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Starting Occupation: Necrotech Lab Assistant
Group Membership: The Abandoned
Goals: Staying Alive
Username: Golddragon24
More details: Urban Dead profile


Golddragon24 woke up on September 26 in a hospital in Dakers town, after going into a coma shortly after the first outbreaks in the city. Following his background as a scientist, he began to get a feel for the city in it's new state, and began to search for something to do. He happened to come across a laptop under a body in a necrotech building. Without power, he could do nothing with it, yet he kep't it anyways in hope that it could help. Shortly afterwards, he was walking down the street, when somthing very heavy hit him in the back of the head, instantly killing him. He lay on the ground in a pool of his own dried blood for a few days before he rose again. Bits of his skin were rotting off. Not wanting to be so cold, he followed the instructions he found painted on a school he had read before he had died. What follows are excerts from his diary, started the day after he was revived.

January 2006

Fri 6

There are more and more reports of zombies. I am seeing more and more of them these days. I am stocking up on supplies. I wouldn't douby it if the whole suburb is swarming with them in a few days. I will just stay low and help who I can.

Sun 1 Report 3 9:00 US CST

That felt good!! I killed,if you could call it that, my first zombie today, and seriously hurt another one. Apparently 100 zombies attacked the Whatmore building, possibly having been helped by a few humans. It dosn't look like many people were serously hurt, but no one really knows. This was a big surprise, after the lull in attacks in the past few months. Most of the zombies have now been taken care of. The Abandoned jumped into action. Other people report seeing almost 100 zombies at the revive clinic. Syringes are getting harder and harder to find though, so it may take a while to see to everyone.

Sun 1 Report 2 7:00 US CST

I dozed off to take a quick nap, when I was shook awake by one of my comerades. There are 70 zombies attacking the Whatmore building. I am going down to help the wounded. I will write more later.

Sun 1 11:00 US CST

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! It really dosn't feel like a new year. The zombies are still here, and the world is as crazy as ever. Still as quiet as a stone. I have returned to doing my healing route. There seem to be a lot more sick people coming up here now. I never have enough supplies. There are reports of heavey fighting in the suburs below us. Shearbank, to Yagotons south east, sounds pretty beat up. A few of the abandoneds members have gone down there, but always seem to come back as zombies. The most frightening reports are those that say that the zombies are moving back north. As for news that is closer to home, there are rumors that members of the Bale Mall Elite have been killing other people just for some of the things that they have said. I think that they are just rumors however. Some religeous nuts have attempted to start a group called the Neon Knights. They belive that the zombies are a good thing or something like that. I doubt that it is going to go anywhere, as people around here are looking for anything that they could use for target practice.

December 2005

Mon 26

I have a roaring headach right now. I must have fallen asleep at the party. When I woke up I was a zombie. I began to slowly make my way to the revive clinic. I think I might have accidentaly bitten a few people on the way there. Zombie instincts are very hard to control. I got to the clinic and was revived in minutes. Reports are slowly coming into the group. Apparently a horde of people walked into the club and started shooting people. Many of the people there were killed. I would help revive my fallen comerades but I am so tired.

Sat 24

The Christmas Party is going into full swing. Many of the Abandoned are here as well as others from around the suburb. While my mind is here, having a good time, my heart is still with those who are out in other suburs working to fight the zombie threat. Miikro is in Randallbank defending the hospital there. He said he would call in to the party. Hope he's doing all right. Also, we have allied ourselves with a group called the Bale Mall Elite. They started with the soul purpose of defending the mall for Zombies and other malitious survivors.

Fri 16

I just finished my first healing run. I healed a few people. The revive clinic was barricaded again. There arn't many people who are wounded in Yagoton. There are no Zombies to hurt them. I have made Bale Mall my promary base. It is the best place to get syringes, and it is on my route. The lack of a common goal has started small fights between survivors here in Yagoton. Several people are accusing each other of killing other people, who say that they didn't. It has escalated to the point where they are killing each other. Hey, at least we have the syringes. But god, those things are painful.

Wed 14

I have decided to switch roles again. Nedsferatu was looking for a few people to take a few healing routes. I accepted and he assigned me to report on the center and southern portions of Yagoton. This should finally give me something to do. I have been wanting to increase my proficency with an axe, but there are no zombies here in Yagoton. The route will allow me to help people, and to report what is happening in Yagoton to the group. Thats one thing to look forward too. The other thing is that the group is organizing a Christmas party. It will be at club Mclean. Everyone is invited. It will be good to just relax. I havn't had a moments rest since I got out of that coma. Uggghhh.

Sat 10

It is deathly quiet here in Yagoton, without the death bit. The only zombies we see are killed survivors coming back to the clinic to get revived. There is the occasional zombie who has degraded so far that we can't revive them, but there are so many people who need something to do that they are rarely a problem. Many of The Abandoned are taking short trips to other suburbs to see how they can help out. After what the minions did here, I can't imagine what is happening to other parts of the city. Still, it is just too quiet in Yagoton.

Fri 2

After the minions left, clean up of the suburb went fairly quickly. To lessen the impact of future invasions, the Abandoned began to discuss drawing up a barricade plan for the city. I drew one up, it was agreed upon, and the group went around the city destroying and building barricades, and informing people of the plan. It all has gone pretty well. Some people keep barricading the revive clinic, but they will be delt with shortly.

November 2005

Tues 22

I have decided to join a new group called The Abandoned that is setting itself up here in Yagoton. The group mainly oversees the protection of Yagoton, but does a little of everything. The wake of the destruction that the Minions left when they stormed through the suburb was terrible. I can't believe that they can't remember their past lives. They were once all humans, like me. Warm blooded, compassionite, smart. It was terrible.

Sat 19

The world is begining to look up. The zombies seem to be leaving Yagoton. I see less and less in the streets every hour. Also, someone set up a genorator in the hospital today. Some better trained people are using the power to do surgery on the worst patients. As for me, I plugged my laptop in and used my mobile phone to access the internet. There isn't much information on the quarentine. It looks like the government is keeping it under wraps. I hope that the disease epidemic will end soon. As soon as I have time I will begin to post all of my journal entries to the internet with my laptop.

Thurs 17

Got dizzy on the streets and colapsed today. Next thing I remember was waking up, slowly lifting to my feet, and realizing that I was a zombie. It's a shock when you realize that you war now one of the things that you were attempting to get rid of. Controling my new zombie instincts, I slowly lurched my way towards the hospital, as the clinic was overrun with the minions zombies. Being a zombie is very different than being a human. First, you move much slower. I suppose it's like being on the moon, every step a challange. The other thing is that you can't express your wishes. I needed revived, but you can't say much as a zombie. I began to stand outside the hospital and moan whaty has become synonomus with "Revive?"- Mrh? Eventually some stranger come, someone who I am whole-heartedly greatful to, and pressed the syringe into the back of my neck. While it's not as bad the second time, you expect the pain, my body still fell to the floor a twitched uncontrolably for what seemed like a etternety. Eventually the pain subsided and I fell asleep. Now I am back in the hospital, vowing that I will never get stuck on the streets again.

Mon 14

Hundreds of Zombies have invaded Yagoton. They appear to be part of a groups that call themselves the Minions of the Apocalypse. I am hiding out in Catherine General Hospital with more than a hundred other people. Every day I search for medical supplies, then go around the suburb to all the major safe houses healing as many people as I can. Each day the situation seems more and more bleak. I see more and more bodies every day.

Fri 4

The good doctors here at the clinic Revived me today. What a painful experiance. You are jerked out of your cold sleep by a needle in the back of your head. Your whole body slowly begins to feel like it is on fire. Bits of your body begin to regrow. Finally it stops and you fall back asleep. I would hope that I never have to go through that again, but the epicemic dosn't look like it's going to end soon. I think that I will stay here in Yagoton and help with the clinic. I will heal people until I feel experianced enogh to use a syringe for revivng people.

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