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Erika Mustermann
Starting Occupation: NecroTech Scientist
Group Membership: Hong Kong Golden Defensive Force
Goals: Save as many people as she could, and found out the association between NecroTech and this Outbreak
Username: Erika Mustermann
More details: Urban Dead profile


Weather : Rainy

Hearing that a zombie horde called Mall Tour '07 is heading for Pole Mall, I left the base and go to the mall. There's about a hundred of zombies trying to tear the barricade, however, it seems that they still can't break in for a short time.

I healed some guys, and my FAK is running out, I gonna find some more......


Weather : Cloudy

What a bad day. After I got into the Barnerd Way Police Department, some zombies successfully broke into the base and killed me. Luckily a guy from Knights Templar revived me.

After some accidents, the Force's members finally gathered at the base, and I was appointed to be the Team Leader of Black team. No Team members now though.


Weather : Rainy

Today I patrolled the Mall and the buildings nearby. In Purt Walk Fire Station there was a zombie, and the door was opened. I barricaded the building and extracted a DNA sample.

I met one of the HKGDF member in the mall, and he generously taught me how to aim with firearms. He also told me that the Force's base was set in Barnerd Way Police Department. I will go there tomorrow maybe.


Weather : Cloudy

The Copeland Building is still standing, and the barricades are built up. I searched the building several time, but no syringe was found. I went back to Pole Mall then.


Weather : Sunny.

The second day in Pole Mall. Since there are no zombies nearby, I stopped collecting DNA specimens and started searching for First Aid Kits. Some of the survivors were wounded, and I healed them.

When night falls, I went to one of our lab for the Syringes. Thanks for those passage between buildings, I reached the Copeland Building safely. Only a dozen of people was here, and most of them were sleeping. After some searches, I found only one Syringe. Though it's not enough for those who need it, but I'm tired and can't do anything more. After writing this journal, I felt asleep.

P.S. I also found a brand new GPS unit, maybe I can sold it for some bucks?

The noise of zombies smashing off barricades wakes me up, and I see that the barricades won't hold for long. I fled to Holly Crescent Police Dept, and hopes that the zombies won't smash into it since I'm really tired and can't run anymore......

Before Outbreak

I'm Erika Mustermann, a typical Scientist working in NecroTech. Actually I don't know what this company does, but its high salary for Lab Assistant attracts me. I don't care what it does, I just work for my salary.

However, everything changed on that day.

Living deads crawling across Malton, killing most of the citizens. While we're still struggling for our survivals, the border was blocked down. We're abandoned by the freaking military and the Government.

The only thing I can do in this hell, was saving people by the mystic "Syringe" made by NecroTech. Although NecroTech do help the city when it needs it, but I still can't figure out why our company have the cure for this prague? I shall found the answer in here, Malton.

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