


  • William A White Reporting from Ostrehan Towers - the Mashman Building to our south has been overrun. At least two DHPD officers have been killed defending the building, and there are 5 zeds inside at this moment. I just killed one outside the doors - reinforcements are requested.
  • Joshua Gray (Clearly pissed off) Alright smart guys, whos the guy who keeps putting COtty St up to Heavily? I had to go all the way up to the Cross Blvd Fire Station in Peddlesden to find a buildign with VS barricades connected to Cotty St so I could free-run back down. I almost passed out looking, too! Seriously, can we have a little solidarity with the barricades? Last time this happened I passed out looking for a safe house and woke up dead!


  • Earc Kerr SOS...911...GPS 1 by 38...Mashman Building...-heavy breathing- Still have...2 zombies inside with survivors...barricades coming down as fast as we put them up...blam Ration the ammo and use your axe, G-static-amn it! -squelch- Mac got chewed on, and we used the last of the first aid kits on him...he should be OK, but he's out of action right now -distant groaning- Heads up, here they come again! -static- back to the library! Fall back to the -click-


  • Nicks - Erik and I are just passing though the area...coming from the south. This place seems to have some organization in it. Buildings with barricades, generators fueled and running and organized communications. The suburbs to the south of here are in almost total disarray. Feral zombies everywhere, few safe houses. The area is a wasteland of buildings with doors open and zombies inside. The few buildings that have survivors huddled inside them standout like flashlights in a dark room....barricaded to the roof with lights on!! Those people need help down there! Decoy barricades, some kind of leadership, anything to get them organized! Erik and I have marched out a tour of the whole city and the suburbs to the south are someplace where a group like this, with a working radio, can make a real difference! We are heading north to complete the tour, but someone or some group needs to take charge down there! I�m not even sure if I�ve got this transmitter set correctly, but if you are hearing this, help those folks down south! They need leadership and they need organization! I�m going to turn this off before the tower lights attract any zombies.



  • Rockphed The area around Yea Drive seems to have cleared up, there are no zeds in sight from the parking lot. I was kinda preoccupied, so they could be lying dead on the floor waiting to stand up dead in the street, but I doubt it. There are 'bout 50 peeps I can call on to defend Yea Drive, which should be enough to ensure that some of us are still standing when the baricades fail. In my periodic scouting runs, I came across someone standing in the street just nor-west of Broadbelt and 2 zombies inside the building just nor-east of Steven General. I would like to suggest that we send a squad south as soon as the situation here in Dunnell Permits, and if you need volunteers to baracade or heal, I offer my services.


January 15th, 2006

  • Thom Solo Zeph is wide open and there is a rotter inside! Repeat, Zeph is breached with a rotter! I got some good shots in, but had to retreat before I collapsed. heavy gasping breaths She bit me, I'm pretty sure it's infected, but I'll patch myself up after a bit of rest. Someone get in there and finish the job!


  • Mac Entosh blam Zombies inside the Mashman Building blam blam ba-BOOM No, get the desk against the door! blam Repeat, zombies inside the Mashman Building. Survivors inside, trying to re-barricade and dump the bodies outside. ba-BOOM blam blam More zoms massing to the south of us. Earc is out of ammo, and I'm starting to run - LOOK OUT! blam blam blam I'm starting to run low. We'll hold out as long as we can. ba-BOOM ba-BOOM -open channel, screaming & yelling, etc.-



  • Conndraka Things are definatly comming together... I'd Say we are running about 75% efficiency. Our supply buildings are in good shape and we have firm control of the Westside. The North East Needs some work, and the South east still has some pretty regular incursions... Spread the word to non-dhpd people to at least check our Wiki's for news and information, so new players dont overbaricade or hunt our revive points. Good Luck Stay safe, Stay alive Conndraka Out.



  • Dr Acula I'm going to be spending my time searching for mark IIs for the next two or three days, then I'll hit the revive points...Safe in the Hole, Dr Acula Reporting
  • Sgt George Dolphin I've got to work on my pistol skills some more. I Suck. Plain and simple...



  • Major Frank Castle I'm gathering suplies and walking back and forth between Cotty and broadbelt... seems to work pretty well. Make sure you dont shoot any Zeds inside St Lorenzos, unless they are on the Brainrotters or Most Wanted Lists...



  • Doc Foster You youngins need some good ole country medicine? I'll be there shortly, try not to die. I hate that...



  • BrakIVMrh? Braugh! Grrh Grrh Mrh?



  • DHPD ScalphunterHopefully none of you will see me unless I need a revie... I'm not going to talk to any of you, however I Will blow the FN head off of any and every Brainrotter in this suburb... that is once I get some ammo and figure out how to use this bloody shotgun correctly.



  • Tom Bombadill Can everone please check their profiles against the list of missing people? Id really like to clear out that list... Also check your UD Profile and make sure it has Dunell Hills Police Department spelled out and without anything else on the Groups field. We could make #4 in Malton EASY, and with all of us in one suburb, makes us one of the most secure suburbs in Malton.

January 14th, 2006

  • Jeff Oneil So Im heading back from.....doing some shoping stop at yea and there is one....inside I help now there is another one inside...3:45 cent-time......


  • William A White Reporting from Ostrehan Towers - we have a small force of zeds outside, about half a dozen in the surrounding area. I encountered several inexperienced survivors passing through who were not DHPD officers, and they have weakened the zeds but are unable to kill them. Any officers in the area, please sweep the area outside Ostrehan.
  • Thom Solo Woke up in Zeph to find a pair of zeds in the corner... I suspected that one of them was a rotter, so I took her--it--out and dumped the body. I couldn't get a bead on the other one, it might be one of ours looking for a revive, or it might be a hungry zed looking for a snack. Barricades are back up and very strong... I'm next door searching for more ammo. If that zombie's still in there when I get back, it's going down!
  • mik431 i've made it back to dunell, i'm currently in broardbelt pd loading up on anything i can find. after that i'm going ot zephyrinus to get some fa-ks then i'll be heading to a revive point to help. mik431 out.


  • Mac Entosh Sorry if I alarmed anyone with my previous transmission - some young kid with a pistol was taking pot-shots at anyone who walked past, living or dead. I set him straight and sent him on his way, after giving the Department pitch. I'm OK, and I'm back in Dunell. I'm holed up in the -static- Building, and have lots of ammo, so give a holler if you need firepower. Until then, show me 10-7 and in search of donuts.


  • Earc Kerr Hello? -click- Hello? Can anyone hear me? -squelch-damn cheap junk ra-static- If anyone can hear me, this is Earc. I'm a friend of Mac Entosh. I just arrived here from Lockettside, and I'm -static- in the Hatson Building. Everything south of me in Owsleybank is crawling with -buzz-bies. They're congregating in groups up to 10 per block, and almost every block I passed -pop- had at least 1 zombie in it. -low battery alarm- I'm trying to make my way to Cottbuzz Department to sign up. -low battery alarm- I need some ammo, but I've got my axe and

-dead air-



  • Amelia Pierce here. Zephyrinus Gen-static-l Hospital cleared. Repeat. Hospit-hiss- cleared. Pierce out.

January 13th, 2006


  • Mac Entosh reporting in. En-route from -static-ger Mall to home ground, loaded up on party favors. Jeff Oneil, or anyone else in command, if you'd like to point me in a direction, I've got a strong urge to kick some zombie a-hiss- -crackle- blam -static- blam blam blam

-signal lost-


  • Internal AffairsAPB... APB... Sickofdying assasinated Conndraka in Cotty Street Station. Terminate with extreme prejedice. Placed on the Warrant List.


  • Amelia Pierce here. -hiss- Just took over Broadbelt -static--ove Precinct. Already have zomb--static- Zephyrinus General Hospital. Two inside. Barricades dow--static, crackle- assistance. Pierce out.


  • Conndraka-static-Galanoth has taken over the Office of the Chaplains... -static-Make a donation to the cause if you see him (oc:too bad we cant give ammo to other players). -static-Amelia Pierce has volunteered to head up either Broadbelt or Yea Drive Precincts. I'm sure she could use some help in which ever one she chooses to take over...-static- For those who dont know We have started a Monitor system on our revive points... -static-I'll try to make it quick before my radio runs down... Commit it to memory so if you get "turned" your -static-Zed brain will remember to do the following...-static- 1. Go to one of the DHPD approved sites (Coffins which is loaded typicaly, and one inside.. -static-wont broadcast it here though) 2. Mrh to one of the Monitors (Brak IV and Cotty Street Monito)3. They will report you to the revive list for the Science Department.4. Someone with a syringe will read the list and try to find officers on that list and revive you. 5. You get up and find safty until you can be FAKed to full health.


  • Here is the fun part: The Monitors have volunteered to get nailed by brainrotters at the revive point, if they get attacked they will report it (and their profile)to the Science and Most Wanted Pages. ASAP one of us will try and put up an APB att the precincts letting "Gunners" know where to find the Brainrotter so it can be put down without endangering our syringe suply or our Techs...


  • Good Luck, Stay Alive, Stay Safe...
  • Conndraka Out


  • Jeff Oneil " Checking In with an update for the south, all hospitals are clear. Heading to Yea after I get some rest BRAVO... ... has anyone checked coffins dr in the past few days? Stay safe......


  • Mac Entosh I'm up here shopping at Caiger -static-y're debating on how best to stand when the Mall Tour swings their way. Just need to -squelch- few extra clips and maybe a box of shells, and I'll be on my way back.



  • Conndraka Cleaned out one of the last offices this morning....Turns out it was a Chaplains office...-static- those interested need to go to the DHPD Chaplain Services if they want to-static- Volunteer to be a part of that division... -static-Galanoth any chance you might want to head that up? Yea Drive got -static-overrun so we need some DHPD personel to go down there and help clean up and set up the-static- precinct proper. Anyway Stay alive and Stay Safe. Conndrak Out.



The Following (52)Officers need to submit their UD Profile as soon as possible. If you happen to have the UD profile of anyone on this list, please submit it for them. Thank you.

  • Ahkuma *Anastacia *Ayane 001 *Bornkosaurus *C Monster *Copwhodiesfirst*DeadCattle *Derek Hydrick*DietrichVonHonfels *Digga Slidwell *Dont Eat My Brain *Dontfearthereaper *Faber Montag *Faber Montag *Faze *Frank Remmington*Frosty Fire *Ged Shark *Ghost Phoenix *Hildegarde *Hobo Mac *HolySantos *Joshua Anatoli *Kevin Brown *Leon Scott K *M4K0 *Malachai Robson *MEHT *Midnight Snack *Moon *Psychofishman *Piotr Ramel Korys *Profesor Moriarty *Ringseed *Ravs *Rotad *Savron *Sordos *Sir Sporkington *Set Hartha *Scott McCampbell *Stacia *Subtitles Dont Match *the champ *That Person *Takethis *Victor McAxeman *Viscupelo *Willis Smithing *Yan Teng *zopp *ZiLg0 -

Furthermore Please check the Job Opening Section outside personel, we have a number of CRITICAL positions that need filled as soon as possible. Thank You. Internal Affairs


  • Rockphed Alright, Yea is in need of some reinforcements, but it is our own fault. We have been warned not to sleep in zed magnets like police and fire departments, but we still do. I would like to request a fire and baracade squad to evict the zeds and rebaracade, and some medics to heal the wounded. I'll be spending plenty of time around Yea until someone actually takes the position of precint commisioner. To anyone still in Yea, Stephen General is 4 blocks west, and medical supplies abound inside. Just don't spend too much time on the streets. People get eaten out there.


January 12th, 2006

  • Officer O'Delaw *crackle crackle* *BASH* mrh? *shambling sounds*


  • William A White I just completed a patrol of the southern suburb - Brendan General and Lucius General remain under siege. There are 7 zeds outside Lucius - at least one is very weak. Any officers in the area, there's an easy kill slobbering and groaning on the sidewalk there.
  • mik431 currently in Brooke Hills, hiding with a few other survivors. should reach DH by tomarow. i have medkits.



  • Joshua Gray Mrrh? Gragh! Braha! Wimper.


  • Thom Solo Okay, I'm at Broadbelt, I've got guns and ammo, and my trusty axe for when I run out... heading south to the hospitals now... will report back shortly.


  • Thom Solo Back in a safehouse to rest up... man, I need to get some shotgun practice one of these days, wasted three shells trying to hit a zed. chuckle Took it down with my pistol, though, and finished it with the axe... nine zeds left outside Lucius, one of them being DHPD officer Atani. Oh, and 10 or 11 bodies, including my oh-so-dear friend heavy sarcasm here Jrock. Anyway... the doors were wide open... I went inside, took a clip's worth of shots at one of the 2 zombies in there, closed the doors--if only to delay them briefly--and made a run through Brendan--4 zeds, very strong barricades--to shelter. Stay sharp! Solo out.


  • Rockphed All's quiet on the necrotech front, well atleast as far as I can see. I s'pose I should get an axe, but guns are so much cooler. Plus I am going to be making sure Broadbelt and Yea are up to full strength, so I wont really have time to search fire stations. Anyhow, Have a nice Day, Malton. And I will personally hunt down any who die on my watch. Whether I will gun them down or revive them is up for debate...signal slowly goes quiet

-static- click

  • Marcus Payne Mrh? (Currently assisting former DHPD members in an attempted takeover of Dakerstown.)
  • Zeriah Yea Drive is under attack, doors wide open 3 zeds inside when I got there. Only 2 now though. ...was firing at the second one when a survivor named Lud Lum opened fire on me. *crackle* hit me 4 times with a shotgun. Lucky I was wearing me flack jacket. I returned fire but had to flee. I healed up some but I'm drained to the bone. Send rinforcemtns to Yea Drive and someone get that *crackle* for me.

January 11th, 2006

  • Officer O'Delaw *crackle* Caught your broadcast late last night on the radio *static* too exhausted to respond. Sounds like you guys could *crackle* some manpower up there; *squelch*ently located in Crowbank, moving to your location now. *static* grab as much as I can on the way, I could be a wh*static* *dead air*
  • i am sam This is sam i am currently in west greyside. hope to make it to dunell hills soon. i have a cell phone, if anyone has any information please send.
  • aceofdiamonds this is the ace of diamonds reporting in. i am currently in a factory in rhodenbank. i am going to make my way to DH. i have melee weapons and a medkit. ace out


  • Willr3: Officer O'Delaw, i am sam, and aceofdiamonds welcome to the DHPD, best damn group in all of malton. make sure to see our many sights such as cotty street PD and the fabulous Dury building. Also while not required registering on the group's boards is usually a great way to keep up to date with all kinds of stuff. also if we happen to run into each other make sure y'all say hi. especially if you happen to be hurt.


  • Jeff Oneil" back up and trying to move south but Im very sleepy spent most of the day looking for a med kit, nasty infection. Thanks Dixie and Liz......I couldnt let you go down healing me..... push them back"


  • Dirol "Marcus Dirol reporting in. -static- rebarricaded Brendan General Hospital to VS, there's still 4 zeds inside however. -static- Also on re-con I spotted 12 zeds outside Lucius General Hospital. Come on people lets push these zeds out of our Suburb! Dirol out."




  • William A White Reporting from the south of the suburb - I passed through Brendan and Lucius Hospitals minutes ago - both have been compromised. There are about 18 zeds in the immediate area and very few survivors. I took out two in a group approaching from the west but crackle coming - I'm looking over the city from a hotel balcony and the groans of the horde are filling the air.


  • Mac Entosh - Lucius Hospital clear, 1 survivor inside, loosely barricaded. Brendan Hospital has 1 zom, 1 survivor inside, doors open. Send donuts and ammo...heavy on the ammo, please. 10-7, out.


  • Mrr... the south Side of Dunnell Hills Is under attack. I have seen 11 in one building, please be ready, and I am at the revive point---jeff oneil"

beep beep, click-

  • Leit "Well, I've secured Brendan for the second time in two days. Kicked out two zed squatters and barricaded pretty heavily... don't think most people would be able to get in for now, much less shamblers."
  • "jeff, I wouldn't be so certain on assuming the zeds can't get out. I've seen them crawl out of windows into neighbouring streets before... just most of them aren't bright enough to find the windows. Not even talking about the ones that just plain jump from the high storeys of some buildings... they don't feel pain... ugh."
  • "Anyway, keep alive, keep moving, make 'em pay for every building they take. Leit out-"


  • Rockphed Wow, I just spent a couple days in this PD, and now I have ammo enough to do some serious damage to zombified craniums. What is the status of Broadbelt Grove and Yea Street Precints? I haven't heard of them in a while...


January 10th, 2006

  • jeff oneil" 6 zeds inside luicus....Did you know If you take the cades up to heavy with a zombie inside they cant get out unless they lower them.......They are at vs right now someone raise them ASAP, All Newbies with free running stop in and take a shot, just be sure and laugh at them before you take them down. Bravo Report In, Oneil out "

  • Beef Riprock This is Beef, and I'm on my way back from a scouting trip to Nichols Mall. All the inner suburbs are teeming with zeds. I spotted several large groups, no more than two suburbs away. We might be in serious trouble.
  • ConndrakaTime for an update from my neck of the woods. Tom Bombadill and I executed the warrant on Maxwell Hammer at Cotty Street Precinct. Brak IV and Shandonia report that Jacque Drive and the "Mission" are clear. Monito says there were only seven Zeds when he was on tonight. Dr Acula and Sgt. George spent the night stocking up on "Groceries". Major Frank wasn't able to report tonight, I think he spent the night trying to find something to eat... I.A. tells me several positions are still open on the bullatin board. We really need to get active precincts going at Broadbelt and Yea drive. Stay safe, Stay alive people... rumors of a Zed incursion in the south east... Conndraka Out
  • jeff oneil7 zeds in side, im infected, they got alanti,and 4 others still inside.....then they laughed at us...Please Recall all DHPD FORCES to ....... a lesson...........

-preooww- bi bong bi bong -preoww-

  • Rockphed I have totally run out of ammo, so I am restocking at Cotty Street. I felt slightly sickened by the gunning down of a man inside the precint today, but then I heard Condraka say 'you are wanted for killing 3 officers of the DHPD' or some such... Anyway, keep up the good work with the enforcing of the laws of Dunell Hills.

January 9th, 2006


  • William A White I'm trying to restock on ammo at Caiger - screams in the background Zeds in the mall! Zedstatic have broken in, theycrackleggh!!!! silence... MRH??
  • ST Lucius- doors open, one inside send help!! Make that 5 low on Ap 4 of our own inside and im infected....Im going to hold or die trying......Oneil
  • Thom Solo I should follow my own advice... took out a zombie as I was entering Dunell Hills, but got pounced by a rotter... he infected me, but I cured myself... made it to Zeph and strengthened the barricades there. Will head down to Brendan and Lucius next.


  • Thom Solo I'm on my way back to Dunell Hills now! Stay sharp!
  • ST Lucius- doors open, one inside send help!!


  • William A White Reporting from Caiger - -static- scattered groups of zeds between here and Cotty Street. Numbers may be increasing.
  • ST Lucius - Doors are open out of ap, send help


  • Dirol "This is Marcus Dirol out of Molebank -static- I'll be heading back to Dunell later tonight to help with the seige. Stay safe and god speed DHPD."



  • Mac Entosh - 10-7 at Broadbelt Grove...Geez, I gotta stop eating those donuts...7 to 9 zoms each outside Lucius and Brendan Hospitals...took a couple of swipes with my axe, but I was too out of breath to connect...Someone wake me up for the next wave...


Weak Transmission

  • Mac Entosh - Responding to bastaticall. Travelling long distance, so it may squelch me a while to get there. Out.


  • jeff oneil hello? ..... I was hit last night when the hospital I was helping fell, is this an all out attack, should we re-call all squads? need to hear from some of the higher ups.......


  • Lancensis "There's a lot of Zombie raids going in the area around the Dury building, and Phone mast. I don't know if they're an organised horde, or just following groans, but be on the look-out for break-ins and suspicious-looking undead monsters."

January 8th, 2006

  • Three ZEDS Inside Lucius General Hospital send back up


  • Thom Solo Hey, gang! I'm still in Molebank, did a bit of scrounging and finally found a pistol to go with my clips. chuckle So I headed over to St. Jude's, got in a few shots... I think I'm getting the hang of this pistol now, though I reverted to my axe for the kill, with help from another survivor. Maybe that's what wore me out; I barely made it inside before collapsing in a heap. I'll rest here a while, then head back to Dunell Hills... it sounds like they've got things under control here. Take care!


Weak Transmission

  • Mac Entosh - buzzn DHPD, come in DHPD click popeard from my friend via texsquelchssage that Marven Mall in South Blythstatic fallen - repeat Marven Masquelchouth Blythville has fallen. No word on static movement. Lerwill Heights is a target-rich environment. squechuation - 10-20 Lerwill Heights, ammo statictions. buzz

Signal Lost


  • Sihoiba -tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm ok; I rest all night and I work all day; -tuneless singing stops- We have a few zombies congregating in the South East corner of Dunell Hills. It seems a few survivors are standing outside and the groans of the zombies who find them, are luring others to the areas. 3 zeds outside the Necrotech building, 1 outside the hospital next door, 3 more around the club, and a couple near the PD.

  • Joshua Gray I'm up here in Caiger and the citizStatic up here are getting panicky about the Mall Tour. I was planning on loading up and heading back tFeedbacknell, but now I'm not sure, these people will need every hand if the Zeds come this way. Please advise, DHPD command. Josh GraStaticut. Static, then dead air


  • Celt Mac �ireann. Hello, hello - is anybody receiving...taps microphone. Oh well, just in case. Update from Molebank, I repeat Update from Molebank. Suburb sustained heav....sound fades and returns...festive period. Combined MotA and CotR attacks just as the snow was affecting headshot and groans were echoing through the suburb. Large part of cuts out. A few minutes later, lights flicker and sound comes back on. "...survivours regrouped. Defence being co-ordinated by the Department of Emergency Management through their radio station. Tune your set top receivers to Molebank Emergency Broadcast -frequency 69. Suburb returning to normal. Only 1 hotspot remaining. Should be back und... radio goes dead.
  • jeff oneil" Alpha,Bravo,Charlie and Dixie in DH Please respond to Godsland street school and report"
  • Carfan7 "Crap, we need backup at the Godsland Street School! There are 5 zombies here! (12 quick gunshots from 2 pistols) Crap, I'm out of ammo! I'm retreating back to the phone mast. We need backup!"


  • William A White Just returned from Caiger Mall - rumours abound of zeds breaking in to the access buildings around the mall, but I patrolled the area and found nothing.


  • Conndraka You can get to where you have to via the Rabit Hole for now... Static I'm sure Kart, Sharko, or the Static Avatar will get you set up on the FM band soon... Static can sometimes take a bit though. Static Stay Alive, Stay Safe. Conndraka Out.



  • Sihoiba -tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm ok; I rest all night and I work all day; -tuneless singing stops- I just stopped by the local Necrotech building to find the doors wide open, and a zombie inside. I few pistol shots put him down, I dumped him outside. I think the last shot will stop him standing up so easily. After some work, I barricaded the building as much as is possible, and tended to the injured after a quick scrounge around the hospital. Somebody with FAK's could do some good there, and someone else needs to watch those barricades. I'll move in to the mt office and start my work as Fire Department Liason, as soon as somebody approves my access to these boards I keep hearing about. Any fire fighters are welcome to join me as long as you don't mind the singing -Louder tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm ok;
  • Unknown signal that sounds like Grant Page "Hello DHPD! Grant Page here in Dakerstown. How you guys doing, cos I'll tell you, it's hell up here! Zeds everywhere! Still, we're doing okay. Ah well, Page out!"

January 7th, 2006

  • Thom Solo I'm holed up in some art museum on Molebank, near th...static...ation. Went scrounging for ammo, found exactly one shotgun shell. Yipi ki yay, msquelcher! I found a big group in my travels, and spread the word that the DHPD is in Molebank to help. Maybe we'll make some contacts, I dunno....
  • Willr3 "Attention DHPD. Some bastard cut the fence north of the school. It's useless now. If anyone of you guys cut the fence fess up now." "Hello Malton. I just raided a junkyard" Heh Heh Heh coincidence I think not. Also I had no clue we had an uncut junkyard, damn that thing must have priceless.


  • jeff oneil" putting out a call for all of those looking to get some extra experience and help your fellow man. reach me on the radio for details"
  • Carfan7 "Attention DHPD. Some bastard cut the fence north of the school. It's useless now. If anyone of you guys cut the fence fess up now."


  • Rockphed Hello Malton. I just raided a junkyard, and found a BRAND NEW radio. So I juiced it up, and here goes the morning report. There is some amount of discontent in Cotty Street, but I have faith that it will be resolved without any screaming or fighting. The people of HR and internal affairs seem to have mastered the art of diplomacy. All is quiet around that precint, so I have moved to more rotten pastuers. Perhaps I will return when my ammo runs out.

January 6th, 2006


  • Conndraka Could someone head over to Yeasquelch Drive and Broadbelt and recruit a couple of squelchprecinct leaders? we could use a squelchsquater at Cotty too...Whats wrong with my squelchradio? -Conndraka Out


  • Whatshisname Conndraka, I'm having a bit of trouble assembling my strike team, so I can take command of Cotty Street... For now at least. Would that be okay? Also, FIX YOUR FRIGGIN' RADIO! We're having trouble hearing what you're saying! Whatshisname out!


  • Conndraka squelchRoger Whatshisname I dont see why not...squelch-Conndraka Ouy


  • Thom Solo I'm just north of the Whack-A-Mole HQ... had some shotgun and axe practice with a zed on the east side of Molebank, then headed down to Felix for a reccy. 27 zeds outside, light barricades, one person indoors... coming back, I spotted a few lone zombies near Op-HQ... almost didn't make it back, I collapsed outside and dozed a bit before crawling over the barricades...
  • Maxwell Hammer shot and killed one of us in Cotty Precinct. Warrant is Issued. Conndraka Out.


  • Joshua Gray Heading up towards Caiger again on a shopping run. Need shells for the old 12-guage. If I see any large Zed groups up in Peddlesden Village I'll shout out. I'll be back to Cotty St. in a few days.


  • jeff Oneil Hey all, things are going well. Just wanted to stop by and update..Eve....Static...... So you can see we are getting some things done. All the squads are looking for help as we get ready to...........Static........So look in to it........I wish we knew where that S.O.S was comming from. ---- Stay Safe--Oneil



  • Internal Affairs Good Morning From Secure Location Gamma-1. Several Announcements this Morning. crackleAll Field Opps squad commanders should check in with their teams via the official forums AND this channel. crackleCommand HQ needs several positions filled as soon as possible... Specifically the three precinct heads. crackle Gandalfe, Jermu, Sihoba, Carfan7 are currently listed as a Department Heads, please review and remove yourself if you do not wish to hold that possition. Also, we continue our search for our missing officers who may be out of radio range or laying low... If you have the profiles of any of the following MIA or RIP'd Members of DHPD please contact Internal Affairs as soon as possible:Ahkuma - Anastacia �Bornkosaurus - Brdywald - C Monster �DeadCattle �Derek Hydrick -Dennis McCleary -DietrichVonHonfels �Digga Slidwell �Dont Eat My Brain �Dontfearthereaper �F35 -Faber Montag -Frank Remmington �Frosty Fire -Ged Shark �Ghost Phoenix �Hildegarde -HolySantos �Irina Zogolya �Joshua Anatoli �Kevin Brown �Leon Scott K -M4K0 �Malachai Robson -MEHT -Midnight Snack �Moon �Piotr Ramel Korys �Profesor Moriarty -Psychofishman -Ravs -Ringseed -Savron -Scott McCampbell -Sir Sporkington -Sordos -Subtitles Dont Match �Takethis -That Person -the champ - Viscupelo �Warriorknight -Willis Smithing -Yan Teng �ZiLg0 �zopp

Thank you.


January 5th, 2006



  • dot dot dot...dash dash dot dot
  • William A White Reporting from Caiger Mall - a lot of the staticlians up here and some of our fellow officers from other suburbs are reporting that malls are falling to zed invasion all over the city - all officers should exercise caution if sleeping in malls.

January 4th, 2006


  • Mac Entosh - Hey, can someone let me into Headquarters so I can look at the bulletin board? Thanks!


  • Whatshisname Hey Conndraka, I'd like to volunteer to be the strike team commander of Charlie Team (Department of Field Operations). If that doesn't work out, give me a holler. I'll be hanging out in Cotty. I got some more beers for you! Whatshisname out."


  • Recording" Sgt. Tarrok o... DEA. Have reach.. in Dakersto... and Built barricades. Zeds every.... Theyr knock.. the Barricades! Ahhh! BAM BAM BAM! ARGGG! Ive been bi... bleeding ba... Request all the help I can get. Arrghh!" static, recording begins again.
  • William A White I'm reporting from Salt Towers - I just fought two zeds outside the musuem next door - one is nearly gone, another shotgun blast and a couple punches will drop it. Any officers in the area, please respond. I'm out of ammo and need to retreat.


  • jeff oneil...hel...shouldn't this thing light up?...then how do you know it's on?.....hold the button !.. I am.....oh... Hey DHPD, I hope everyone is well..Static..If you guys are looking for something todo check out the BRAVO section in forum......stay safe.....


  • Albino Sue "Breach at the Dury Building! Repeat, breach at Dury! I shot the zombie to death and rebarricaded but he groaned before I did so! All inside are advised to evacuate! Bravo squad or whoever's capable, we've got to deal with this!"


  • Mac Entosh Ok...I'm back at Broadbelt after my swing through Molebank. Static I surveyed the northwest corner of that suburb before making my way back here, and I counted nearly 50 zoms...rumor in Molebank says they were moving north out of Lerwill Heights. Still scrounging for ammo, but my axe is sharp. If anyone has an assignment for me, let me know. Until then, I'm going to catch some shut-eye...out.



  • ConndrakaHello All. squelchThis is your friendly neighborhood Office worker inviting you to check out some of the new offices squelch myself and a number of volunteers cleaned up.(OOC: Check out all the links at the bottom of the DHPD Wiki) to get to the Various offices we now have available at the rabit hole. squelchNoticewe needed people to head up some of the departments so squelch if you were already doing the job, your stuff got moved to your new office. However a couple of you all got drafted to fill in some squelch holes, if you just cant stand the job you got, find someone to take over for you...squelch simple. IOf you think you can do a better job than someone drafted into the position, Great... put your name in with I.A. I hope I havn't steped on anybodies toes, I tried to retain all work done by "the DHPD elders" I just moved it around a bit.squelch Feel free to smooth out any of the construction I've done, its no skin off my back. Oh and congrats on the promotion Sihoiba... squelchConndraka squelchOut.



  • Tarrok- "This is sargent tarrok krey of the DEA in Dakerstown. I have reached our HQ. And begun to clear it. Heavy zed activity, I will probibly fall tonite. Watch out DHPD, there is a lot of these boys and theyr coming your way. What is the status of Saneth? Tarrok. out."



  • Sihoiba -Tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm ok -singing stops- Good to see that those syringes did the job on you Condraka. I keep heading over and reviving who I can, but finding the syringes is hard work. It wouldn't be so bad if Necrotech didn't seem to have about 500,000 GPS units and their instruction manuals stored in their buildings. -Tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm ok; I rest all night and work all day *static*



  • Lancensis "Mac Entosh, you were surveying Molebank too? Wish I'd known, I'd have been happy for someone else to do instead of me. Oh well, I had a look at Molebank, Reganbank, Grigg Heights, and Owslybank. Theyre all pretty bad. If you want a safehouse, there's a good chance you're going to have to evict the zombies inside, and build your own barricades. It looks like the ferals in Owslybank are beginning to worm their way into south Dunnel Hills. Frankly, I don't like them there, and I'm going to begin trying to clear the area out. Anyone want to join me?"

January 3rd, 2006

  • Joshua Gray Musta left my radio in Cotty St. when I headed over to the Mall. Just got back. There seems to be some decent Zed Staticivity north of Dunell in Peddlesden Village, I took out a pair of Zs and then headed back to Cotty St. Big thanks to whoStatic revived me last time I went down, I heard Jeff Oneil was looking for me to stick the Static in, thanks man, this is one donut eater who wont forget to Stand Up.


  • jeff oneil Is this thing on? Hello? Hey guys. Just looking for an update. Static Is the phone mast still down ? what dose it need? hospitals holding? Static Conndraka great job, have a donut........Oneil out


  • Conndraka Sure did Willr3... took a few weeks, a bit of research, and about three revives at this point to collect all the data...Static Hope to break 50 MIA's by the end of this week... spread the word about the MIA list... Check out Dunells Most WantedStatic Stay Alive, Stay Safe all... Conndraka Out


  • Mac Entosh Scouting south and west into Owsleybank and Molebank static large squelchbie force appears to be moving north through Molebank heading towards Caistaticall. Nearly got staticed in a pub in Molebank, but staticed that zom with my axe. Out of ammo, and squelching for more. Out.


  • Willr3 Good job with the HR dept Conndraka, good lord that must have taken forever. did you collect those profiles all by your lonesome?


  • Conndraka I helped get the The Human Resource Department up and running again. I hope it helps some of our newer folks out, plus it might help with recruitment. (Translated from Zombeezie: Doc Jerkins, I'll see what I can do to get you revived... We'll need to know what you looked like though (ooc post your UD profile) might take a day though, one of my peeps is collecting suplies). slurp if anybody needs me Whats and I are sharing beers at Cotty... Conndraka Out



  • Thom Solo "A pair of zeds outside the Dury Building... at least one of them wounded. I counted eight bodies there, too, and recognized gotikplage." gasping for breath "Unfortunately, I got bit and infected... made it inside Zeph before collapsing. Hopefully someone there will treat me, but someone... needs to..." mumbling fade out, then sharp return "Can anyone make a run out to help gotikplage and the rest... then maybe... Coffins? I can't... dunno how to... revive..." more mumbling, then transmission ends


  • Doctor Jerkins Tons of former patriots are waiting at Coffins drive for revives as stated by spraypaint and on the wiki. No-one seems to be coming to help. I got ambushed in a building and therefore could be helping with the revivification and healing process if someone could come revive me first. Please help us, we will only make things easier.



  • Lancensis "This is Lancensis, making my first transmission for a while. I've been hearing a disconcertingly low amount of news from Molebank. So, in the interests of reconnaisance, I'm off to check the area out. I've got my map, I've got my shades, I've got enough ammunition to sink a battleship. I'll be back as soon as possible with a report. If I die, I'll do my best to shamble home. Don't know how much self control I'll have...Well, Lance out"

January 2nd, 2006

  • Tarrok ""KREE CKKK!!" This is Sgt. Tarrok "crrrshk" in Roywood. Most of the town is "cssht" at extremly heavy. Heavy zed forces in the area. Am mov"fisshhhk" the DEA to attack the zeds in Roywood. Hope all goes well "rriiiieeek" the DHPD. Will "bam bam bam" Fucking bastards! "bam bam" Die! Report back at a later time. Sgt. Tarrok Krey, Out!"
  • Carfan7 "Good luck and good speed Grant Page. Over and out."
  • Thom Solo "I just came from Aistaticad Station, it was zed-free and very strongly barricaded. There was a body inside, which I cleared out... hope it wasn't the guy I had to leave in there last night. Things look quiebuzzingast side... damn it, I thought I had a working two-way! (sound of something being hit) That's better. I'm going to rest up, and then see if I can scrounge up some FAKs. Peace out!"
  • Grant Page "This is gonna be my last broadcast for a while. I'm leaving the DHPD and heading to Dakerstown, to join the new group, the DEA. Thanks for everything, guys. The healing, the assistance and anything that I can't remember. This is Grant Page, over and out..."


January 1st, 2006

  • Jeff Oneil "MRH? Hello All.... yes thats right I was PK'D for New Years ! I hope everyone else had a better one. I am at point 2 jaques dr......and my phone is ringing....stupid Zombie Hands........I mean MRH?"


  • Whatshisname I'm in Cotty Street, but since I can't ever remember to say it, I'll say it here over the radio network. Has anyone seen Sickofdying? I already explained to the people near me why I need to find him, but does anyone know where he is? If you know, please tell me. I'll be in Cotty Street PD. Whatshisname out! (Heard in background: By the way, can someone drop that zed bastard that is right outside our door? BLAM BLAM BLAM! )


  • ConndrakaOficer down...Oficer Down... outside Heal Museum Zed dropped me despite Ringneck helping with FAK's... fading... avenge me my brothers... g'night mommy...


  • Conndraka Damn BLAM BLAM Brain rot Zed at Coffins... Mat and his Buddy morham4Nearly took me out.. I'm down to 9hp, infected, and outside the Heal... Need help ASAP... Total of 8 Zeds there... Damn it we need to move our revive point... Draka out..



  • Conndraka Wecome back to the Land of the Living Faber... Its Good to hear any of our people comming back... Soon as you make it back and have a chance drop off your info with I.A. (ooc post your UD profile in the Internal Affairs ) so we can help keep you around... Stay safe, stay alive Draka out...



  • Faber Montag ...static... "Is anyone listening to me? ...static... "I don't remember much about what happened in the last weeks, just the fight at the library and being slowly killed by the infection I moved east, going away from Dunell Hills because I was craving for human flesh and didn't want to hurt friends ...static... I am in Roftwood now, I will ...static... to Dunell Hills. Prepare some donuts please, and happy 2006."


  • Thom Solo "Say again, Conndraka? RRF is on the move? static Shite! I'm beat, but I'll head that was as soon as I can get moving again. Right now I'm holed up with Proserpina, near my old station at Ainslie. There are two zeds inside, at least one buzz wounded... there's a survivor inside, I think, but I didn't have enough strength to drag anyone back with me. static I failed...."


  • ConndrakaStand down DHPD... Intel says the RRF sent some folks to scout out the area, did some tagging and then didi-mow'd out. Keep your eyes out and stay safe folks... look to the hospitals and suply buildings... If you have Necrotech training make your way to the crackle Building and grab some suplies... with the end of the Strike getting closer and some groups already leaving the "park" I figure we have a few days before things return to "normal"... St. Cats had numerous Zeds outside, a few lone Zeds wandering the streets... I'm about finished with some Intel work and will get it out to the field in a couple of days... Stay alive and Stay safe... Check Internal Affairs for our latest information... Conndraka out.



Transcripts from 2005

December 31st, 2005

  • jeff oneil "What a year, lets make 2006 a good one. lets try and get all of our people standing as a new years present, what do you say? lets clear coffins."
  • Carfan7 "Today's the last day of 2005! We have been through a lot DHPD! I would just like to thank everyone for doing such a great job and being so nice! There are fireworks being handed out at HQ, I reccommend everyone getting one and a lighter!"
  • Grant Page "Well, last day of 2005! Let's hope 2006 will bring peace, happiness and more importantly zombies to kill! Happy new year when it comes, DHPD!"
  • Conndraka "Ditto on the well wishes...Zed inside Catherine General with ...took two and dumped the bodies...SHIT! ALL POINTS.. ALL POINTS... RRF Strike Team confirmed moving against Cotty PD... AM Moving to intercept but we need to rally... Looks like some of teh RRF has quit the Strike and is playing a New Years Suprise... Fortify your positions if they are defensible, evac to a concentrated defense point if not..Stay alive and stay safe Happy friggin New Year..."
  • F14p J4ck "Uhh, where are they?"

-confused static-

December 30th, 2005


  • jeff oneil Conndraka!! good to see you standing. Im up north, letting people know about the DHPD. I hope some join. Things up here are kinda hot. I took out two zed's in 2 days, but I have seen MANY more. Im going to the edge of the suburb and work my way back. Stay safe and alive...... I miss the donuts............


  • ConndrakaHello DHPD... I've made contact with a number of DHPD people I didnt already have down... Made contact with ya Drainbamage... I'm at the Rabit hole now... hold onto whats left of your Humanity Gerald...will do what I can... Can anybody get him some help? I've got 7 Zeds at coffins... Stay Safe and Stay Alive People...



  • Gerald Terrant Mrhh? i saw somerandomscientist a week ago, Grahhh he healed me inside heal museam... Brnhr..

sound of radio being smashed because of the frustration of Being unDead at Coffins...


  • Dr.Axenstine nice work at coffins, not to long ago there was 50 there, now its down to five who still need to be revived


  • Sihoiba static that resolves into tuneless singing I'm a fireman and I'm ok, I rest all night and I work all day. -singing stops- Broadbelt needs help they're are a couple of zombies with quite a few survivors inside. I closed the doors and barricaded a little to stop more getting in, but I didn't have the energy to put the zombies down.


  • Gerald Terrant"WHY GOD, WHY!!!" i was outside took out 2 zombies form a crowd of 5 and at a cruel twist of fate all buildings sourounding Cotty are extremly heavy baricaded. i wandered around in need of a building but to no avail, i have fallen asleep in the hands of my enemy! could anyone lend me a helping hand, i doubt i will make it through the night... UPDATE: "Mrh?? Grahd-amitt!" [Gerald Terrant[2]] coffins


  • Grant Page "Conndraka, I think I've seen Victor McAxeman somewhere. Can't remember where, though. I'll backtrack and see if I can find him..." (footsteps)


-sounds of clothes being patted-

  • DrainBamage "Uhh, no...nope, I don't think I'm MIA anymore."

December 29th, 2005



  • Thom Solo "Hello fr... static ...bury Library! Resting up here, found an old two-way... there are zeds on the southwest side, in and arou... buzzing ...ashman Building. I trapped two inside, and there were five of them outs... lengthy static ...icaded up, so they're very strong now. I hacked at one of the zeds for a bit, but had to bug out and rest before I coll... burst of static Oh, and thanks to the Alphas for letting me crash for a while earlier. Solo out!"


  • Chris Ledoux reporting in. I just left Cotty St. PD. A guy called "Falcus" shot me three times, that high pitched squeal! I tried to get into the NecroTech building, but it's too strong, Cotty was too, had to use a window to get out. I'm buzz loaded up on FAKs, ready to lend a good hand.


  • Jeff Oneil " I made it back, hey Joshua Gray are you still down? if you give me a MRRH with location or PM me and we will see about fixing that, and remember to STAND UP this means you DONUT EATER"

  • Joshua Gray "Mrh? Uhhhhhhhhhrh.... Urrh. Mrrh?"
  • Grant Page "Hey! Some guy named Thompower2 has over-barricaded Yea Drive! I'll see to that! Where's that crobar..."


  • Conndraka "(puff puff) made it to Zeph-hospital wounded and infected, but alive...Barely...Woke up at Coffins...reved Whatshisname and toasted another Zed on way to the Hospital...I need a surgeon...I think some of these wounds could be bad...anyway I'm back in action"


December 28th, 2005


  • Carfan7 "If Jeff is right, we need some backup at the Phone Mast. Over."


Jeff Oneil " If anyone can hear this, please get ready, they are close VERY CLOSE. Not ones and twos but groups of 15 all working together. Most of the safe houses to the north have been cracked like an egg, and bodies all over. -static- Trying to make it back, here we go again -static-

  • Carfan7 "There's only one zombie left at the revival point. Over."


December 27th, 2005


  • William A White reporting - the southeast corner of the suburb appears to be clear. Are there any hotspots in the area needing reinforcement? I'm fully loaded and also have some excess fuel.
  • Grant Page "I'm still alive, which is a suprise to me, considering the amount of zeds that have bitten me. Saint Catherines is nearly clear but there's still one zed in there. I nearly killed it, but I heard that familiar click noise of an empty pistol and left quickly. Could someone please go finish the thing off? Grant Page, over."


  • Unknown Radio Signal (gunshots can be heard. You can hear zombies moaning.)

"I don't know who I'm speaking to, or whose radio this is, but Dakerstown is under attack! I repeat...static...they're everywhere! Oh crap...static...knocked the barricades down! Several rotters! I'm gettin out of here!" (sound of quick footsteps. Then a scream and a crunching noise. An audible thunk is heard as a body hits the floor) "Graaaaahhhhh..."


December 26th, 2005


  • Chris LeDoux checking in, 2 zeds in St. Justins, 1 a rotter, 9 crackle Catherine. I've bugged out. Signing out.


  • Gerald Terrant"zombie activity at a low today. I have 3 pistols, 2 shotguns, 2 flares. anyone need help?"


  • Dirol "Dirol here, I took out 2 of the zeds at Catherine's and there's 7 left -static- We need a little clean up in there folks. I also managed to pick up a cell phone, so anyone who wants to can add me to there contacts and give me a shout. Dirol out."



December 25th, 2005



  • Lunehhy This is Lunehhy. Merry Christmas everyone. Hey, Swift Feet, still need a porta-generator over at St. Justins? Respond, over. Lunehhy again, I installed and fueled up the generator at St. Justins. Merry Christmas! Anyways, I engaged on a scouting run for the crate. I searched most of the south-east corner of Dunell Hills and all of the streets along the southern most limit of Dunell Hills. Couldn't find it. Anyways, I'm holed up in my old safe house again. I'm calling it a night. Everyone take care, and be safe. Private Lunehhy, out.


  • jeff oneil Merry Christmas DHPD. I hope everyone is well, and enjoy the day


  • Carfan7 "Another crate got dropped, if anyone finds it report it here."


  • Grant Page "Merry Christmas all! Other than being revived, I've recieved a new shotgun and a mobile phone! Yay! I'm in a good mood now, so I'm gonna go break in my new toy by shooting at some zeds. Oh, and Alpha Squad's Christmas Cleanup has been sucessful. Grant Page, over."


  • Grant Page "Prosperina, I've found that bloke Onicrusher. He's at the Stephen General Hospital, and by the looks of his account, he -might- be a spy. Just a bit of a heads up for you. Over."


December 24th, 2005

  • Prosperina Thanks Willr3, I apologize for my friend, from what I hear become one of those things makes you kinda crazy. Prosperina Out.


  • Tarrok Just heard your call swift feet, how many are there? I was there when it fell and am holed up up stairs. Hopefully there will be an armed responce by the DHPD Alpha Squad soon. If not, raise hell and I will be there tomorrow. YEHAW! nice ta hear from ya! Lieutenant Tarok Krey, out!"


  • swift feet swift feet calling in at ST Justins we were attacked i killed 2 zeds and healed a few people. if we had a few fighters it would help our generator got taken out if someone has one please bring it please swift feet out


  • Willr3 prosperina, your friend sure as shit has a funny way of askin for revives. I mean breakin in and biting me a few times then going Mrh? He's lucky he got a syringe and not a bullet to the face instead.
  • William A White reporting... I'm in bad shape, but at least I'm alive again... the Allied Military Defence Force managed to pull me out of the crowd of zeds at Coffins Drive. I hope I can hang on - my wounds aren't healing and my blood is burning... The streets looked pretty clear as I dragged myself up to St Justin's.


  • Lunehhy Lunehhy, reporting in. I made a brief scout run. As of 1116 hours GMT, there are two zeds outside Broadbelt Grove Police Dept. I hit one a few times with my axe, but I don't think I'm strong enough to do anything to it. I'm currently holed up in a safe house a little whiles east of the Broadbelt PD. Hmm... I should also report that I'm feeling fine and in tip-top shape. I even found a clip for my pistol that's been empty ever since I came to Dunell Hills. Must be a sign. Anyways, Private Lunehhy, out.


  • 1337 Ninja Speaking. I would like to invite all who are hearing this to the Christmas mass at St.Lorenzo's church(6,37) at 23:00 GMT +2. Even though im not an official priest, i will be hosting the fair. I will keep the barricades at Very Strong so everyone can come in. I would appreciate if some people would come early and keep the unholy beasts away from ruining our fair by keeping the barricades up and keeping the zombies away too.


God bless all of you.


  • Grant Page "I'm alive again! And just in time for christmas too! Yay! This is the best present I've recieved, and the best you can in a city that is being overrun by zombies. Ah well, merry xmas!"


December 23rd, 2005

  • Conndraka -static- mrrahh? draaughhhhhve -static- (OOC I'm going to be OOT til the 28th... please revive any of the numerous other people at Coffins Drive)

  • Prosperina Joshua! I'm so relieved to hear that you're alright! I'm over at Aislie Road FD. In less happy news, a friend of mine in the MPD was murdered recently. Apparently one of the perps wore a badge from the DHPD. Some guy named OniCrusher I know you DHPD can take care of your own. If anyone could revive my friend, Big Red, I'd be much obliged, he's currently outside of Stephen General Hospital. Properina out.


  • Ultimatewebster It's too quiet out there this afternoon. Only saw one zombie, horrible thing, got my axe into him before he had time to react. Finally started to move as I wrenched it out of his back, dropped my last two shotgun shells into him to stop him following me. -static-


  • Hendrik Casimir This is reserve officer Casimir reporting in. My 20 is south-west corner of Caiger Mall; I have acquired a generator and fuel, three dozen donuts and coffee-making equipment. I am 10-81, and will proceed to station ASAP. Start thinking where you want that generator installed. Casimir out.


  • Lunehhy -panting- Oh god... I'm in a really bad way... I got attacked, and infected. I barely managed to get to Zephy hosital and patch myself up with a first aid kit. I'm not doing so good. If someone with spare FAKs could come and heal me, I'll forever be in depth... So tired... so tired...


  • Conndraka -static- mrrahh? draaughhhhhve -static-

  • F14p J4ck "Oh my God, I LIVE AGAIN! Thank ya very much Jeff."

-happy static-

December 22nd, 2005

  • Gerald Terrant hello, this is gerald Terrant. i have 3 loaded pistols, 2 loaded shotguns, 2 flare guns, and a bottle of wine! Im ready to ROCK and ROLL!!!! awaiting a destination please.
  • Tarrok "This is Sgt. Tarrok Krey reporting in. As the zeds continued to leave the Dunell Hills area, I decided to head out to check on a Special Tactics And Rescue Squad I heard about. Im currently broadcasting to yall out of the Bidgood Way Pd in Brooksville, and spreading word about the DHPD to other suburbs. Most of the zeds are gone, though I managed to kill one trying a hospitals doors earlier. Do me a favor and watch out Dunell Hills. Im going to try to come back soon with reinforcements, but I might be a while. My fiance Saneth is in the Cotty PD, watch her for me please. LONG LIVE THE DHPD! I will radio in and return as soon as I can. Watch yourselfs Dunell Hills, the rotters are still in this town. Tarrok, out."
  • Joshua Gray "Don't know what happened there, one minute I was in Cotty St PD, the next I was over in Jacques Drive with a splitting headache and a scabs all over my body. Made it back to Cotty St. and they patched me right up though. Hope I didn't chew on anyone while I was a Zed. Prosperina, if you're listening tune in and let me know where you're at, alright? Gray out."
  • Willr3 Condraka im not sure about most of that list but i do know that leit is dead. and speaking of dead there is currently at least one brain rotter hanging out at coffins drive. someone with some ammo should probably take care of that.
  • Sihoiba -tunelessly singing- I'm a fireman and I'm ok; I work all night and I rest all day. -tunelessly singing- I'm back. I went to the mall to get some provisions. I was on my way to find some syringes and the next thing I know I woke up in a wasteland in West Becktown. I tried hunting syringes, and managed to get a five as well as enough DNA extractors, GPS units and books to outfit the entire DHPD. I've used the syringes to revive those I could, and shot a few zombies around Cotty, one of them kept swaying or collapsing everytime I fired so I gave up after six shells and six misses. Speaking of Cotty it could use barricades, I did what I could but I was too tired to do too much. -tunelessly singing- I'm a fireman and I'm ok. -tunelessly singing-


  • Conndraka GOOOOOOOD Mornining Dunell PD...Conndraka talking out of the rabit hole thanks to Scrollhaven's talent and skill once again...I'm trying to patrol the field to make contact with all members of the DHPD...If you hear your name, try and get your location to me so I can make personal "contacts"...If you know someone listed is Dead and gone let me know so we can dump their personel file...and if someone is walking around but not all here...let me know and I might be able to help them see a new life...Now if I dont list your name, 1st make sure your personel file is listed in Comander Sharko's files (ooc on the DHPD wiki page) and if it isn't, change that then check to see if your Group is listed as "Dunell Hills Police Department" if both of those are good, then I've already made contact with you...
  • Now For the Names: Comander Sharko.. (I don't think we have met in person)Alan Shieh.. Kevin Brown.. sylviaplath.. Bornkosaurus.. Profesor Moriarty.. The Champ.. That Person.. Phil lesh.. M4K0.. zopp.. Anastacia.. Galanoth.. Ravs.. HildegardVonDeuters.. Moon.. DeadCattle.. ZiLg0.. Idank.. Midnight Snack.. Quixote171.. Irina.. Zogolya.. Hildegarde.. Yan Teng.. Bigboss9631.. Derek Hydrick.. Tad Guthry.. Elmore Nkele.. Rager.. Frank Remmington.. Joe What.. Piotr Ramel Korys.. Subtitlles Dont Match.. Leit.. Joshua Anatoli.. DrainBamage.. Daison.. lolbifrons.. Psychofishman.. Ged Shark.. Victor.. McAxeman.. Mihaly Kovacs.. Megoljunk.. hallottakot.. bazd.. Sordos.. Viscupelo.. Digga Slidwell.. Ghost Phoenix.. Victor Hawthorne.. swift feet.. Qlaras.. Faze.. Takethis.. Willis Smithing.. Frosty Fire.. Ringseed.. Joshua Gray.. Dontfearthereaper.. Obi Jet.. Sir Sporkington.. Malachai Robson.. Leon Scott.. Savron.. Jon Sherridan.. C Monster.. Sgt Keedwell.. Scott McCampbell .. Somerandomscientist.. Ahkuma.. HolySantos.. Lekuri.. Alan Shieh.. Kevin Brown.. sylviaplath.. Bornkosaurus.. If you can help me make contact with any of these people it will be greatly appreciated... Contact me via Code-6 so I can make contact and revive if needed/possible... As always stay alive...(pause) Um folks...something is going on outside... It is like all the undead are moaning at once... Stay Safe DHPD I think the other shoe is about to drop...


  • Lucian brown "Dangerous times guys, seen some unsettleing tags on the inside of lucius general, it reads 'Help AMD and UNIT save the suberb' Does anyone ..static.. thing about these and whether they're helping us or hindering?"


  • Conndraka "Seem to be small independent survivor aligned groups...helped us secure Dury and revived some folks...speaking of reviving....tried making a run for caught outside by a "Groaner" seems the Zeds are moaning now when they run up against a survivor...lets 'em run with a pack mentality...calling each other to the feeding frenzy...DO NOT Travel alone or outside for very long folks...ever see piranah feed? things just got interesting....stay safe...oh by the way I got caught outside the Heal museum...Zed bit me pretty good...could use a med-kit...not feeling too hot...Stay alive folks, I can hear the fan already...Draka out...

December 21st, 2005


  • jeff oneil Hey all, good to see your alive draka. Im still working on getting people standing. I got one this morning, make that two, but I crossed that line between brave and stupid. So stay strong and stay alive


  • ConndrakaDHPD come in...over...I'm still at the factory near Brendan Psych Hospital...stuck my head out and plugged a couple of Zeds attacking Lucius general...five left...This guy in a lab coat has been showing me how to work some of this experimental crap that may have started all this...said it could help keep me alive...Its cool to finaly know what Zed-a-phed actually is and how it works...anyway me and this lab-rat are going to see if we can find some of this Zed-a-phed so I can help with the medivac...anyway stay alive...stay safe...Draka out...


  • Savron This is Savron back up and running, i've met up with the rest of my team, Nickolai and Loki are here, and we'll start going down across town, our small group will attack downward. I'll be taking the statagy of the game, we'll See you on the batle field, Savron out.

December 20th, 2005


  • Dirol "This is Marcus Dirol, out in Peddlesden Village. -static- I'm back up and was hoping to continue the fight, but the zeds seem to have shambled off. -pause- After fighting along side DHPD members against the Scourge, I have decided to hand in my applicantion for employment with the DHPD. Dirol over and out." *places application in Sharko's files IN Box*



  • Conndraka BLAM went from Cotty to Broadbelt...everything clear...Hooked up with some guy from "Necro-Tech" gave me a "job" BLAM...went South to Lucius-Brendan Hospitals...We have some Zeds breaking in... 2 in the building, BLAM BLAM four more outside...Could use some shooters and builders down here...BLAM dammit..falling back to the factory...Conndraka BLAM out..

December 19th, 2005

  • Ultimatewebster Hey, found this radio in a bin, anybody out there...


Two zombies just walked straight past me, heading east... creepy, they looked straight at me and never did a thing, just carried on...


  • Jeff Oneil Im back up and im going to keep reviving others. If you are still down I will try and find you, but I could use some help. GPS,.....GPS,.....Book,.....DNA SCANNER,..... Book......


  • Prosperina *heavy breathing* Prosperina reporting. Steven General Hospital is down to simply closed doors. Requesting back-up. 3 zeds in the building with 2 survivors.I must have been seeing things. I could have sworn looked a penguin.Passed out in there before I realized this situation. Managed to drag myself to another building before I passed out again, hopefully I'll have more luck this time. Please help ASAP. Over and out. *static*


  • ConndrakaI'm back at the Rabit hole...brought back a couple of kilos of suplies for teh folks in the 'hole...water, razors, shampoo and the like...filled up with ammo while I was there...anyway can I get a Tac-Rep? Cotty perimeter seems secure...OST Towers? Dury? let us know whats up...


I'm getting reports of ZPC's stopping their assaults and either just standing there or walking away to some central point...anyone in the field verify that? What ever the reason we should take the op to revive, rest and rebarricade..I have a feeling when things shift again Hell will be unleashed...

Stay alive, stay safe

Draka out


  • static*

crackle -static-

December 18th, 2005


  • Whatshisname "I dropped one zed outside the Zeph. General Hospital, and wounded another to under 20 hp. Now, I'm completely out of ammo. I have a ton of dry pistols and shotguns, and I might have to go to Caiger Mall to load up, as it will be MUCH faster than searching the PDs. I'm gonna hang around and barricade for a while, but I can only go so long without ammo. Whatshisname out."


  • Conndraka All Points...All Points...I'm at Caiger gathering suplies will be back via the high road soon...Check the streets boys and girls Christmas came early...Black-ops copters have droped supply crates into the towns.. gather what you can while you can...Also one of the Zed-response people I've met has pointed out that a Head shot Zed seems to take longer to get up than before...maybe what ever is bringin 'em back is wearing off or maybe they just cant find anymore coffee...god I'd kill for some colombian right now...anyway...stay alive stay safe...Draka out!



  • Carfan7 "I wasted all my time and energy trying to find the crate...And no luck. I searched all of the eastern edge of town and most of the west and south. (Sigh) If anyone finds it, report it please. Over and out."




  • Albino Sue "Helloooo, Malton! Let me tell you, it's great to be alive this frigid day of ours! How about those choppers flying overhead, huh? What's up with that? Let me tell you, I just feel so good right now...but I have something serious to talk about, too. At Coffins Drive, droves of zombies wait to breathe again. Each day a zombie is left unrevived, their risk of brain rot increases. Now, some people's brains last longer than others, but nobody can keep it up forever, huh? I ask for everyone to go out and take those syringes to the people! I have no training in revival myself, but for those fine men and women that do - God speed."

December 18th, 2005

  • Lunehhy This is Lunehhy. I'm engaging on a brief scouting run. I'll report my findings once I've completed my route, which will include Cotty PD and Coffins Drive. Maybe Dury too. Private Lunehhy, Out. -static. tuning- Private Lunehhy back in. There are seven zeds outside the Dury building, which has been EH barricaded, none outside Cotty, and 43 on Coffins drive as of 0750 GMT. Scout route completed as of 0752 hours, GMT. Private Lunehhy, over and out.


  • Prosperina This is Firefighter Prosperina, we're holding up alright in Catherine General. There's a zombie and a couple bodies outside right now. I must be going blind or something because i couldn't manage to hit him once. Passed by Cotty's it looks like the barricades are up for now. Over and out.
  • Lunehhy Christ! Cotty PD's doors were wide open! I closed 'em. Someone needs to wake up and barricade the place! There's one zed outside, but none inside. I can't swing this dumb axe for bird poo! 8 Zeds outside Dury, but it's clear inside. Still 30-something outside Zelpha-what'sitcalled hospital. No idea on how many inside. Looks like I missed the raid. I'm holed up in a new safehouse now, my old one got comprimised. Private Lunehhy, out.



  • Lunehhy This is Private Lunehhy. Carfan, I am alive and well. I will be joining in the counter-attack on the Dory building in a few minutes, if it's still going on. If not, then I'll engage a scout route and report any zed activity. Private Lunehhy, out.


  • Commander Eric Hudson This is Alpha Squad Commander, all squad members commence attack on the 'the Dury Building' [5, 36] you may fire at will, on completion of the mission head back to the fall back building, the location of which I will not reveal here, you have your orders and you know the drills now go, go, go!
  • jeff oneil MRH? GRRR? Hey all! Suprise Im dead again. but I looked through my contacts and Im not the only one. So im at point 2 waiting my turn. stop by and say hi!
  • Willr3 whatshisname broad belt had one zed in it and no barricades fixed that not sure how many more are on the outside cause i free ran. where we really need the most help is at zephyius hospital (about 30 inside) and the dury building (only a few inside) is ripe for a takeback.
  • Gerald Terrant ok, now that the cotty situation is dealt with am ready to roll on to other areas that need help! so can i get an accurate zombie count on the inside and out of areas in need so i can lend a hellping pistol?
  • Tarrok "This is Tarrok, at Cotty PD. We CAN take these b-static-ches if we fight. Im out of ammo, but I still have a lot of fight left. DONT let those rotters get near victory. KILL THEM ALL! YEHAW, COME ON BOYS LETS FU-static-K THESE BASTARDS UP! WE WILL NEVER FALL! Tarrok, out."
  • Nickolai This is Nickolai, my team has been split up, Me and Loki are in club with extremely heave baracade, Loki's been infected, but he'll be fine It doesn't look to good, we got one DHPD Member in here and we're sitting tight, four zeds outside, one is Savron, so He'll move i'm hopping. well I'm going to eat some rations and I'll get back to you out, may god help us.
  • Wowsignal This is officer BLAM BLAM....SCREAM....STATIC

ssssssssend more copssssss.

  • Whatshisname This is Whatshisname reporting from... Uh... an undisclosed location. What the hell is the status of Broadbelt Grove PD? Has it been taken by spies? Are we defending it? What the hell is going on? Whatshisname out -Whatshisname
  • Joshua Gray Mrrrhr? *sounds of shambling and several other zombies in the background.*


  • Conndraka All Points...Callback All Points...BLAM BLAM...Zeds in the Rabit hole...blew some pretty good chunks off of one but it keeps comming...BLAM BLAM...We need to build a central point and work out from there folks..we don't have the personel to try and take back the whole 'burb at once...FIRE IN THE HOLE!..WOOSH....Commander Sharko if you are on this channel..let us know where to start...after we clean up the goo in here...And somebody close those goddamned doors! Draka out...BLAM


  • Conndraka All Points...Callback All Points...All personel fall back to Cotty Precinct...Dury Building Over-Run by ZPC's and Zeds...Pete Steiner brought word that some "end of the world cult" called Minions of the Apocolypse are staging a full on assault...Barricade all buildings you can then free run your ass home to the rabit hole...If you have Zed-A-Phed, go staight to Coffins and see if any of our people can be saved...I need all of our ZedHunters on the Firing line...headshot those S.O.B.s back to infancy...Be prepared for a rush...C.M.S. if you are out there..little brother could use your help cleaning up this 'burb...Am going to try to make it to Caiger to gather up some fresh suplies...Stay Alive, Stay Safe...Draka Out


  • Dirol "This is Marcus Dirol. - 2 gun shots - Dammit the Mobile Mast is under attack! I repeat the Mobile Mast is under attack! again - gun shot - Why won't these zombies stay dead?! - 2 gun shots - one of these f-static-ker's wandered in and destroyed our generator. I need back up, I can't possibly keep the barricades up and the horde at bay, all by myself! Please someone respond! - 3 gun shots -"



  • Carfan7 "Fu-static-k the Dury Building! I'm comin' Dirol!"


-a few minutes later-


  • Carfan7 "I killed one of the zombies and dumped the body. I closed the doors and barricaded it to lightly. Crap....I'm out of ammo. My babies will have to wait until they see more action. Hopefully I find ammo soon. I hate this gay ax...."

December 17th, 2005

  • Willr3 Albino Sue, this is willr3 broadcasting from a secure location inside DH. I have seen one of the penguins (i forget which one). and he appeared to be safe and sound. I'd post the location but im a bit worried that could lead to its getting attacked. if you know another way to talk then id be glad to share where i last saw him.
  • Albino Sue "Mrh?"
  • Gerald Terrant calling in for a quick report, Cotty had a couple Zeds. within a minute we killed em, dumped the bodies and re baricaded the place. Nice work!
  • jeff oneil I was in the dury building when it fell. low on ammo, but im going to make them pay, one zed at a time. we need to get it together and come up with a plan


  • Conndraka Made it back to Cotty, am down to my last clip...May have to make a Mall run...Some of you folks out in the field want to give us an update on whats going on? I'd like to set up a report Structure for our Zones...3x3 areas around important structures..Scrolhaven can you handle Cotty Central? Need someone from the following locations to step up and help keep a Tac-Rep up to date...Catherine General, Ostralen Tower...espescialy for Mast Status, Drury Building, Yea Drive and Broadbelt Precincts, and if we can hook up with some of the Joes in the Fire Department -The Bush Crescent station house... lets organize this bitch and kick these undead squaters out of our neighborhood...Remember Stay Alive, Stay Safe...This Message Brought to you By Cotty Street Precinct The Largest Distributer of Zed-A Phed in Dunell Hills -Draka, out.


  • Carfan7 "The Broadbelt Grove PD has 13 zeds inside. I kill one and dumped the bodies. For some reason the building is heavily barricaded. This is a good thing, because the zeds are trapped in there, so if you have free run, just go inside and kill them. Strengthen the barricade if you need to. Apply this stratagy to all the other building that have zombies in them if you can. Over and out."



  • Luhehhy This is Lunehhy. Confirming as of 2315 hours, GMT, that there are seven zeds outside the Dory buiding, with another 17 outside Zepha... Zepher... Umh, Zephryinus General Hosptial. Er, and another 8 are inside the Dory building. The doors are wide open. There are 27 Zeds inside the hosptial, and about five or six sleepers... Christ, one of those f-static- bit me! F-burst of static- me! I'm infected! I-I'm falling back. It's too hot for me.

-panting, sounds of someone running-

  • Lunehhy Okay, I was able to use my Medi-Kit to cure the infection, so I'm stable now. Christ. That was too close. I... I better lay down. Private Lunehhy, out.


  • Carfan7 "Private are you okay? Reply, over."


December 16th, 2005

  • Conndraka Woke up in the museum to find one of the Zeds chewed on my arm while I was sleeping...Used my last 1st aid kit and went out for some target Practice, Unfortunatly when I went to get back into the shelter someone baricaded me out...I'm outside St. Lukes at the moment, can't move tired...anyway, down to 48 Zeds on Coffins one of 'em looked like Fl4p J4ck but I couldn't be certain...Stay Safe People...seems the Zeds can disapear for moments at a time -Draka, out.
  • Lunehhy I'm not sure how much help I can be, but I'm on my way over there now. Lunehhy out. Ugh, five of the 8 zombies on Roynols vanished. There's only three now, but there were 8 when I passed. Keep an eye out. Lugging this portable generator around is tiring me out. I'm back at my safehouse. Wish I could do more. Sorry. Private Lunehhy out.


  • Tarrok" Fuck! Keep Cotty out of the fucking zeds hands! Dammit, theres 1 zed in and I had to get my fiance to barricade up to VS. This isnt worknig, we need to find some way to wake sleepers, get the lead out of your asses! Tarrok, out."
  • Lunehhy Hey, I'm about to take off. Where should I meet up with the rest of the DHPD? Also, what places shoud I avoid in Dunell Hills? I'll hold my ground until I receive a reply. Oh, also. I have a Portable Generator and a sngle -a burst of static- -ehhy, out.


  • unnamedWhere are the Revive points besides coffins drive?? nothing is getting done at coffins drive.. i came from caiger and now im stuck in dunell as a zombie after they broke into cotty street pd...


  • RockphedGrahgh! Mrh?in the backgroundI am Truant[3] I say

-static-kill the denizens of Newten Cinema.GRR! Raag. Mrh?

-static- -crackling & the sound of distant cries-

  • unnamed word is some zed dismantled the barricades of the Newten down to light. Be brave DHPD
  • Lancensis "As of 14:48 hours, Cotty Street PD, The Dury Building, and Zephyrinus General Hospital are all Zed-free. I'm going to be based near the NT facility, to keep the place looking clean, presentable and not infested with the walking dead. The question of declaring martial law in the Mobile phone tower, and Dury building has been brought up. I'm not for the idea, but it's something we're going to have to work out. In the meantime, here is some appalling music I found lying about. Remember, if you don't fight the Zombies hard enough, this will be the last thing you ever hear."

-"hold the Line", by Toto, plays- -angry shouts in background-

  • Lancensis "Fine! I'm just trying to motivate you for God's sake..."

-music stops. sound of Cd being smashed-

  • Carfan7 "I finally found my journal! Thank you Albino Sue!"


  • Albino Sue "Not a problem, Carfan7, but I'm on a bit of a search of my own. I've noticed that ever since I returned there has been a distinct lack of penguin activity. I went to all the trouble of picking up fish at a mall to give to him, and he seems to have disappeared. If anyone at all has seen an escaped penguin, could they please point me in the correct direction."

-click of a pen-


-a voice rises over the static-

  • Typical documentary voice "...and now back to National Geographic. We are here in Dunell Hills, observing a rare species of zombie, Dunelles Zombus. This unique species of zombie is found only in the Dunell Hills area, mainly around what the native tribe calls Coffins Drive. There seems to be some activity, and now here is fine example of the complex courtship ritual used by Dunelles Zombus....."

-fades back into static-

  • F14p J4ck "Well Lunehhy, I suggest you stay away from Dury, any hospital, the phone mast building, any of the pubs, and any of the police departments. You might try one the schools, but I'm not sure."

-static resumes-

  • Lunehhy I copy that. I'm confirming, as of 2233 hours GMT, that 8 zeds are outside the Dury building. I'm holed up in a safe house a wee bit north of 'em with three others, none of 'em DHPD, at least to my knowledge. Any advice? Private Lunehhy, out.

-fades into static-

  • Random Guy "Well boyo, I suggest you go into the Dury building for a peek inside. We got alot of donuts there for ya.
  • Crackle* *Pop* *Fizz*


  • Lunehhy Okay... That last transmission was.... Creepy! I'm staying away from Dury. I'm willing to bet the situation is FUBAR inside. I'll maintain my current C.O.A. Private Lunehhy, out.



  • Tom Michealson "Holy crap.... I just woke up in a Stephen General Hospital morgue stall. I don't know what the hell happened... The town is in ruins! When I woke up I found out that I was wearing this uniform. It says on the badge that I work for the DHPD...."


  • Tom Michealson "Hold on... There's a person here....He looks hurt. (sounds of movement) Hey stranger, you okay?"


  • Tom Michealson "Holy crap! Your skull is wide open! Come closer let me see that wound..."

-sounds of movement-


  • Stranger "Graaaagh!"
  • Tom Michealson "Oh god! What are you doing! Crap!!!! My neck!!!!! (6 gun shots) Crap! (click) Damn! I'm out!"
  • Stranger "Graaaagh!"
  • Tom Michealson "Arrrrrrgggggggggh-"




  • Dirol "This Dirol reporting in from the Mobile Mast. -loud banging noise- We have a slight situation here, appears a couple of these here zeds are trying to bust in and wreck up the place. -more loud banging- Hey stop that already! Anyways I've been able to keep the barricades up, but would someone be kind enough and take out the zeds outside? -moaning- -loud banging noise- Any time now would be great! Dirol over and out."






  • Tom Michealson "Owww.....My neck... I think the wound's infected. I've moved around a lot so just hurts so much. Someon-"




  • Tom Michealson "What the hell is happening to me?! My arms are getting rotten by the second! I think I'm turning into one of them... one of the zombies.... I can't do this!"

-door opening-

-sound of walk up stairs-

-glass breaking-



-sudden smash-


December 15th, 2005


  • Lunehhy "H-hello? This thing on...? Hi. Hope you guys don't mind another Medic. I'm currently holed up in a factory in your lovely suburbs with a few others. I need a group to hook up with, so I hope you guys will have me. Anyways, Private Lunehhy, out."

-static- -tuning-

-faint buzzing-

  • Tarrok " St. Justins just fell. Fuckers are all over the place. DAMMIT! Keep these fuckers back! Tarrok, out."

faint buzzing

  • A velociraptor reporting in. Took out a zed at Cotty PD. Dumped the body outside, it's clear now. Got a new generator up and running at descent into crackling. Oops, sorry about that, something seems to be interfering with my signal. But, your friendly neighborhood MalTel technician has your phone service up and running again. Over and out.


  • Tarrok "Hell yeah! This bitch just turned into a fucking fight! Ive cleared out the Cotty Pd, and its good and barricaded. The fuckers had a revive in my hideout, with it at EH barricaded! I blasted the fucker, and that one at the Cotty PD to! Shits fun, cant believe I didnt go to Caiger! Such a fool! Oh well, im getting my jollies now! YEHAW BOYS! THEM ROTTERS GUNNA EAT LEAD! WE WILL NEVER FALL! Tarrok, out!"
  • Savron Savron here, Took out two Zeds infront of stephen general hospital, We're doing good, but if we're hit again, i'm afraid we won't last. We need our comrades back to full health a-sap. Most of you are holding out there, Draka its good to hear that your still alive, along with the rest of you, I'm just worried that if we had this much trouble with some of the spillage, that the lower parts will be crawling with infestation, and I'm sure their going to head our way. Well I've got to rest alittle bit before i take off again, Savron Out

Conndraka Radio Free Dunhill comming to you LIVE AS of 12:30. CDT. Cotty Street Precinct Standing and Clear. 3x3 exterior Grid also Clear with 14 corpses stacked like cordwood outside. Ladies and Gentlemen smoke 'em if you got 'em cuz I think this is the Calm before the storm...If there are any more DHPD-SWAT out there: Hollar if you see your Brother on the street. Pack some tylonol and Zed-a-Phedren with you if you head this way Savron, I think we might be needing soon...Stay Safe, Stay alive...Draka Out

Grant Page "Another day. No sign of any big hordes yet, so our luck is holding. Any word from Carfan7 yet? I heard he was attacked. Poor bloke. Ah well, he should be revived. Anyway, I'm off out to shoot at anything that should be dead but isn't. Over."

Grant Page " Oh shstatict! There's zombies in Cotty Drive again! I'm infected! Someone help! ARRRGHHH!"



  • Carfan7 "Crap....I'm okay now, but whatever. Just went to the hospital, and got myself some FAKs. The Dury Building had all their doors wide open, but I fixed it and barricaded the place. I'm in a safe house right now, and I hope it'll stay safe. Over and out."




Conndraka "What a Difference three hours makes...We have 72 repeat Seven-two Zeds on Coffin Drive Mrrhing and Braghing all over each other...Target Rich enviroment Boys and Girls...Barely made it back to Cotty...One of our Builders want to Baricade the Museum to the South of us? Leave it at a level where we can still slide in and out though. Too High a baricade and we cant stick our heads out to shoot...Anyway once I get rested I've got six clips and 8 shells to share the fun. On another Note...If you blast some Zeds, save an AP to clear the Building of Bods...They seem to be getting up faster. I'm out for a while... as always S.A.S.S."


December 14th, 2005

  • Conndraka -BBBZZZZT- Conndraka here...sorry if I ramble Still have this buzzing in my ears...Lost some time again Must be Stress. Woke up outside St. there now getting some rest and letting this nasty gash heal up...Soon as Im fit I'll hit the rooftops till I get back to Cotty...Stay Safe...Draka out.

  • Savron Savron here, me and Nickolai have mvoed to cotty police department, there where two zeds in here, but we sent them packing., We're unable to move at the present moment, the rest of out team has begain moving towards the Towers, Me and Nickolai, will move out tomorow, lets do this people, We're free for now, but Our team isn't going to be around forever, and i'm sure the others have other places to deffend also, so lets make this place a place where they wish they never came to!"
  • Gerald Terrant WOOHHOOO good Job everyone! Cotty is free, I just hope the 53 dead bodies don't get up!!! cotty is zombie free inside and out! nice work. but this was only the battle. we have yet to win the war!

  • jeff oneil Made 2 trips to point 2 2 up. I need to rest. I want to move into the Dunell Hills but I need to rest and get an update of where we stand.


  • Prosperina Hey DHPD! Found this radio running over here from Aislie. Heal Museum is overrun with zed again and its barricades are down. I just got my but kicked by a mob of zeds there so I'm on the run. Unfortunately I'm not feeling so good...
  • static* *sounds of breaking barricades* AAAH! The barricades are down at Cotty's again! I don't know if I will make it, Joshua Gray, if your listening. I love you. Prosperina out.
  • jeff oneil Hello DHPD ! Oneil here still at point 2 doing what I can. I have added some members to my contacts so if I see you there just hang on but make sure you stand up. We need an update from coffins and dury. Make It A Great Day

"crackle buzz"

  • Tarrok "This is a code alpha blue! We need all avaliable defenders to wake the fuck up! Many buildings a zed free! St. Catherine's: none St. Justin's: 1 Both clubs above St. Lukes church are free as is St. Lukes. The Cotty PD is free, and so is the Heal Museum! They have been beaten back! Come on boys, get the lead out, we have a golden opprotunnity! I will check back in periodically, LETS NOT LOSE THESE GAINS PEOPLE! Tarrok, out!"


  • Rockphed off key singingBrahah haght, harghah haght. Argh hah garm, Argh hah braght.

tune fades into static

  • Grant Page "The zeds are on the run? Cool! I'm at Cotty Drive right now, and to think just yesterday there was 15 zeds at the door...ah well, is there anything to shoot at round here? It's just I've got these shells here...ah well...bang!...heh heh. Grant Page out.

-"Radio Ga Ga" Plays-

  • Lancensis "What's new Dunell Hills? The Phones are working again, and Zombies are very hard to find. Except of course at Coffin's Drive. I'm trying to account for where the Scourge have gone, and I think they just headed South to easier targets. Strange.


  • Lancensis "That can't have been the entire horde can it?. Anyway, the first thing we need to do, is get a decent Revivification programme going. Now, I'm no scientist, and I think I'd be liable to puncture a few Zombie Eyeballs by mistake. But if anyone is going to go revive our fallen allies at the same time I'm active...just ring or talk to me, and I'll come along and try the axe, on any Zombie the Syringe fails on. Don't assume that we're out of the woods yet, but we've done well
  • Grant Page "If it was the whole horde, Lancensis, we would all be dead (I died anyway)."
  • Lancensis "From what I've heard in the undeworld, the attack is just against the entire South West side of Malton. We just caught a bit of overspill."


  • Carfan7 "Crap! There's a break in of those bastards here! The Dury Building again! - 6 gun shots- Fu-static-k!!! My arm!!!!! - 3 gun shots- Eat lead...-clicking of a pistol hammer- You son of a bi-static-ch! - 3 more gun shots- arm. - pistol magazines dropping -"

-sounds of movement-



  • Dirol "Carfan7 come in! -static- Carfan7 please responed! -static I headed to the Dury Building to assist, but you were no where to be found, I hope your alright bud. On a side note we managed to take down the zeds at Dury and barricade it. Seems like we're back in business ladies and gentleman. Dirol out."



December 13th, 2005

  • Gerald TerrantC'mon people, we are not through yet, cotty has 13 zombies outside, we need to sweep them out or face yet another attack, thanks for the help everyone. officer Gerald Terrant, signing out
  • Gerald Terrant couple hours later... as i predicted the baricades have been broken and 5 Zeds are inside, not sure how many are outside. there is nobody in Cotty so there is no imediate danger but it still is a problem.

  • Chris LeDoux 5 zeds in the Necrotech building. 3 more outside. I barricaded it to VS to keep more out. Trying to find some dang syringes. Need help. Over and out.

  • Darth Sensitive checking in. Finally back on my feet. Edward Novak of the Caiger Mall survivors revived me at the bzzz Drive revive point in Peddlesden. At the PD there, stocking up on ammo, but I'm comin' guys. Signing out.

  • jeff oneil Alright, things are looking up, sort of. Need to send a special thanks and shout out to all the Caiger Mall Survivors, you guys are all right by me. Lets just get our people standing!!!

oneil out

--signal dies--


  • Tarrok " I checked the Cotty PD. Its clear and at very heavily barricaded. Let me rest up a while, and I will get in there. LETS HOLD EM OFF DUNELL HILLS! YEHAW COME ON BOYS, WE GOT THESE FUCKERS! Tarrok, out."


  • Whatshisname "Alright, I'm here in Broadbelt Grove PD after taking down the two zed bastards who were attacking it. Everything outside the building is quiet. For now at least. The guys I brought from Caiger should already be kicking zombie ass, healing people, and whatnot. I'm very grateful to these fighters, and, along with the guys that Savron brought, we should be able to drive the zeds out in a while! Keep fighting Dunnell Hills Police Department! Let's make this suburb a secure and safe one, like it was before the aftermath of the seige of Caiger Mall! So we, and anyone else who needs help can walk freely through our suburb and get the assistance they need! Whatshisname out."


  • Savron "Dunell, I'm back. I've got several medic kits and I"m off to heal the wounded. Finally we're pushing them back, a small bit of reinforments have arived, and a small group of friends of mine. I'm joining up with Nickolai, We'll start sweeping the city for our point. Lets get this done. Savron out."
  • Whatshisname "Whatshisname reporting again from Broa---What the hell? How the hell did a zed get in here? Hey! Who are you? Heads up! He's got an axe! AAARGH! *blam! blam!* *a zombie growls* You son of a bitch! *blam!* *ripping sound* Ah, fuck! *more gunshots* *a loud zombie grunt as another tearing sound is heard* AAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHH!!!

  • Ringseed Ive decided to come back too... theres just too much open combat going on here to miss out... glad to be home... "all your barhar are belong to us" ...
  • Grant Page "The east side of the town's clear, but the west ain't! There's about 15 zeds outside, and 4 inside, plus a few zed spies. I've killed one zed, but we should launch a massive attack on them, and wipe them out completley. Ah well, Grant Page, over."


  • Lancensis "Looks like Cotty Street has fallen. Everyone, we need to fall back, and reorganise if we want to take it back...Anyone who can, organise at the Junkyard [4,34] or at Ostrehen Towers [2,36]. We have good access to NT Buildings, PDs and Hospitals there.


  • Lancensis "I've heard rumours that Cotty Street is back under control. Please Confirm. Over."


  • Carfan7 "Why are the zombies at the Coffins Drive Revival Point attacking me?! I thought the zombies there were DHPD comrades! Arghhhh....(ripping sound) Owwwww....(opening of something)"



-signal fades-


  • Carfan7 "The phone mast has been taken!!! I was inside when 4 zombies forced their way in and attacked us! There are 2 survivors inside, and one that I suspected as a zombie spy... His name was Angel1. The 1 hints of multiple characters with the same name. Fu-static-k ! The zombies bit me in the friggin' leg. I'm okay now, but....Wait, hold on. (12 gun shots) Crap, I'm too tired. I've managed to make it to a safehouse. (sounds of movement) If you want to know where I am message me...."


December 12th, 2005

  • Tarrok Shit! Just blew the fuck out of a zed, theres only five left in the PD. Hows the Pnhone Mast? All I know is the PD needed to be taken back. We need to have someone with barricade in at all times, in all necessary buildings. Lets get on this, DONT lose faith, we are going to kick this hordes ass! Come on guys, WE WILL NEVER FALL! Tarrok, out."
  • jeff oneil Im up! It's payback time, but first I am going to raise my DHPD brothers. thanks to the craiger mall people who helped me out, beers on me. Hang in there all.


  • Gerald Terrant "reporting on the cotty situation. we need a builder and a lot more re-enforcments. the baricades have been torn again, there is 15 Zeds inside, i dont know how long we can last!!!"

Whatshisname Well, I'm in Dunnell Hills with only a handful *crackle* the expected reinforcements. I was killed by some bastard, so I ended up a zed, then was revived, so I needed *static* get back here. *zombie growl in the background stifled by a gunshot, and someone yells "Nailed 'em!"* Ok, that's all there is to report. Whatshisname out!


  • Conndraka "Grahhh? Mrrrahh? urrrrr"


Scott Gardner THIS JUST IN!, COTTY HAS BEEN LIBERATED....No longer Zeds inside, 13 stand outside!...Keep beating them back!


  • Carfan7 "Damn where the hell are all the syringes?! I searched for 2 days now and I only got 2 syringes! Damnit! (sigh)"


-smashing noise-

  • Carfan7 "What's the situation of the Moblie Phone Mast?!!!!! I can't get a signal! What happened to all the guards?! Fu-static-k! We need recon on the towers! Report back as soon as possible. Over and out."

-pause in the signal-

  • Dirol "This is Marcus Dirol -static- The Mobile Mast has been compromised! -static- I repeat the Mobile Mast has been compromised! I woke up and a Zed was munching on my leg, I pumped him full of shells to show my thanks. -static- There was still one zed left when I got out do to lack of ammo. -static- Oh Jesus! I don't feel too good, got alot of blood coming out of my leg. Think I'll just close my eyes for a sec."




  • Carfan7 "Damnit! Dirol! Arrgh! Where are all these zombies coming from!!!!???? Backup! We need backup at the towers! I SPELL-Bravo, alpha, charlie, kilo, uniform, papa! We need this tower almost more then anything, we need backup there!"



  • Nickolai "Come in, Dunell Come in, This is Nickolai Sanada, on route to Dunell, hang on. Carfan7 Diro1, we're pinned down right now, As soon as we can we'll get to you. Things are really bad all over the place, Hold out as long as you can. I'm afraid you can't expect to much backup, but me and my small team, are better then what you have now. if on...

-GunShots- Crude we need to take refuge for now, i dare not say our location for fear of zombie spies, We'll try to get to you as soon as we can, Hang on comrade, we're comming


December 11th, 2005

  • Tarrok " Holy crap! The Jacob Arms has got 9 zeds in it! I BAM BAM Cant believe that they got in! Jeez, Its a bloodbath some one give them some help!"
  • Tarrok " There is just four zeds left in the cotty pd. lets blast em. Repeat four left in teh hq. im to tired, sorry guys! tarrok out"
  • Conndraka "say again....This is an All points for DHPD SWAT. I'm halfway home guys..left Caiger Mall after my bro in Helio droped me in...well suplied, am at Club Illing in the 'burb. Stay Alive Cotty...dady's comin'"
  • Scott Gardner "Rising in St.Joseph's along with the other refugees from Cotty Street, I decided to lone wolf it back to Cotty. My poor friend, DonutEater, lied there, dead, he'll be back I suppose. Much to my horror, I went inside to still see a group of zombies creating general havoc. I unloaded on one with my shotgun, but ran out of energy to take another HARD zed with a flack jacket on. I ran away to seek refuge at. St. Joseph's....Please Help DonutEater and COTTY!"
  • Gerald Terrant "after a short nap i decided to check the situation in Cotty PD again. 9 ZEDS, again i dont know wich ones need to be revived. If i were a zed who wanted to be revived i would get out of the way so the enemies can be dealt with. i got one down to 22 hp. situation is still tense, in dire need of help"
  • Willr3 "both north hospitals are zed free and barricaded up to Heavy. six zeds in cotty at my last count with many survivors in there as well. not sure what the situation is at the rest of Dunell hills but im sure it aint nice. im gonna go around lookin for people who need heals tomorrow and hopefulls save up for lab exp. so i can start running revives. this is Willr3 from the jacobin arms, over and out."
  • Gerald Terrant "an update on the cotty situation. someone must have fallen, i count 5 zombies. i cant tell the diference between the ones that want to be revived and the ones that are enemies. i got one in the chest a couple of times but it had a flak jaket, it looked just one shot away from re-death but i was tired as hell and had no ammo. someone teach those zeds to mess with the DHPD"
  • Tarrok " Who ever revived swift feet, you get a hug. He revived me and Im at the Jacob Arms now. Got a great kiss from Saneth to! There's four zeds at the Cotty PD, blased at them but didnt hit a damn thing. Its nice to meet Albino Sue, looks like a nice gal when shes not rotting. How are the fights at other buildings coming? Tarrok, alive again finally, out"
  • jeff oneilmusic playing jingle bells BRRR B, BRR BRRRB, BRRR, Oh hey all, we are having a great time singing carols, I got alot of people are asking where I got my "revive me" tee-shirt, they seem to like it. how are things going? I mean GRRRRRR


  • Leit "Well, Broadbelt is clear... on the inside, anyway. I've piled up some stuff in the doorways at Cotty, cleared out a zed with my axe... damn, but I wish there was time to scrounge ammo. I'll be stayin' overnight, these 8 zeds in here seem friendly enough. Or at least none of them have tried to chew off an arm yet. Be on revive duty tomorrow if I make the night. Oh, and there are 3 zeds trying to cover in the Heal museum, when someone has time... Leit out-"
  • Lancensis "This is a call for back-up.Cotty Street still under attack. 7 Zombies inside."


  • Carfan7 "I'm looking for syringes right now, look out dead DHPD comrades! I'm coming!"

-signal fades-

  • unknown radio "welcome to Jaques Drive revive point. Please wait in the line." (sounds like Grant Page) "Bhnr?"
  • Grant Page "I'm alive! Thank god for Necrotech! I woke up in Jaques Drive with a thumping headache, several axe and bite wounds, and a syringe mark in my arm. I hate needles, but a jab is soooooo much better than being a zombie! I'm back at Yea Drive, and those bums the Undying Scourge have spraypainted stuff all over our station! Ah well, what's been happening? I just remember the attack...and Gandalfe, are you alive again? Over


December 10th, 2005

  • Gerald Terrant update on the cotty street situation, i killed a zed, there is now 12, i couldnt dump it out and i fell asleep as soon as i got in a buildin that might be safe. also, the bulding below cotty has 3 zeds.


  • Saneth This is saneth just back from the West Becktown fight. cotty pd has 15 zeds in it. Ive got baracadde help pushem out and i can build em up!
  • Chris LeDoux Two zeds in the Dury Building, repeat, two zeds in the Dury Building. I dumped bodies and shut doors, and am barricading the fizz. It's up to very strongly. There are 8 people inside. I'm getting out of here, can't face combat.


  • jeff oneil BMR??GRRRRR? Hey all! Still dead, but making alot of new friends Coffin's Drive. Came up with a back up plan I will post in the fourm under rev. good luck all, I mean BLAAHH

-static abrupty cuts in to loud, tone-deaf singing-

-it sounds suspiciously like the first few bits of "Circle of Life"-


-throat clearing-

  • F14p J4ck "Good mornin' to ya'all, but why am I still dead?

A while ago I got shot in the head!

Sem bastage from ALF said I should go...

So I'm here at Coffin's Drive, standing standing in the snow.

We 28 zombie dudes are here at Coffin's Drive,

So I ain't got a clue as to why ain't we alive!!"

-angry static-

  • Joshua Gray Took out a Zed outside of Newbury Library, but there are three more out there. The library is barricaded up to VS, but there are four Zeds inside and two humans. I managed to scoot across to the Godsland St. School before I colapsed. Didn't see who else was in here or how the barricades are.
  • Several shots*
  • Savron Oh crud, 30 zombies down below and several around the other sides, I took out a few of them, but they want to take us out real bad. I've been around and we've lost the other stations around the area, all who are left alive from the rest of the city make your way back, its time to take back the town. Savron out


  • Lucian brown "Cotty street pd is compramised, we got lots of survivors and realatively few zeds but" ...Gun shots! ... "Shit!" Bang Bang Theres no-one here barricading, anyone in cotty street please kill and barricade!"... Screams

  • Albino Sue "Oh sweet Lord and Jesus! Get back! How did this happen?! Where did the barricades go?

-six shots in rapid succession-

  • Albino Sue "Took care of him - HEY! Get off that guy! Jesus, what the hell happened here?! I w--HEY!"

-a pair of shotgun blasts-

  • Albino Sue "Stupid - blasted - sodding zombies with flak jackets! Get! Off! Of! ME!

-loud groaning, scuffling, and more gunfire-

  • Albino Sue "AAAaiie! He bit me! The son...of a...urgh, feeling feverish...any one still in Dunnel Hills and alive, the zombies are everywhere! If there's a wild card someone has up their sleeve I'd suggest they toss it onto the table!"

-beep- 'Bold text'Bold text


  • Rockphed ATTENTION ALL PEOPLE OF DUNELL HILLS do not be alarmed, prepare your weapons, medkits, and sringes. The cotty street PD has been invaded, no baracades, closed doors only. bring guns and hammers. there are 24 active zeds inside and an unknown number outside. Better Idea, bring axes to kill the zeds and rebuild the baracades. We must remain calm. Any with the skill to use stringes should spend time searching the dury building, but not sleeping in it. Take all sringes and a DNA extractor to Coffin Drive and revive all people there. Hurry, time is not on our side.

  • Savron "Damn it we lost three quarters of our force, *Bang* *Bang* Damn Albino is down. I don't know how much longer we can hold on, There's thirty of them in here now. Crude no damn it we lost another one *Bang* Get off me *BAng* close one they just about had me. Time is not on out side no, we're down quite a few guys, I don't know man. crude!

-several shots in rapid succession- "damn it Sharko... Sharko... Hold themm back boys... Damn those guys bite hard.... if i can only stop the bleeding"

  • Albino Sue "Who said my name? I'm not's the chaos here, it's messing us all up! Oh, this isn't what I wanted to come back to! I wanted it to be like the old times! I wanted to talk happily with others! I wanted to see the penguin again! Oh, god, what happened to the penguin?!"
  • Savron OH crude, get it off me get it off me, The bleeding is stopping, i think i'm infected oh no theirs more of them. I'm heading to the revival point.... may god help us.."

December 9th, 2005


  • A Velociraptor This is MalTel technician A Velociraptor reporting in. I'm gonna be leaving your suburb soon, you seem to have the cell tower under control, saw you warning others to stay away. Wil buzz do. Letting you know that the Bropoplt PD has been overrun. Repeat, the Broadbelt Police Department has been overrun. There are nine zeds in there, and one guy. Didn't check to see if he was spying or not. I unloaded a shotgun into a zed. Then bugged out. Signi bzz out.

fade to static


  • Faber Montag Is anyone listening? Please help us at Newbury Library, two Zed managed to break inside, and there are more of them outside... one of them wounded me, I think I am infected... but if I have to die, I will die holding my axe...


  • Willr3 I saw 10 zeds in Catherine's hospital and me and someone else managed to take out two, still not barricaded though. also justin's appears to be holding for now but i think we should probably set the barricaded to EH incase they decided to strike there too.
  • Joshua Gray Finally back to Dunell after goint south to get my girl. Took some potshots at the Zeds attacking the Newbury Library, and saw something like 23 Zeds at the revive point at Coffins Drive. I'm heading out after I search up enough clips to make a difference. If I could find a freaking shotgun I'd be set. I keep finding shells.
  • splot 6 zombies tearing away at the barricades of Newbury library, please send help!
  • Savron* Man its looking bad out there, I managed to help another guy here, but i don't know how much longer we can hold. The Buggers are everywhere, We're completely surounded at the DHPD, and are requesting that all active members respond. We'll try and take them down. Don't worry We'll at least give them one hell of a fight to remember. Savron out


  • Rockphed Yo, my bruthas and sistas in the dunell hills... wait, I cant rap. I have returned triumpantly from Caiger mall, and enroute, I killed two zombies, and hurt one other. There are now plenty of zeds wandering around, including at least 4 that I can see from where I stand. Dont worry, I'm safe, atleast for now. I fixed my radio, and will be making reports daily from right here in friendly Dunell Hills. Have a nice day.



  • Carfan7 "-shouting- Attention comrades! The Undying Scourge have reached Dunell Hills! They have attacked 4 buildings already. Watch your barricades, if they have decrease in anyway, barricade as fast as you can! Don't let them win! For people who have Necrotech experience maintain the revival point! Damn it we have to win this! To experienced survivors make sure you guys go to important buildings. -message repeats- Attention comrades! The Undying Scourge have reached Dunell Hills! They have attacked 4 buildings already. Watch your barricades, if they have decrease in anyway, barricade as fast as you can! Don't let them win! For people who have Necrotech experience maintain the revival point! Damn it we have to win this! To experienced survivors make sure you guys go to important buildings."


  • Lancensis "Heading to Cotty Street. God...what am I going to find there? The Dury building is clear, but it needs a bigger presence in it...Anyone able to...come and keep an eye on the place"

-signal cuts out abruptly-

  • Lancensis "Well, as anyone IN Cotty Street could have told you, the place was fine when I got there. Stay Alert. We need all the lerts we can get."


  • Carfan7 "The libarary is secure now! The Dury Building is again under zombie attack! There's only one zombie in there, but the doors were just wide open! We need backup in important buildings, such as the police depts, the hospitals, and the phone mast! Our main priorty is the DUry Building and the Telephone Mast right now! I repeat, we need backup! I SPELL- Bravo, alpha, charlie, kilo, uniform, papa! Backup! -message repeats- The libarary is secure now! The Dury Building is again under zombie attack! There's only one zombie in there, but the doors were just wide open! We need backup in important buildings, such as the police depts, the hospitals, and the phone mast! Our main priorty is the Dury Building and the Telephone Mast right now! I repeat, we need backup! I SPELL- Bravo, alpha, charlie, kilo, uniform, papa! Backup!"


-click, click, click, click-

  • Rockphed Aaaaag. Newbury Library Baracades are back down, and the doors are going to be wide open very fast. There are 5 zeds outside and two inside, with maybe 5 survivors alive. I'm out of ammo and very tired, But I got out of the area fast. They need backup. Atleast two of the zeds were rotters, so kill em on sight.


  • F14p J4ck "You ever had that dream where you wake up as a zombie outside the building you were sleeping in, but the buildings barricades are exactly how you left them? Why is this always happening to me? I fell asleep in a EH barricaded building in Chudlyton on my way here, but somehow I was killed and thrown outside. Not only that, but I must have stood up later (which I don't remember doing), because I was then trash-talked by some dude from that Amish group and then another one killed me again. All while the building was EH barricaded. Oh, yeah, and somehow the Amish person knew my name, but I didn't get a message that he extracted DNA from me. I feel so confused.
  • F14p J4ck "Oh yes, and I'm at Coffins now, someone should get over here, um, really soon cause there's a lot of us zombified DHPD homies down here.


-empty laughing-

  • F14p J4ck "Heh heh, I know what really happened. I just thought I was inside, or maybe I acciedently left. Anyway, that would explain how those ALF bastards knew my name. Also, they killed me because they're an evil bunch of PKers. What I don't understand is why they are so far from Bale Mall or wherever, where the ALF wiki said they were around. Maybe they are trying to take over Caiger Mall, too. Hmmmm, and the ALF wiki suggested they have connections with the Undying Scourge, which is behind the zombie attacks we're having."

-a pause-

  • F14p J4ck "Well this really sucks."

-a short while later, static-


  • Carfan7 "I'd just like to say again that we need experienced survivors in important buildings. Again, this is an emergency, so we need to work together! Like F14p J4ck said, there might also be PKers in town so watch out...."


-signal fades-

  • Grant Page "This is Yea Drive Police Station! We are under attack! I repeat, we are under attack! Zeds everywhere! We need help fas...oh shit! Hel...(crunch)ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

(sound of radio falling to ground) Grahhhhh...


December 8th, 2005

static - click - taptaptap

(background noise... screams, the occasional gunshot)

-sung to the tune of the Jaws theme - "Mrrrrrh..mrrr...... Mrrrrrh.mrh... MRH-Mrh-MRH-Mr..."


-background sound of a syringe hitting the floor, nearby scream, footsteps running away-

"Grr, mrhmm harman" then... sung to the tune of the old Batman theme in a rough voice- "BAGgaBaggaBAGgaBagga... BAGgaBaggaBAGgaBagga... ZAG! GANNG! BAG-"

-background sound, digitized voice "Error: Cortex Damaged, repeat extraction"


-background sound, DNA extractor falls to the floor... scream.




  • Lucian brown "Alot of combat is happening right now and like i said 3 days ago we need to initiate a recall of all DHPD members back to the precincts, zed numbers are way on the rise and we need our full forces in dunnel hills"


  • C Monster !!!BULLITON ANNOUNCEMENT!!! "There seems to be a large horde of zeds down near tollyton and richmond. They may move this way, we need to be prepared. We need to set up more revival points in the surrounding suburbs. We need a revival point in Chudly and West Beck. Right now I'm a zed and so are my 2 friends. Tarrok and I need to be revived quickly, AK-Get swift feet revived.

beep beep, click-

  • Leit "Jeez, I've been wandering around with my radio off for the past while, but I guess it's time to co-ordinate. Just knocked down a couple of zeds outside Stephen. Some of them I recognise from Caiger. These are hardcore brainrotted horde soldiers. I don't know if they've separated from their packs, but this might be something to bear in mind. Also, a fleeing sci told me that Dury's been overrun... will head back down that side tomorrow and see what can be done about it."
  • Leit "Also, a contact in Caiger tells me that quite a few of our guys are still out that side. Might be that this is the time for someone with a cellphone to make a few calls... Leit out."

-sharp, clear signal cuts in-

  • Albino Sue "The hospitals are under attack! I repeat, St. Justin's and St. Catherine's are yet again under attack! Backup is required immediately!"


  • Carfan7 "The Dury Building is still under attack! There are 7 zombies in there and one survivor. Backup is need immeditly!"


  • Ringeed well... today is quite sunny... not much for zombie heads gleaming... Anyway, I think I may setup a permanent outpost at caiger for both diplomatic and recruiting reasons... I feel I could do better serve the group that way than fighting the horde up front... keep on fighting everyone and goodluck...

-click- -static- -sounds of crashing and screaming-

  • sylviaplath Oh god, a horde made it through into the Broadbelt Grove Police Dept, help us...

more screaming-

  • sylviaplath I've been bitten, or rather, my arm was torn off, I fear the end is near...I'm going to drag this carcass of mine to coffin drive if it's the last thing I do.
  • Carfan7 "You poor bastard.... I'm here to annouce that the situation in the Dury Building has been taken control of. I would like to thank Lancisis for clearing out the place."


  • F14p J4ck(and his fiddle...)

"How 'bout us DHPD, ain't we 1337?

Bustin' zombie heads with our guns and our feet.

We're killin' them short zombies, killin' them tall,

Killin' them zombies cause they're back from Caiger Mall."

-the tuning of strings, fading into static-

December 7th, 2005

  • Joshua Gray "Seems that army walkie-talkies will work on these frequencies. Anyway, it looks like my girl survived the outbreak too. I've headed south to meet her halfway and bring her back to Dunell Hills 'cause I can't think of anywhere safer. Once I left Dunell Hills and headed south Zed numbers rose considerably, looks like DHPD is doing something right. I've been taking out Zeds as I come across them and I'll be nback in Dunell Hills in a day or two. I'll report any Zed activity that looks like its heading towards Dunell Hills here. Private Gray out."
  • Tarrok "Holy hell! the hospital I'm at just got overran! 16 zed in like two minutes! Most everyone is gone! The horde is coming your way guys! Oh f-keeshk- here they.. static... Bastards you'll neve... static... BAM BAM! That was most of my shotgun ammo, this is Tarrok be on the alert they're hitting the middle of West Becktown hard, get your defences up or ... static... Motherfucke... static.. Need medics bad! Tarrok out!"
  • Rockphed Good-Morning Malton. I scrounged a radio here at caiger, but it seems to have problems holding a position on the dial, so I am...borrowing...Ringseed's. I doubt he will notice, I think he is brewing up some coffee. It is good to know someone noticed my death, but I really don't know what happened. I only know that I slipped out of conscious thought west of caiger and woke up in a pile of bodies in front of St Isadore's church east of caiger. I don't like to think of the strange dreams I had during my nap. In other news, there is little or no zed activity around caiger, and I only got some target practice in by going down to St Lazarus Hospital which was invaded by about 20 zeds. I took one down and the baracades were back up, but the zeds were still inside. I worry about those people still inside, but I need some heavy coffee to stay awake right now. Maybe Ringseed has some ready, but if not, I'll just take a short nap.
  • Carfan7 "18 more days 'til Christmas!"


  • Tarrok " The fight is over for now and the hospital is back under human control. West Becktown is getting hit hard Dunell Hills. It has got me real worried that they will be heading your way due to their loss at Caiger Mall. Im going to stay and fight more, but its real hard to find ammo or FAKs here. We could really use some medics and warriors if ya'll got and spare time over there. Damn they attacked hard and fast people, knocked me down from fully healed to 18 hp in no time! It's all baracaded up real tight around here, but like I said we could use some reinforcements if ya feel like it. Bastards didnt take me! Well, I gotta go take a nap I'm hurting bad still. This is Tarrok from the St. Lazar Hospital in West Becktown to the Dunell Hills Police Department, out."


  • Rockphed Hello, I fixed up my new radio with a cell phone and three GPS units I found in a tech store. It seems to be...the time is now 9:30 AM, have a nice day...working. Curses, I thought I had fixed that. Well there is plenty of coffee and I found tons of solder, so I'll just...You are in caiger mall, have a nice day...aaargh. I'll just fix the problems. about ten seconds of silence Have a nice day.


  • sylviaplath Oh My God... a mob of 20 zombies just ran into the Dury bulding! please help!!

  • Carfan7 "I'm comin'! Anyone out there, we need backup!"

-sounds of running-

  • Carfan7 "Fu-static-ck! I couldn't help the 2 survivors, but I closed the doors, dumped the bodies and rebuilt the barricades, but I only had enough energy for it to be lightly barricaded. Fu-static-ck! We need backup there and fast! It's our only source of syringes! Where did those zombies come from?! I repeat! We need backup! I SPELL: Bravo, alpha, charlie, kilo, uniform, papa! BACKUP!"


-signal fades-

December 6th, 2005

  • Willr3 Just a heads up guys there are a few zombies inside St. Justins hospital and its not barricaded, dont seem to be much of a threat but you can't be too careful, also St. Catherine's had its barricades removed so i bumped it up to VS and then took out a couple of zombies at Justins. It would be real nice if someone or several someones could clear out St. Justin's and barricade it back up. The zeds ain't a problem now but they will be if we dont do anything. this is Willr3 over and out.
  • Distorted sounds resolving into tuneless singing I'm a fireman and I'm ok. Sihoiba here. Large number of undead in Peddlesden Village. They've taken several buildings just north of Dunnel Hills. I took the chance to get in a little target practise, and brought one of them back to the living. Heading home, but be aware they could move south. I'm a fireman and I'm ok, I rest all night and work all day -static returns-


My name is oneil, I have been on the move for the last 3 days trying to get to you guy's. you seem fun. If there is anything I can do to help let me know. Im at 8,53 in a hospital full of new people. They may need some help down here.


Sounds of partying and music in background

  • Rockphed Mourne me no more, Malton, for I am Miraculously alive. I awoke at St Isadores church, just east of Caiger Mall. Which is kinda weird, since I last remember sleeping on the streets west of Caiger. Someone must have incorperated my radio into the baracades at the church as the tuning nob was smack dab in the middle of the mess. I have since returned to the mall where people party like it isn't the end of the world. Or maybe like it is. Anyhoo, I need some first-aid, so I have holed up next to Ringseed's old coffee pot and am brewing whatever I can find. Rockphed, over and out.


  • Caiger mall secured, as well as most of the surrounding suburb. We've encountered a small number of feral undead moving around, but all significant undead activity has ceased. Status of retreating undead groups is unknown, please report to us if you have any information about what direction they are headed. Survivors appear to be celebrating the victory over here, and stocking up on equipment leftover from the mall. Irregulars and lone survivors are wandering freely around the area, in a somewhat careless manner. Nothing further to report this time.


  • Grant Page "This is Grant Page speaking from Yea Drive Police Station. First off, welcome back Rockphed. What happened? I heard the sound of something throwing your radio against a wall, but that was it. Anyway, Eric Hudson is sending a team over to reinforce Caiger Mall. I'll be with him, so what's happening over there? I heard there was about a thousand zombies or something. But if there retreating now do you need help? (sound of flare gun being fired in background, then cheering) Sorry, the others are playing 'shoot the zombie with the flare gun'. Highly amusing. Okay, where was I? Ah yes, there's some serious zombie activity just north of Dunell Hills. A good thirty zombies or so. Eric and I found them during a patrol. Eric killed one, but I ran out of ammo. Sorry, Eric! Right, that'll be all for the night. (sound of another flare being fired, then more cheering) Cool! They just hit one of those creepy dead things! Anyway, goodnight Malton!


December 5th, 2005

"Bzzzzt!....<crackle>...This is Victor Sunnyslope calling from west <Snap!>..ecktown. The <pop!>..crotech offices at 15,31 have sixteen....<shhhhshssshss>...mbies outside the door! Twenty five more at Curle Street PD! Watch out Dunell Hills, the horde is moving towards you!"

  • Tarrok "Holy SHIT! Im at the Piegsa PD in West Becktown, and the shit has hit the fan! Ive dropped one zed and nearly got another but Im outta ammo. Im gonna stay and fight. This could get to be fun! YEHAW!!!"


  • Lucian brown "hey, lucian here, i been sittin out in safehouses takin shots at random zombies and i got to thinkin, maybe we should start regrouping, the zombies at caiger have got to go somewhere. someone get back to me"

-beep- -click-

  • Ringseed"This is Ringseed reporting at Caiger again, I got so much ammo I cant carry another shotgun shell if I wanted, and theres always room for a shotgun shell... but I think Ill stay for a few days, I have... an eiry feeling right now, like everyone else... that the zombies arnt really gone but are just, waiting... like the trojan horse... they are waiting for all the people who came to help to leave... and return the attack... while we are not expecting it... there are still zombies at caiger... even if its half there normal numbers... Maybe its just the feeling that people get after a long battle... so unused to peace that its frightening... but theres just that idea, that there not done yet... this is ringseed, wishing the best to those back home this christmas season, and everyone please be prepared just in case... I dont know how many of us will survive the first few hours if they do attack..."


  • Ringseed "This is ringseed with my second report today, caiger is up to yellow alert status, I repeat a yellow alert. A surprize attack is likely within the next few days, not only is just the malls general suspician, but I have been reviewing the recent reports and past history and it seems likely they will be attacking soon for one last strike. I am asking that the DHPD be on the alert and if possible to keep our reinforcements at Caiger. It know it would be bad to come all that way for nothing, but it will be worse to lose the mall just after we leave after defending it."


  • Grant Page "Testing, testing? Right, this is my second broadcast. Could someone please sign me up of DHPD? Please? And Eric Hudson, if your listening, I made it! I told you I would! I...oh no...BANG...BANG...stupid zombie...right, sorry, I'm outside Cotty Street Police Dept, and I'm going in now (Distant groans of zombies) cos there's a rather big zombie horde on it's way. Over and out.


  • in the background somewhere Welcome to St Isadores church. you will be revived as soon as we get sringes to the locale. Please enter the queue by the doors, you will be served shortly.
  • it sounds a bit like rockphed Graaagr smashr hraaag nraag.

sound of radio hitting baracades and breaking into a thousand little peices. Oooh, pretty.

  • Grant Page "Poor Rockphed...and what a waste of a good radio...anyway...back to searching for that evasive pistol clip. Over.


  • Grant Page "Right, I've been talking too much, and now I'm tired. But before I fall asleep, where is this mall you've been talking about, Ringseed? I can come and help, if you need any help. Anyway...holy crap! There's a zombie out there! I'll see to that! Over and out!

(Gunshots in background) -static-

  • Grant Page "Oops! Forgot to turn the radio off!


  • Strange Frequency, i dont know who this is, i have intercepted this frequency in my frantic search for help. i Was heading upwards to dunell hills and i ran into 7 zeds ambushing 2 survivors, i wouldve helped them but i was too sleepy, i collapsded the moment i entered the door of a safehouse. anyway the 7 zeds were located at the Sendall Monument. located in the suburb directly below dunell hills on the far left. those guys could sure use some help, i hope they are still alive --20:36, 5 Dec 2005 (GMT)


December 4th, 2005


  • Jermu 11-99 Officer down! -click- at Coffins.. my god! Graagh!! zzzt.. Hragr!!



  • Rockphed Some idiot at caiger decided to overbaracade the entrance buildings, so I am now just west of the mall, infected, and falling asleep in the street. Anyone with a medkit, please help, but dont sacrifice yourself for me. I couldn't find an entrance, so now I die on the street...
  • Graagh Hrargr haman hambargar
  • Rockphed @#%!@#$ I'm to tired to run, too weak to fight. chomp Graaagh!! zzzt

-signal dies abrubtly-


-signal is turned on-

  • Carfan7 "Fu-static-k! There goes another survivor to the zombies...tsk, tsk, tsk....-static-"

-signal dies again-

  • Zeek I don't know how long it's been. I don't know what, what's happened since my last transmission. This is, once again Ezekiel Jones the Third, broadcasting to you now from Postlethwaite Crescent Fire Station in Darvall Heights. I had reached Caiger Mall right after the siege is supposed to have broken, and spent a day or two there. Everyone was partying, even with almost five hundred zombies still outside, but there were rumors that they were regrouping for another attack, ravaging the area, attempting to isolate us. God, the idea that those things can stratagise, can think as a group, work as a group...

I, I decided to do some recon of the area, went looking for a cellphone mast so I could get some guys back at the mall to help me establish coms in the area so that we could start an organized sweep and clear. Could'nt find any nearby, so I decided to head back and rest up for a longer expetition the next day. I was getting pretty tired by the time I got back to the mall, but when I got there, I could'nt find a way in through the barricades there, or in any of the nearby buildings. I collapsed exhausted about a block away from the mall, out of sight from the main hord. Within just a few minutes I was torn apart. What memories I had after that are fading fast, thank god.

What I do remember, is grogily struggeling to my feet, and then I was on the ground again in the same place, slowly becoming alert. Standing up, I remember feeling sick. I got some medicin from my pack, but by the time I got it into me, I was getting torn appart. I ran, I ran hard and fast. Found my way into the mall. Not there for but three minutes when some bastard attacks me. I'm down before I can do anything. Guess that'l teach me to let my guard down around people in this world. But I did get a good look at him. And I got his name, I know his name.

If anyone out there comes across a fucker by the name of fjnoodle I'd appreciate it if I was informed.

Next thing I know I'm on the street a few blocks away, standing in a crowd of those things, with my cellphone beeping at me, someone I had met on my way to Caiger telling me to come here. Now here I am.

This is Ezekiel Jones the Third. I don't know what else to say.


  • Lucian Brown "Ah crap! i hate that nausea of being revived, beats the alternative though, piegsla pd was a blood bath, not goin back there in a hurry. holed up in cotty pd at the moment and still looking for dhpd hq, il get there eventually"

-beep, click-'

  • Carfan7 I just reported to Maltel the location of our Mobile Phone Mast, so now, we might have backup in case an invasion happens."


December 3rd, 2005


  • Rockphed The mall is much better looking than the last time I was in here. There are fewer zeds around the perimeter, the glass has been made into mozaics, and all the girls seem to be kissing everyone in sight. I personally attest that zombies do go down, and it really takes out the stress. Anyway, ALL ZOMBIES BEWARE THE WRATH OF ROCKPHED.


  • Carfan7 Gooooooodd Mooorrnninggg Malton! I hope you guys like the snow out there! Goddamn zombie are going to freeze! Remember guys, it's 22 days 'til Christmas and the malls are full! Loot yourself some jewels or maybe some clothes and don't forget the decorations! Or if you're like me, shoot a friggin' zombie in the head, chop it off and hang on your safehouse! I just need 50 more then the Phone Mast Tower will have at least 25 on each floor! Get it? Twenty-five as in the day of Christmas. Get it? Holy crap, it sure smells, but it's worth it! Just look at all these heads! WOOOOOOOOO!" -pistol, shotgun, flare shots-

-slamming of a knife, axe, crowbar, baseball bat-


-a few seconds later-

  • Carfan7 "I just got the greatest idea! On New Year how about all DHPD member shoot off a flare, like fireworks eh? Kind of early, but whatever, I have all these flares anyways. -9 flares being shot at the same time- WOOOOOOOO!"


-2 more flares fired-


  • Ringseed "Good morning all, just got back to craiger for some holiday shoping, Im hearing some rumors of zombies attacking the caiger countryside but I had difficulty just finding one out there... in a few days I will probably come back home but I think caiger might be a good place to visit on christmas day... lots of stuff going on there I suppose on that day. Hey is DHPD going to be having holiday activities? Well, other than that goodnight fokes..."


December 2nd, 2005

-static up the wazoo-

  • Rockphed Well, I think it is safe to come out of my corner. The PD I am in was attacked earlier. I used all my ammo blasting zeds, but collapsed in a corner before I could evac. It seems that the others in here cleared out the place, so I'll just go back to sleep. By the way, is there any reason that people are partying out of doors until the sun goes down. Wow, that girl seems mighty free with her favors. Well this officer needs cofee and donuts...decends into silence


  • Victor Hawthorne Piegasa PD in West Becktown is overrun with zeds, its a bloody massacre over there. I managed to take out only one of 'em before I had to retreat......anybody who hears this, beware of the horde, its coming towards Dun<zap> <crackle>..ills <screeee!> LOOK OUT! <silence>




  • Lancensis "OK, I heard the earlier reports of a Zombie Horde. I've headed to a better position, in order to check it out tommorrow. If possible, arm yourself as best you can, and remain ready to mobilize. If anyone else is up for Reconnaissance with me, contact me so we can co-ordinate. I doubt that we will have to defend against a serious horde any time soon, but if we do, a the quicker we organise a counterattack, the better. -crackle- Contact Details... In better news, I've uncovered a stack of CDs in a club somewhere....-rustling-"

"Didn't know what time it was and the lights were low-oh-oh-oh/I leaned back on my radio-oh-oh-oh/Some cat was layin' down some rock 'n' roll 'lotta soul, he said/Then the loud sound did seem to fade-a-a-ade/Came back lik-"

  • Lancensis "G'Night Malton"

-Starman continues playing-

-a severe burst of static-

  • F14p J4ck "Feel my wrath, urban dead."

-the confused moaning of a zombie, loud in the microphone-

-a gunshot very close to the mic-

-the disturbing, forlorn cries of a wounded zombie rasping into the microphone-

-another gunshot-

-this continues for about half an hour, when the zombie no longer moans after each gunshot-

  • F14p J4ck maniacal laugther

-fades into static for a moment-

  • A full orchestra (with an untuned fiddle somewhere in the backround) A night on Bald Mountain

-a pause-

  • The Imperial March from Star Wars


  • Unknown, barely discernible voice "-ksssch-ills, thi-sssshhhzzzzick-am ali-vvrrrrcsshhhizt-av...-hisssss- I repeat...

falls back into static

December 1st, 2005

  • Gandalfe "Can anyone hear me? I've been stuck in the South East corner of the city, holed up with a case of whiskey, a shitload of SPAM, and a couple cartons of cigarettes for the past month. Both ran out, so I'm coming in to your HQ to hopefully join up. Please tell me you have a bottle and a lighter. And tuna fish. Lovely tuna fish."

salsa music, static

  • Willr3 "Lucian brown I dont know if you can hear this but if you do then dont try to go back to Piegsa Place PD, it has been over run by a small (13)mob. I checked it out saw you weren't there and left. May God help whoever is in there still."


  • Carfan7 "I saw a The Coalition member over at the muesem south of HQ. He was in there alone with 2 other zombies. I saw that he knew zombie skills. Is this normal? Why is he here? Anyways, I cleared out the building and barricaded it as well."


  • Lucian brown "i am at 14 35 th yieglsa police station or something like that *gunshots* and we are under heavy attack, repeat if anyone in the area can help we" ... "shit!" ... "are under attack!"

-screams then static-

  • Lucian brown *moans and screams* "grraaghh..... hhhhrgggg .... ggrrr...."
  • thuds and gun shots*


  • Ringseed "WOOHOOO! Our efforts have broken the back of the zombie forces, RRF claims defeat!!!.. The first successful defence of survivors against attacking zombie hordes, good job all, we won.. for now.. anyway, I think Im going to comb the area for a while and pick off the stragglers..... grab some supplies and home I should go, Ill be sticking around the mall for a little longer in case the zombies change there minds... other than that, I wonder if we will continue this idea of... coming to the defence of others. I think it would be noble of us to have divisions ready to go protect at any time there is need... for they will attack again, somewhere... well anyway, best wishes to those back home.. ack.. I need a ladder.. hey!..."

-cuts off abruptly, then static-

November 30th, 2005

  • Willr3 Lucian brown, can you post your coordinates or a building name? It'd be nice to meet up so i can add u to my contacts.


  • Alan Shieh I'm around the phone mast in Peddy. Tomorrow morning I'll be heading over to the Caiger Mall and aid the struggle. Hopefully I won't die or anything, or else I'll start eating the brains of my comrades! *nervous laughter* Over and out...


  • Viktorr Von Narwhal Attention! Zombies moving in from the east. Seeking refuge in the Police Station...

KISS: Rock And Roll All Nite

  • Satelliteoflove Hey Scrolly! The penguin sightings are nothing less that pure genius, spiked with a shot of hillarity. Most excellent. Lets all keep our eyes open for the Pirate Zombie Penguins, or the "PZP" as I like to call them. They scare me. Scare me bad. Over and Out.

Iron Maiden: Run to the Hills


  • DontFearTheReaper -crackle- yo! sorry to interupt the song. Im at Caiger NE. This place is crazy. You can almost level up in one day with a DNA extractor. All I need now is some 1980s medal....speaking of which, this IS a radio....Crank it up!

biba deeba booba de bow

  • Rockphed I woke up with the worst hangover immaginable. Plus there was a random still, and broken glass all over the place. So I head up to Caiger Mall, and the place is infested with walking DEAD people. I'm out of ammo now, so I wont be back for a while. In better news, I left the still in a junkyard, the vodka can probably be used to run a generator.


  • FingFangFoom It's me, FingFangFoom over at Caiger. They broke in and got me... I recognize the one from before, I'd got him in the face with a shotgun yesterday but couldn't finish the job, guess he recognized me too. I don't think I'm going to last much longer.. just going to concentrate my last thoughts on getting to a revive point so hopefully when I go, that last little thought will still be somewhere in my rotted corpse brain. I'll see ya'll on the otherside. But GET HELP TO CAIGER!


  • Zeek -extremely weak signal- "This is DjZeek -static-ing to you from the top of Chol-static-ers on my way to help out at Caiger. My present coordinates are [29,53], one block south of the cinema where I -static-ld the guys back at Pole Mall they would be able to find me. I ha-static-arley seen any zombies on my way here, but when I scouted the area around Speak -static-inema for a place to broadcast from, I noticed a couple of good sized groups about so I opted for the more heavely barricaded tower -static-o sleep in. Could'nt fin-static-ny good place to send signal from, so I improvised with an old tv antena and some batteries I fou-static-he tower. Also found a few cds, so as per DontFearTheReaper's request, here's some 80's metal"

Bruce Dickinson "Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the
beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short...
Let him who hath under-static-ng reckon the number of the
beast for it is a human number, its number is Six hundred and sixty six."

  • Zeek "I've b-static- thinking about how exactly I'm goning to help out with the fight, and I think -static-he best way to go about it would -static-e gorilla warfare. I should have enough ammo and meds to last me for awhile, so I don't think I'll actually sleep in the mall. -static-bubly sleep somewhere hidden nearby, and rip at the hord's flanks from the outside. If anyone wa-static-o coordiante anything with me, I have a cellphone now where I can be reached. You could also talk to me about stuff for the show on it if you don't -static-nt to tie up the airwaves with it; I'm still listening for song requests and show names. I have to say though, that that the lack of re-static-nce has been sort of di-static-ing. But then, this is just the -static-rd episode. So untill next time, this is DjZeek with Malton's as yet unnamed, but fir-static-ocalyptic radio show, leaving you with a bi-static-ore 80's metal and signing off"

Dave Mustaine "In my hour of need
Ha you're not there
And -static-ough I reached out for you
Wouldn't lend a hand"

-song plays to almost to end through severe interference, but fades into the static-


  • Rockphed Yo Zeek, Can I get some Handel's Messiah goin' from ya. I'm kinda achin for some classics. Anyway, sorry I couldn't help more at caiger, crackle ran obuzz mo and felt like zzt dying with no guns or ammo. I'll be back in a day or two for some of that coffee I saw ya brewin Ringseed. Rockphed out.

bzzt bzzt beep

  • Ringseed "Weeell.. Its another day hear at caiger, and its been a blast, constant invasions and a zombie spy named thandar, now I have the pleasure of holding up on the northwestern side, now... youd think being a zombie spy would mean he would be instantly sent back to his zombie breathern, bu-static- what has kept him alive and even adored is his amazing charisma and ability to tell stories... 'The Shuffling of papers' lets see... this is what I wrote down... but if you want to hear all of it I think youll have to go to... who was coco nut.. yea that the person... but here Ill read what i got here...

Bargghh the simple junior Butler went off with duchess Graggh Barrhhha Zamba III and they had a joyess time in France, Rome and eventually Lower Burnmouth (UK), but is was not to be, the Dutches Graggh�s farther and her stunted boyfriend caught up.

Nargghh avenged his farther dismemberment and sliced Garrr Nar-static-Zaarba VI in two with his rapier, the Dutches Graggh admitted her true love for Nargghh and not for her now temporarily dead husband or Bargghh, Nargghh�s farther.

Graggh�s farther Grampa Garhar Zamba I was outraged and attempted to slay his daughter Graggh and her star crossed lover Nargghh in his fury. But they both escaped to the deep south of Malton and hid. Meanwhile Garrr was glued back together.

They where caught up however by the devilish Garrr and Graggh�s hot tempered but loving farther Grampa, Gragghh�s professed her true love for both Nargghh and her daughterly love for her farther Grampa Zamba, who was taken in and blessed the union.

Garrr the swordsmen Ponce refused to accept defeat however and fought poor untrained Nargghh in single combat. Nargghh fought bravely but was bested by Garrr, however in the nick of time Nargghh�s farthers� beheaded body came in and knocked over Garrr

Nargghh slashed at Garrr as he floundered on the floor and eventual offered him mercy after slicing off his leg-static-s and most of his torso. Garrr grudgingly accepted his mercy and was glued back together again, Nargghh and the Duchess Graggh married

After Garrr�s extremely well crafted and Machiavellian plots against them became too much they ran to hiding with the few friends they had or at least though they had. For the so-called friends called Garrr. By then a Marshall of Emperor Garnar Zarham X

Well... if you happen to see thandar the citizens of craiger would ask that you dont shoot this zombie spy... he uses more propoganda than well... anyone else that i know... but hes cool and as one citizen said, "he might be a spy, but at least hes honest about it, and tells stories to boot"... well this is all from ringseed at craiger, wishing those back home the best......" -click-


  • Lancensis "I've heard lots of reports about Zombie Infestations, but I've been hanging around South DH all day, and only saw a single Zombie. I think this overbarricading thing is getting ridiculous though:-Ainslie road Fire Depart-ffzzzt- was heavily barricaded, and no-one was in it. I took it down with a crowbar, untill I could get in and out but much of the surrounding area is difficult to find shelter in. -fzzzZZTt- Anyway, on a less preachy note, the South looked very clear, so it may be a useful fallback position. If someone spots a large group of walking corpses, please broadcast it, so we can counterattack. Over"

November 29th, 2005

  • Sihoiba -static which resolves in to tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm ok. No one standing up looking like they want to be revived. I'll try again another time.
  • FingFangFoom -crackles and pops buzz over the air- ... it's the Fanger again. I just spent my first night in Caiger Mall and boy was it hot. No sooner had I said hello to Ringseed when a group of twenty some zeds got in somehow and started tearing up the place. Got a couple of shots in, but took a couple of bad bites and had to hightail it to a friendlier place to get some healing. Sorry I didn't get to stay and chat, Rings. I'm going to hole up some place close by and stop back in tomorrow for some more fun. -a jangling sound is heard- Them's my pockets. One good thing about the Mall... plenty of ammo and plenty of targets. Still, the barricades don't hold for too long, so if any of ya'll got some hammers and nails, c'mon by and help out.
  • Lucian brown "willr3 iv pretty much sorted my business and im leaving for caiger as soon as possible, if no-one here of rank minds id like to call out for a squad of the dhpd to leave for the mall with me, im not very strong but as ive said messages have said that an armed expeditionry force would be leaving here to help and i think its probably time to put our weight behind the survivors there.. *crackle* .. anyone else feel like joining us?


  • Ringseed "Haha! glad you could come, yea the first time I got there myself they were patching up with two zombies left over... Medkits are definately needed here as we let them attack all they can then shove them off but many get wounded in the process. Luckily I mannaged to nock one out myself, and then promptly stated who I was... hope the DPDH gets heard loudly at the mall. The people hear arnt as nice as those back home but I can see why there edgy... Anyway, Im holding up in the northwestern side, and Ill try to get the starbucks running, 100% discounts while the seige lasts, and best of wishes to those back home..."


November 28th, 2005


  • "-Tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm OK. Have 3 syringes, will be using them tomorrow at about 5:30 at Coffin Drive, if you want to be an upstandind Zed that would be helpful. -More tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm OK, I rest all night and I work all day. -merciful return to static-".


  • "-Tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm OK. That's 5:30 GMT. -More tuneless singing- I'm a fireman and I'm OK, I rest all night and I work all day. -blisful static-".


  • FingFangFoom -crackle- hey kiddies, I've made the hike from Dunell Hills to Chudleyton, to get a piece of this action out here. This is the Fanger broadcasting on frequency 15.4. Who else from Dunell Hills is here at Caiger? Please respond and maybe we can set up our own advance base.
  • Lucian brown "Im thinking of moving up to caiger as soon as ive figured some stuff down here, we just need time, ive heard rumours of us sending a survivor force up there? whats goin on people?"


  • Willr3 "Lucian Brown, from what i can tell there is really nothing organized going on w/ caiger yet although we have had several survivors go wander up in one's and two's I'm thinking about heading up there for a while too, love it here but not much action if ya know what i mean. Once ya get set up if ya still want to go either give me a call on the cell or drop me a line here, it might be nice to have a travelling buddy. also FingFangFoom's idea about an advance base seems really smart to me that way if caiger falls (God forbid) all DHPD there would have somewhere to evac to and it could act as a revive point just for us DHPD."

  • Flaunted here again. Just wanted to thank you guys again for your efforts. It is truly appreciated. Just as a reminder, St. Isadores is the designated revive point for any fallen survivor. Also just wanted to give you an update on body counts.
    • NW - 152
    • NE - 27
    • SW - 45
    • SE - 385
    • Latrobe building - 32
    • aprox 641 zombies standing outside, plus a couple hundred face down on the pavement.
    • 574 survivors inside the mall, plus all the guys that come from nearby buildings to fight and the dead ones lying on a street or waiting to be revived.

-beep beep-


  • Rockphed I saw some hic idiot with hic matches next to my still I have hic in a hic junkyard this morning. This was hic right when I hic was trying to hic light my morning hic fire. hic Naturally I was mad and hic ran at him, but hic he was behind a window so hic I have lots of new hic cuts and bruises. hic hic hic But I did hic scare him off, so anyone who hic can tell me where I hic am, hic gets free vodka.

-sound of liquid being poured into a glass, followed by drinking, followed quickly by a thump and the signal dying-

  • Zeek "GOOOD morning Malton. This is your humble narrator DjZeek wishing well to all his little droogies out in radio land from peacefull Pole Mall in quiet West Grayside. I've been here for a few days, relaxing, and I reccomend to all those who can to relax abit too when you get the chance; But not too much as we are a PostApocalyptic Radio show, after all and I would'nt want my demographic to get eaten, now would I. And remember, we are starting to see snow, so you'd best loot your self something warm within the next little while. Now here's some Rammstein"
  • Till Lindemann "Nun liebe Kinder gebt fein acht

ich bin die Stimme aus dem Kissen
ich hab euch etwas mitgebracht
hab es aus meiner Brust gerissen"

  • Zeek "I decided to get back on the air after I found a nice new radio while looting for a cell phone. It's pretty small, I think it's ment to go in your car though, so It needs an external antenna and power supply. There's a generator pointlessly running here allready, and I found a nice big antenna kit to hook it up to in the electronics store so I can transmit, but there does'nt seem to be anything like that that's small enough to carey around. So while I can bring the radio it's self with me, I'm gonna have to find some other way of powering and such every time I want to do a show. Think'n maby I could patch into one of those cellphone towers I'v been seeing around lately. In any event, I don't think I'll be staying around here too much longer, think'n maby I'll head north west to Caiger Mall, see if I can help. My map tells me that It should be about a day's hard walk, but budgeting for the time it takes to find and secure shelter, and the chance of getting into a fight or two along the way, I'll take two. Got my self Pretty well armed, well equiped, and I'v picked up some knowledge along the way so I should be allright, still, I have to confess, I've never really seen a real hord before, well, not like the one I hear is out there. I was in Mockridge Heights when it got overrun, I was in a pretty safe place, next door to the police station, behind some extremely heavy barricades with two other guys. Tried to help, fought pretty hard too, ended up getting locked out of every building I tried for shelter later that night though. Ended up spending the night in the street, and next thing I remember I'm lieing facedown infront of this building in Kinch Heights. Went inside and made my first contact with Necrotech, who is aparently vary strong in that area. OH...Well...I seem to have gone off on a bit of a tangent here, sorry about that. Anyway, if anybody has any info about what's going on between the Caiger and Poll malls, I would apreciate it. Now ah, here's Stabbing Westward"

Christopher Hall "I hope I see you on your way down
I hope you break every bone
I hope it kills you on your way down
And I hope you die alone"

  • Zeek "I'd like to get the listeners abit more involved in the show, starting with a name, which it currently does not have. Anyone with a suggestion can feel free to radio in, I'll be monitoring this frequency as much as I can. Also, if you'd like to be a guest, or do an interview, or like to suggest someone for me to interview, feel free to radio in for that too. Or if you'd like to request a song on the show; I'm currently sitting in the middle of a pretty good music store, and I've still got Billy's cd player, so I should be able to play pretty much anything. Does'nt mean I will, but you'll never know unless you ask. Anyway, I just caught a look at the clock on the wall, and it looks like I'v been tieing up the airwaves quite abit longer than I'd have liked to. So I'd best get off the frequency. Gonna get some sleep, and start on my way to Caiger tomarow. Unitll next time, oh my brothers, this is your humble narrator, Ezekiel Jones the Third, out.

Eddie Vedder "Woo.. I'm ahead, I'm a man
I'm the first mammal to wear pants, yeah
I'm at peace with my lust
I can kill 'cause in God I trust, yeah
It's evolution, baby"

-song plays to end -static-

JS Clayton "Please sir, tell me why
there's no black superman k k k... kryptonite
god only makes caucasian superheroes?
please sir, tell me why
they put a man on the moon
when life on earth's so cheap, son you've gotta do your bit
for the world trade deficit..."

-crackle, fade-

  • Leit "I'm broadcasting from the phone mast. Man, there's a great view of the city from up here! Well, if you like fires and the occasional shambling critter. Sorta makes me wish... well, that I had a decent rifle. heh."
  • Leit "Seeing a lot more lights as the days go on and people get generators going. It's heartening. Still need to get a phone... then again, I don't really know anyone's numbers. Kinda difficult when you first need to track 'em down and find out whose phones they've swiped."
  • Leit "Been reviving people around the area, and it's kinda confusing... the zeds at Coffins are always dead. So anything that doesn't look too rotted in the area catches a syringe. Zeds look out... Leit out."


  • Lucian brown "Hiding out around Dunnel Hills and finding people holed up .. crackle ywhere, zed activity is fairly low but i managed to dispatch one out of a group of three and then had to run, still no sign of dhpd hq but im still looking, just gotta wait up a bit to gather energy to travel"


  • Ringseed "This is Ringseed here, Im new to the DHPD but Im glad to call it home, Im now at the outskirts of the Caiger Mall, I'm hoping to bring some honor back home when Im done. Ill be sure to get some warm coffee ready for any of us that get there, hopefully it doesnt run out from too many getting there so come while supplies last hahaha!..."


November 27th, 2005

  • Rohstun Dang, I hate passing out! I'm in Grigg Heights, just outside the Bengefield Hotel ... Cornandez and Reuanj1 were in the Markess Bank but I couldn't get in there ... I guess I'll work my way north to you.
  • Willr3 Lancensis I've got nothing really to do right now other than level up so once I get construction I reckon I'll drop by the towers and help ya out there. It seems like a good enough spot to live at anyway. since its close to PD hospital and Necro.


-ga-bong ga-bong shhhhhh-

  • Rockphed GoodMorning Malton. Today We have snow. It is just flurries, but it will get heavier later. Stay indoors or do plenty of strenuous exercise. My personal favorite is dismembering zeds with a shot gun, but getting into endurance races with zeds works as well. On a positive note, the snow should freeze the zombies into submission. They'll be lining up for revives in notime at all. This has been Rockphed with the morning weather report. Have a nice day.


  • Carfan7 "It's a winter wonderland..."

-mumbling: "it's a winter wonderland"-

-voice fades-

-beep, clicking-

-shufling around-

  • F14p J4ck "Hmmm, I don't seem to have winter related music on hand. Oh well. Well, Bol�ro is kind of...

-more shufling-

  • Fl4p J4ck "Well, while we wait for further reports, I treat you now to Ravel's Bol�ro. Go kill some zombie bastages."
  • A full orchestra- Bol�ro

November 26th, 2005


  • Carfan7 "Okay I've revived 2 zombies one was DrainBamage and the other, I'm not sure. I hope you guys enjoyed the revive! Now to look for more syringes..."

-sounds of movement-

-signal fades-

-the signal picks back up-

-a sudden increase in static volume, then a unsteady decrease-

  • a full ochestra- a booming recording of A Night On Bald Mountain

-a click or two as tapes are changed-

  • ...someone(?)- Zombie Jamboree


  • Carfan7 "What the-?????"

-signal fades-


-low whine-

  • Lancensis "Well, I finally got me a mobile phone. Never got one before I was dropped in to Malton, because I never thought there was any need...Of course, living with Zombies requires a lot more hardware. Anywa, I guess I'll be volunteering as the unoffical caretaker of the Mobile Phone tower. I'll also be patrolling as much of Southern Malton as I can. If anyone need my contact details..."


  • Lancensis[4] "I'm about to check out the local area, but I'll only radio in if I see something wierd. Lance out."


  • Carfan7 "Now that you have it, we have to wait for the other members to get one. I've already got one, so if your in need of help just ring me up."


  • Lucian brown "phew thanks to whoever revived me at coffins, il be tryin to find hq soon as im rested up, so tired..."


  • Carfan7 "You got revived yesterday right? I revived a zombie, who's name I can't remember and DrainBamage. Was it you?"

-signal pauses-

  • Scrollhaven "This is Scrolly - I'm in action again thanks to the quick work of the DHPD medics. I'm headed back to Caiger Mall with a small group of reinforcements to help repel the zombie invasion there, as well as get some supplies and hopefully find a cell phone. I'll try and stay in touch; over and Out."
  • Lancensis "Congratulations to everyone who's been revived. Maybe we should have a "Glad to see you're breathing again!!!" party, or at least a range of greetings cards. Just remember that you can also find Phones in Pubs. Just remember that Goverment advert where the guy steals the other guy's phone at the bar."

November 25th, 2005


Beef Riprock "All units, all units, this is an emergency! -rapid gunshots and screaming in the background- Cagiers mall has been completely overrun, there are zeds everywhere, and everyone but me seems to be dead! Oh God, here they come! -screaming-


-intermittent pops, followed by strong signal-

  • Darth Sensitive "Is this thing working? I've been playing with my cell phone, and I think I sucssfully boosted the walkie talkie function so that I can patch into Radio Free DHPD. I'm at the cell tower, and I could use some help. The barricades are high, but I can't add to them, not enough experience. -static creeps into signal- I think we should keep the location of our tower secret, heard reports of traitors destroying generators. The problem with my phone setup is that it drains power fast. Darth Sensitive, signing out.

-air goes dead-

ooc - check out the DHPD talk page.

-signal is turned on-

  • Carfan7 "Okay, I'm over in the Necrotech Building looking for syringes. I'll be over at Coffins Drive Revival Point soon to revive some of you guys. Over."


  • Derek Hydrick "I've got some bad news kiddo. This is Derek Hydrick coming to you live from Caiger Mall. The zombies have broken into and totally overtaken the southeas wing. I'm not quite sure what the plan is, but most of the survivors are milling around like total idiots, oblivious t what is about to happen. The horde of zombies is not headed for Dunnel Hills. It's here, assualting the Caiger mall. so this si why I've contacted you. We desperately need reinforcements.."

-static- gunshots, screams-

  • Rockphed "I just completed a circuit of central Dunnel Hills and THERE ARE NO ZEDS. I cant splatter their stupid brains all over the pavement, nor can I dicover who they are with my, um lets see... Necrotech Port-table De...Oxy...RiBo...Nucleic Acid Scanner...device...thing. How does this work? I stab a zed with it and some company that has been implicated with starting this whole mess learns more about dead people? I was dead once, and it was not fun. I had these constant urges to rip people open at the temple and eat their brains. Then someone stabbed me with a needle and I went into a happy place for a while. When I woke up, I was staring at the undersides of a bunch of peeps who would gladly eat me. and then ..."

signal fades out amist sobbing

November 24th, 2005

beep beep, click-

  • Guardsmen "South east Caiger Has fallen! theres 50+ zombies in the south east corner, you guys better be ready, i would assume they gonna head for you next."
  • Leit "Good morning Malton, and welcome to another morning in your favourite zombie-infested end-of-the-world quarantine zone! I'm feelin' pretty good today, wombled over to the mall and got myself some ammo... life's always better with loaded weapons."
  • Leit "So, for now at least... or until I bite it again, looks like Caiger is my home. Hear you guys might be organising a relief push. Sounds good, they're starting to get larger numbers in... Caiger could use some help. Leit out-"


  • Carfan7 "Hellllooooo Malton, remember to get yourself a cellphone! It's all the rage for the young people!"


  • Scrollhaven "I... I've been infected. Out of medpacks... I'm wandering the streets, and they've found me. They can smell my blood. But when they get to me, it'll be too late. I'll be one of... them. I can feel it taking me over. I can smell the blood coursing through my own body. I hear the... screams... Too hard... to talk."

-sound of radio being dropped, shuffling-

-fading moaning sounds-

  • Xeeron "What a difference! Gave up the relative safety of Dunell for the Deadhead hordes of Caiger Mall."

-shots and moans in the background-

  • Xeeron "They flood here like moths to the light and it is a constant fight, but I feel alife again ... for the first time in months I feel fully alife ..."



  • Carfan7 "Damn it Scrolly! Where are you?"



  • Carfan7 "Okay I've found you. I'm going to try to revive people in a few days, so I'm going to be beside the Coffins Drive Revival Point. Over and out."

-signal fades-

November 23nd, 2005

  • Willr3 "So now that we've got powered mobile towers does anyone know where i can get a hold of a cell phone? its not exactly like the stores are open, and i dont feel like going all the way to craiger right now."

crackle- break in signal

  • sylviaplath "What's with all these damn barricades? I'm bloody and tired, and mauled by zombies from just trying to get into a building. "


  • Carfan7 "Sorry dude, it's just everyone's paranoid from the threat of an invasion."



  • Zeek " This is Ezekiel Jones the Third, broadcasting out of Urban General Hospital in peacefull Kinch Heights. Found this old radio in the police station across the street awhile back, and since these guys here aparently dont mind having a BIG BRIGHT BEACON FOR EVERY ZOMBIE IN THE AREA TO FLOCK TO!!...NO, F...(static)....K, YOU! (jackass). Where was I? Thats right. Um. Yeah. Okay. Uh. I figured I might as well put the generator to use, so I dragged the old radio across the street, WITH OUT ANY HELP I MIGHT ADD, and got it hooked up, along with this brand new cd player I found in what is now my studio. I just hope that whoever Billy is, he got well and got out. Anyways, scouring the hospital got me a whole stack of cds, and I don't want to tie up the frequency for too long. So I'm gonna leave you for now with one of my own all time personal favorites. This is DjZeek with Malton's first official post apocalyptic radio show, singing off.

Johnny Cash "I hurt myself today to see if I still feel I focus on the pain the only thing that's real"

-song plays to end -static-

  • Lancensis "This Is Lancensis. I am at the Mobile Phone Tower. This is a repeat call for Aid. Phone Tower is at...Ostrehen Tower, Co-ordinates...[2,36]There is a running Portable Generator...but the barricades are really loose. Carfan...I'll get a Mobile phone as soon as I can, but I want this area secure, before I leave it.Message Repeats: Mobile Phone tower located at Ostrehen Towers, location [2,36]. Please help secure location...particularly anyone with experience barricading, or with spare generators or fuel. Over and Out."


  • Carfan7 "Aid has been provided and I'm happy to serve. I've barricade the towers and refueled the generator. If more people can come that would be great. Over and out"


  • Lucian Brown "Still caught up in dakerstown, trying to rally some survivors to either defend this place or follow me down to you, from what i can see *static crackle* ..bie activity is fairly low here, hoping to join *static* ... in the next day or two. See you soon."


-creaking of...wood?-

  • F14p J4ck "F14p J4ck here, with Radio Free DHPD's first ever live musical performance!"

-increased creaking, followed by the ear-spliting scream of a vintage fiddle-

"How 'bout them zombies, ain't they mean?

Shufflin' around and eatin' my spleen.

I'm shootin' them big zombies, shootin' them tiny,

Shootin' them zombies while they bitin' my hiney."

-with the final note a string is heard snapping and striking something that sounds an awful lot like flesh-

-a soft whimper and a dull thud-

-a long silence-

  • F14p J4ck -softly singing and plucking horribly out of tune fiddle-

"I go-ot an infection,...on a cloudy da-ay...

When it's cold outside...I've got case of decay...

I'd say...What can make me feel this way?

My zed (my zed, my zed)...

Talkin' ' zed (my zed!)

Hey hey hey

Hey hey hey


I don't need mo' weapons, flak jackets, or pain.

I've got all the items, baby...

one man can claim.

I'd say...What can make me feel this way?

My zed (my zed, my zed) Talkin' 'bout my ze-e-ed (my zed!)...."

-the bark from a shotgun and the radio goes dead-


  • Carfan7 "Can I open my ears now?'s gone."


November 22nd, 2005

  • Noreaga "Private Charl---eaga to all mil---forces. I have been cutof---rom my squad. Blast it. 'screech' This is Private Charles Noreaga to all military forces in the area. I have been cutoff from my squad and my transmitter is going down. I'm located in Shacklerville. I'm running low an ammo but I have found some weapons. Awaiting ord- screech"


  • Flaunted "A Caiger Mall Survivor here, I have been fighting these smelly, brain rotted bastards since the beginning. Nobody thought we could hold them off when they were at 100z...only gave us humans a day or two to survive...we proved them wrong. Critics thought the same thing when the zombie horde was at 200, 300 again we proved them wrong. Our will is strong here...we must show these zombies the city is OURS. they only seem to understand headshots. If any of your brave soldiers fall at the hand of a zombie, please know we have revive teams sweeping past a designated revive point @ St. Isadores or add your name to the revive list. "

- click

  • Tarrok "This is Tarrok. Just got back fron Catherine Hospital. Ive decided to go try and help the mall defenders. Im looking for help. Who will go with me? Radio in. Tarrok OUT"

beep beep, click-

  • Leit "Uh... okay, pus dripping... not good... Scrollhaven, I've made it to Donavan, but there are no standing zeds in sight. I've also got a nasty infection. Must've been incubating while I was zombified. I'll wait around a while, and if you pitch then so much the better... if you've got medikits, anyway..." *chuckle* "Might take a trip up to one of the hospitals in the area. Tell me, how good are you at edificeering? Wouldn't want to lock you out if I decide to sleep here, now."


beep beep, click-

  • Leit "Took a run over to the mall to heal up a little. Still not healthy, but at least the antibiotics are working. There are 3 bodies outside and another 5 live zeds next door at the fire station. They've been scanned, so I can't tell if any of them is your girl. Awaiting further info. Leit out-"


  • Zeek"Ok, so after going over to the next suberb and searching the mall for three days, I finally find a generator to set up my surgery in Urban General. Only when I come back I find one allready up and running. Anyone know somewhere that could use a decent surgery?"



  • Beef Riprock"I'm on my way back from the mall. So far it still stands, but not much longer if they don't get reinforcements. I've got to rest, so tired...-"


  • Carfan7 "You okay guys? I'm over in the auto repair by the south. If you guys need help from me I'll be there for a while. I'm leaving tomorrow so hurry. When you get there ask for Carfan7. Over and out."


  • Leit "Just so you guys helping at the mall know, you're awesome. I've been in the area for a while, and the more I look the more DHPD I see showing their colours. Currently I'm sharing a building with beef... the same building where Sue was meant to be... and I know of at least two more DHPD in the mall and another one in the area. I'm proud to be part of your spirit. Leit out-"

  • Lucian Brown "Hey, ... een tryin to get to dunnel hills for a week now ... pashenton and i just got to Dakerstown ... tting close, been hiding out in buildings by myself fending off these bastards for to long, if anyone could give me a heads up for any hordes in my way it'd ... appreciated" "damned radio"



-unusually clear transmission-

  • Lancensis "By Luck I found the Mobile Phone Mast. It's Running, but the building isn't particularly secure. If anyone is able, head to Ostrehan Towers, and help secure it. There's a Zombie a few blocks away, but I'm hardly afraid of him. I think we should think about Barricading this to Extremely Heavy, and knocking the nearby Buildings down to Very Strong. As for Zombie Activity, I've been patrolling the borders, and Dunnel Hills is looking very safe. Still not clear enough for a night under the stars though.

-Fake Sigh-

  • Lancensis "Anyway...Message Repeats. Please Head to Ostrehan Towers to secure Mobile Phone Mast....Co-ordinates [2,36]
  • Bigboss9631 "Lancensis, you beat me up! :(

'Lancensis said "Booo. Zombie Go Home. Dunnel Hills isn't going to be an easy hunting ground. You should leave" (11-22 20:14 GMT)' That was me! The guy waiting 2 weeks for revival. That's not a nice thing to I'm finally getting a revive tomorrow!!'


  • Lancensis"Zombie Activity Update. Found some Zombie Over in the North and smacked him about a bit. Someone should Go and finish him off. I'm sure I recognise him from somewhere though..."

-plays So Central Rain by REM-to apologise-

  • Carfan7 There's a zombie in Coffin Drive. I killed one, but the lone one is still there. Crap I think thats's a revival place.... Sorry if it was a revival place! Also, I pissed on a couple more loctations, including a park. Just a note all the places were already "unmarked....."



  • Carfan7 "Crap! There's a zombie in outside the Stone Motel! There's a person inside and there are no barricades! Someone help him please!"

-slamming of fist-

  • Carfan "F..(static)! I've just confirmed it was a revival point! I'm too tired now, but I'll revive you guys later as a sorry and tag the place. What is a suitible tag? This song is to say sorry to the zombies I shot over by Coffin Drive:

-Say I'm Sorry, by Theory of a Deadman-

  • Carfan7 "Also, the cell phone network is back up. I now request the following people to have cell phones with them: (crumpling of paper): SCROLLHAVEN, SHARKO, LANCENSIS. That is all."

-a few hours later-

  • Carfan7 I'm done tagging, but I've found that all the revival people were dead. I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow."

-a few minutes later-

  • Carfan7 "I'm just here to tell you guys to be on the lookout for the mobile phone mast and report it so we can start defending it."

-a few hours later-

  • Carfan7 "I need some medical attention, and soon. I'm over in Newten Cinema, it's no hurry, but if you're over in the proximity can you please come over and help me. Over and out.


-signal fades-

November 21st, 2005

  • Unknown* "...Reading this?... *crackle* ...heading your way... *crackle* ...Brooksville's infested... *extended static* ...Might be too far but il try"

-signal turns completely to static-

  • the same voice "Brnhr. Graagh mrh?"

-thunk, rattle, click-'beep beep, click-

  • a lifeless voice "Mrh? Graagh."

beep beep, click-

click, static, click beep.

  • Derek Hydrick "This is Private First class Derek Hydrick. I traveled to the Caiger Mall in order to verify the existance of the zombie horde." screams and gunshots can be heard in the background. "The Information that I have gathered thus far, points to the horde not only being real, but nearly 500 strong. Currently the Mall is being defended by several hundred brave survivors but a dozen or so of the reanimates have made it inside. and are currently ravaging the southwest corner of the Mall. What.. Holy s...!" A semi-automatic pistol can be heard going off 5 or 6 times. "I'm goin to stay here for as long as I can, as I believe that stopping the hord before it reaches Dunnel hills, is in our best entrance. If I don't make it back alive. I just wanted to say that I apperciate everything you've all done for me. and I know that at times, I was stumbling around in a drunken stupor, but you never tried to stop my seemingly endless rantings. So once again, thank you.. This is Derek Hydrick from the Caiger front, signing off.. "

click beep.

-signal strong, the sounds of humming generators in the background-

  • Scrollhaven "Roger that, Derek. This is Scrollhaven - communications officer here at DHPD. Thanks for the reconnaisance; I checked out Caiger Mall myself last week but wasn't very thorough due to the loss of my partner. Keep us updated, we may be able to send reinforcements if things look like they're going downhill. A lot of the civilians here are really wringing their hands over that mob, but if they continue to be occupied at Caiger Mall - better yet, if we can break their brain-munching will, you guys are acting as our first line of defense, and that's a cause worth fighting for. Maybe I can find some volunteers willing to come back you up."

-signal tunes, fades a little as it's stretched across the broadband-

  • Scrollhaven "On that note, if there are any medics or scientists good at revivifying, I've got a side mission for ya. We've heard that our own hero miss Albino Sue, or a zombie fitting her description, has been spotted inside the Donovan Building in Chudleyton. Once I'm rested up I'm headed out there myself, but I don't know which way is up on a syringe. That's 14,27 if you've got a GPS device. I'll be asking for volunteers at HQ tomorrow morning for the mission, but you can always reply here on the channel if you like. Over."

-signal stays live, sounds of light jazz-

click, kssshh, click click beeep

  • Arsenic Al "Holy fucking Jesus Christ. I can't put any of this shit into words.. This thing working? Yeah. Right. So. The name's Arsenic Al. It's all hazy, but I fucking died where I was. Gatcombeton or whatever, in a junkyard a few days ago. I fall asleep after saying something to this radio station thing, wake up in a few hours to the feeling of my arm being gnawed on by a zombie bastard. Tried to get the fucker with my ax, didn't work out. I stumbled somewhere.. Some church in Yagoton or something. In a couple days some guy sticks a needle in me and.. Well.. Here I fucking am. Thanks, Stien. Anyways, I'm holed up in a police department in Havercroft now. Just wondering, does anybody know if Williamsville is a safe place? Over and out, god-fucking-speed."

-beep beep, click- -the voice coming from the radio sounds like it's been dragged through a cement mixer filled with bone shards-

  • Leit "Scrollhaven, this is Leit. I hear ya. I'm in West Becktown, blendin' in with the local fauna. Just been recovered from the other side. Third time's the charm, I guess... damn, these things make my head spin somethin' chronic..."
  • Leit "So, I'm on the border of Chudley, and I have those co-ordinates. More importantly, I have a syringe. Should be able to get there tomorrow, estimate between 7am and 8am GMT. If you can get the job done before then, broadcast it and I'll carry on toward DH. Otherwise I can lend a hand. Please tell me you can give me some sort of profile to work off, though..." -heavy coughing- "-fsck, I'm gonna be-" -signal is interrupted as the first sounds of a recurring meal begin to broadcast-

-light jazz returns to the airwaves-

  • Bigboss9631 "Can I get a revive? I'm at Main Walk in Dunell Hills just a couple blocks NE of Cotty Street PD. I really need one. It's been nearly a week now. I'm getting killed relentlessly. Please."

-slow sequences of beeps-

  • Lancensis "Hey...Really tired. Worried I may be getting some sort of illness, but more likely, I just haven't had a decent 6 hours of sleep since I got to Malton..."

-annoyingly protracted yawn-

  • Lancensis " I do however have a potentially important message for Sharko. Could ScrollHaven or someone, maybe put me in touch....Thanks for your patience. Lancensis Out"


  • Carfan7 "I scouted out the northeast corner AGAIN, one or two, but not much. I tagged a few buildings too. Hehehe. My bladder feels way better now. Too much wine I guess, anyways.....yeah. (Opening of a bottle, probably wine, someone chugging) Let's see.... D-U-N-E-L-L.... (Zipper being zipped, then you hear running water....) That's way better now! (Zipper being zipped again)"


November 20th, 2005


  • Carfan7 "I checked the northeast part of the town again. I looked in every building, and guess what? No zombies. This must have been a hoax to scare us......"


  • Tarrok " Just got back from a supply run to the St justins hospital. There is one zed outside and an empty generator. A few medics on the inside keeping things going, someone might want to check in on them occacionally and make sure theyre ok. Theres also four zeds at Tharratt Road. Im at the Cotty PD, let me know if you need healed I have a few medpacks. Tarrok out"
  • Digga Slidwell "I'm heading northeast from Zephyrinus General looking for some action, but it's all quiet . . . Too quiet? Crossing into Chudleyton . . . holy shit, there must be 40 something zombies at the Rodwell Row Police Department!"


  • Lancensis "This is Lancensis. Is anyone else there? Haven't heard a transmission since Carfan got himself high. South Peddleston looked quite clear, and so did the West of Dunnel Hills. This is starting to get wierd. Lots of rookie soldiers are spending the night on the street with only Zombies for company. Maybe we should start tagging..."


  • Lancensis "...buildings with advice for them. God damn traitors high up in the military aren't telling them what they need to know...."

beep beep, click-

  • Leit "Leit here. I guess there's kind of a lull in the zombie assault on Caiger. Might as well update. It's been a quiet day, especially compared to yesterday. Zeds seem to be taking out the local NT facilities. I'm pretty sure they're going to push really hard tonight, while most everyone is asleep. Could be the next time you see me, I'll be a little less vital..."
  • Leit "Anyway, have taken advantage of the free time today to restore my relay. zeds kept getting in and wrecking everything yesterday, and the dust-brains don't seem to understand the concept of 'delicate equipment' until you pound a few slugs into their heads."
  • Leit "I agree with Lance's assessment... too many kids get dropped in with no clue. It can be pretty tough out there... especially in this area, especially now. It's great to hear you people are helping guys who really need it."
  • Leit "So... the mall stands, and we stand with it. No-one runs, everyone fights. Leit out-"


  • Bigboss9631 "Carfan7, the reason you can't find is that people keep killing me. I'm typically one of those dead bodies on the ground."


  • A deep voice "Hi, guys. Long time listener, first time caller. Heh. Anyway, this is Ravs. I've been all over Dunell Hills in the past few days and I have yet to see anything more than random activity. Hell, even the zeds around Cathrine GH quieted down. Has anyone actually seen this huge rot mass, or is it all rumor?"

===November 19th, 2005=== (5:00pm PST)


  • Digga Slidwell "What's up with the over-barricading? Yea Drive and Broadbelt Grove police departments were both up to heavy barricades, and there's no freaking zombies in sight. I banged on the Broadbelt Grove barricade, but all it got me was a nice gash in my wrist."


"*This is Tarrok. Im in a hospital. I went from the Cotty Pd to ther and saw no zeds. The Suburb map has me worried though. out"

  • Bigboss9631 "Yan Teng, I really need a revive. I'm merely a level 4 but I can still do us some good by clearing out nearby guys. I'm up at Main Walk waiting for a revive. Don't bother DNA scanning, it's me. Main Walk is 5 blocks east and 3 blocks north of Cotty Street PD. I really need this revive, thanks."


  • Carfan7 "Lancensis! I'm stocked up and ready to go. I'll start scouting in about 15 or 20 hours. Sorry about the timings, but I'm very tired right now. (sighs) Oh yeah, Bigboss9631 hang in there, I'm coming soon. God bless you. Over and out."



  • Lancensis "Thanks Carfan...I'll be checking out the North East Quadrant today, I'll radio my results when I see something. If I get into serious trouble, I'll find shelter and radio my position for medical help. Over-for now"


  • Lancensis "North East looks good. I saw no Zomies in the area, inside or out, although Peddleston Village seems to have quite a few. Carfan,or anyone else, if you're listening, I think we ought to check out the North East, followed by south Peddleston. I need a bit of sleep now...but I'll start again tommorrow, or better yet, later tonight. I'll be keeping an eye on the radio. Over and Out"


  • Bigboss9631 "After I get revived I'll help out with south Peddleston. I was wandering around there trying to find one of their revive points only to see it was discontinued, and I saw group of a dozen or more zombies. Don't kill the zombies at Jaques Drive though. That's considered a revive point but it's operated far too infrequently for me. Alright, I'm back up. Yan Teng, if you can hear me I'm at Main Walk, 5E and 3N of Cotty Street PD. Over."

-beep beep-

"*SatelliteofLove here. Brets Mom just came in with a report of 26 zombies about 7 blocks NE. They are hidding in the suburb north of us...dont know if we are a target or not, but its good to be aware. Over and out."


  • a muffled voice "*barely audiable over the static*ET ME IN!! LET ME I*crackle* YOU BASTARDS!!!"


  • a female, slightly artificial voice "Hello officer, welcome to the airwaves. Would you like to-

-a single gunshot is heard, then silence-"

  • A deep voice "This is Officer Rockphed reporting for duty. Sorry about the noise, I raided the radio from the ONE police cruiser designed to train morons! But that was my last shot, and I need directions to a supply of ammo. I can see the Heate Monument from where I sit. So if someone could respond, I'll be listening. Rockphed, over and out."


  • Rockphed "Stupid interference! The 'vive site in Peddleston is compromised. I tried to scan the zeds, but at least one is brain rotting. I saw a poster in the Necro tech building that said those can't be 'vived. Officer Rockphed is now officially scared."


  • Derek Hydrick "This is Private First class Derek Hydrick. Presently I'm located in the DHPD HQ, but i'm anxious to get out and start doing things. So if anyone out there needs rescuing or escort to somewhere let me know. I'm a fairly capable soldier and have experience in construction. Sadly, I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to medicine and things of that nature. this is PFC Hydrick, signing off."


  • Carfan7 "DAMN IT BIGBOSS9631! I told you to stay put in Main Walk! I was just there ready to revive now I'm to tired to make it to your location! (Deep breathes are heard) Lancensis I scouted northwest sector of the town. Not much zombie activity, just one that I could find. It was in Club Swain and I took it out. Report your progress when you're done. Over."


-a few hours later-

  • Carfan7 "Hehehe, I stabbed myself with one of those syringes....hehehe, it was an accident...but wow! Funny colours! Oooooooooo! Funnny shapes (clapping is heard) hehehe. This things are like crack or something. Hehehe. Awwww, they're gone. Ow, I feel better now. Sorry Malton. I guess these things wear off really fast."

-a door slamming-

November 18th, 2005

-beep beep, click- -it sounds as though a full-scale war is being fought over the radio-

  • Leit "WOOOHOOO!!! Take that, you shambling sonuva#$%#! Leit here at Caiger... I've got a relay going from the electronic goods store on floor 3, so reception should be okay. But that doesn't matter, this siege ROCKS! Zombies break in every few minutes or so, serenade us, maybe hand out a few bites, but we're holding! The guys holding the mall are incredible, response times on barricading and-" *Bar bar bar, bar Barbra Ann!* *blam*blam*blam*crunch* "-oookay, that was weird. These survivors are tough as fuck, and only getting better... I heartily agree, we CAN hold the hordes! Time out though, the barricades need work again. I'll be back in Dunell in a few days, this is way too fun to pass up for now... we got yer barhah right here, shamblers!"

-click, click-

  • Leit "Oh, and Scroll, if you're listening, it's too bad you left... I was up here looking for you and Sue in the first place!" *chuckle* "Leit out-"


-low hum-

  • Lancensis "Well, the good news is I got me a new radio. This one doesn't have owl droppings all over it, so you may notice an improvement in transmission. I've been hearing these rumours about a massive horde, hiding somewhere in the North. The only way to check if this is real..."


  • Lancensis"Great, another knackered radio.-sighs Never mind. Anyway the only way that we can confirm or deny this, is by checking every building in the northern sectors of Dunell Hills. And that..."-fzt-"..that is what I will be doing tomorrow. I'll probably only be able to check about 20 before needing to hole up for the night...but that's what I'm going to be doing for the next few days. If I don't make contact for a couple of days...I guess you can work out that there's a problem. Lance out."
  • Yan Teng -fuzz, static, finally a human voice breaks through- "Check check...this thing working? Hello, this is Yan Teng here at the local Necrotech laboratory. I've found a few more of the syringes, I'm ready to move out to where I'm needed, but I need to know just where that is. Anyone know where, 'friendly'..shamblers are?"


  • Carfan7 "I'll come with you tomorrow Lancensis! We have to prevent this "invasion" from happening anyway we can. See you tomorrow. Over and out."


November 17th, 2005

-Psheeeow, reeeee...-

  • Arsenic Al "Jesus Christ, this works? Does it, does it? I've been trapped in this godforsaken city for what must be something like a fucking month. Went on vacation with my band. Fucking car torn apart by 'zeds' or whatever you want to call the dead bastards. Everyone I know is probably undead or whatever bullshit by now. How the fuck were we supposed to know the zombie stories were true? Either way, I found an axe I can use to defend myself with, but there's no way I'll last much longer. Jesus. I'm in a car park in Gatcombeton and I can't go any farther. I'm gonna" - fsst fssst - "bloody hell... Arsenic Al out, get help soon."

-Signal ends-

-An hour later-

  • Arsenic Al "Whuh? What the fuck wa- AHHH! Oh Jesus Christ! Oh motherfucker! You ca- Oh god! I.. Who the - thank God I-" GRRAAAAA!

-Signal ends-


  • ChrisRetnam -strained, with static- "G own!" Grarrghhgh! "I heard about" -BLAM- "guys from a now" -pistol pops- "undead friend of mine-" -static- "martyrs. 'M at Hudson Place PD with about 25 other people but" -a bark from an automatic shotgun, then another- "would feel better helping with a cause-- HAH! Take that, zom-b*tch! There's only about 25 Zeds in the area but I'd still feel better if I was with you" -tuning, then fainter- "and was helping with Yagoton Revive Clinic." -fainter still- "Like Bigboss, I have a PDA with AIM- G"-pop-"moSnipes. That's Genmo" -hiss- "As I lay me down to sleep, f*ck those zombies who herd like sheep. As I go off to my bed, shoot them in the f*cking head."

-transmission ends, a chirp, then on standby mode--

-beep beep, click-

  • Leit "Jesus, what a day yesterday was. That z found me, but I got him first. Then, as I was catching my breath, the bastard got up and started sinking his teeth into the other poor sucker that was in the building with me! As if it hadn't even been damaged... Got out of the building, made my way block by block to Cotty, and spent the night feeling sick in the corner."
  • Leit "I've already visited the Necro facility this morning. Today's mission is to find the guy who got munched in Swain. Least I can do is try and bring him back, after abandoning him like that... feels like hell, I couldn't do a damned thing. Leit out-"



-Howling static-

  • Lancensis "T-mission Terrible-" -Crackle- "-st be Storm or someth-" -fzzzt- "Area looks-" -Low whine- "-ssage Repeats. LOW area Z act-ty" -Whine intensifies- "'Night ever-"

-Cuts out-

-chirp chirp-

  • ChrisRetnam "Lancensis, area looks what? Looks what? Gah, he's cut out on me. I've got a big antenna rigged on the roof of the Hudson Place PD over in Wray Heights. I need an escort, guys, which could take a couple days to get to me and a couple more to get back. This is a big favor, I know, but you need a replacement for Bigboss--he's been zombified, or so his PDA says. I hope you find him with those DNA scanners--" -hiss-"--ctrical storm on-" -whine-way, will keep reciever open. As always, my instant messenger is up and it is 'GenmoSnipes', that's G-e-n-m-o-S-n-i-p-e-s. Out. -signal chirps, switches to receive mode-
  • ChrisRetnam -strained- "Everyone evacuate Dunell Hills now! This is not a drill! Scout activity reports a group of around 200 zombies approaching Dunell Hills with malicious intent! -crackle- same force as the Caiger Mall invasion force. Not a drill! Everyone get the Hell out of there! It's a two day journey, but anyone who can, start your way towards a location I will divulge on my PDA-- GenmoSnipes is my AIM name. It's far east of DH and is nearly zombie-free. Quick, before you're a shambler, get out of there!
  • Carfan7 "F..(static) the zombies! I'm going to stay and defend Dunell Hills by myself if I have to! I'm not letting these zombies get the best of us!!!!! Who's with me?!?!?"

-signal pauses for reply-


  • ChrisRetnam "While I admire your courage, it will be your downfall. Come to me when you're a shambler for a nice revive.


  • Carfan7 "It won't be my downfall! I swear it! I won't give in to those zombies and I will fight! I will fight 'til the end!"



  • sylviaplath "I woke up to find 'This district is marked. Leave or face our wrath' spray painted above my makeshift bed, it's time to roll out! In honor of this change, it's shoe-gaze hour." -fuzz of record player starts- "I'm leaving my 'spiritualized' and 'jesus and mary chain' records for whoever would like to play them during the invasion. We may be surrounded by rotten flesh, but we can't let our tastes decay."


  • Carfan7 "Why are you guys being allowed to be pushed around by some undead freaks?! Stay with me to defend this town! For many of you, you were born in this town, raised in this town. If this was my home I would defend it, but this isn't my home, but I still defending it! Please! Stand up to these freaks! Now, who's staying with me to fight?! To fight 'til the end?! Someone out there must want to! Now, who's with me?!?! Who's with me?

-pause for reply-

  • Scrollhaven "Hey, Carfan. Private Scrolly first class here. I'm headed back to Dunnell hills from Chudleyton, fresh from the slaughter of Caiger Mall, and I have to say, they're right. It's a mess back there. I don't know if the horde is headed toward DH, but goddamn if I'm going to let them take out my home. I'm with you, shotgun in hand. We'll show those f*ckers what for. If we just keep running, they'll just keep coming. We've got to break the tide, and push them back, show 'em we can't let them push us around! I'm with you! We'll pull the batteries and the kegs into the back room, get frickin' blitzed, and shotgun-shell every last one of these drooling rot-mongers! YEAAHH!!"

-yells in background-

-popping sound then signal and yells fade off-

November 16th, 2005

-beep beep, click-

  • Leit -panting and heavy breathing- "Well, this is a fix. zee's activity is up, but not nearly enough to worry. Taken out 3 that were mobbing some poor guy outside... looks like he passed out in the gutter. Used up all my ammo down to the flares, though. Then, on my way back to safe haven, I find some poor guy sharing an open building with a z. I've been wailing on the shambler with my fire axe, and we've damn near fought right across the club. I'm tiring, though... god, I need to rest, can't even pick up that damn axe... if it finds me I'm toast. Damn it, all I need is one more good shot and I can take him..."

-breathing steadies a bit-

  • Leit "Okay. I'm okay. Man, using guns has made me lazy. They're just dead weight now, though. It's almost time..." *Mrh?* "Wait, what th..." *Graah!*

-signal goes dead-


  • Carfan7 "Leit! You there?! Hello? Are you ok? Hello?! Le-(static)"


  • Bigboss9631 -signal returns as new voice enters the air- "Hello? I heard someone in distress, any help I can provide? Where are you two? I'm back at station, do you need any help? Over."
  • Enderson -new signal takes to the air- "no just shoot the damb things, hello this is officer Enderson, need help we've got zombies breaking in the barracade,(voices in the back ground cut in), im out i need another clip,(back to the operator) take this one (He quickly grabs a clip from his pocket and throws it to the nervous doctor),make each shot count, try and hit them in the head .We need help quick we can't hold out much longer(banging as the barricade begins to fall).Oh no there,(screams can be heard through the radio closely followed by gun shots)help get over here now were at west becktown [14,..(static)] we can't hold out much longer,(gun shots can be heard followed by a deadly silence)....bang......."

-signal goes dead-


  • Carfan7 "Damn it! Where are all these f..(static)..ckers coming from!?!?!? (Gun shots, followed by the sound of bullet shells falling down on the ground) Sh...(static)....t!!!! (Sound of running, a door slamming, then hammering) I hope I'm safe now, this building looks very secure and looks very strongly barricaded. Hey there's other people here. Wazzzzzup? (sound of voices in the background) Cool. (a boring conversation starts, you don't bother to listen, but catch something about zombie sh*t)
  • SatelliteofLove Well crap! I just passed out in the street...stupid interface. I got a little anxious and clicked the button like 4 times before the page loaded....Hey! Wadda ya know! used up "4" AP to go one block. Hopefully I wont die again when Im so close to DHPD....little help one block north???? over and oot.


  • Bigboss9631 -Radio is suddenly filled with cursing that seems to be fizzly- -

chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-"EH YOU DIRTY -chh- HOW ABOUT YOU STOP DOING EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD YA NOT TO, EH??" -panting- "This is crazy! The Z one block north of us is a friendly waiting revival! Don't kill him! How many times I gotta tell you stubborn bastards?? He's be shot dozens upon dozens of times! I mean, I just saw some retard shoot him up myself! As if I didn't scream to at everyone inside the station! Guys, I know some of you are NecroTech qualified, please, tell everyone in your area to come and help! Why won't you give these guys a revive??" -cuts out with some murmured cursing-

-beeps, then signal is turned off-

November 15th, 2005

  • Alan Shieh "Hey guys! I'm back from my little trip to the hospital. I figured since things are starting to get a bit rough, we might need these first-aid kits I got. If anyone is hurt, don't hesitate to come to HQ and ask for some patching up. On my way back here, I haven't seen any zombie activity at all. Seems pretty clean near HQ... Over and out."


  • SatelliteofLove -chhhh- "Yo looks like a certain important building has been.....-phhhhhhhh- ..rricaded, so steer clear unphhhhhhhh- over and out.

-squealing, followed by a couple of beeps-

  • Leit "Spent most of the day searching for syringes at Drury.Those damn necrotechs must've had some sense of humour... it's like an easter egg hunt in there. Eventually found one in the air ducts while heading for the roof."

-slight background whine creeps in-

  • Leit "Transmission and reception is pretty bad out here on the outskirts of the quarantine zone. Wonder if that's the military's fault. Should ask the next fresh-faced soldierboy they drop in here as zed bait. One walked into the safehouse I'm in, but he seems a little witless. Don't blame him, he's barely got enough skill to keep himself above the carnage on the streets."
  • Leit "Anyway, turns out the building next to mine has the main strength of the DHPD in it... along with what looks like some kinda escaped experiment. Sorta wondering if I should transmit or if I should just tape a note to the door."
  • Leit "Then again... Scroll, if Sue's still in bad shape, drop a line on the radio. I'll do my best to meet up wherever you can herd her. These syringes are dead easy, it's not gettin' your hand bit off using them that's the problem. That's if I can get out, of course... someone in this building is mighty keen on barricades, every time I look around there's more stuff piled up. Getting downright claustrophobic in here. Least it's safe to sleep - Leit out."


-signal fades in and out-

  • Scrollhaven "Roger that, chief. No luck finding Sue yet, and I've been running on no sleep for a couple of days now, chewin' my knuckles lookin' for her. I'm going to catch some rest, I'm hopin' she's headed over to Peddleston, that's my next suburb to check out, maybe I can find some of those Elite fellas and establish communication with them. Over and out."
  • Lancensis -static fading into low hum- "Hey y'all. Just been checking out the North-Eastern Quadrant. Although it looks like there's more than we're used to, I'm still not convinced there's as many as reports are claiming. Of course we all know Zombies/Aliens/Monsters gravitate towards the skeptics so I guess I ought to be worried. A quick thought though:-If the guys tagging the walking dead try and post the profiles of the ones they run into, we might be able to see if a lot of new zombies are arriving, or if it's just a fluctuation. Anyway, I need to go and rest now, and clean my axe, so-over-and-out from me"


  • Carfan7 -static- Watch the east side of the town! I repeat! Watch the east side of the town...-static-"


  • Bigboss9631 -chhhh- Reporting in on some moderate zombie activity in the northeastern quadrant of our sector. I don't think there's an official PD for the next couple of towns, requesting to be revived should I not make it back from recon and S&D missions? I also have a buddy over in East Becktown. He's at the Herbert Museum. Please get him revived up, he's one of ours! -kshhhhhh-
  • Skurge9631 -chhhhhhhh- -Some banging and clanking noises- Graaaaaghhhhh.... shhhteeppphhheennnsss hharrghhhshpitallll......mrrrnnggghh......-some clicking noises then fades out-

November 14th, 2005


  • Bigboss9631 -chhhh- "I'm sorry, I was mistaken, he is very near your clinic. He's right over in Brooke Hills. It is only about 5 blocks from the clinic. Check your map and get back to me asap! Those humans keep killing him! He's standing now, but not for long."
  • MorthBabid "...then turn it faster! What? Oh! Damn it all. This is Doctor Morth Babid at the Yagoton Revivification Clinic; we just happened upon your recent call for aid in the area while tinkering with this...well, beygones. While no one knows of a 'Dampier' building, perhaps you mean the Dawbin Museum, you can recieve aid at the clinic for any unfortunate dead at our open-air clinic...assuming you can lure the poor bastard in. -crackle fsssh- We're at GPS stat '45,17', and last we heard there are doctors in the nearby hospitals. But look out for any infe..."

-the signal cuts in a electronic squeal, then fades into static-

  • SatelliteofLove Grabba! Goobulldeegook! Im at Jaques Street! Raw! (smashes radio. It was sheer luck that she figured out how to use it)


  • Leit "Huh - feedback. That's weird. Had to switch off my radio to get any sleep last night. Still trying to find those zombies... wish I had some sort of profile to work off, some idea what they look like. I've wandered into a pub after taking care of some zombies who'd broken into a building a little further up. There's a soldier in the corner muttering about a lost book, and a couple of other active guys. Haven't paid much attention to their conversation, library fines aren't really my greatest concern."


  • Leit "So yeah, Scrollhaven, drop a line if you're listening and let us know how the folks at Caiger are doing. And see if you can pick up 'Maybe' by the Inkspots..."

-signal echoes and fades-


  • Bigboss9631 "Hey guys, I got some friends who need some serious help. Both are in Yagoton, but one won't be able to make very good speed. Skurge9631 is fine, he's at Yagoton's FD but the other guy got taken down and he can't move as fast in his new form. Please, help him. Last I heard, he was outside the Dampier building in Yagoton, please help him."


-heavy clunking, presumably as a handheld radio is jostled against something-

  • Albino Sue "Nguuh...brnh...mrh?...Grh...gruuuuh..."

-continues for several hours, signal gradually weakening as time goes on-

-whine cuts into static-

  • Leit "This is enough. I don't know where these deadheads are getting the radios from, but I'm betting it's some sort of treatment to break our minds. Damn lurchers are smarter than they look... or maybe" -pause- "maybe there's a horde master out there. I don't know, analysis was never my strong point. These poor bastards might be being used and not even know it..."


-beep beep, click-

  • Leit "Well, the feedback's cut out at least. Couldn't sleep, so I went for a stroll... came across a zed with a DHPD badge. Half-wrecked radio was all the evidence I needed. I've dosed it with the Super Necro Serum� and fixed the radio, but that was the best I could do. Hope they manage to make it back to Dunell."
  • Leit "So I guess maybe I was just being paranoid before. Startin' to really worry about Scrollhaven and co., though. Hope to crunchy none of those transmissions were theirs... Leit out."


-signal whines, but fades in-

  • Scrollhaven "Hey folks, this is Scrolly, reporting from the Ratcliffe motel. Bad news is I don't think Albino Sue made it. I'm going to scour this place raw until I find her, but I have no idea how to even use these god-damn syringes! For any and all heading for Caiger Mall, I warn you that the mall is under heavy siege! Repeat, Caiger Mall is under HEAVY SIEGE! There's a crowd of 190 or more brain-snackers tearing at the barricades. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Sue! Sue, if you can read me, I'll try and find you, but if there's any cognizant brain cells left in there, see if you can make it to Peddleston, Jacques Drive I think it's called... I'll try and find you there..."

-distorted howl

  • Lancensis "Some new guy is passed out in front of the HQ with only a couple of Zombies for company. I had a go at doin' them in, but the God of chopping things into little bits wasn't smiling on me today. Also good opportunity for easy Undead killing practice. I'm holing up in the pub next to the Station, and I don't know how safe it is, so if anyone sees me being eaten...just use your best judgement. Over and Out.
  • Bigboss9631 -chhh- We have a guy over at Yea Drive PD and he's doing fine. He made it over here from Yagoton but one guy is still stuck in Eastonwood. He's dead over at Hugo Walk. Send me a message if you can give him a revive! My AIM is Bigboss9631. I hope my PDA still works after all this..."

November 13th, 2005


  • Bigboss9631 -chhh--click- "Hey guys, I've got two friends still over in Yagoton. One is an ex-military police trainee of mine and longtime buddy, the other is a friend of his, a military field medic. They're both pretty unexperienced and are coming from Yagoton, and that's about a day's journey. If you could coordinate an escort for revival or defense purposes, please do help. They currently need only one syringe because one was taken down, but bring two anyways. Your assistance will not go unrewarded. Please pass this message on in the station(in-game) to let some people know so I can get a S&R party going. I need 1-3 people and 2 syringes. Please, help them"


  • Bigboss9631 -clanking noises as radio is picked up- "Err, hello? I was interested in joining your ranks as a member of the DHPD. Looks like you guys might need some help. I'm already at the safehouse, but this is to anyone out on active duty. I'm with the Yagoton PD but we got overrun by Z's and then Uborkapete came in and turned our station into a revivification clinic. I've got some prior experience with weapons, but I'm hoping to earn my respect among friends. It will be a pleasure serving with you people. Over."

--beep beep, click--

  • Leit "Alrighty. Good afternoon, Maltonians of all shapes and sizes. Remember now, don't discriminate against zombies because of their skin colour... discriminate because of their annoying tendency to try and rip your intestines out! Anyway, today's looking like a good day... sun's out, and from where I'm catching a tan on this roof, I can't see a single z. Damn, but do I have to move. Clearly there's some action to be had, considering the hospital whose barricades got clawed away overnight. Was only one z on the road near there though."
  • Leit "So I was sort of wondering... why am I getting zombie moans over the air? Can't understand a word. I'll go have a look if I can find 'em tomorrow, it's making me jumpy as hell..."

-click, static fades-

  • SatelliteofLove grrraaahhH ooppps I mean "hi!" yes so per the advice of people around me I have now moved in front of the DHCP HQ. Over and grrraahahahababa!
  • SatelliteofLove So, yeah, im hanging out at the Jacoban Arms or whatever its called....i cant read so well because im a zombie...crackle but if you want to revive me that cools....if not then i think that Phil Lesh and I will just kill each other over and over. out!


  • Carfan7 "I still can't find my journal...."


  • Yan Teng "Satellite or Phil, come in. This is Yan Teng. Listen, I'm here at Cotty and Jacomb with a revivification syringe. I'm sorry I couldn't find more, but I spent an unGodly amount of time getting this one, so it will have to do for now. Get up and STAY up outside Jacomb, I'll be waking up every once in a while to check on you" -moans in the distance- "Ah...I'd better get off the streets.


  • Yan Teng' "Damnit!" -sound of a wooden object being kicked and skittering across a linoleum floor- "I'm sorry, I took a guess on if a zombie outside was either of you two, and it wasn't. Now I'm too tired to make it back to the Necrotech laboratory and get more syringes...I've failed you again. I'm sorry."


-long tuning sounds, signal extremely faded and choppy-

  • Scrollhaven "Ey folks, ivate Scrolly here, transmitting way ove from Caiger Mall in Chu yton. Albina Sue and me are shopping fo supplies, wow, ere are a lo of urvivors here, some of them are messed u pretty ad. There's a coup o brain-munchers moaning around in th mezzanine, so e warned, this mall isn't totally secure, ot to mention at it sure wasn't eas to get into - we had to scale e walls to get o the second loor."

-sounds of a couple of shotgun blasts, faint screaming-

  • Scrollhaven "at being said, I'm filling a ole duffel bag wi Sam Goody music, so expec some better usic to come out of Radio Free DH D. Scroll ere over and out!"

-signal whines, fades-

  • Leit "Scrollhaven, there was a very good reason I left the mall... they're having regular break-ins, and it gets a little wearing on the nerves. If you have to sleep over in that place, then I suggest you DO NOT under any circumstances do so in the northeast corner. It's the most regularly broken into, and they've lost enough good men there. There are plenty of survivor hideouts around with really good barricades set up, if you don't mind a little roof-to-roof, but be warned that there are also a few buildings harbouring shamblers. Preston Arms was a pretty good safehouse while I was there... if you can make it. Leit out-"-crackle-


-signal dies-

November 12th, 2005

  • Leit -a series of long and short beeps come over the air-

-a little later-

  • Leit -angry electronic screeching and several loud pops sound- *muffled, broken sounds of someone singing* "Our sergeant-major jumped fro-" *crackle* "--gonna jump no mooore" *whistling, eventually drowned out by static*

-still later-

  • Leit "Voice is up, I think. Damn it, why would zombies ruin communication equipment? It's almost as though they knew exactly what they were doing. Either way, I'm in Dunnell Hills. Heard about organised resistance from the guys at Caiger Mall. Which, incidentally, seems doomed. Therefore, I offer my services and more guns than any human could reasonably be expected to carry across a city's worth of rooftops. I've found a club next to a PD. in the NE corner of the suburb. There are a couple of guys here, but I guess I'll let them sleep for now. The quiet makes a change, only had to kill one zombie on the way in."
  • Leit "I'm going to catch some downtime. Be poking around over the next few days. If you see me, I'm not a zombie, just really tired. And before you ask: a shotgun is the ideal way to wake someone up, yes, but it tends not to put them in a very neighbourly frame of mind..."


-signal is turned off-

November 11th, 2005

  • Yan Teng -crackle, pop- "...this..." -static- "Damnable thing..." -a loud smashing noise, then the static clears- "Ah, better. Hello? This thing on? Can anyone hear me? My name is Yan Teng, I am a Necrotech lab technician, and I've found myself here in the Dunell Hills area! Some people told me about local resistance, and I'm looking to lend my support and experience to the DHPD. Figured I'd say hello. Over."

-silence for a time, then a slight popping sound-

  • Yan Teng "I've managed to find my way to one of the police stations in the area, so it looks like I'll be safe for a while. Glad to be here, Yan Teng out."


  • Carfan7 "I can't believe that penguin stole my peanuts! Now I don't have any beer nuts! (sniff, sniff) I can't still can't find my journal yet either....(sigh) Bad week....(pauses) Damn...."


-signal fades-

November 10th, 2005

  • Willr3 "Hel...Hello? Anyone hearing this? I repeat is anyone hearing this? Hmm... I guess there is no easy to find out. Well if so the listen well please. This is an S.O.S. I am a refugee trapped in Club Illing. I got in a fight with one of those nasty fuckers and he managed to get his teeth on me. Still he won't be biting anyone else ever again, I made sure of that. Anyway if anyone hears this please head over to Club Illing, I need medical attention. I'd head to a hospital but I'm not sure I could make it there. Heh it's kinda funny now that you think about it, I used to try pretty hard to get into nightclubs and now that I'm in one I can't get out. But I digress. So if anyone can hear me please head over to Club Illing, there are a few other survivors here but no doctors so noone can do anyone thing for me."

-static, long pause-

  • Scrollhaven "Hey, where'd our penguin go? HEY! Has anyone seen the penguin? I swear to God, here one minute, gone the next."

-scruffling sounds, a moment passes-

  • Scrollhaven "Oh, THERE you are. Jeez, you sure are a slick little fella, arencha? Been listening to the radio all morning, I see. Well, keep it up, I'm headed next door to drink a bunch of pints with the fellas and take pot shots at the moaner in the alley. Anything comes up, just give us a squawk or throw up a herring or whatever the hell it is you do. Over and out."

-door slams-

  • "Ark?"

-signal fades-

-sounds of movement-

  • Carfan7 "Hi little fella, wanna peanut? (sound of shell cracking) here you go-F*CK! Why did you bite- OW! That's not a worm! OW! NOOO! Not my whole package of peanuts! Damn penguin.... Hey? Where'd he go?......"

-sounds of walking, then a door slams-

-a crinkling of a plastic bag, then cracking of shells-

  • "(crunch, crunch, crunch) Ark...."

-signal fades-

November 9th, 2005

-Crackling noise. Static. More static.-

  • Idank "Hello? Is this working? Are you listening? M'escoltes nena? Raquel? If you are hearing this come to the DHPD. I know you are alive. Idank out..."


  • Carfan7 "Thanks for the radio guys! Good Afternoon Malton! And to you zombies out there, f*ck you! I shot 2 zombies at the church for you guys and I barricaded a few places. I hope you guys like Metallica! Here you go...."

-clear broadcast of "Enter the Sandman"-

-after a while the song finishes-

-a few hours later, a tuning sound is heard-

  • Canfan7 "Goooood evening survivors! (mumbles) stupid zombie f*ckers..... Hope you guys liked that song! How about some System of a Down?.....Oh too late I put the tape in!"

-clear broadcast of "BYOB"-

-after a while the song ends-

  • Carfan7 "Nighty, night Malton!!! Over and out!"

-signal is shut off-

November 8th, 2005

-Signal live, sounds of a scratchy recording of A3's "Woke up this morning, got myself a gun"-

  • Scrollhaven "Well hel-lo and good morning, struggling survivors and lurching moaners of Malton City! This is private first class 'Scrolly' here to say that it is a bright and sunny day up here in the Dunell Hills Police Department. Yesterday was a rough day for us, but it's a new dawn and things are looking consolidated and well-coordinated. The rumors of the massive zombie horde moving in are so far appearing a bit exaggerated, but you know those droolers aren't exactly known for moving fast, heh heh."

-slight static-

  • Scrollhaven "We haven't seen many more survivors trickling in, but we have been working overtime to patch up the wounded. The good doctor Albino Sue has been doin' a good job trackin' supplies from the hospitals and keeping an eye on those brain-munchers that don't happen to be on the DHPD medical plan. In other news, a strange, fishy odor has recently permeated our headquarters - not that this city doesn't already stink to high heaven of course, but it's pretty unusual for those zombozos to start smellin' of sardines, mm? Our good man CholeraParty has been doing his best to investigate the situation, but the smell seems to be centralized from his trouser region. Who can say?"

-more tuning, background music-

  • Scrollhaven "Anyway, now that we've managed to wire up the transciever to this old 8-track, I thought I'd hit you listeners this morning with a nice rendition of Louis Armstrong's 'What a wonderful world.' Hope it gives you some cheer in this hellhole of a town. Out for now."

-music clearer. "I see skies... of blue..."-

-A signal picks up. Sounds of tuning-

  • Galanoth "Goooood Afternoon Dunell Hills!! This is Big G Live from.. well I can't really say now can I? Earlier today I just invented a new sport! It's called : Jumping out from a window and Hacking a Zombie in two on the way down! Wound up with a minor shoulder dislocation and a broke ankle but i'm still propped up in a doorway with my trusty pistols and Shotgun! But enough about that, you all wan't music don't you?! Well here's an old favorite of mine from the Punisher Soundtrack! Drowning Pool's: Step Up. And to all my Listeners out there remember "It Don't Mean a Thing" This is Big G, Signing out."

-Music Kicks in, several curses and gunshots heard as well before the signal ends.-

  • Alan Shieh "See!? What did I tell you!? We have everything under control. There are still zombie freaks lingering out there, but the hospitals are well barricaded last time I checked. Running out of ammunition though, so I'm going to spend some time hanging around, looking for any ammo in headquarters. Don't worry guys, we'll make it through here, I just know it! Over and out!"


  • Carfan7 "You just want me at the junkyard? Over."


  • Carfan7 "I've made it to Dunell Hills! I'm in one of the pubs in the west. You guys meet me there and get me a radio, water and some rations. Beans would be fine. Oh yeah, anyone see my journal anywhere? I lost it somewhere. I ate too much beans oh crap....-static-

-static turns out to be farts-

  • Carfan7 "Yeah and how about some prune juice...heheheh. Just kidding!"

-more farting-

-actual static-

  • Carfan7 "Over and (fart) out!"

-signal is avctive, but is turned off after a moment-

November 7th, 2005

-signal goes live-

  • Carfan7 "Sup guys...Good news...-static- looked around the eastern part of Dunell Hills-static-haven't found the 77 zombies. But still don't let you guard down. You will never know when those f*ckers will strike..."



-time passes-

  • sylviaplath "I traveled down to Owsleybank against much advice, to see if I could find family. True to warning all that happened was a zombie attack in a church as I slept near a confessional. "

-soft crying-

-signal breaks, then fades in with less strength-

  • sylviaplath "real news is no sign of the bigger horde that was gossiped about. I'll make my way home soon, and hack up anything I can find on my way."

-signal fades out-

-short, high whine as nearby, strong signal comes in-

  • Albino Sue "We have an emergency! The northern wing of the hospital has been -sound of a revolver firing, with a ricochet- breached by undead forces! I got the doors closed, but I don't know how to -another revolver shot, with another ricochet- contruct a barricade! The people in here are in an extremely perilous position! I can't disclose the location but everyone at the headquarters should be familiar with the -shotgun roaring- BLOODY HELL, I thought I was getting better at this! We - "

-more gunshots, scuffling-

  • Albino Sue "Out of ammunition! Falling back! Assistance is needed immediately!"

-signal cuts out sharply-

  • Alan Shieh "Hey is this thing even working?"

-gunshots heard outside-

  • "Goddamn it! The damned zombies are attacking the hospitals up north from here! They could really use some help you kno..."

-shotgun blast makes his speech incoherent-

  • "Goddamn freaks! They're everywhere! Don't worry, everything's under control... I think... over and out. Eat this you sons of..."

-the signal is cut after a loud shotgun sound-


  • Carfan7 (sounds of running) "Hold on guys! I'm...-static-...oming!!!!"


-pause, you hear gunshots in the background, then something heavy being dragged-


-you hear hammering-

  • Carfan7 "I'm in one of the hospitals in the south. There was a zombie in here, but I shot it, dragged the body outside and barricaded the place. I hope this is the place you were talking about..."

-you hear guns being reloaded-


  • Carfan7 "Hey is Scrollhaven there? Over."


  • SatelliteofLove "I just shot some zombies at St. Lukes. There were three at least. Over and Out."
  • Galanoth -A new frequency picks up- "Hello All you Survivalists and Corpses out there! This is Big G in the middle of this god d*mn Battle! As the saying went back in Veitnam 'It don't mean a thing!' And being here for d*mn near a year, i've came to realize it. Hold on a sec.. I'm broadcasting from outside and well.."

-Shotgun Blast is heard-

  • "I'm goin around killin! I'm apart of the DHPD, formerly a part of the 101st Army infantry sent into this place.. All my buds are now dead.. But to liven the mood, here's some good ol' Heavy Metal to listen to while killin' those shambling idiots out there!"

-Music begins, it's Rob Zombie's "Feel So Numb"-

  • "Now that's what i'm talkin about! This is Big G, signing out!"

-Signal Ends-

-Tuning sounds, sudden broadcast-

  • Scrollhaven "Ha! Well, sorry I've been off the air for the day, but I left the radio in capable hands, I think. Let's give it up to Biggie G for supplying Radio Free DHPD with it's first music broadcast. I've been running some errands and now I'm hip deep in gore. Gettin' patched up by our medics right now, and I can tell you. As it stands, from what I can tell and what our scouts are saying, the rumors of the zombie horde are so far just rumors. Still, we've had a small wave hit some of our safehouses and I can tell ya, it's kept us awful busy."

-sound of someone yelling in the background-

  • Scrollhaven "Dude, if you didn't want blood on your metal albums, you shouldn't leave 'em around! So sue me. Someone brought back in that arm we found the other day, and it turns out it's not half bad for working the mixer in here. Hey, if that fella from Ackland Mall is still listening - I think you might've said something about your radio pooping out - we've got a fresh one waiting for you here at our broadcast booth. If you're comin' from the fire station, just head west 'till ya see a junkyard, you'll find us just around the corner from the museum. Hope to see you in a bit. Over and Out."

-Signal tunes out-

November 6th, 2005

-tuning, signal live-

  • Carfan7 "Yo what's up everybody! I'm in West Becktown in a cinema. I'm almost there guys! Hope you guys are doing well -static-

-crackling, static-

-signal goes dead-


  • Carfan7 "Dammit, my radio keeps crapping out on me!! -static- almost there anyways, so when I get there, you guy just get me another portable radio. Or you can fix mine, anything's fine with me. See ya later guys! Over."

-signal turns off-

-tuning sounds, signal strong-

  • Scrollhaven "Hey mate! The night shift here said you mentioned an incoming wave of these f*ckers. Thanks for the heads-up, we're scrambling here to tighten things up and prepare. It'll be a long, hard slog if any brain-munchers try to track us down. Unfortunately, that means I can't drop any more clues as to where we're located. But we can send some folks out to try and find you. We're trying to spread out more regardless, so if you meet folks, you might just be able to ask around. We can definitely hook you up with a fresh radio and some batteries. Hang in there, and we'll see you soon, over."

-signal intermittent, occasional sounds of hammering and yelling-

-signal goes on-

  • Carfan7 (His voice sounds urgent) "H-h-h-h-elp. I've lost all the feeling in my legs. I'm still in West Becktown. I think I'm going to die for sure this time. I'm in Help Bank, and the doors are just closed-no barricades.(chuckles) Ironic isn't it? I just wanted to...-broadcast ends-

-static, a sound of something dropping then the signal immeditely goes dead-

-frantic tuning, signal echoes in an out.-

  • Scrollhaven "No! You poor basterd, hang in there. We're going to assemble a small team to come get you! You're almost here. There's a police station about three blocks to your west we've kept barricaded. See if you can make it there. If not... if you get infected, well... try to keep in mind somewhere back in whatever zombified brain stem you may get that we're revivifying folks at Stephen General Hospital. Some of our guys are a little gun-happy, so no guarantees. I'll keep an eye peeled for ya, and stick to the radio in case you manade to re-broadcast. We'll keep the channel clear. Over and out."

-rustling sounds, static, channel stays live-

-signal is hard to read-

  • Carfan7 I'm ok...-static- sorry for all the concern -static- I accidentely dropped my radio -static- hard to hear. -static- Don't worry about me, I'm fine now...-static- I'm in Ainslie Road Fire Station, by the way. Radio me where you want to position me and I'll go there tomorrow. Over and out."

-cocking of guns hearable in the background-


-after a few hours the signal is turned off-

November 5th, 2005

-tuning, signal live-

  • Scrollhaven "Hey there, mall-shopper. We're definitely reading you louder and clearer now. Status update for today: We've been hit pretty hard by a small wave of these brain-sniffers, but we've struck back hard and we've tightened our defenses quite a bit. But some of our guys got a little overenthusiastic with the hammer and nails... so I hope you're pretty good-" -static- "...scaling walls, heh. I'll update a little later with hints on our position, over."


  • Carfan7 "For some reason the 77 zombies from the next block over have left... -static- say that they may be heading over to Dunell Hills -static- careful -static-

-static, then signal goes dead-

November 4th, 2005

-signal live-

  • Scrollhaven -Sounds of moaning, occasional gunshots, a scream ending in a gurgle.- "Gooooooooooooooo-o-oood MORNING Malton City! First Private Scrolly here again, reporting live from Dunell Hills PD. We've accumulated quite a few fresh survivors today, as well as other more unfriendlier folk who seem to think the buffet is open - wait, hold on a sec..." -faded a little- "Yo, Satellite, shut tha goddamned door already, JEEZ!" -clearer- "Nonetheless, our barricades are holding strong, for the most part... We've found that..."

-sounds of gunshots, and a minor explosion, ducking and scrabbling. static-
-grunting, a few bumps, and a shriek-

  • Scrollhaven -Fuzzily- "Aw, geez. Who's arm is this? Satellite, this your arm? O-oh... you've still got both of yours. HEY! Anybody MISSING an ARM?" -clearer- "Hi! We've found an extra appendage here at Radio Free DHPD, if you can come down to the office and correctly identify what type of limb it is, as well as convince us not to shoot you directly in the head, it's yours. Back on in a bit, over and out."

-a couple hours later, some fuzzy static and tuning-

  • Scrollhaven "Hey folks! No-one's come in to claim the arm, so we threw it out the window and boarded it back up. A scout came in earlier and said that our hospitals have been under heavy attack lately, so any of you DHPDers listening out there, see if you can grab an axe, head out there and do some damage and keep those barricades strong. We're trying to keep the supply of first-aid kits going strong. So give us a hand, will you? As for the rest of you, if you've got a radio going on - which I guess you do if you're listening, and you've managed to find a walkie-talkie and some batteries, you can tune in to our broadband channel. We're taking questions if you've got 'em. Naturally, we can't disclose our specific location, but we can give you hints. Good luck!"

-Tuning and static-

-More static-

  • Carfan7 (The signal is a little better then yesterday) "The signal's clearer now! -static- Well...kinda. Anyways I am almost in Dunell Hills. I'm in Ackland Mall right now. When I get there I can help you guys. -static- T e signal i break ng up... I ta k to you tom rrow -static- See -static- you tomo row!

-Signal turns off-

November 3rd, 2005

  • Scrollhaven "Hey! Hey, can anyone hear us? Over."


  • Scrollhaven "Hey, if anyone's out there, this is Private Scrolly up in Dunell Hills. I've hooked with some civilians and police from the neighborhood, and we've barricaded a few buildings and we're actively trying to clear the streets. For now they've put me in charge of the radio 'cause of my military experience, I guess. We're running low on food, so if you're in the area and you can find some, see if you can make it to - Oh wait, I'm not supposed to say specifically. Just follow the graffiti to one of our safehouses. We've got plenty of bullets, so if you're looking for brains, well, we'll be waitin', over."

-static, signal dies-

-tuning sounds-

  • Scrollhaven "Okay, we've managed to take out some of the zombies in the area... We're hoping we can find a Necrotech building in the area and maybe do some revivifications. What's the deal with NecroTech, anyway? There's a guy here who's saying... Oh wait... Hold on."

-static, long pause-

  • Scrollhaven "I'm heading out... There's a rumor there's a NecroTech clinic, and some of us are on our way to check it out. I'll see if I can get someone else to make a broadcast or two. Over and Out."


  • Carfan7 (Broadcast is hard to hear, probably because of distance)-static- "An one t ere hel o??"

-crackling, static. You can hear sounds of movement-

  • Carfan7 (Broadcast is hard to hear, probably because of distance)-static- "Ple se, say so ething if yo r th re! He lo??"

-crackling, static, then the signal dies-

-more tuning, signal picks up-

  • Scrollhaven "Someone there? Hello?" -faded- "I thought I heard something. You guys hear something?" -back, louder- "Hey! If you can still hear us, and you've made it to Dunell Hills, come find us! One of our safehouses is north of the museum. Sir? Hello? Damn. I think we might've lost him. Come in, friend, over!"

-tuning, crackling, static-

  • Carfan7 (Broadcast is hard to hear, probably because of distance)-static- "I'm in Wray Heights. -static- Dammit. -static- I'll m ve on to a cl ser pos tion tomorr w to see if the signal's better, over."


  • Carfan7 (Broadcast is hard to hear, probably because of distance) -static- "Good l ck and god sp ed, friend. Ov r and out"


  • Scrollhaven "We have to turn off the generator for a while to conserve fuel. I'll try and broadcast some tomorrow. I was able to briefly tune in to Radio Free Malton, but they were just playing punk rock music and it sounded like they were taking turns farting into the microphone, I don't know. Desperate times make people do crazy things. Over and Out."

-signal off-

  • Satellite of Love (Broadcast is hard to hear, probably because of distance or drink) -static- "Hey Everyone...Anyone....New Services have recently gotten up and running at DHPD. If you can...-static- ...then, ok but....-static-....oh, my god, what is -static- ...noooooooo!!!!!!! -phhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrr-

-signal off-

  • Grant Page (Broadcast is easy to hear) "Hello? Right, this thing IS working. I'm trying to join the DHPD, and I was told to look here. Can someone sign me up, please? Over."

-signal off-