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Starting Occupation: Firefighter
Group Membership: Creedy_Defense_Force
Goals: Assisting the living
Username: Fuzzytek
More details: Urban Dead profile

February 6

I've been extremely busy the past few months. I've joined Creedy Defense Force several months ago and have been active with their objectives. My skills have improved in all ways. Some call it "maxed out", then again there's the ability to attack zombies more efficiently if/when I get turned.

October 17

I have been neglecting my journal recently. I have an interest in the Creedy Defense Force. Twice now I've been slain at the Marks Building. I'm determined to make an impact at that location and around it.

OOC: a list of zombie assailants is on the discussion page for this journal

September 16

I've done some minor wandering around the past few days. Nothing too exciting, other than I now know where Fort Creedy is.

At the moment I'm taking a quick breather. There's a zombie infiltration in the building. This reminds me of what happened at Giddings Mall two weeks ago. I dedicated what time I could to erecting a new barricade rather than carving the zombie with my axe. I told people in the building what I was doing. I just hope someone takes that zombie down and watches the barricade close. The zombie looks like it was a body builder before, so it'll take a bit extra work. I managed to get 4 connected chops at it before taking this break. I wish I had a phone... we need help.

September 10

Stepped outside the Firehouse determined to obtain Free Running skill. I searched around and there's not many zombies, but I managed to find one that let me level up just like I wanted, then return. Things are looking good.

September 9

I wonder at the fate of the people at the mall. My barricade looks to be holding, I push a few more things into it.

Hopping outside again, here's my zombie! It seems it regained some energy from when I left it last. I bring it back down, but I'm too far spent to kill it. So I duck inside again and wait.

I love my axe. I don't have to reload it like a gun. I can't imagine searching around in the ruins to find ammunition all the time. It serves as a great back-up weapon. If I have a lot of ammo I can be quite a killing machine. But now... in the junkyard. I'm not sure how much ammo I would find. I've got a pistol but no shotgun.

Just keep my axe sharp and bestow blessings that even though I've died multiple times, it is still at my side. Is it strange to love a device that slays?

September 8

I peeked outside and sure enough, a zombie was out there lurking. I was kind of hoping it would be this simple. I popped out there and began swinging at it. Chop after chop it weakened. Hoping to slay it... but I grew too tired and reentered my 'dwelling' to rest up.

September 7

I was very concerned about the integrity of staying at Giddings Mall. There were over 50 people relying on the barricades of a single building. The fear scent from so many people was attracting the zombies. They had gathered outside and began pulling down the barricade. At one point the barricade collapsed and that was what I woke up to. Two zombies had entered, and then a third. I quickly began barricading, calling out for the others to attack the zombies. As I took the barricade up to impassible the zombies fell one by one.

There was a lot of talk about spies, survivors in our midst that had once been zombies and were attempting to mingle with us. This upsets me, I'd like to take my axe to each one's throat. But then I would simply be increasing the size of the zombie horde. These spies have so little skill attacking as a human would. They play some dark game, with a soul offered up to the devil.

I get tired of listening to the conversation and choose to leave. Maybe I can find a smaller group to trust. Then again, the only one I feel I can trust always is myself.

I found a junkyard. Open, not barricaded. I setup home for the moment. I erect the barricade. I lay and wait for clawing at the doors. Sleep, must sleep.

September 6 - REVIVED!

This afternoon I found myself laying amidst 10 bodies outside a hospital. GAWD I STINK!!!! Looking at my hands, my clothing, ~my fingers~... oh no!

I don't want to believe it, but I must have been a zombie for quite a while. I wonder how many people I hurt during that time. My mind is so dull. In some ways I am very glad that I'm not remembering.

I took in my surroundings. I'd wandered south, not too far. I'm still quite weak. Time to find shelter, but where? Can I trust that people will take me in? I look like H*LL. I need a medic. I headed up to the place I'd called my safe-house and ducked inside. Many new faces, a few half-hearted greetings around. I feel like a loner here. I guess I'll just curl up, sleep and hope there's a medic around taking in the scene. Once I'm feeling better I'll be looking for friends to team with. Being a lone ranger in this setting sucks.

Good to be alive again, even with my body riddled with holes. I wonder how many times I died as a zombie. Oh no... memories..., I did come back to life before. Then the zombies...

But some of these wounds are different. Like my flesh was different when it was cut. Looking in a mirror I see so many scars, head wounds healed. Amazing to be alive with how my face has changed. Sarah would hardly recognize me. Memories... tears forming. Time to sleep and let go. I pray the dreams will be comforting.

August 29

It has been a while since the journal was written into. Sadly this post is posthumous.

Last night as I stepped out onto Teek Road I began hacking at a zombie that was stronger then most. My reliable axe bit into flesh quickly, but not quite quick enough. I then opened up fire with a pistol once my skill capped in that area. blam blam blam, whack whack whack. I reduced it to 1 point.

I was exhausted and barely able to make it to the safety of the barricaded garage. I rested a couple hours and was so hungry to get the kill... I ran out there and sunk my axe into a zombie but didn't realize the it was not the one I'd wounded.

Rats! so exhausted .... tired of swinging this axe. I fell to the street and the zombies feasted on me. Dead pile of flesh, what will I become?

August 15

I woke up to someone yelling "Wirecutters!" - I chuckled to myself. I've got more than one pair on me.

Someone said the lurcher outside was wounded. I went outside and saw zombies in two directions and a few people outside buildings nearby. I went north and told the guy there to step south into the garage - it's safe there. I then hacked away at the zombie. I've got to develop more skill using an axe on these things. I'm glad we've got a decent group of people assembled.

To anyone reading this - get into a building when you bed down for the night! I can't believe how many people are walking around the streets seemingly oblivious to the zombie hoarde.

August 14

It's been quiet... I know there's more coming. There's saftey in numbers when resting. For now I spend time getting my bearings, finding resources.

Wirecutters... if there's one thing I don't need to find more of it would be wirecutters. I guess I am being stocked up to donate to others.

August 13

I woke up at the church, alone, cold; hearing rain outside, scrapping sounds, groans. It smells. I miss my family. The job of a fireman takes you away for several days at a time. Then there are the disasters -- called to service for a week, a month, more... I wonder how long this will last. I hate that this disaster is in my home town. I wonder about my wife, my daughter. Sarah is smart, she'll keep Stephanie safe.

The guys in the station call me Fuzzytek - 'fuzzy' because of the beard I keep sprouting, even though flames fought singe it off. The 'tek' part is from my schooling in computers.

I went out that first day nearly into the arms of a zombie. I lashed out with my axe, but I've never used my axe that way! I kept failing to connect, and it would just groan. Eventually I hit rotting flesh and it would ooze this black juice. I guess it was blood. I was getting tired though, backed off and ran. The zombie didn't chase, I could tell I was much faster. I ran into other zombies and one hit me a couple times... numbing coldness of death.

I hopped around place to place and eventually found a garage that looked well fortified and accessible. I ducked inside to tend to wounds... no first aid kit. I need to do something about that. Two people inside Chihiro and something Wiley. I ran out of energy and stopped. I looked Chihiro up and down - this guy is big & buff. This Wiley guy was a scientist, didn't seem too threatening.

So I woke the next day and 3 people have joined Chihiro and myself in the barricaded garage: fuggle, Perplexor and Bien. We make an interesting team when I size up the group. Everyone filling in skills the other may lack, even if we are low in experience. So I guess I've found a safe house and support. I wandered out today and cut down my first zombie to gain some experience using my axe. Found a book out there and when I returned read it a bit. I'm wondering when the others will wake up.

Waiting for a dawn without zombies...Fuzzytek

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